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  1. Wht should i have for a newborn puppy ready..?
  2. am i in love or is it puppy love?
  3. If you know someone has malnourished dogs can you report it? Without using a...
  4. how to keep a dog calm while grooming?
  5. I found a very small puppy...Help?
  6. Do dogs see like humans?
  7. my kitten beats up my puppy...?
  8. why dose my dog Walk Backwards?
  9. how can i make my two girl puppies not fight when they get older.?
  10. How exactly do you hand strip a dogs coat?
  11. Spots in dogs FUR???pLz HELp?
  12. how long could a dog last in a car?
  13. where can i find information about the british bulldog, not literally the dog...
  14. When dogs are on their pieried do they bleed like we do?
  15. What's a good breed for a shop dog who's friendly with customers?
  16. Why is my dog doing this?
  17. Jack Russell Puppy Q's?
  18. How do I fill in holes my dog has dug in the backyard and when is the best time?
  19. Hey my dog farts so much and I cant stand it! Any ideas how to make him stop?
  20. My dog bit my son, what do i do?
  21. anyone know where to get a cheap slush puppy maker?
  22. I need a show name for my dog.?
  23. what woul i need for my puppy?
  24. Do you think that dogs understand exactly what you mean when you say something?
  25. HELP! Waaaay to hyper 4 year old not calm enough for a puppy!!!!!!?
  26. Need advice on our dog - please read?
  27. my puppy won't potty train!!?
  28. My dog is a boggle. She is scared of everything. Any advice on why or how to help
  29. why do boy dogs always lick themselves?
  30. how to stop a dog from chewing everything?
  31. Who would win in a hot dog eating contest?
  32. if your dog got hit by a car would you take him to the vet?
  33. Am i feeding my puppy right?
  34. Almost 4 Month Old Puppy Just Started Limping?
  35. Why do many horse/dog tracks have downs in their name?
  36. What should i name my puppy?
  37. How to improve my dogs recall esp at dog parks?
  38. My dog's thumb toenail is hanging and was bleeding. Is it a vet emergency
  39. question about my puppy?
  40. American/English bulldog puppy shows no signs he has to go to the bathroom?
  41. Funny/weird/strange/odd names for dogs?
  42. Am I doing this right??? And is this normal for a 5 month old puppy?
  43. help me with my dog help help help?
  44. Bichon frise puppy??
  45. In puberty, do you suddenly lose weight/puppy fat?
  46. Can anyone recommend a really good dog trainer for an aggressive pit bull in...
  47. are maltese puppies good dogs?
  48. our dog just had 2 puppies yesterday please help?
  49. will they kill the dog?
  50. my dog is peeing on my sons bed!!!!!?
  51. Are there any uses for Sulfadine Dog Shampoo?
  52. Help on fear based dog tibetan span x?
  53. What is cuter a bulldog puppy or a French Bulldog puppy ?
  54. my dogs go crazy when people ring the door bell?
  55. How do I start preparing my 8 week old pitbull puppy to be in good shape?
  56. Question about my puppy...?
  57. puppy potty training?
  58. My Dog's A Diabetic, How Much Does This Shorten His Life Span?
  59. Information on Puppy Mills?!?
  60. Is the breed of dog 'Patterdale Terrier' available in Australia?
  61. help i got a new dog?
  62. How many ounces of PMR should a 3 day old puppy drink?
  63. which is the most evil breed of dog?
  64. House and Designing and Dogs?
  65. Blood in puppy urine?
  66. my puppy always bites?
  67. Why does my puppy try to lick my ears?
  68. My dog's strange behavior?
  69. Funny dog stories........?
  70. my dog got into my drink, will she be ok?
  71. I am considering getting a jack russel puppy - quite young - 8 weeks ish?
  72. How do you know for sure if a 4 week old puppy is blind?
  73. I need help with adult dog house training!?
  74. can you finish my puppy list?
  75. Where can I find an adoption agency for my dog....?
  76. My dog goes crazy with a leash/lead?
  77. Stop puppy from barking?
  78. What to feed my puppy...?
  79. What is your favorite dog breed?
  80. How to make puppies more tough?
  81. I am getting a new Labrador retriever puppy who is a male and cream and i need a...
  82. What kind of dog is this?
  83. My dog got hit by a car and died :[?
  84. should I get a yorkie puppy?
  85. what are the chances of a puppy surviving polio virus?
  86. Whats wrong with my puppy?
  87. What are the positives and negatives of having two dogs ?
  88. I Got few ?'ns about my new puppy!!! ( papilon and a Maltese mix)?
  89. why do you suppose some people want way to much on there puppies for sale?
  90. About barking dogs advice needed?
  91. are chocolates bad for dogs!? heeeelllppppp!!!!!! :(?
  92. How do I convinve my parents to let me get a dog?
  93. Is it okay for me to bring a dog back home to America..?
  94. How do you cope with putting a dog down?
  95. Why does my puppy eat like he's starving?
  96. I found an pit puppy that walks funny, like he is walking on his wrists,
  97. What is the best corn dog repellent in the wild?
  98. What is the most popular dog in Poland?
  99. new happy playful puppy with some diarrhea and wont eat?
  100. should i teach my puppy to leave other dog alone?
  101. Is my dog fat or not?
  102. I can't break my puppy of period blood fetish. This includes tampons, underwear,
  103. New puppy help! please!?
  104. I recently purchased a dog crate for my 8 month old puppy but he has started...
  105. Puppy pees at new place?
  106. My boyfriends and I are thinking about getting a puppy...?
  107. what to do if my 8 month puppy is stealing clothes and doesnt want to give back?
  108. Are Jack Rat Terriers good dogs?
  109. How many cups of dry puppy food should you feed your puppy a day?
  110. TROUBLE! choosing puppy help!?
  111. My dog is acting up, any methods to help?
  112. does anybody know a single person, working full time, living in their own...
  113. giving my puppy love :D?
  114. heartworm medicine for a puppy?
  115. My vacuum is not picking up dog hair, can I repair it myself?
  116. rude to ask guests not to bring dog?
  117. help please i think my dog is depressed?
  118. puppy problems can anyone help?
  119. what happened to the rare dog breed quiz that was on here?
  120. My Dogs have Bad Gas?
  121. Puppy troubles help..?
  122. Is nail grinding better for my dog? Or is it the same?
  123. dog hurt it leg help?
  124. My puppy just ate cat food and vomited?!?
  125. How can I ship a dog to me?
  126. What kind of dog is this?
  127. How do I get my dog to become my Emotional Support Animal (ESA)?
  128. How do I get my dog to stop picking on my cat?
  129. How much should we be feeding our puppy?
  130. isn't this cruel? it involves Kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats..?
  131. My 2 year old dog Oliver is now afraid. What can I do?
  132. Puppy wont come back when called?
  133. My dog is not afraid of getting into the car, he just doesn't like it when we drive
  134. getting a bit nervous about bringing my dog home?
  135. Why does my puppy bite herself?
  136. What is a site that I can watch live puppies at?
  137. some tips for a puppy to get house trained but no shock colors?
  138. do you prefer small, medium or large dogs?
  139. is it rude to ask someone if their dogs retarded?
  140. my dog won't eat!!! help!!!?
  141. My dog tries to attack my cat.?
  142. dog wont eat from feeder w/ door?
  143. Why are my dogs pupils blue?
  144. Puppy Super Bowl on Animal Planet?
  145. I lost my job and am unable to take care of my dog for the moment?
  146. Why does my dog keep crying when he tries to rest his head in his lap?
  147. Can dogs eat chicken necks?
  148. If her dog is watching does this count as a threesome?
  149. When a dog starts fidgeting and whimpering in it's sleep, does it really
  150. does anyone else think that pot smells like dog crap... but like it anyhow?
  151. What can I feed my dog?
  152. why is my dog ruining my bed?
  153. Taking my dog to dog daycare?
  154. I plead for EXPERT Dog behavior help!!! very desperate?
  155. HELP... Dog ingested Strattera...?
  156. My roommate is getting a dog when the apartment doesn't allow them?
  157. Are jerky strip dog treats ok?
  158. My puppy won't eat!!?
  159. My 13 year old dog now has kidney failure. She also suffers from congestive...
  160. Has anyone had Knee surgery for their dogs? What is the cost?
  161. setting up a dog walking company?
  162. CKC or AKC registration for puppy?
  163. My puppy just clawed through the carpet?
  164. What breed is my puppy (video)?
  165. My dog's pulled muscle in the hind leg won't heal.?
  166. do you think my pomeranian dog is smart?
  167. Dogs with Parvo?
  168. How much money do you spend on your dog in a month?
  169. How can i get my dog to like water?
  170. all men are dogs what do you think?
  171. Is this a good name for a female dog?
  172. i gave my puppies puppy milk?
  173. Can a puppy that has had shots get parvo?
  174. How to get a puppy secretly?
  175. I have a new puppy and my older dog is terrified?
  176. How many times a day should i feed my one month old puppy?
  177. Dog Shows Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! easy question?
  178. I think my dog might be sick?
  179. How do i convince my parents to get a puppy?
  180. What is your opinion on crossbreeding dogs?
  181. If a stray dog charge at you...which of the following will work?
  182. how to care for my 13yr old dog?
  183. Which dog breed are the most quite?
  184. How to train my 1 year old puppy!?
  185. Why does my puppy wee here?
  186. Help? will breeder accept to have my puppy back?
  187. What should I name my puppy?
  188. How long should it take for my cardigan corgi puppy to be housebroken? She is...
  189. Puppy on Puppy Bowl V?
  190. How do I introduce my 6 year old cat to an 8 week old puppy?
  191. What do you think of A Dog's Life After The Superbowl morning pome?
  192. what name 4 my puppy??? HELP NOW!?
  193. My 5 month old boxer puppy is acting different than normal?
  194. Should i leave water with my 7 week old puppy in his crate, while i'm at school and
  195. My Puppy, Help, lots of help!?
  196. I finally got my dog to eat biscuits?
  197. Is it normal for there to be a fishy smell off a spayed female dog?
  198. How to make a dog and cat get along?
  199. HELP? i just got my new puppy, he is my first puppy.?
  200. Explain how the genetic data from dogs, finches and humans reveals relationships?
  201. which dog name is your favorite?
  202. Like After when Your female Dog has Her Period DOES IT COME BACK IN 6 MTHS. ?
  203. I just fixed my 5 month old puppy (spay)?
  204. hon.w can you tell if a dog will have or already has bad hips?
  205. How do you tell a boy puppy from a girl puppy?
  206. how can i get my puppy to urinate on the paper?
  207. WHY breed or buy while shelter dogs die?
  208. I have a yorkie puppy who eats too fast!!!!?
  209. My rescue dog Molly recently died after the first heartworm shot.?
  210. What breed of dog is this puppy?
  211. what???? puppies report?
  212. When will my puppy stop biting?
  213. When can babies ride their dogs?
  214. will this settle down my dog ...?
  215. My dog (beagle) is sick?
  216. Why is my dog not eating and losing weight?
  217. how does the dog chip work?
  218. Please help me, how do I get my 5 month old puppy to stop doing this ?!?
  219. i am looking for a female pekingnese dog that is for sale..anyone?
  220. Can I give my dog baby aspirin for inflamation?
  221. how do i convince my mom to get a puppy?
  222. Glass in my dog's foot?
  223. Bulldog puppy plays too rough with older bulldog?
  224. can anybody help me think of names for a puppy?
  225. How do i delete a baby on baby pals and how do i delete all my dogs on nintendogs?
  226. Should I get a Maltese puppy?
  227. We found out our puppy has ringworm?
  228. How do I get my dog to like me?
  229. Female labrador puppy name?
  230. What kind of dogs are these?
  231. what are some affects after a dog is spayed?
  232. My pet Dog is having ear infection and tissue growth. What shall I do?
  233. What can I do to help my itchy dog?
  234. My niece ate a dog biscuit?
  235. What is a great type of dog?
  236. PLEASE HELP. I accidentally pinched my puppy's shoulders. He just had 2 shots
  237. Why wont my dog it out of his bowl!?
  238. Charities charging for dogs?
  239. My dog ate chocolate HELP I'm worried!!?
  240. Ear infections with a flop eared dog?
  241. My dog needs to be put down?
  242. How long for hookworms to be expelled after puppies treated?
  243. What did the principle do to the dog in Ferris Buellers Day off?
  244. How can get my puppy to stop chewing on thing's he isn't supposed to?
  245. Dog problems, help?!?
  246. Getting rid of dog smell from furniture?
  247. Is it normal for a dog to eat their poop?
  248. A good puppy shampoo ( maybe conditioner)?
  249. just got a boxer lab mix puppy?
  250. Would a male dalmation puppy fit in well with two mature female medium-sized dogs?