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  1. possible to balance a life with a dog?
  2. will spaying my male rottweiler make him less aggressive to dogs?
  3. what should I have ready when I bring home my female pug puppy?
  4. I am looking for a certain puppy.But I dont know the name?
  5. My friends puppies ate a racoon that also was thought to have bitten one...
  6. Shelter dogs advice please?
  7. what should i do if my puppy got attack in my backyard by neighbor dog?
  8. Help! The dog is trying to kill my cat. ?
  9. How would i go about fending off a dog?
  10. can someone tell me what kind of dog this is?
  11. I am adopting a puppy that is 10.5 weeks old and weighs 4.5 pounds. How big do you
  12. Hound dog with Dakota Fanning?
  13. My dog had an allergic reaction, could it be gum?
  14. Pretty Unique name for a female puppy?
  15. Will my dogs get sick if they chew anything within their reach in our garden?
  16. How come it's okay for dog pounds to kill dogs, but you get into trouble...
  17. Im sick, and im getting a puppy today can i get it sick?? ?
  18. What kind of dog should I get?
  19. my pug puppy is refusing to be potty trained Help!?
  20. Can I give my dog the occasional lick of sunflower spread?
  21. How do I best treat an absess on a puppy?
  22. I'm scared that my dog will attack my puppy help?
  23. My Dog Had 9 Puppies Almost 3 Weeks Ago. How Do I Know They Are Getting Enough Milk?
  24. POLL: What condiments do you put on your hot dog?
  25. How to tell the difference between a white pomeranian and american eskimo dog?
  26. Why do reverends wear those 'dog-collars'?
  27. Trying to find a book. The girl and her friend/sister Rachel meet a girl who...
  28. Do you like this dog collar?
  29. what is cuter: puppy(dog) or Kitten(cat)?
  30. Why does my puppy bark at us when we approach our kids?
  31. Will I need anything on hand to help my dog when she gives birth?
  32. My 4 month puppy keeps biting through the leashes, wat can i do or buy? shes a
  33. Where can I find free puppies or puppies with small fee in Va I know how...
  34. my dog runs into wooden doors?
  35. how often do i take my pug puppy the vet?
  36. Hellllppp Needed With My Puppy!!!!?
  37. Puppy went for his first walk.scary?
  38. Screaming at a dog can harm it right?
  39. How do I keep myself and my dogs warm for the next week?
  40. Did anyone watch the Puppy Bowl?
  41. I just fixed my 5 month old puppy (spay)?
  42. What kind of dog is this?
  43. Do you know what is wrong with my dog?
  44. how to train a dog to go potty outside? (someone who has expierence please!!)?
  45. german shepard puppies?
  46. Getting my puppy`s attention in all situations?
  47. My Puppy likes to get into the cat box and will dig for turds and will eat them
  48. How can you explain to someone the loss of a dog?
  49. What do I do with a puppy that has broken her leg?
  50. how to stop crying puppy?
  51. Will a dog eat anything if it's hungry enough?
  52. I just got my dog clipped.....?
  53. questions about puppies.?
  54. My new puppies got whiteout all over the floor. Is there anyway to get the
  55. My puppy's stomach hurts, what do I do?
  56. what is the best kind of dog to get?
  57. My dog just ate a pill of quinine sulfate, will she be okay?
  58. What got you through the puppy years? was it worth it?
  59. have you ever had a dog in a house that you rented without asking the landlord?
  60. Will my puppy ever calm down???
  61. Upset Stomach in Dogs?
  62. Where can I buy an inflatable sex doll for dogs ?
  63. poddar kennel dog kennel problem....help!!!!!?
  64. How to explain to a 7 yr old that we need to give away the dog?
  65. Help Me Choose What Dog Breed I Should Get!?
  66. Plague Dogs - Cartoon Movie?
  67. How long does it take for dogs to have puppies how can I tell if she is pregnant? ?
  68. 10 Points for the best most helpful answer! My Female Pomeranian had 4
  69. How to keep my dog cool?
  70. Introducing a puppy into a house with three cats?
  71. My dog ate 5 dark chocolate candies about a week ago.?
  72. are my dogs able to breed..?
  73. Nervous puppy wets himself around males...?
  74. Please help my dog has blisters and sores on her lips and nose!?
  75. can anyone identify this breed of dog? he had a little round face, round body and...
  76. My Dog Had a Boil and Now his Fur is a Different color, Why is this?
  77. Shipment of My Dog from Hyderabd to Pune in a Train?
  78. Whats a dingo dog??????
  79. Mother dog attacking her female pups. Anyone have any insight into this? This began
  80. Seperation anxiety in 3 month old puppy... Help!?
  81. Will my puppy love someone else more than me??
  82. Our dog has hives but the vet is closed. Is there a some type of cure we...
  83. how much should you feed a 10 week old puppy half lab/ golden retriver
  84. Can i use the puppy pads JUST at night for my pup?
  85. i am looking for a small dog. does anyone know where i can find one?
  86. my dog chewed the skirt of my sofa can I get it repaired?
  87. Help with my dog's recovery?
  88. My Puppies Have Worms What Do I Do?
  89. Could puppy love still exist in twenties?
  90. Help me name a Rottweiler puppy!?
  91. 7 week old puppy sleeps a lot?
  92. Puppy spontaneously runs and screams and lick his hind right paw ?
  93. How can I make my dog come to me when he is called?
  94. My dog has a circle in his chest.?
  95. when will my puppy stop whining?
  96. My dog keeps on going to the bathroom in the house. Help!?
  97. Has anyone heard of the Swifter Wet jet/ Vacuum. Causing liver failure,
  98. Did you watch the Puppy Bowl yesterday?
  99. what would you call a girl springer spaniel puppy?
  100. ADULT MALE DOG KEEPS MARKING!! He is a great dog but we cant get him to stop marking
  101. How to make your dog be more aware of strangers?
  102. can a prosthetic be used on a dog's forelimb ? ?
  103. What kind of dog do you think we should get?
  104. Where can I buy a Dog Online?
  105. Can milk make dogs grow thicker?
  106. What dog breed should I get?
  107. How to get a bulldog puppy trained to go potty outside?
  108. Can dogs really have Vegetables?
  109. How do you keep a dog from jumping on people? Especially guests.?
  110. how can i exercise my 6 month old pitbull puppy?
  111. can my puppy get parvo twice?
  112. Do you own a AKC registered dog, and do you have it to use for its intended purpose?
  113. Why is my dog biting at the air?
  114. Puppy having bathroom issues after being boarded?
  115. my old dog..........?
  116. What type of puppy should I get?
  117. My dog is lactating but milk is infected with bacteria. Need opinion?
  118. What are the traits in a dog that appeal to you?
  119. Tips on how to train a 3 month old puppy?
  120. we just got a 4/5 week old puppy this weekend, some people were giving them away .?
  121. When is the best time to get a new puppy?
  122. How to leave your dog when you leave?
  123. does anyone know where in batonrouge,louisiana i can find any type of husky puppies?
  124. Is it possible for a dog to have one still born puppy and not have anymore puppies?
  125. Dog Owners: How much does your dog weigh?
  126. Help please!!! Question about what type of dog is best for me???!?
  127. puppy dandruff at age 12 (weeks)?
  128. Tips on crate training a new puppy?
  129. Is Mad Dog 20/20 by miles the best thing to come out of the USA?
  130. What should I name my new puppy?
  131. How come my dog squats and doesn't raise his leg to pee?
  132. What is the BEST dog to have out of these.?
  133. Are werewolves like house dogs or wolves?
  134. How do I stop my puppy from peeing every where?
  135. What kind of dog is this?
  136. Which dog is dominate?
  137. Mother-IN- Law VS Dog?
  138. Should I get a dog or not? ?
  139. when to get a puppy his shots?
  140. HELP - How do I get my puppy to stop pooping in her kennel and eating my other...
  141. Puppy Bowl V!!! Mvp!?
  142. My 10 week old Bichon Cocker cross puppy has a extremely wet mouth. ?
  143. Is it legal to eat cats and dogs in Canada and the United States?
  144. Should i give my puppy kids benadryl ?
  145. Why is my dog panting so much and appearing distressed? I'm so worried about him.?
  146. How can I stop my dog throwing up when she eats?
  147. How can u tell if a dog has mange?
  148. How hard is it to import a dog from europe?
  149. 5 month old puppy is aggressive?
  150. what shod i name my dog?
  151. Don't I have the right to prevent someone else's dog from climbing
  152. i have 3 week old bulldog puppies, they are starting to smell, i don't
  153. Where can I get a mentally challenged dog?
  154. Is there any etiquette to consider when purchasing a dog from a breeder?
  155. female black puppy, born on christmas needs a name! PICTURE!?
  156. How much does it cost to stuff your dog?
  157. Puppy to adopted getting neutered too young?
  158. dog vaccines for older puppy?
  159. Is it okay if i give my dog a tomato? ?
  160. I am kind of worried about my dog - not sure if i shld be worried though...?
  161. How long do I have to wait until I can get my pup puppy spayed?
  162. Why did My Puppy Pee On His Bed?
  163. Why Is My Dog Throwing Up?
  164. Can you suggest me a name for my dog?
  165. help with my new aggressive puppy!?
  166. How can I make my dog lose some weight?
  167. What breed do you think my dog is?
  168. What age can puppies have drontal?
  169. My dog won't come back when I let him off his lead!?
  170. what type of dog would LOVE to sleep on my bed with me?
  171. Poll - Last Time You Got scared Of A Dog?
  172. 6 Week old foster puppy, skin is sagging on one side of stomach. ?
  173. My dog is shedding a lot?
  174. how to get dog urine ordor from my bed side carpet?
  175. dog the bounty hunter?
  176. How Long does it take a really skinny dog to gain weight?
  177. Are avocados and grapes deadly to dogs?
  178. If miley cyrus was a dog, would you feed her chocolate on purpose?
  179. bumps on puppy's head?
  180. My Yorkie is having her 1st litter of puppies (wasn't expected) How can I
  181. what is a name for this dog ?
  182. clone of a dog? what does this mean?? ?
  183. what colour puppies will it be if the mom is black and the dad is yellow?
  184. My aunts dog died, i want to send flowers and a card. what should i write in
  185. In Back to the Future, what kind of dog is Einstein?
  186. my dog got hit by a car and i'm sad?
  187. Can dogs get an STD/HIV/AIDS ect.?
  188. What is the best dog food between ...?
  189. How do I adjust my current (small) dogs to a new 6 wk. old puppy? ?
  190. dog help? German shepherd and dachshund can be friends?
  191. Pros and cons of waiting to neuter a GSD puppy?
  192. how do you go about training your dog to be a security dog?
  193. dog trick help!!!!!!!?
  194. can i breed my dog if she has epilepsy?
  195. what kind of dog is this ?
  196. i'm getting a husky puppy, but i can't find a name, help!?
  197. puppy's warm dry nose?
  198. Is can food better for dogs or dried food?
  199. When should i train my puppy to use the bathroom outside? ?
  200. How much water should a puppy get daily?
  201. How do you stop your puppy from biting your feet?
  202. Why does my 6mth puppy hate the new puppy?
  203. My 6 month old lab has become very lethargic and won't eat her dog food... what's
  204. Feel terrible for disciplining my new puppy?
  205. My 16 yr old cat died 1 month ago, is it fair to buy a new dog just...
  206. What could be wrong with my dog?
  207. What's in chocolate that makes dogs sick?
  208. Why is my dog naturally afraid of guns?
  209. mom said we cant get a dog help how do i make her get us a puppy?
  210. flies eating my dogs ears and legs?
  211. How can I take my dog from Australia to Brazil?
  212. Is it right to do this to your puppy plz read ?
  213. dog no hair on top of nose?
  214. Scientifically speaking, how are dogs and cats different?
  215. does anyone have small dogs like chihuahua size? (toy dogs)?
  216. anybody selling dalmation puppies in san francisco bay area?
  217. During the rapture can I take my dog, whats going to happen to my goldfish?
  218. Any professional trainers online? My dogs are fighting nonstop, and I'm desperate...
  219. Can a non purebred husky puppy have 2 blue eyes?
  220. What is the best thing to do for my old dog?
  221. will I ever see my dead dog again? will his life energy come back to visit me?...
  222. why does my dog, always take toys away from other dogs?
  223. My puppy is eating his poop! What do I do?
  224. how long is too long to leave a PUPPY in a crate while your gone?
  225. my dog keeps humping her bed, should i let her keep this up?
  226. My 2 yr old Husky ATTACKED a Great Dane (puppy)?
  227. How do I stop my puppy from biting everything?
  228. Old mother hubbard wellness just for puppy?HELP!?
  229. Has anyone received an email about puppies up for adoption?
  230. Old dogs want to be alone when they die?
  231. can someone tell me if am feeding my dog enough food?
  232. Question about my dog?
  233. Why is it okay to castrate Horses, dogs and cats...........?
  234. dog grooming kilroys college?
  235. Things i need to know about ferrets before i get one? ( not dogs)?
  236. Alpha dogs and submission?
  237. question on a puppy training?
  238. Is anyone else stoked for the puppy bowl on animal planet?
  239. Question about RAW dog food?
  240. Have a 9 week old puppy and think it might have fleas.?
  241. Ladies. How can I stop my dog getting his balls trapped in inaccessible places?
  242. My step daughter has just bought a boxer dog puppy ...?
  243. ok can a puppy..................................?
  244. The FRANK dog advert...;)?
  245. Can a dog take Aleve for a sore shoulder?
  246. How Do I calm an 8 week old puppy?
  247. Why is my dog eating his poop? How can I get him to stop?
  248. Are dogs allergic to other dogs?
  249. My dog is very depressed ...?
  250. I have a female maltese dog, but the thing is that she is trying to make