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  1. My Dog is acting weird?
  2. what should i name my dog..........its a pug........i was thinking between...
  3. Is perfume bad for dogs? Details inside...?
  4. People think i'm racist because I named my black dog, Obama?
  5. What breed do these puppies look like?
  6. can a` male a female dog be together when she is in season?
  7. bozeyed collie dog!!!!!!!!!?
  8. What are some things I should know about puppies?
  9. Therapy job for my gentle dog?
  10. My husband hits my beloved dog, I don't know what to do?
  11. what should i do, i think my dog is having a phantom pregnancy?
  12. Some people should NOT be allowed to own dogs?
  13. how long do boxers (dog) live for?
  14. Are toy eskimo pie puppies good ?
  15. Why does my puppy only attack my sister?
  16. How to train a puppy?
  17. My dog keeps on running around my house and she has her own trail now. I
  18. if a girl has sex with a dog,will she get prego?
  19. How can I catch a wild dog?
  20. Abused puppy from Brazil help!?
  21. What can I do for my dog?
  22. How And When Do I Crate Train My Weiner/Chihuahua Dog?
  23. Why is my 5 month old puppy sucking fingers?
  24. What are some important things I need for my puppy?
  25. my ex wife and kids were staying with a couple who has dogs. my daughter...
  26. A job that allows you to have your dog?
  27. My dog only behaves when leashed...?
  28. Why does my 4 month old puppy keep getting sprains on his shoulder and ankle?
  29. How come my female dog pick's on the male dog when other dogs come around?
  30. German shepherd puppy FRACTURED leg?
  31. puppy pooping in crate?
  32. When to put down a dog that bites, and are there other options?
  33. How to become a dog trainer?
  34. Are dogs at all racist?
  35. how can I prevent my dogs from running outside everytime we do?
  36. One of our 2wk old Labrador puppies has swollen up around her face neck seems
  37. Some people keep a dog caged or chained without ever taking them for a...
  38. How come my dog doesnt eat? and how can i get her to eat?
  39. Is my dog possibly pregnant?
  40. will my dog remember his brother?
  41. My dogs vagina is very red and swollen?
  42. What is a small, rugged dog?
  43. I just bought a puppy and shes been vomitting...?
  44. Daughter took puppy to the Vet.?
  45. Dog makes such awful howling noises while on walks that people think we are
  46. my dog tryed to bite me when she was eating her steak bone what do i doo?
  47. Important Thing About A Dog Please Help!!!!!!!! 10 Points!!!!!!?
  48. 2 puppies 14 months and 4 months?
  49. puppies?!10 points for Best answer!!?
  50. What type of food should I feed my Maltese Puppy ?
  51. If there were a cheese made from dog's milk, and it supposedly tasted...
  52. What dog breed is this? ?
  53. We're having an Aus Day Barbecue and I want my dog to join in?
  54. When can I give my new puppies that my toy poodle just had, they are 3 weeks old?
  55. Help new dog adjust to new situation?
  56. How can you get rid of puppy fat?
  57. What kind of puppy is this?
  58. why does my dog love to rub his head up against my head?
  59. My 1-yr old puppy keeps rubbing himself on the rug/carpet/piece of
  60. Pulp Fiction Or Reservoir Dogs?
  61. anybody have a free pitbull puppy?
  62. looking for puppy yorki?
  63. Why is my dog not eating?
  64. Is caesar dressing safe for dogs ?
  65. please please answer are these good dog names ?
  66. How long after a cat or dog has been in a house is it safe to assume all the...
  67. Ha your dog ever eaten/teared up you homework and nobody believed you?
  68. If a puppy has Parvo, what are it's chances of being okay...with no after affects?
  69. My dog just got back from boarding..?
  70. Do you think a month old puppy/puppies can stay alone in the apartment when I'm gone?
  71. how to stop 3 year old dog from peeing in house?
  72. Does a puppy's skin itch when growing new hair?
  73. what is wrong with my puppy?
  74. What type of Dog should I choose ?
  75. 8 month old dog has yellow creme on his penis.?
  76. Spraying water on dogs?
  77. My 6 month old puppy started eating poop, why?
  78. big dogs need to wait longer to get neutered?
  79. Kirkland dry dog food?
  80. how to stop a puppy from crying in crate?
  81. can a 43 year old run away from home, if home is a husband and 3 dogs?
  82. My PitBull is about ready to have her puppies in 9 - 12 days. I was going to get a
  83. i can't seem to potty train my 6 month puppy i had for 4 months any suggestions?
  84. My dog doesn't pee with one leg standing up?
  85. Do all dogs make their owners insane at times?
  86. my dog is 3 years old and all of the sudden his jaw started shaking and
  87. How do you stop dog barking?
  88. Do Lab Dogs Stay Little?
  89. Do your dogs snore in their sleep..?
  90. please dog help..................................?
  91. What happens when you deworm a dog?
  92. Last resort with puppy.then ill get him a better home?
  93. What kind of dogs do you like?
  94. What would you prefer a Bunny or a dog as a pet?
  95. How do I stop my dog from eating her puppy pad?!?
  96. Why does my puppy do this?
  97. Puppy food information needed?
  98. Can I put Neosporin on my dog's cut?
  99. How Can I Make My Dog Happier With Me?
  100. Why is my male chihuahua afraid of his own puppies?
  101. How do you tell if hot dogs are bad?
  102. I've heard that raisins are extremely poisonous to dogs. Are grapes or other
  103. How do I stop my puppy from farting?
  104. My 11wk old puppy threw up her food this morning. Why? Parvo?
  105. i have a 8week old puppy and everytime i put it in the cage it cries what should i
  106. Why is my dog vomiting after eating a Nutri-dent?
  107. dogs grooming each other excessively?
  108. How much should I pay a friend to dog sit?
  109. What type of dog......?
  110. FUN Q: If your dog were human - what would his/her profession be?
  111. i need all names of dogs all kinds of dogs ? ?
  112. A little help with my puppy please?
  113. How to stop my puppy from barking?
  114. How big will my puppy get?
  115. I have a puppy who is 6 months old, when will he get out of this chewing on
  116. My dog is on a diet.. can she have this?
  117. My dog has a blue layer over her lower white part of one eye. What is it, and
  118. Dogs keeps farting poop ?
  119. does anyone know what type of dogs these are?
  120. How do I control my puppy?
  121. My puppy is throwing up.?
  122. Bichon Frise or Havanese puppy?
  123. How can I keep my dog off the couch?
  124. how can i make my cat dog get along?
  125. Is cleaning up dog poop so hard?
  126. How can I better train my dog to go to the bathroom indoors?
  127. Is it puppy love, crush, or love.?
  128. HUSKY PUPPY .....too thin or normal? got pics?
  129. Can a non aggressive dog learn aggression from another dog who is aggressive?
  130. when is it dangerous for dogs to have puppies?
  131. why do dogs have noses?
  132. Dog weight loss and building muscle?
  133. Need help with barking dog!?
  134. I know this question might sound stupid but i was wondering if female dogs can...
  135. Stop new dog from running away?
  136. Question about a mixed breed dog. Min pin/shitz tu?
  137. Where can I find Cairnoodle Breeded Dogs in Georgia?
  138. Do puppies get growth spurts?
  139. My dog passed away recently and I miss him so much... Would getting another dog
  140. What beagle mix is my dog?
  141. What can I do for my puppy with parvo?
  142. st. bernard puppies for sale in Dallas, Texas?
  143. My 5 Month old boxer Puppy?
  144. My puppy has dandruff?
  145. Laminate floors and puppy training?
  146. Help me with my dog who cant relax...?
  147. my dog keeps getting diarhhea and then it goes away.?
  148. I don't know what is wrong with my puppy?
  149. I'm writing a paper on dog shows...?
  150. Why does my dog shiver at times?
  151. I may be getting a new Staffy puppy on Wednesday, what are some names to name it?
  152. my dog has an enlarged heart ?
  153. Have you ever visited the dog section on here and got a rude response? ?
  154. good and bad dog food about rachel ray?
  155. what can i do for my dog right now ?
  156. Should I Keep this Puppy?
  157. I tried to reformat my hard drive recently so i could run Puppy linux over win 98. ?
  158. @re you a dog lover??? ?
  159. how do i know if my dog is in labor?
  160. Do most chihuahua puppies survive a c-section?
  161. do puppies teeth fall out?
  162. my dog is about to get neuter.. what can i expect?
  163. Unusual Puppy Names please?
  164. Am I the only one in the world with a dog that can water bottles with
  165. how to train a pit bull puppy to walk on a leash?
  166. How do you like or not like your hot dog or burger or i guess your salad-for
  167. Where can I purchase toys for a dog with poor vision?
  168. what would i do for my dog until he can go to the vet?
  169. My Dog is loosing Hair?
  170. I have a dog that sheds.. a lot. What are some tips for limiting excess shedding?
  171. I'm almost positive my neighbors have a puppy mill?
  172. Can anyone help tell what breed my dog may be?
  173. New Puppy? ( leash and feeding problems)?
  174. would you kill a dog to save a horse?
  175. How to find a dog in the snow?
  176. do you have or like british bull dogs?
  177. 1 kennel or 2, for my new puppies?
  178. Is Avoderm a good dog brand?
  179. What do I do if my dog doesn't like my puppy?
  180. how much does a puppy cost per month? ?
  181. Could you please help me name my dog?
  182. When will my dog go into heat?
  183. Resuced Puppy: What kind of pup is he?
  184. what the best type of dog to cook?
  185. What is the best way to deal with your dog having an accident on the floor?
  186. I threw a plastic bag containig dog mess at a boy eating his dinner. Am I a twit
  187. Why are so many people who have no idea what they are doing breeding their dogs?
  188. PLEASE HELP! What is better for a puppy with a sensitive stomach???? ?
  189. how much will everything cost for a puppy?
  190. Help Us Find A Puppy!?
  191. I want to get a blue pit bull puppy?
  192. Puppy help PLEASE!!!!!!!?
  193. Will this have harmed my dog?
  194. what dog is right for me?
  195. Do you work with someone who always smells like wet dog?
  196. german shepherd puppy diet any ideas?
  197. My lovely (sarcasm) puppy, decided to chew up my passport.?
  198. California - backpacking with dogs?
  199. my friends dog hunps me when ever i come over. shes fixed?
  200. My 2 chihuahua puppies wont stop crying...any help?
  201. What breed is my puppy?
  202. Why does my puppy love his crate but not his exercising pen?
  203. Friend has a weird addiction to corn dogs. How do we tell him that he is...
  204. Dog Grooming Question?
  205. My dog sprained her ankle?
  206. Should I get a puppy?
  207. Why is my dog throwing up in the mornings?
  208. it's starting to hurt me! when will my 4 month old puppy grow out of his
  209. Service Dog - Doctor Office ?
  210. is this pure japanese spitz dog?
  211. There is a sore in my dog's ear?
  212. do dogs or just animals in general see ghost?
  213. So frustrated with a new puppy?
  214. We just got a 3 month year old puppy. I have a couple of questions. Please...
  215. what should i name me dog?
  216. Were can i get a german shepherd puppy? ?
  217. What breed is this puppy?
  218. Healthy Dog Recipes for puppies?
  219. i am looking for a pug puppy?
  220. Golden Lab Girl Names [[DOG]]?
  221. Aftercare for my neutered dog..?
  222. How can i make my husband understand that i cant take care of the puppy ?
  223. a tricky moral question about owning a dog?
  224. How do you tell someone that you wouldn't let them have a dog.....?
  225. My aunt found a dog and it might be pregnant?
  226. My dog is Dumb???????
  227. My ex-neighbor is a dog hoarder, should I do something about her?
  228. i dont know whats wrong with my dog sytoms are below?
  229. Beagle puppy biting, why?
  230. what dog breed is this? see website...?
  231. how can i get my dog to stop licking me?
  232. My dog doesn't enjoy chew toys, what else can he play with it?
  233. Dog Adoption help!!!?
  234. Dog cries with one eye?
  235. What are the procedure to bring a puppy to florida?
  236. What should I name my puppy?
  237. my puppy will not stop barking and biting at me!!!!!!!!?
  238. Why are dog lovers so aggressive?
  239. Dog aggression problem?
  240. My puppy has diarhea what can I do for her?
  241. I lost my pit puppy Oct 18, 2008?
  242. How does a teen start a dog walking service?
  243. My dog constantly poops in the house when I leave for work, what can I do to
  244. What is a small good dog for a fraternity house?
  245. How long should a puppy have a really pink tongue?
  246. paulie shores jury duty. dog question?
  247. My puppy wont eat and eats other puppy's vomit?
  248. Movie about lost puppies?
  249. my allergies, hair loss and my dog?
  250. My Maltese puppy fell down the staircase!?