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  1. UK people please take another dog survey, the last one i promise?
  2. we are thinking about crate training our puppy?
  3. Why doesn't my husky puppy go potty outside?
  4. Please Help! Does my puppy have Parvo?
  5. My dog ate some drywall?
  6. i need help, why are people so narrow minded??? is a dog not what you make it?
  7. Even heard of a female dog humping things?
  8. Why is my Puppy's wee so strong in smell and deep yellow in colour?
  9. My mothers dog died one of her other dogs is really taking it hard, has anyone
  10. Help with puppy potty training!?
  11. What breed or mix do you think my dog is? PLEASE READ DETAILS.?
  12. What are the possible intentions in having a puppy?
  13. How can I introduce a new puppy to two much larger,older dogs?
  14. Dog with abscess on leg joint?
  15. Help with puppy poos pees?
  16. Why is my dogs teeth and gums black?
  17. In Ninendogs, i want to donate 3 dogs...should i?
  18. can u keep a pet rat in a dog carrier?
  19. Im looking for a dog and i need some suggestions. I want a rather small/...
  20. Ideas to name my new puppy?
  21. Care to share a picture of your dog/s with us? :]?
  22. I have a 8 wk old Maltese puppy.Is it ok to allow relatives to pet sit...
  23. can you recommend any good dog toys for a labrador?
  24. new puppy question ...?
  25. worms in puppies stool!!!!?
  26. i have garden centre which is all air, i want to put a guard dog in here...
  27. Need advice for a puppies schedule + crate training tips?
  28. dog has a bubble of air on flappy part of ear what could it be?
  29. Really cute puppies?!?
  30. Why do they Dock tails off dogs? and remove the dew claws?
  31. what is your dog's name?
  32. Just got a new puppy what should I name her?
  33. Me and my boyfriend want to buy a puppy?
  34. Young lab sudden death in dog?
  35. how big will my puppy get if he is 9 pnds at 10 weeks?
  36. whats a cute medium size dog that still looks cute when its an adult?
  37. What should I name my puppy?
  38. Is this a good size puppy for 8 weeks, or should they be larger?
  39. Pregnant Dog....Who gets the puppies? PLEASSE HELP :|?
  40. What age can puppies start having peanut butter at?
  41. Puppy has mites...From parents?
  42. Unknown stuffed dog! tag say EJ Classic please help!?
  43. Advice On Dog Barking In Crate?
  44. What is your favourite dog movie?
  45. What breed does this dog look like?
  46. Fundraising: Dog Show?
  47. How long does it take for bitbull puppies ears to flop down? My pits are...
  48. My dogs just ate some chocolate espresso beans?
  49. Dog delivery sounds shady?
  50. I have a 10 week old great dane puppy that weighs 20 lbs- you can see all his...
  51. My 5 month old daughter was bit by a dog, do I need to take her to the pediatrician?
  52. What dog should I get?
  53. How to host a dog play date?
  54. Why is my dog like this in public?
  55. My dog is a 5 yr old Japenese Chin and has her period......is she in heat...
  56. How long did it take you to toilet train your puppy?
  57. Can you help me potty train my puppy?
  58. whats wrong with my dog?
  59. What are the signs a dog thinks they are dominate over a person?
  60. Is it a bone that my dog found?
  61. My Australian Sheperd is an older dog and for the past couple nights shes had
  62. Can my dogs have milk?
  63. how much should i sell my puppies for?
  64. Help finding puppy names?
  65. Can dogs be sold or bought when they are 1 month old or less?
  66. crying dog in a caged shed outside?
  67. dog/puppy photo contest!!?
  68. My puppy doesn't love me anymore?i don't know what to do.?
  69. A question for all Dog-lovers?
  70. Useful and Interesting tips for dogs?
  71. I just adopted a 9 week old puppy from the humane society and he's neutered, is
  72. My dog was spayed today and now she is constantly shivering and she won't drink any
  73. If 85.0% of all the dogs found in shelters are not purebred dogs. Where do
  74. My dog just ate my sandwich. How can I teach him a lesson?
  75. What breed of dog is this?
  76. I got 2 medications from the vet for my dogs does anyone have any experience with
  77. common male dog names?
  78. New dogs and couples raising them?
  79. Goofy dog pictures or stories?
  80. How old were you when you got your dog?
  81. Is my dog having an allergic reaction to vaccinations?
  82. if a human's stool smells like dog fart....?
  83. What should i name my lil puppy?
  84. Will my dog get sick i am worried?
  85. why does my pregnant dog have white stuff hanging out her vagina?
  86. ...Dog Breed Test...?
  87. Anyone know anything about a product called Delvo Seerone? which is injected and
  88. If you found a stray dog that turned out to be micheal vicks would you return it?
  89. 5 week old German Shepherd puppy?
  90. What kind is this puppy? (Pic)?
  91. what is a backyard breeder and why are there so many people against buying a...
  92. What punishment do you think the owners of puppy mills should get?
  93. Toilet training a puppy?
  94. My dog has a cut in his paws... can he still go out?
  95. how do i stop my puppy hurting her mother?
  96. When is the best time for socializing my puppy?
  97. Can you put mineral or chlorestral oil in a dogs ear?
  98. My Puppy wont respond to her name and stop running away.. Help please?!?
  99. Do you have any idea what this is on my dog's nose?
  100. Puppy got De-sexed HELP!!!!!?
  101. How can I get my dog to stop peeing everywhere?
  102. HELP!!! My dog is crazy?
  103. Why is everyone in the dog section so negative about chihuahuas?
  104. How do i keep my dogs - co-op city does not allow dogs?
  105. how old should a pedigree puppy be when you take it home?
  106. If my dog has worms can he pass them on to me?
  107. I'm Preganent. Can I keep my dogs?
  108. Where on the internet can I find a showmanship lead for my dog?
  109. need help picking a name for my new puppy?
  110. Getting a second dog, what do I need to double up on?
  111. where can i buy a dog tag in toronto?
  112. how to get my 5 month old puppy to stop jumping up on me and other people?
  113. my dog used to be toilet-trained but after I left her boarding for a week, she
  114. Now my puppy has vomited foam and had foam diarrhea. What can I do?
  115. how long after a dog mates does it take to show pregnancy,?
  116. im so scared that my puppy might be really ill:-(?
  117. Is there a dog sedative that will still allow him to function?
  118. My puppy shakes all the time. Why?
  119. What should i name my new Pitbull puppy?
  120. I am confused :dogs:?
  121. New Puppy Question- Please Help?
  122. can dogs get the flu?
  123. What is a good dog for inside the house?
  124. How big will my puppy get?
  125. How old does a female dog have to be to have puppies?
  126. What would be the best breed of dog for an apartment?
  127. clarke and johnson puppy love struck?
  128. So what do I feed my 12 week old lab puppy?
  129. how do i get my dog to stop barking at night?
  130. does anyone else out there own a 'Bull-shitz' dog?
  131. Why do dogs , 1 yrs. old want to chew a hole in the carpet ?
  132. poll do you know of a free dog trainer?
  133. Any ideas so a puppy name?
  134. ears of the puppy?? Golden retriever?
  135. what do i do with my brand new 9 week old puppy at night?
  136. Housebreaking a new puppy?
  137. What makes puppies chew up their potty training pads?
  138. How to organize a dog show ?
  139. Have you ever done the Chili Dog?
  140. My puppy's poop has blood in it!?
  141. I bought a 14x32 building with 8 preframed dog doors but the dog doors i have
  142. He acts like I just shot his dog?
  143. How much does a puppy cut cost?
  144. I am looking to get a new puppy, but have soo many questions. need answers please :)?
  145. how to care for a puppy chihuahua top tips and advice please?
  146. another question.. how do i know when she's done having puppies?
  147. My 3 month old puppies eat any thing they saw on the floor?
  148. how can i get my dog to stop digging holes in the yard?
  149. SATIN BALLS FOR MY PUPPY recipe..i need a little help please.....?
  150. Female Pitbull puppy names!?!?
  151. Two kittens vs. One puppy.. help?
  152. My dog has some bleeding from ear and smells funny what is it????
  153. What are 2 names for Great Dane Dogs?
  154. Stuffing for the Kong dog toy?
  155. morkie male puppy names?
  156. Is 4 months old to young for a dog to be humping people?
  157. My dogs are both fixed but just caught them doing it!?
  158. What should I name my dog for nintendogs?
  159. SATIN BALLS FOR PUPPY! ahh at last....?
  160. Spiritually Speaking: Is it a sin to let a dog run loose on a live show...
  161. Puppy housetraining tips?
  162. Looking for a film about a dog?
  163. Is anyone else's dog sick from eating Ol' Roy Dinner Rounds?
  164. 9 week Puppy pooping in crate?
  165. When should i get my puppy shots?
  166. How do I convince my dad to get us a puppy?
  167. i didnt get my puppy shots what do i do?
  168. Marines... what is a pedigree Devil-Dog?
  169. what do i do about my dog ?
  170. How do I get parents dog to be more friendly or less agressive towards?
  171. Why do some people in the country leave their dogs loose on the road?
  172. I need some help training a dog.?
  173. if you didnt use the crate how did you toilet train your puppy?
  174. My dogs acting weird Shes so hyper active all of a sudden?
  175. if my puppy has marked a spot on my carpet, how do i get him to stop using it?
  176. Are Corgi's a good breed of dogs?
  177. puppy jumping up, how can I stop this......?
  178. Dog has fleas..even with preventive on?
  179. HUGE STUFFED DOG. Tag Says EJ Classic ltd. HELP!?
  180. Is it time to seriously re-think the Dangerous Dogs Act?
  181. im wondering if people can take dogs on trains in the UK?
  182. What breed type dog should I adopt that will fit right in?
  183. Tractor Supply's Retriever high protein dog food?
  184. My little dog Spontaneously has yelped three times over the last week....
  185. What is the cutest kind of puppy?
  186. My Dog Won't Eat His Food Anymore.. Why?
  187. Would you adopt a Puppy Mill dog?
  188. House-training a pug puppy (re-posted)?
  189. Is it cool to teach dogs how to smoke ciggarettes?
  190. my dog is 4 this is his 5th or 6th home.never peed in house till now.if...
  191. should i give my dog a bowl cut?
  192. Puppy will not come inside in the morning when we leave for work. I do not...
  193. are the runt of a puppy litter the most trainable?
  194. Would a cop get into trouble for shoot the dog for no reason?
  195. What is the best way to train my big dog interact well with my small dog?
  196. 8 week old puppy coughing?
  197. How can I check that my legendary dog is roaming in Pokemon Fire Red?
  198. Help with kennel training my puppy?
  199. What is the best way to approach a dog to scan for a microchip / id chip?
  200. what do I have to do to bring my dog to Brazil for a vacation with me?
  201. why do people hip score dogs before breeding?
  202. I have 2 week old maltese mix puppies one of them has a cough almost like a sneeze...
  203. My dogs leg is sore after getting 3rd shot..?
  204. Where to buy or rent the TV series Dog the Bounty Hunter?
  205. How do I stop my kids feeding my already fat Chihuaua dog?
  206. anyone know any Pretty and/or unusual names for dogs?
  207. Dog has been pregnant for 70+ days?
  208. when do puppies start getting their adult coat...?
  209. help i have a dog question?
  210. Help my puppy is a chicken?
  211. Someone Please tell me where can i Adopt a bulldog Puppy.anyone ever adopted
  212. HELP, Puppy Advice, Chewing everything?
  213. Can dogs sense our emotions?
  214. what is the average amount of dogs a person should have?
  215. it's my new puppy's first day home alone, will she be ok!?
  216. how many times do you wash a dog a month?
  217. What type of dog do u prefer?
  218. puppy and anemia- some suggestions needed?
  219. My mom is threatening to give my dog away!!!?
  220. I cut my dogs nail too short and can't get the nail to stop bleeding!?
  221. Who Sells Good Dog Boots?
  222. Not sure if my puppy has fleas....?
  223. About Puppies: Which is faster? Its height or weight. And Why?
  224. What would be the best dog food for my dog?
  225. Need help deciding name of new puppy (between 2 names)?
  226. What kinda dog do I have?
  227. does the cost on getting a puppy spayed or neutered depend on it's weight?
  228. 633 Squadron is on ITV today at 12.45. Will they edit out the name of Guy
  229. Our dog just gave birth to 10 puppies, what do I feed her?
  230. when do you start the potty trainning process with my 8 week old puppy?
  231. Is caprylic acid safe to give to a dog? She has recurring yeast infections.?
  232. HELP! Really need help. Using dog shocker to keep dog in property? Please read.?
  233. what are my newborn puppies mixed with?
  234. Why would our dog pee on our 12 month old baby?
  235. Names for white girl puppy?
  236. Do you like to watch agility and what is your favorite dog sport?
  237. My boyfriend has taken my puppy. Please help.?
  238. Is there a good way to calm my puppy down?
  239. a new little puppy...help?
  240. What caption Should i put on This picture of my puppy?
  241. what age dose a puppy need to be by law in Wisconsin and the statue on it?
  242. How long does it usually take for puppies to get all their shots?
  243. What do you look for when buying a Labrador puppy?
  244. Why does my puppy (6 weeks old) whine about everything?
  245. What kind of dog do you think this is? (pics)?
  246. What kind of breed is my dogs?
  247. could someone tell me what is wrong with my puppy?
  248. does any one have instructions for fitting a dog cage for a toyota auris?
  249. Whoops.(about dog and new puppy)...?
  250. questions on a puppy?