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  1. Would you ever let a dog run loose on the musical CATS?
  2. I want to register my new puppy with his microchip, where do I go to do this?
  3. My male puppy gives no signal for when he is peeing. How do I catch him in the act?
  4. what kind of dog should i get?
  5. What kind of dog is this?
  6. Any funny crazy Cute Dog Breed ?
  7. What's the best dog for me?
  8. My dog has Diarrhea, Help?
  9. Where can I find a CHEAP male pitbull puppy in missouri?
  10. How can I get my puppy to eat his puppy food?
  11. Tips for controlling my crazy dog?
  12. Is it the dog or is it me?
  13. Recommended Small Breed Puppy Food?
  14. Why does my dog act so crazy when it is wet outside?
  15. when my dog is falling asleep, he roles his eyes backwards. unusual?
  16. Is my dog okay, or does she need to be taken to the vet?
  17. How do I balance disciplining my dogs?
  18. i want to know what that thing hanging from my dog is?
  19. Why is my dogs tummy recently all purple!?
  20. How many shots does a puppy need in the 1st year?
  21. What age can I start leaving my puppy in a kennel outside, when I'm out?
  22. Where can I find a healthy puppy in Northern Virginia?
  23. Do you think Oliver is a good name for a dog?
  24. why do so many homeless people have a dog on a string?
  25. Is this normal puppy behavior? ?
  26. how to make a bootleg indoor gate for my dog?
  27. The House Committee from Mikhail Bulgakov's Heart of a Dog?
  28. How do you turn a puppy scamer in?
  29. What animal's name meaning 'barking dog'? Do you know?
  30. does your sire and dam have to be registerd in order to have the puppies registerd?
  31. What are the best dogs for people w/ Allergies?
  32. What should I name my new puppy?
  33. How much do pure breed puppy Aussie Shepard's cost?
  34. What do you do if dogs are attacking you when you jog?
  35. 3 month old Jack Russell puppy obsessed with food!?
  36. I need to make these 2 dogs get along!?
  37. I have 4 dogs and two cats, and we are fixing to move in with my mother-in-law....?
  38. is this safe for my dog?
  39. my dog had a litter of puppies , what do i do when they are ready to eat dog food?
  40. Why is my dog acting so nervous lately?
  41. Is it normal for female puppies to urinate and fecee as they walk?
  42. What would your dog do?
  43. I want a Puppy for my birthday! What kind should i get?
  44. Vets, what could bend my dog's trachea besides a tumour?please read forward?
  45. how do i know if my chow puppy is pure chow?
  46. how can i train my puppy not to run off everytime she sees a dog?
  47. Where could I find a breeder of Prauge Ratter puppies?
  48. Just got a new dog, my cat is terrified..What do i do?!?!?
  49. when do you start feeding dry food to puppies?
  50. Will my dog get frostbite if I walk him in the snow for 6 miles?
  51. Are Red Tip Photinia toxic to dogs and children?
  52. Dog mystery question.?
  53. my dog looks up to someonne else as a pack leader and its so annoying i wanna...
  54. My 9 week old puppy HATES his crate... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  55. Can I buy dog food in bulk off any websites?
  56. My dog has a sore bottom, he doesnt let me touch it. Whats wrong with him?
  57. my dog wont sleep on my futon how to get him to sleep with me this i s very
  58. Is having puppy fat on your body a turn off for girls?
  59. Omg omg my parvo puppy!!!?
  60. Okay, What age do male puppies start to be developed to get a female dog pregnant?
  61. A cloned dog seems to know where his original died; How is this possible?
  62. Dog threw up white creamy stuff?
  63. What should I do if my dad wants to give away my dog?
  64. What kind of dog was in that movie?
  65. is it true can you tell a dogs size by his paws?
  66. How to cure a Beaten dog?
  67. the talking dog joke, not mine but funny?
  68. have you bought the canine heritage test to see what breed your dog is mixed with?
  69. !!!***Puppy Names***!!!?
  70. Anyone's dog sick after publix treats?
  71. where could we get free puppies in orlando florida?
  72. Someone Please tell me where can i Adopt a bulldog Puppy. I really love
  73. Please help!!! my dog cant stop peeing and he cant control it. It just...
  74. How do i teach my dog to play frisbee?
  75. Puppy growled and snapped help?
  76. Do you ever skip a day walking your dog?
  77. My wonderful 9 YEAR old black lab does not like puppies...?
  78. Sick dog - vomitting won't eat or drink.?
  79. What do people have against rescue dogs?
  80. My two puppy dogs are having some dry skin issues right now. Is there a...
  81. How can I help my dog get over the diarrhea?
  82. Was kind of puppy is better to have?
  83. is it safe for a medium sized dog to have dew claws, double dews, extra toes...
  84. as a college student and future med student, can i give a dog the attention it needs?
  85. My 4 month old puppy has pooped with a very tiny amount of blood, not all...
  86. Puppy Name Suggestions?
  87. How can I involve my dog in commercials, ads etc?
  88. best kind of dog. (read rest of it)?
  89. Can you guess what this puppy is mixed with? *pictures inside*?
  90. Poll: My Favorite Dog Is a____________!?
  91. Is there anything wrong with a puppy pooping a lot?
  92. am i treating my dogs unfairly?
  93. Lab puppy 12 weeks does not play?
  94. Help with Puppy Training Pads?
  95. Can home insurance companies completely deny you because you have a dog...
  96. Is 5 miles too far for a 5 month old puppy to run?
  97. HELP! It's 2 am and my dog keeps throwing up!?
  98. I Stole a dog that was being abused, And Detectives want to talk to me, what do i do?
  99. How can I stop my dog from barking at other dogs?
  100. what can i do about a man abusing dogs? its a little long, sorry?
  101. How can I put some weight on my dog?
  102. Important Question about my puppy!!!?
  103. german shepherd puppy insurance uk how much?
  104. My dog tends to dislike new people?
  105. Questions Regarding Your Dog!?
  106. Getting My German Shepherd Puppy on Saturday any tips!!?
  107. Paper training a puppy?
  108. Should I get a dog if I plan to get pregnant?
  109. How does one get involved in dog Agility training?
  110. what do u think about my dog?
  111. My dog ate a gopher...?
  112. Help! Dog shaking/can't walk?
  113. my dog drank some blue toilet water?
  114. what will it feel like to me if my dog has a contraction?
  115. Has your dog gotten a bad rap because of pitt bulls?
  116. should my new dog sleep in a crate a bed without a crate or my bed ?
  117. what other animals would you put in a classification chart for bull mastiff dogs?
  118. What breed is this dog?(picture included)?
  119. Help! What should I name my new boy puppy? He's a bernese mt. dog.?
  120. What states have puppy mill laws?
  121. which dog is better for hunting?
  122. What dog senses are better than humanity's?
  123. any toy dogs up for sale in the bay area?
  124. What purpose is there in dog fighting?
  125. What is your dogs...? 10 pts!?
  126. Problem with my puppies leg?
  127. how do you stop a dog from shedding so much?
  128. How do I keep my puppy strong?
  129. How is a good way to stop my dog from getting into my trash?
  130. what age do puppies loose there teeth ?
  131. Guess the dog breeds! hard ;)?
  132. Estimate how big my puppy will get?
  133. Is cryptorchidism passed to every puppy?
  134. what is the earliest age for a dog..?
  135. Why is it that all of the animals in The Little Mermaid can talk except...
  136. how much should i feed my breastfeeding dog ?
  137. why is my dog limping?
  138. ok so my puppy has a problem is it her food?
  139. Why causes dogs to get crystals in the kidneys?
  140. How to calm down a very hyper 10w old lab puppy?
  141. Puppies and babies together.?
  142. puppy eat her poop help?
  143. My dog is 20 pounds and just ate 1 1/2 of a box of raisins....?
  144. I lost my temper with my puppy?
  145. How do I convince my parents to let me keep dog? Please help, its urgent!!?
  146. My mom does nothing with the dog she bought. what do i do?
  147. has your dog ever helped you in any sort of way?
  148. I saw these huge white dogs in nyc recently. Can anyone tell me the breed?
  149. Why does my dog cry, bark, and other randomn things while sleeping?
  150. Destructive, Hyper 6 month old Puppy?
  151. How do I housetrain my puppy using a litter box?
  152. dry hairless spot on puppies tail?
  153. i have 3 week old puppies and i would like to know if i can give them baby formula.?
  154. Is my puppy too young?
  155. When does a puppy stop needing to go out at night?
  156. How do I build my dog's courage or bravery?
  157. White Dog movie 1982 samuel fuller?
  158. Why do people want to breed dogs when there are so many unwanted dogs being put down?
  159. Getting a puppy this weekend, what do I get?
  160. can you please vote for my dog?
  161. dog pee smell in back yard?
  162. What is the cheapest breed of dog?
  163. Where can I get a free pit bull puppy in the South Florida area?
  164. Is it possible some dogs simply do not like being in crates? (read fully before
  165. should i keep my dog?
  166. I need help choosing a puppy!?
  167. I'm having trouble feeling the puppies?
  168. What kindaa dog is this?
  169. How many puppies can a Sheltie have?
  170. my dog digs deep holes in my lawn?
  171. My dog's legs.......?
  172. I have an 8 month old puppy how long on average do puppies sleep?
  173. What is going on with my puppy?
  174. Larval Tiger Salamander or Mud Puppy?
  175. Poll: Me or the Dog???? = ]?
  176. How do i get my mom to get me my own dog?
  177. What is the widest or largest a dog can its mouth?
  178. My dog just had her puppies but they are not eating right away and appear weak?
  179. My dog is refusing to go out for walk?
  180. My puppy should be thirsty (best answer)?
  181. What shameful deeds have you blamed on dogs before?
  182. My dog has Tick Fever?
  183. Older dog lays on puppy please help?
  184. My dog has little bumps and is itching alot, and now I have the same symptoms. whats
  185. Is this the right way of punishing a puppy?
  186. Why are there so many dog shits in France?
  187. just got a new puppy and my father in law insists that it must be an outside pup....
  188. My dog has been twitching!?
  189. can i train a horse to attack dogs?
  190. Puppy has distended belly -- HELP! Is this okay? Mini Schnauzer Puppy -- 9 weeks old?
  191. How do I get my dog to leave the dog park?
  192. My dog ripped off my hands and fingers, what do I do?
  193. What happened to my dog?
  194. What are some good websites to learn more about dogs?
  195. The dog has had a bout of diarrhoea for about a week now.She only vomitted...
  196. Housebreaking a puppy, ready to give in?
  197. Potty Training a dog.....?
  198. I think my cusion is making out with my dog please help?
  199. I want a new dog but my parents say no! what are some things i can do to...
  200. My puppy chewed through my power cord...?
  201. Why does my dog.. and any suggestion on how to get her to stop?
  202. my dog ate my poop should i be worried?
  203. Recently spayed puppy urinates in house?
  204. Are dogs living longer?
  205. Is my mini chiuahua going to have puppies?
  206. Tamiflu for Parvo Puppy?
  207. When will my dog go in heat?
  208. stud my dog i have a minuture poodle how old can he first produce puppies?
  209. What would be the better option since we have dogs?
  210. what should i name my puppy!?
  211. What do you need for a 12 weeks old puppy?
  212. Can a puppy be house trained if left outside?
  213. What is the best food for dogs?
  214. How do I get dog pee of my coat?
  215. Small blisters on my dogs prepuce?!?!?
  216. My puppy is very sick?
  217. Healthy and cheap alternative to Beneful dog food?
  218. is it safe to touch my dogs newborn puppies?
  219. my friends dog is always following strangers. what should she do?
  220. Can a puppy help with your childs seperaion anxity?
  221. Should I take my dog back to the vet? pic included?
  222. Puppies and young children/babies?
  223. my dog sniffs in the air and acts like he is affraid of something.?
  224. What happened to Benjean; the dog who played in Benji The Hunted?
  225. what kind of bone can i get my dog that is hard, yet doesnt make a mess?
  226. Can I get a puppy if....?
  227. Poll:slush puppies..........!?
  228. My dog just ate a Hershey's kiss. What do I do?
  229. what kind of dog is this?
  230. My dog ate a Lot of food from the trash what to do?
  231. My girl friend wants a kid will buying her a puppy help change her mind?
  232. Holy Crap My Dog Talked To Me!?
  233. How do I convince my parents to get my sister and I a new dog?
  234. Do you think getting a puppy will be pushing it?
  235. Flying with a dog ??
  236. All-Natural Dog Treat Recipe?
  237. are there any dogs that have different saliva?
  238. why does my dog sit in front on the fireplace until he pants, then gets a...
  239. How can I get my lab to calm down around our new puppy?
  240. my puppy is biting me?
  241. My dog won't stop crying in his crate during the day?
  242. Puppies tortured by 10 year olds?
  243. Whats wrong with my dog?
  244. What vaccinations does a dog need on a yearly basis?
  245. How long should a puppy b allowed 2 sleep on da bed?
  246. my 4 month puppy has eaten a rawhide chip and now he refuses to eat or drink...
  247. please help with puppies?
  248. What games can I play with my 3 months old puppy?
  249. How do I get my puppy to stop peeing where it isn't supposed to?
  250. WHAT THE HECK IS A PUPPY MILL (be nice im an aussie)?