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  1. Do you think it's fair to have dogs of vastly different sizes?
  2. Could we get a husky puppy?
  3. What is a good name for a girl puppy?
  4. HUsh puppies yummy but I need help?
  5. she is very sick because her dog and ferret died in the same week so i...
  6. My dad is getting rid of our dog that we've had for 7 years, what do i do?
  7. My mom meets a lot of standers when it comes to dogs...?
  8. do you like dogs? why? what kind of dogs do you have? how many?
  9. watch this DOG FART video?
  10. Where can I find Huntaway puppies in the US?
  11. At what age can are male dogs able to reproduce?
  12. Can a puppy carry parvo without contracting it themselves?
  13. Puppy sleeping in the Bed? good or bad?
  14. How do i persuade parents to let my dog sleep in my bedroo??
  15. Fixing puppy aggression?
  16. Is it normal for a female dog'snipples to be more prominent after she goes
  17. HAMBURGER MEAT FOR MY PUPPY?? satin balls ingredients?
  18. What is the breed name for the dog that adolf hilter supposedly created to be...
  19. can I get some insight on my dog's injury?
  20. can my puppy be near another dog...?......?
  21. What kind of dog is this?
  22. my dog had a puppy 7 hours ago?
  24. uncontrolable dog question?
  25. Anyone this poison,Dog Poisoning Help?
  26. Trying to find a good kind of dog for my family..... Help?
  27. Things are starting to crumble.Money is tight.Would it be ok to give my son
  28. did you see o the news that puppies were being BBQ by 10 year olds?
  29. my dog is in heat and is drivin my other dog mad?
  30. help with Puppy names?
  31. How do I transition a new puppy to my 1 year old puppy?
  32. my dogs foot is really red and raw what could it be?
  33. If you haven't seen Slum Dog Millionaire don't read this question. it gives away
  34. Vet do unnecessary surgery on puppy?
  35. found a dog need help?
  36. Parvo Puppy? Vomits but no stool?
  37. My dog is infected with some sort of worm. My guess is hookworm or roundworm....
  38. My puppies are 7wks old they are losing hair just around their head and ears is this
  39. my puppy will not eat or drink?
  40. My dog's eyes are extremely bloodshot?
  41. My dog is pregnant and almost due to have her puppies..?
  42. taking away roomates puppy is too harsh?
  43. How do i get my 12 week old puppy to potty outside?
  44. What is the name of the dog I saw...?
  45. Whenever I'm sitting on the couch, my puppy starts barking at me and...
  46. question about my puppy?
  47. how old is a puppy usually when they start to get in heat?
  48. what dogs were bred for pulling carts / sledges?
  49. why was my question deleted? i just asked why my puppy had a sudden death :(?
  50. our lil puppy is trying to play with the other dogs but one of them trys...
  51. how can i train my puppy not to pee on the rug?
  52. Free Pomeranians?? Puppies or Dogs?
  53. how many calories does walking a dog loose?
  54. Any help with allergies to dogs?
  55. Do U eat your dogs biscuits?
  56. My dog is about 7 years old...?
  57. My puppy keeps sneezing?
  58. my 4 month old puppy keep's peeing in my room?
  59. how do i get my two month puppy to stop biting me?
  60. What do you put on your hot dog?
  61. Dog thrown out moving car...?
  62. Dog Grooming Appointment Books?
  63. How to show your dog?! Please help!!!?
  64. My Puppy Is Acting VERY Strange?
  65. If a puppy is on IV/Antibiotic fluids for parvo and his stool goes from
  66. intense puppy training? I do not want to give my puppy up.?
  67. I taught my puppy sit and he...?
  68. My puppy occasionally walks through my house and while walking he will P. Is there...
  69. My dog won't sleep in his doghouse?
  70. How do we get our puppy to realize she needs to alert us to go outside to potty,
  71. I am getting a new yellow lab puppy!?
  72. Will I be forced to put my dog down?
  73. Is Obama girls's puppy playing in Puppy Bowl V?
  74. What kind of dog is he?
  75. how big will my dog get?
  76. Dog name ideas please?
  77. What breed is this puppy?
  78. How can I stop my puppy from running away?
  79. where can i find a red bone coonhound puppy?
  80. what pet would be best for me besides dog and cats?
  81. friends are mocking me about my dead dog?....?
  82. my dog is having one of her moments and i dont no wat to do?
  83. Movie where dog jumps on visitor - comedy?
  84. Conformation Dog fanciers: Demand for Professionals?
  85. Which shots are necessary for a dog each year?
  86. A remix of Nas's If I ruled the World that has dogs barking in the background?
  87. what is best method for house training puppy?
  88. need some dog help about sleeping?
  89. i have a 6 wk puppy both parents are german shepard but only 1 is a pedigree?
  90. Please help my puppy has something!?
  91. whats a good name for a goldendoodle puppy?
  92. How long is too long to keep a dog in a cage?
  93. Hey I need some cute puppy names !?
  94. my dog is sick i think with some kind of worms. her babies are dying and i think...
  95. What are some cute names for this puppy?
  96. Should i get a dog with two cats?
  97. for lunch, students have a choice of a hot dog, a hamburger. or pizza and a choice
  98. what type of dog should i get?
  99. Siberian Husky - are dogs ok to eat Pork Crackling?
  100. Is something wrong with my puppy?
  101. Does anybody out there know where you can find a list of Puppy Mills?
  102. will a cat kill my puppy?
  103. Do you keep a dog warm when it has a fever?
  104. Does my dog have separation anxiety?
  105. OK so i got a puppy yesterday... and it needs a name?
  106. Help! My brothers dog is sick and he cant get to the vet until Monday.?
  107. What kind of dog will get on with my Pets?
  108. puppy questions ? please help?
  109. Would you eat your dog?
  110. My 8 month old puppy has kennel cough, can I still play with her outside its so...
  111. my puppy needs his shots?
  112. I have a lab puppy. he has trouble keeping food down how many times should I...
  113. my puppy has sores what do i clean it with?
  114. ok, a question about dog names?
  115. Why is dog clothes so expensive ?
  116. a question about dogs?
  117. How important is the dog in the game Fall out 3?
  118. What is the easiest way to potty train a new puppy?
  119. I have a 7 weeks old puppy...what should i name her?
  120. any suggestions for puppy names????? PLEASE HELP?
  121. Names for a dog (beach theme)?
  122. What breed of dog is this? (pictures)?
  123. What is the best way to find a new home for a dog?
  124. Dogs that have done there quarentine in Canada do they have to do Quarentine in UK?
  125. giving melatonin to dogs?
  126. I'm looking for a puppy ( for info)?
  127. my puppy doesnt seem to like her dry food...?
  128. How can I get my parents motivated to take my dog to the vet?
  129. What should I name my new lab puppy.?
  130. Good dog names? (male and female)?
  131. what can i do to for my puppy at home?
  132. Does anyone in West Michigan know of any financial help for veterinary...
  133. Who is the dark haired actress in the new Iams dog food commercial?
  134. please vote on puppy names?
  135. When you get your puppy vaccinated, do you...?
  136. im getting a dog on friday.?
  137. My dog can eat through anything HELP?
  138. Do you like dogs.. Sexually?!?
  139. What breed of dog would be good for us?
  140. why cutting dog's ears or tails (ex. to bulldogs) is illegal and killing unborn
  141. How do I help my chihuahua puppy's separation anxiety? I have had her for...
  142. what dog would be best for me?
  143. My dog has terrible skin irriation and I dont know what to do.?
  144. My greedy dog! ?
  145. my 12 week old puppy has worms?
  146. female pit bull puppy names?
  147. Puppy Training techniques...?
  148. My 11 Week old husky puppy wont stop sleeping?
  149. Psychics and/or good guessers: What happened to my puppy?
  150. Mixed Dog Breeds.................?
  151. House training my puppy?
  152. PLEASE HELP!What kind of Dog should my grandmother get?
  153. keep a rat in a dog carries it going to be a small rat thats what they are
  154. What breed does my puppy look like?
  155. Has anyone ever had a Canis Panther dog?
  156. my 9 week old pup is back to his lively self, but now he wont eat any dog food...
  157. What is wrong with my dog?
  158. I've been having trouble with my dog...?
  159. why does my dog do not like to go outside?
  160. What is a major theme of The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time?
  161. What breeds is my puppy? She is 3mths old.?
  162. Dog ate microwave taquito?
  163. My new 8 Wk bichon puppy?
  164. breeders, do you put any Endorsements on your puppies?
  165. My German Shepherd puppy is having seizures?!?
  166. I'm trying to convince my parents to get me a dog.?
  167. Puppy Food and Teeth question.?
  168. my puppy loves my husband more?
  169. Feeding a dog two times a day?
  170. URGENT! My dog has diabetes cushions disease!!!?
  171. My dog was abused! How can I help him?
  172. how old should a puppy be before they are given away?
  173. my puppy is teething?
  174. my puppy is sick, why?
  175. Has anyone dropped a Puppy and have it go all stiff and not move for 5 mins?
  176. My dog has a Deteriorating Disc Disorder, is there an operation that can cure this?
  177. i have a question aboout my yorkie (dog)?
  178. Can i crate my dog for ten hours a day?
  179. Is it normal for puppies to start walking before they ed their eyes?
  180. Why is my dog scared of me and how do i rectify it?
  181. help, my new puppy wont stop crying at night and she rolls in her poo?
  182. Poll: Are Wives jealous of their husbands dog?
  183. My 5 month old puppy is always sick?
  184. yorkie or similar puppies?
  185. can i take my dog on the ferry to ireland from wales?
  186. How to calm down a crying puppy at night?
  187. What is a Puppy mill?
  188. How do I change my dogs aggression with sticks. I have a 5 yr old siberian husky?
  189. I need some good puppy names! (:?
  190. How do I change my dogs aggression with sticks. ?
  191. What kind of dog is this?
  192. does anyone have good information on the staff (dog)?
  193. Is adding another dog a lot more work?
  194. Dog brush, the Furminator, how well do they work?
  195. How do I teach my dog tricks?
  196. Dog is getting very jealous of my girlfriend?
  197. What types of dog toys should I get my new puppy?
  198. problem with dog, decayed tooth and money?!?
  199. My dog suddenly rubs herself all over the grass...?
  200. Why aren't puppy mills illegal?
  201. I'm new the South Minneapolis area of Minnesota and need a good vet for...
  202. Poll: My dog likes to lick the sweat from inside my elbows and under my arms. Is
  203. How to teach my dog to growl?
  204. my dog has really bad fleas and i need help getting rid of them?
  205. My 4 year old dog has been throwing up for about 5 days now. what should I do?
  206. A question about the aftermath of spaying a dog?
  207. Puppy got sick, high fever, now he can't walk. Help?!?
  208. what should my dad and I name our new puppy?
  209. How can I tell if my dog has arthritis?
  210. can my dog get fix while shes in heat?
  211. What do you think of owners that sell their dogs?
  212. housebreaking a puppy?
  213. Reasonable fee for dog surgery?
  214. Do you REALLY know what a teacup dog is?((If not read))?
  215. what should i name my puppy?
  216. What should I have prepared when my new puppy comes home?
  217. My dogs head is randomly burning up. Why does it do that? Is it bad?
  218. New crate, now puppy messing in it???
  219. how can i train my dog to... not walk me?
  220. we need a new puppy and i need advice?
  221. My dog is beginning the chewing stage AGAIN! What can I do to stop her?
  222. how old does you dog have to be?
  223. New Puppy Troubles?????????????????????????
  224. Why could my puppy be limping?
  225. Do you use a water bottle/feeder for you dog?
  226. 14 Week Old Puppy Still Peeing and Pooping Inside?
  227. What should i name my new sweet puppy?!?
  228. importing a bull terrier puppy from africa?
  229. PLEASE HELP! My puppy's paws pads are turning black..?
  230. HELP! I think my friend is abusing her puppy...?
  231. Quotes for my Marines' dog tag?
  232. Would a miniature australian shepherd be a nice dog?
  233. help my dogs has worms. plz help?
  234. Help with my dogs dry skin!?
  235. Jack Russell Puppy OR Little Tabby Kitten ?
  236. i have a question but its only for people that know about dogs serious answers only?
  237. How do I turn in a puppy scam?
  239. Is this a cute puppy?
  240. I want to get a German Shepherd puppy, has any one had experiences with one?
  241. Problem when my dog cut the puppies umbilical cord!!!!?
  242. 1970's TV-movie about a dog whose older owner doesn't return home?
  243. Is it normal for a puppy to cry when he is getting vaccinated?
  244. To smart dog lovers? Which dog would you choose that is the best for.....?
  245. crate training a puppy outside?
  246. my dads puppy keeps going bathroom in my room.?
  247. Are there any fast food restaurants that serve hot dogs?
  248. What should I do when my dog has a seizure?
  249. Dog's nose dry and warm? =o?
  250. how much would it cost to get my puppy all the shots it needs?