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  1. Why Isn't My Puppy Pooping?
  2. What are the benefits of getting my dog neutered?
  3. im gettin a new puppy soon it has to be small what kind should i get?
  4. Help? My dog is peeing on my other dogs bed!?
  5. Who know if it is true if a dog will die from hip dysplasia?
  6. How long does it take a dogs eyelashes to grow back after being cut?
  7. i want to buy or adopt a hound dog. which breed will be a good match for my...
  8. Do you need to cover a pond if you have a puppy?
  9. why would my puppy be loosing her hair?? ?
  10. What are your Top Dog Toys for when you're away at work?
  11. aggressive dog, but I love him.?
  12. Question about alpha dog ?
  13. what is the punishment for larceny of a dog?
  14. What is the best way to train a puppy to use a piddle pad? ?
  15. a drunk man patted my rottweilers head and my dog nipped him not bit just
  16. Every now an again my dog chews off his hair on his tail an rear end??...
  17. A box contains 5 kittens and 3 puppies. If 3 animals are chosen at random, find...
  18. my dog is on a mission!?
  19. names for female puppy?
  20. my dog just broke his nail, what can i do?
  21. why is my dog peeing on my bed?
  22. I need someone in the Durham area with a small puppy/dog to be friends with me
  23. Suggestions for a dog that is fairly inactive ?
  24. Dog: Vomiting Bloody Diarrhea?
  25. Vicious puppy, not too sure how to handle this, also what breeds does she look like?
  26. my dog hides under the bed all the time why?
  27. My puppy bites me! ?
  28. What breed(s) are my dog?
  29. how do i get my dog to go to the bathroom?
  30. All dogs go to heaven?
  31. Should horse owners/riders clean up after their animals the same as dog
  32. Is it possible to have my german shepherd puppy trained like a police dog?
  33. I Want a dog but I need help deciding which one to get?
  34. My dog is very sick but my parents won't let me take him to the vet! What do i do?!?
  35. Does neutering a dog really help behavior issues? ?
  36. My dog has papers that say she is purebred she is a weinerdog but i think she has
  37. Raw Feeding, Dogs, Advice?
  38. Does anyone else have a retarded dog ?
  39. Why do dogs stand out in rain?
  40. 2 new puppies at the same time?
  41. Should I get my dog Microchipped?
  42. what kind of dog is right for me?
  43. Please pray for my Sister's Dog?
  44. I can't believe these people want to stud out their dog...?
  45. Dogs and birth control?
  46. anyone wanna guess wht breeds are in this dog?
  47. How many of you have heard of Dog Scouts? ?
  48. My new puppy has Coccidia and Giardia...?
  49. my dog ate four pills of setinel?
  50. Is my puppy cute ?
  51. Would you allow your dog to keep you from doing your house chores?
  52. i got a new dog he's 8 months and hasn't had any shots? ?
  53. My dog ate some Excedrin the told me he has kidney damage is there anything i...
  54. will gum kill dogs, will they be okay?
  55. My dog is extremely timid...Help?
  56. what should i name my puppy.....?
  57. how do I befriend my new puppy.?
  58. In what ways do dogs resemble their masters?
  59. Which dog clipper do you recommend for med/small dogs?
  60. My 6 yr old daughter wants a puppy theme bday party - I have some ideas ...?
  61. Any Advice for a Border collie lab mix puppy?
  62. potty training puppy?
  63. Can Dogs eat Turtles?
  64. Puppies that have bad knees?
  65. dogs right eye very swollen almost shut ,with little tearing .and he try...
  66. Malti-Poo/Papillion Puppy Questions?
  67. new puppy poos 6 times daily!?
  68. my dog is getting really skinny?
  69. What kind of dog (puppy) is this?
  70. am i a loser for doing this before i got my puppy?
  71. What is the name of that old animated Matchbox 20 song where the dog goes
  72. What behavioral changes occur after fixing a dog?
  73. Puppy ate a chocolate chip?
  74. My puppy seems...vacuous?
  75. (vote)bride wars or hotel for dogs?
  76. Was my 5 month old puppies death due to worms? 10 POINTS best:)?
  77. is it healthy for my dog to eat...?
  78. Getting New Puppy _ Need Advice?
  79. Prairie dog in Australia?
  80. What are the Puppy Basics I need to have to bring my Bulldog puppy home?
  81. Low Liver function in my dog.?
  82. Lump on my dogs lower lip? HELP!?
  83. Why does my male dog lick his genitals?
  84. can i give my 6 week old puppy treats?
  85. why does a dog turn around a few times B4 it lies down.?
  86. why is my puppy's poop mushing and watery. ?
  87. How long is too long for my puppy to see a vet after I know she has tapeworms?
  88. Is it haram for Muslims to keep dogs?
  89. why is my dog afraid of me? ?
  90. Why does my dog likes to press her chest against my feet when I am lying on the...
  91. My Dog chews on the metal of his crate. What can I do?
  92. Does my dog have a bladder infection? What do we do? We are poor!?
  93. where can i leave my puppy for a week?
  94. GS Puppy - Playing Tips Needed?
  95. Miia Or Eeva? Puppy name help. ?
  96. What kind of dog is this?[LiNK!]?
  97. What Do You Think Of A Parent Who Promises His Kids A Dog And Never Delivers?
  98. border collie Aussie puppy?
  99. What arrangement should I make for my dogs if something should happen to me?
  100. Bringing home a Third Dog?
  101. Picking a dog! Which should I chose?
  102. Getting a puppy, this summer.?
  103. is there a psychic on here who could help me? My friend lost her dog.?
  104. i just bought a new puppy and have 2 2year old shih tzus?
  105. What to look for in a bichon frise puppy?
  106. In Dog The Bounty Hunter?
  107. how many puppies do Pomeranian's have?
  108. What can I do about my dog?
  109. My 3 month old (almost 4 months) Maltese puppy,Mimi, is throwing up in
  110. pomeranian schnauzer puppies?
  111. how much food should my dog be eating per day?
  112. what do you think of this, a woman and 3 dogs traveling 3000 miles by them selves?
  113. My dogs skin was dry so i put a lil baby oil on him after i gave him a bath, but
  114. Puppies today and what a hand full!?
  115. dog breeders in california that sell english white cream mini dachshund puppies?
  116. adopting a dog from a breeder?
  117. Not sure if my dog is overdue on her puppies?
  118. I have a 17 week old gsd puppy, he always pulls on the lead on the way home!?
  119. What should I do about my dogs fighting? ?
  120. my dogs eyes are changing color?
  121. How can I convince my parents that I am responsible enough for a dog (yorkie)?
  122. Dog Food!!!!!!! Please Read!!!! Thank You!!!!!!?
  123. Doberman Puppy, Any advice?
  124. OK so i think my dog might have gotten shot?
  125. Wolf Dogs/Wolf Hybrids. Any suggestions?
  126. pitbulls puppies for sale in bay area?
  127. Is my puppy ill - or is he okay?
  128. Help!getting sheter dog !!!! plz!!?
  129. Is the Republican Party the proverbial Dog on a haystack?
  130. im from the south and we use deer dogs im looking for a semi auto 30-06
  131. Lab/ Wiener Dog Mix Dad Chocolate Lab Mom Brown Weired Hair Wiener All Black Puppy!?
  132. Can you register a dog with a foreign kennel club?
  133. My dog hasn't eaten for 2 days ?
  134. is it too late to neuter my dog?
  135. How do I train my puppy not to run up the stairs?
  136. Reducing dog boredness?
  137. Will my dog be okay in the heat? I'm such a terrible owner!?
  138. how can I stop my dog howling her companion dog died recently.?
  139. I know dogs do but what other animals...?
  140. Why does my dog occasionally let out poop while asleep? She is only 15 months old.?
  141. Puppy just got neutered, does he really need the cone for 10 days?
  142. how do i convince my parents to let me get a puppy?!?
  143. What's a great small dog, one that I can take places and is not too active?
  144. Where can I get Beagle puppy?
  145. how young of a puppy can i give nutri-cal supplement to?
  146. older female dog peeing in house?
  147. Why does my dog pee when he gets excited?
  148. where could i find a akc reg German Shepher stud dog in VA?
  149. How do I make the easiest transition for my new foster dog and current dog?
  150. why is my dog pukeing so much?
  151. Our dogs eyes are cloudy and watery and she acts sick and sleeps a lot
  152. Switching puppy's food too much?
  153. what are these scabs on my friends newborn puppies?
  154. Need Help Finding A Puppy!!!!?
  155. How can i get my dog to stop barking at our cows and horses?
  156. Best shampoo for dogs?
  157. In the state of Victoria, Australia is there such law that dogs can be
  158. My dog's foot? Should I take her to the vet?
  159. How do I get my dog to stop being such a jerk to other dogs?
  160. I'm allergic to my dogs?
  161. my dog ate a firewood starter log?
  162. What to do with an aggressive puppy?
  163. My dog had a puppy...?
  164. I want to comment on the answers I have had posted under the question about what...
  165. is there a breed of dog that is believed to bring good luck?
  166. puppy vaccines harmful to humans? Help!?
  167. please help me my dog bitt my cat?
  168. My chihuahua just had a puppy but it died. What about her breast milk?
  169. advice needed for my dog?
  170. Is it Normal for my 4 week old Golden puppies..?
  171. I live In Maryland I'm looking to buy a black pitbull puppy...Can anyone help?
  172. My puppy is really acting up? What is the problem?
  173. do you think this is a dog scam?
  174. So, tell me--what kind of dog was it that mauled Jacques Chirac?
  175. How long can I run my dog in a day?
  176. What sort of merciful god would make little yippie dogs that skanky...
  177. Is meat meal always better than just regular meat in dog food?
  178. what is up with chris angels disabled dog????
  179. My 5yr old dog hates our new puppy?
  180. How many potty pads should you use at a time in the house for a 3 month old puppy? ?
  181. exterminator... and my puppy......?
  182. Am I going to have to return my doberman puppy?
  183. 9 week old puppy started to wee in his bed?
  184. How do I train my 7wk old puppy to be toilet trained?
  185. A good small house dog?
  186. what can i do for a puppy who dosent eat her food?
  187. What's a good name for my dog?
  188. how can dogs chew things?
  189. how do u get money in the winter to raise up for a puppy?
  190. Switching puppy food to adult food.?
  191. Is my dog ok after drinking beer?
  192. has anyone used diamond large breed puppy food?
  193. I have a shi-tzu puppy and I am having alot of problems with trying to potty
  194. Any cute names for a puppy?
  195. What is an easily trainable dog?
  196. My life has officially gone to the dogs..?
  197. puppy with mange and worms?
  198. How do i get my puppy to stop barking at everything and everyone?
  199. Puppy Hotspots.......?
  200. at what age to male dogs start to lift their back leg when they pee?
  201. Proper home method of deterring puppy from biting?
  202. Any help with a new Cocker Spaniel puppy?
  203. Why are some people on the dog site?
  204. How old does a puppy have to be to start giving them baths? and how old do they...
  205. Why does my dog hate hats?
  206. My 4 month old puppy got really sick?
  207. What is wrong with our german shepherd puppy?
  208. The puppy pees large quantities every 5 min, unless she is in her crate?
  209. If there are dogs on TV does your dog try to reach them going behind TV etc?
  210. Can i sue my husband for giving my dog away ?
  211. are bones fattening for my dog?
  212. Where can i get a maltese puppy for less than $700 that can be shipped?
  213. how can i get my dog to drink?
  214. My 2 female dogs are marking in my house. How do I get them to stop?
  215. My puppy is puking? (NEED ANSWER NOW)?
  216. Can anyone help me with my search for a pit bull puppy?
  217. Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get A Free Puppy?
  218. Why is my puppy wacked out after a 15 minute walk?
  219. How many dogs herd a flock at once?
  220. Dog breeders/handlers?
  221. my dog has joint pain,can anyone help?
  222. dogs that listen when they want and chewing?
  223. how old should your puppy be to...?
  224. House-trianing a 3 month old puppy?
  225. Why is my 5month old puppy determined to poop in her crate?
  226. What kind of dog should I get?
  227. How do you make homemade dog treats?
  228. how many dogs do you have?
  229. what type of dog is this?
  230. emergency my puppy has had really bad runs and is pukeing help !?
  231. Can my 2 female dogs get along?
  232. Are there drug dogs at the terminal on a flight leaving the US?
  233. do nuetured dogs drag there legs?
  234. HW+ dog coughing/mucus/diarrhea. Any ideas?
  235. My dog is developing a habit...?
  236. I got a new puppy tips please?
  237. Got new puppy today, any name ideass?
  238. my dogs has a big bump in his cheeks?
  239. Which dog breed should I get?
  240. Has anyone ever raised a puppy?
  241. How can I get my contortionist dog to leave the electric fence collar alone?
  242. Is there a way to determine how many puppies a dog will have?
  243. Best Washing Machine for dog hair?
  244. how to stop my 2 dogs barking?
  245. Whats that video of a small dog getting a running start on some wood floor?
  246. Can you point out my dogs flaws?
  247. i put my dog down today...?
  248. I have an injured stray puppy.?
  249. What is the right dog breed for me?
  250. Dogs like to drink ??? water ?