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  1. I'M getting a dog what kind should it be ?
  2. I think my 8 week old puppy has worms!!?
  3. what small dogs (that dont shed hair) are good for a 5yr old and a newborn?
  4. when a puppy gets..........?
  5. Why does my puppy scream out of no where?
  6. How do I actually ask Cesar Millan, (a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer,) a question? ?
  7. Anyone watching Puppy Bowl V?
  8. What causes reverse sneezing in dogs?
  9. How can I let my sister's puppy stop crying ? ?
  10. ok superbowl or lingerie bowl or puppy bowl?
  11. Dog Folk? How do you control?
  12. Help! My puppy is still struggling with separation anxeity?
  13. My puppy has a stomach bug.?
  14. So my boyfriend got me an early valentines day present... a puppy!!!?
  15. 8 weeks to three month old Brittany Puppies in MIchigan?
  16. What breed of dog do you own?
  17. My dog was following my mum while she was spraying bindi posion, and now she's ill.?
  18. Where can I get a dog leash that goes around my dogs nose ?
  19. What is your favorite dog name, or the name of your dog?
  20. How to deal with Dogs while running?
  21. I have a dog question?
  22. Is the nipping of a kit ferret comparable to a puppy or kitten while it's playing?
  23. Why are dog food like Innova or Wellness better than Iams or Royal Canin?
  24. Which dog is the best to take?
  25. What should I name my license plate for my hot dog cart?
  26. :( PLEASE help DIAGNOSE my puppy....PLEASE!!! :(?
  27. Is my dog OK, he looks old?
  28. what is fun for a dog?
  29. Where can I buy DOGS manga untranslated?
  30. what is your favorite dog breed?
  31. Is Purina Beneful for puppies a good dog food for a 12 week old puppy?
  32. Do Dog's have Souls....?
  33. My parents have two dogs, and a new puppy has brought the middle dog to
  34. Is it a sin to put ketchup on a hot dog?
  35. What is the movie name? Its about a dog show and this guy has two left feet?
  36. why does a dog stop play biting when you say ouch? is it really that they...
  37. my dog is acting funny?
  38. looking for pembroke corgi puppy from australia or new zealand?
  39. How do you train a dog.?
  40. my neighbors dog.....?
  41. whats the name of the dog that........?
  42. My brother is wary of neutering his dog, I need good arguments?
  43. Diamond Naturals large breed rice and lamb puppy food for a Newfoundland/St.
  44. What type of dog to get. 10 pts.?
  45. How do i find a cheap grooming place for huge dogs?
  46. My dog had hookworms and may have gotten them again? HELP?
  47. my dog is 7 weeks old, and seperated from his mother, (4 other people were
  48. What breed of dog would be an appropriate present for a gay couple?
  49. What is the best breed of dog for catching frisbees ?
  50. Will neutering a male puppy stop my other non neutered dog from marking?
  51. my puppy is acting really weird?
  52. What will happen to my dog?
  53. Thinking about getting this pug puppy, but not sure if he is pure bred?
  54. How do I stop my dog from getting into trash cans and stealing food?
  55. My puppy is on her period. What do I do?
  56. Hematoma Draining Surgery Side Effects in Dogs?
  57. my puppy lost hair in two small round spots (size of nickel), vaccine reaction?
  58. moving? getting another dog!?
  59. Help, I really want a dog but...?
  60. Is there something wrong with my bf's puppy?
  61. How many hours of attention do dogs need?
  62. Should we just allow China to take over Americas spot as top-dog?
  63. puppy had 1st series of shots and is sick?
  64. Is Lassie Natural Way Lamb Meal and Rice puppy food nutritious?
  65. how can i tell if my dog is pregnant?
  66. I can't get my dog to stop trying to bite me?
  67. What to do when a 6th day old puppy have a small rectum?
  68. help, my dog is sick?
  69. my dog is 11 months old and she had a fake pregnancy and now her tits are
  70. My dog is supposed to get neutered tomorrow BUT he has the runs, should I...
  71. Just got a Puggle puppy (5 months old). Question?
  72. Throw a puppy or a Kitten?
  73. Is Nutro Ultra puppy food, good quality food?I really need HELP!?
  74. is there somewhere online watch hound dog movie?
  75. Why do groomers shave dogs' whiskers?
  76. Any ideas for a dog name?
  78. Where can I find a yorkie or mixed puppy 4 a good price and that's not sick?
  79. What is the average number of puppies a 6lb Chihuahua can have?
  80. Why is my 3 month old puppy's vagina so large?
  81. How long will it take for my older dogs to accept my new puppy?
  82. my dog is having a seizure?
  83. What is wrong with my dogs nose?
  84. What Type of Dog Is This?
  85. Ladies, would you date a guy who quacks like a duck and barks like a dog whenever
  86. attached boxer puppy?
  87. i'm immigrating to canada from india.how do i take my dog with me?
  88. Is Tippin Hedrin a good name for a puppy?
  89. Home made treats for my dog?
  90. Would you kill a thousand dogs to save the life of one human?
  91. Did anyone else watch the Puppy Bowl V instead of the Super Bowl?
  92. What are some breeds of dogs that don't shed?
  93. Names for beagle puppy?
  94. Are dogs completely colorblind?
  95. Why is Cesar Millan (the Dog Whisperer) plump?
  96. i want to buy a small dogs but i dont know what kind?
  97. do you think my puppy will be put down?
  98. How do i convince my mom to let me get a dog?
  99. My toy poodle puppy wont drink water?
  100. my puppy drives me crazy!?
  101. Is your dog or cat named after someone?
  102. How should I make my parents let me buy a dog?
  103. If my dog is pregnant could she get her shots?
  104. How to crate train my puppy?
  105. What is the significance of setting in A Curious Incident of the Dog in the
  106. Does my dog have worms?
  107. Do you think my dog is a purebred black lab?
  108. Is my dog about to have her puppies?
  109. HELP!! How do I stop my puppy from crying when caged or tied?
  110. i want get my dog desexed but?
  111. A question about potty-training and playtime for my puppy?
  112. What are the symptoms of a yeast infection in dogs?
  113. Puppy troubles pllleeeeeeaasseeee help!?
  114. The Dog Whisperer. Do you find it funny!?
  115. Puppy questions please help!?
  116. how do you get a dog to stop peeing on your carpets?
  117. Please help me find a pedigee corgi puppy that can ship to sin gapore?
  118. Can I buy a GENTLE LEADER for my dog at WalMArt?
  119. can a dog have puppys n then have more puppies 3 days later?
  120. are all types of lettuce safe for dogs to eat? he also has crystals in his...
  121. My dog has a phobia. Her phobia is the sound of the Mud lark birds. ?
  122. Can I get cancer? Can my dogs get cancer?
  123. Puppy is peeing in my house!!?
  124. Should I feed my puppy...?
  125. my 4 month old puppy started peeing in the house?
  126. What is happening to my dog?
  127. Help With My Dog?
  128. New puppy gets jealous?
  129. can you name some small dogs i dont know what kind to get?
  130. How do you potty train a puppy correctly? I've had mine for bout 5 months she is
  131. What dog is small and has short hair?
  132. I think my neighbors dog killed my dog yesterday what can I do?
  133. How do i convince my dad into letting me have a puppy?
  134. Poll : so i bought my dog a pregnancy test...?
  135. moving my puppy onto proper puppy food?
  136. my dog hasnt started her second period and its been almost 8 months is this normal?
  137. why is my dog all of the sudden pottying in the house?
  138. My dog just leaked pee inside our house immediately after we walked her?
  139. Which breed is better for a first time dog owner?
  140. HELP! My dog just ate...?
  141. my dog's nail keeps breaking.?
  142. What to do about puppy chewing socks and undies?
  143. Nightmares at the dog park?
  144. Is there a breed of dog that is medium/large and doesn't shed much?
  145. My cat just ate my dogs poo!?
  146. I have a puppy thats about 2 months he is a porkie yorkie poodle when I put him on
  147. New Puppy Needs Name Help ?
  148. Do You think it is Wrong to Spank a Dog when Disciplining Him (or her)?
  149. portion size for homemade dog food?
  150. Favorite Flavor of Dog?
  151. Puppy has worms in poop, is this really bad?
  152. how to get your parents to let you buy a puppy?
  153. cats or dogs???????????????????
  154. Will my dog bed be big enough?
  155. ......poisonous .............for dogs?
  156. gifts for dog lover anyone?
  157. is it okay for my dog to eat?
  158. Puppy Biting-Need help!?
  159. Should i be worried if male dog is marking territory on my newborns things?
  160. My dog got hit by a car/motorcycle and now got a 1.5cm long 0.5cm width puncture
  161. How should my friend be training his fully grown dog?
  162. My female just had her first puppy last night, she doesn't seem to wan to
  163. Do trampolines hurt dogs?
  164. Keep untrained dog from going to the bathroom in the bathroom?
  165. About your Dog/puppy! for fun:)?
  166. Is Kibbles and Bits puppy is on recall?
  167. Puppy peeing problems?
  168. Why does my dog prefer certain tennis balls over others?
  169. Is there a particular reason that Breeders do not include the prices of...
  170. I want to train a Cocker puppy but I don't know how?
  171. Are my puppy's stitches infected? ?
  172. i'm intrigued by the Dog Whisperer?
  173. Do we really have the right to put an older dog to sleep?
  174. Dog fight at my Home residence?
  175. What is te difference between Randy Orton and a lump of dog @#$%?
  176. i need help with my puppy?
  177. Good puppy names?????
  178. normal for 2 week old puppy to have soft stool after deworming?
  179. Bad smell, loose stool from puppy?
  180. My dog licked my bum?
  181. How to stop puppy from chewing on everything?
  182. Finding It Hard To Train My Puppy?
  183. How do u train your dog to sit when you tell him to?
  184. My dogs keep shaking their heads to get rid of something in their ears.
  185. 10 month old puppy training advice?
  186. dog has breathing problem?
  187. Recipes for Chex Mix puppy chow!!?
  188. puppies anyone have a yorkie?
  189. help! I think my puppy wasn't fixed properly?
  190. Help.my puppy has mites?
  191. Help- I don't know whats wrong with my dog?
  192. what type of puppy should I get?
  193. Can my dog have water before surgery?
  194. What is wrong with my dog?
  195. Dog Seizure?? What was it?
  196. My dog won't eat her food?
  197. what would you say the best food is for a lab puppy?
  198. my dog was on leash and was struck by car while crossing st. can we sue for...
  199. are ALL mushrooms toxic to dogs?
  200. new dog please look!?
  201. Scared my dog can reach his stitches and does he weigh too much?
  202. Any tips on motivating a dog to play with a new toy?
  203. People on their high horses regarding dog breeds.?
  204. Housebreak a rescue dog?
  205. Puppy vaccination question...?
  206. Diarrhea and loss of appetite in puppy?
  207. why does my dog keep having nightmares?
  208. neighbours let the dog defecate on my lawn ?
  209. How often should I feed my puppy?
  210. My dog just bit me (accidentally) - help!?
  211. DO blind dogs have a shorter life expectancy than dogs that can see?
  212. how did you name your dog? ?
  213. My puppy doesn't drink water anymore?
  214. how much would it cost to get my puppy microchipped?
  215. Can i paint my dogs nails?
  216. ideas!? :( PLEASE -puppy dog face-?
  217. potty training my puppy HELP!!!!?
  218. how much is my dog worth?
  219. What can i do to make dry dog food more enjoyable for my dog?
  220. What type of dog should we get?
  221. What do you think is the best breed of dog ?
  222. What do you do when your dog is on her period?
  223. i got a new puppy tried introducing her to my older dog,didn't go well so how...
  224. My dog has a constant staph infection in his nose...?
  225. how many scoops of lactol puppy milk should i put in 150ml of water?
  226. dog the bounty hunter question?
  227. What kinda breed does this puppy look like?
  228. Dog chases cat! Help!?
  229. My puppy has a pink eye! What can I do?
  230. how old to feed puppy adult food?
  231. Will you help me name my puppy?
  232. Does anyone know who won the 2009 AKC dog show last night?
  233. Question about a spoiled dog?
  234. Whats your favorite breed of dogs?
  235. Why do shelters make it so hard to adopt a dog?
  236. My dog is getting very old, and I want a puppy?
  237. What is your biggest dog related goal or dream?
  238. I like to make puns based upon the names of various dog breeds. Have you any...
  239. Dogs and Horses and the Law in CA?
  240. what kind of dog is this(Picture)?
  241. my dog swallowed some cotton from his bedding can this make him feel sick?
  242. Which dog is dominate?
  243. someones dog to carry my pitbull mix puppies?
  244. How do i conquer my dogs shyness?
  245. A 7 Day old baegle Puppy died last night, there are 3 left, but the mother is...
  246. Would like to start fund raising for stray dogs any advice and ideas?
  247. Help.......Dog dominance!! Please help desperate?
  248. How can I surprise someone with a dog?
  249. My 6 month old puppy is biting me a lot?
  250. would you ever clone your dog?