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  1. which type of dog is better?
  2. what should i buy before i go and get my puppy?
  3. Roundworm Treatment (DOG QUESTION. )?
  4. i got my dog fixed how lonjg should i wait to bathe him?
  5. What's your dogs name and breed?
  6. Old dog problem....???
  7. Where can I find a good home for my dog?
  8. Would it be ok to leave my dog with Petsmart for 3 days?
  9. ok i have to ask. i have not payed to much attention but is the dog the bounty
  10. When to start obedience training on my new dog?
  11. how to make my dog chill out in her kenel.?
  12. Nintendogs - I've got bored of my dog how can I change it for a different one?
  13. My puppy is sad! How can i cheer her up?
  14. What should i name my new puppy ?
  15. Should my dog have ACL surgery or not?
  16. when should i teach my dog commands...?
  17. Why don't they make a mutt super dog?
  18. My dog ate a craisin?
  19. what breed are my dogs?
  20. my dog ate my duck!!!!!!!??
  21. Why is my 3 month old puppy is whining while chew on his toys?
  22. I need a name for my puppy.?
  23. My yorkie just had puppies do i keep a boy or girl?
  24. My parents keep beating my puppy what can i do?
  25. Can a dog hit a funny bone?
  26. Where did the term dogfight came from? Where did the first dog fight take place?
  27. I need help from dog lovers =[?
  28. how can i train my dog to sit/lay when i tell him 2?
  29. My dog is peeing on the floor?
  30. Will ranch Dressing hurt a dog?
  31. how does beth from dog the bounty hunter keep her figure from not sagging?
  32. what breed of dogs are breed with shiatsu?
  33. My Puppy won't quit whining!?
  34. why are my dogs eating NASTY STUFF if you know what i mean?
  35. target market for mobile dog grooming business?
  36. My dog tried to attack a cat info?
  37. Is there such a thing as depression in dogs?
  38. I have a small dog she weighs 9lbs and i have a question?
  39. What dog is right for me?
  40. Kids try to roast two puppies on a bonfire?
  41. Can dogs love his owner?
  42. why is my dog so attached?
  43. whats wrong with my american bulldog puppy?
  44. I need to find the opposite of a sentence like No dog was here. Any ideas?
  45. when a dog is in heat how much if any do their nipples swell up.and if
  46. how long can we leave a dog alone?
  47. What should i name my puppy?
  48. puppy food aggression?
  49. What is your dogs favorite treat?
  50. My carpet is heavily soiled by dog urine (puppy), what is the best way to
  51. My dog is an escape artist, please help?
  52. I feel that every time I call my dog to come that I am betraying her...?
  53. My almost 8 week old puppy won't stop crying at night?
  54. really quick dog house for a big dog?
  55. how do i tell my mom i bite her friends dog?
  56. Do you think my 3 month Rottweiler puppy stands a chance against Parvo?
  57. first time dog owner, what kind of supplies would i need?
  58. if dog fighting is so bad why do they still show pokemon?
  59. Cats, dogs and aboriginal public exposure in Greece.?
  60. Help my puppy ate chocolate!?
  61. so my boyfreind got me an early valentines day present... a puppy?
  62. How is conformation judged for collie dogs?
  63. Pictures of my puppy and yours =]?
  64. Is it normal for my puppy to...?
  65. What breed is my dog?
  66. which dog would you prefer?
  67. Why does my dog whine and moan so much?
  68. Feeling overwhelmed by puppy?
  69. Why dogs eat their poop?
  70. Any one got any ideas for amazing dog tricks?
  71. How many puppies can a Sheltie have in one litter on average?
  72. Is it okay to give a 4-month old Maltese puppy bones to eat/chew on?
  73. I desperately need advice about my puppy!?
  74. Getting my adult dog to stop being so playful with a puppy?
  75. what kind of reason who prevent a dog from having puppies?
  76. Whats the best way to introduce our new chi. puppy to our cats?
  77. My dog had puppies 8 weeks ago, they all have homes except one we are keeping?
  78. My lab puppy ate a small onion peal?
  79. I have a Lab mix puppy who is 10 months old and weighs 50 lbs...?
  80. How can I convince my wife to buy a second dog?
  81. How can I stop my dog from being protective?
  82. how too get my dog to stop tearing up stuff?
  83. Can you guess the breed of my dog?
  84. Puppy Bowl V Puppies?
  85. How do i make my puppy love ME more than my mother?
  86. How can i change my uppity dog?
  87. On a shih tzu: Puppy cute or long hair?
  88. make your own dog treats... recipes!?
  89. What is the first thing i should do when i bring my chihuahua puppy home?
  90. My dogs will bark aggressively and wag their tails at the same time.?
  91. Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, hypoallergenic dogs?
  92. This old dog is a Canadian with a question for an Englishman on weights.?
  93. My dog recently started having short episodes of twitching of his face and head.
  94. Why won't my dog walk on hard wood floors?
  95. My dog has tear stains how do i get rid of it?
  96. How big will my dog get?
  97. Help with my new dog!?
  98. One morning I woke up and saw a stray puppy out side, it was a girl, mixed
  99. what puppy should i get?
  100. What is best for 2 small dogs and a baby, carpet or pergo?
  101. my puppy was just spayed 3 days ago and now she is peeing all over is this normal?
  102. What is the Biblical punishment for somebody who leaves their dog's dookie on a
  103. Why does my Puppy Shakes While Eating?
  104. Bichon/Shih Tzu mix puppy has horrible tear stains and watering eyes?
  105. girl names for a puppy?
  106. Where can I find the dog-adoption websites?
  107. Why aren't puppy mills banned in Australia?
  108. Where's Dog Chapman's Maui office located at?
  109. what is ur favorite type of dog?
  110. What is the best free online site to watch slim dog millionaire?
  111. Why did tim leave the Dog the Bounty Hunter show?
  112. my 9 week puppy will not stay in a closed crate at night and my neighbors are going
  113. Is it true that a puppy's mature weight well be between mom and dads weight?
  114. Can cats/dogs have nightmares?
  115. What could be causing my dogs diarrhea?
  116. what breed of dog is good to get? I am looking for a small dog that is good with
  117. What type of dog do you have?
  118. I got my puppy at six weeks old, it's to young I know,but is there anything I...
  119. how do i get my dog to stop eating socks and soap!?!?
  120. Who selling pit bull puppies for 50 bucks or lower?
  121. question with bringing home a new puppy?
  122. Creotine and Dogs...Anybody tried it or seen someone do it?
  123. Is this normal for your dog?
  124. What drugs can get by sniffer dogs undetected?
  125. Excessive dry skin on my poor dog.?
  126. Is there a way you can tell if a dog has all its shots?
  127. is this little dog cute?
  128. New Puppy, with a bad habit?
  129. Where to adopt a puppy in NYC?
  130. What is Arizona's state dog?
  131. fenced in dog parks/play areas in San Francisco?
  132. My dog wont gain weight?
  133. What is a good name for a red female dachshund puppy?
  134. Pedialyte to dog for diarrhea and barfing?
  135. 6 Week old puppy, NEED HELP!!!?
  136. should i move my dog?
  137. if i train my dog as a therapy dog, even though i wouldn't need it, after...
  138. How do I catch a stray PUPPY?
  139. indestructible dog toys?
  140. Whats A Way A 13 Year Old Can Make Money Other Than Doing Chores Walking Dogs?
  141. What are the best products for cleaning a dog's ears? Is it necessary to use a
  142. Blue buffalo Puppy Chicken Brown Rice Recipe?
  143. how much are puppy shots?
  144. My dog has lyme and given doxycyline. He was asymptomatic and now he can't...
  145. how to stop my neighbors from not picking up there dog poop!!!!????
  146. What to feed my cats and dogs?
  147. what would win in a 100 metre race, a crocodile, a sausage dog, a camel or a monkey?
  148. Can a vet stop internal bleeding in a puppy? I had to bring mine to the emerg.
  149. why is my puppy eating his poo?
  150. dog is swollen not a sting?
  151. Puppy trouble ! Help !!!?
  152. funny dog/pet stories?
  153. How can you tell if your dog has CHRONIC lyme disease?
  154. Dog breeding question?
  155. My dog's dog food? Help?
  156. please help dog pooing in house?
  157. where can i find free puppies in carollwood,florida??
  158. My dog still isn't crate trained!HELP!!?
  159. How much food should I be feeding puppies when weaning?
  160. can i keep my puppy in my room when im at school?
  161. Good reason to adopt a shelter dog? ?
  162. Could my dog be reacting to Wellness Super 5 Mix?
  163. this is a question about my 8 year old dog,?
  164. Dog Nutritionist In San Diego?
  165. My dog always tries to lick my nose!?
  166. is my puppies leg broke?
  167. Where can I get a new born puppy for free in North Carolina?
  168. I want a German Shepherd puppy.?
  169. Bottle feeding puppy. Blood ?
  170. can my daughter catch any type of virus/ illness from my 4 week old puppy?
  171. Potty training my puppy?
  172. When my Pit bull play, playfully with my boyfriend why does my dog always...
  173. Dog coller help please!?
  174. how do i know if my dog is dieing or not?
  175. Has Your Dog Ever. . .?
  176. I have a bathroom door that is a little too high at the bottom. It allows dog
  177. ARE golden retriever puppy AVAILABLE in Tiendesitas pet store?
  178. When should I take my dog off of puppy food?
  179. Inside or Outside dog?
  180. What are the symptoms when a dog has gas?
  181. Do dogs always gain weight when they get fixed?
  182. My 75 lb dog ate a bar of goat's milk soap. Will he be okay? will it stop him up?
  183. i have a 9 week old pitbull puppy and he has bumps on his face y is that?
  184. i was wondering if the dog brand NATURES RECIPE is good i wanted some...
  185. HUSKY HOWLING!!! and puppy antics??? please help!?!?
  186. Ladies would you date a guy who sells puppies for a living..?
  187. Asterix Obelix ... Dogmatix, What kind of dog?
  188. Question about bland diet for dogs?
  189. 3 week old mutt pup, ate her first real puppy food today and won't poop! Help?
  190. What is the best training for a pitbull puppy?
  191. Honey's Canine Party Mix - is it safe for dogs? email address came back, cannot find
  192. I just got a second dog and need some help.?
  193. Any names for a girl puppy?
  194. Two very attached dogs, best approach?
  195. What and How to feed my 2 months old puppy...?
  196. Where to get chocolate lab puppies?
  197. i just rescued an american bull dog,what can i expect?
  198. should i get a puppy or a cat and what kind?
  199. Puppy and current Dog?
  200. Border Collie Dog, Illness possibly a urine problem or leg/back problem?
  201. How do I know if my dog has rabies?
  202. Does my dog have tapeworms?
  203. What is a re-section of the dog ear--after infection?
  204. Can my puppy go outside?
  205. how long till i get my puppy shots?
  206. how do you know when your dog is about to have puppies?
  207. treats for puppies nd dogs?
  208. What kind of worms does my Puppy have?
  209. my gf hates my dog....HUGE PROBLEM?
  210. How much money does it cost to get a professional haircut for puppy?
  211. need photos of cuterebra parasitesite on dogs????
  212. Is my puppy, Bailey, cute?
  213. Shar Pei, Chow Chow City Dogs?
  214. What do you think the ugliest dog is?
  215. where in st.louis can you adopt a dog really cheaply?
  216. Are Lab's a good dog to have?
  217. My puppy's eye color Keeps constantly changing?
  218. How can I do that my 3 months labrador puppy stooped biting me?
  219. I'm debating on a dog breed and need a little help?
  220. What type of breed mix do you think my puppy is?
  221. How do you scare a dog?
  222. Will Pitbull Puppies fur change as they grow?
  223. my puppy wakes up and and throws up...any professional vets or personal experiences?
  224. How to tell what's wrong with the puppy?
  225. My dog sucks its paws?
  226. My dog smells really bad...?
  227. what should i know about labrador mix puppies?
  228. I don't know what to do about my dog, help?
  229. My new dog keeps whimpering?
  230. Music for foster puppy video?
  231. What tests does a dog need done before he can do stud duties?
  232. How to discipline my dog, when all else fails?
  233. My dog is sick! what does he have? help!?
  234. My dog just ate human poop?!?
  235. What are some rules we can make for our new puppy?
  236. Getting rid of worms in puppies?
  237. Can you help me figure out a name for my puppy?
  238. Feeding my puppy cavalier?
  239. What should I say to my neighbor regarding her barking dog? I know she's home
  240. Can a Dog Get Alzheimer's?
  241. Hey my dog does not like me?
  242. Why does my dog eat,chew,every thing?
  243. can we breed a lion and a dog?
  244. What can I do to prevent my puppy from ripping her bed apart?
  245. Is a dog right for my lifestyle?
  246. What causes blood clots in dogs? My dog had a seizure today and it was a...
  247. This is a dog question?
  248. How do you make the Jimmy Buff Italian hot dog?
  249. Question about these dog breeds...please answer if you can?
  250. Doberman Puppies! Names, where I can find one?