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  1. Sat Nav- Navigo with Turbo Dog 5 wont voice directions?
  2. I have two dogs that have been outside dogs for the last couple years...
  3. should i limit water formy puppy?
  4. 10 week old puppy and he has a runny nose?
  5. My dog just had 11 puppies and won't feed them.She fears them. Besides feeding them
  6. Are dog cries a LOT at night and it's bothersome? What do I do?
  7. What is the best dog for me to get?
  8. Caring for a 6 week old Puppy?
  9. Do you have a rare or unusual breed of dog?
  10. Can sniffer dogs detect anti- depressants?
  11. Is it ok that my dog eats my cats food and my cat eats my dogs food?
  12. where can i let my dog herd?
  13. why do dogs crawl on there butt? do they have worms?
  14. Good games for dog class?
  15. can rottie puppies be registered?
  16. Is Eukanuba a good brand of dog food?? How long have you been feeding it to your dog?
  17. Dog has loss of hair and scratches all the time?
  18. What dog should I get?
  19. how can we save puppies from puppy mills?
  20. for people who know stuff about puppies?
  21. Why does my puppy bark when?
  22. My dogs eyes are irritated, advice?
  23. mgs essentials series - dog tags?
  24. What should I name my new puppy?
  25. when hotel have pet rooms are they just for cats and dogs?
  26. Getting new puppy, what do I need to get?
  27. Is my dog cute? (pic included!*)?
  28. Isn't this one of the cutest poems you've ever seen (It's about puppies)?
  29. Puppy not bonding with us?
  30. i got bullied by a dog today at school what do i do?
  31. Is this normal for a female puppy to do?
  32. What is this on my Dog's ear?
  33. Great Dane Puppies house breaking?
  34. When are those cute little Obama girls gonna' get their puppy?
  35. What should I name my husky puppy?
  36. Help me find out whats wrong with my dog.?
  37. I have a few questions about what dog breed I should get.?
  38. Help me choose a name for my labrador puppy!?
  39. A great, big dog that i can have that parents wont mind in a apartment...
  40. How do I get my pedigree papers for my puppy?
  41. 2 of my dogs use the house as their toilet?
  42. registering dogs in the Philippines...?
  43. my dog is crazy with pain D;?
  44. My puppy keeps puking yellow, foamy bile! HELP!?
  45. Is my neighbour letting my dog out or am I just being paranoid?
  46. I have a Q about my dog and the pet section is full of snobs, need advice from real
  47. My dog has saliva dripping out each side of her mouth. Its not because she's hot
  48. Helping my nervous adult cat to accept my Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy?
  49. how long is it normal for a female dog to be in heat have small amount of blood...
  50. What kind of dog should I get?
  51. CHICKEN SOUP FOR DOGS?? UK distribution?
  52. Why does my puppy bite!!?
  53. Who makes their own dog treats and food?
  54. Do you have to pay to get your dog out of the shelter, do they neuter your dog
  55. does any one have any info on a underbite in dogs?
  56. Puppy can't hold pee!!! help?
  57. What Type of Dogs are good and caring with new borns?
  58. Puppy has worms but was Dewormed?
  59. In dog shelters.....?
  60. What kind of dog will a lab/shepard mix be?
  61. How big is my puppy going to be when she grows up?
  62. All White German Shepherd Puppy?
  63. Potty Training my 3month old dog?
  64. Can Nintendogs have puppies?
  65. Can you help me identify a puppy my husband found?
  66. What people food does your dog get?
  67. Is there a way to get my puppy to stop ripping up her pee pads?
  68. I have a dog, she is 1, and a runt, but she sometimes has a weak bladder....
  69. how do you get a baby puppy?
  70. dog name for new puppy?
  71. Which Puppy should i keep? (POLL)?
  72. Help!!! My new dog won't eat!!!?
  73. Puppy keeps biting everything?
  74. My little dog has very loose stools.?
  75. What does it mean when a dog in my dream is a cop dog that is suppost to...
  76. Bark Busters Dog Training?
  77. How do you deall with a jealous puppy?
  78. What is the safest and most humane way to take a dog that is 25 pounds across two
  79. Do I work too much to get a dog?
  80. Doxie Puppy and cage....HELP?
  81. Please help me name my puppy!?
  82. Schnauzer (standard) puppies / breeders?
  83. Anything else I can do to help my puppies bleeding paw?
  84. We just got a 10week old male puppy and brought it home, and now he is not
  85. Dog Shows: I have a little experience with dog shows, and I saw part of the...
  86. does it hurt a small dog to lift it by his back skin close to his neck?
  87. How much chocolate can I give my dog before she dies?
  88. Whats a good age to sale pit bull puppies?
  89. How do I get my dog to STOP biting everyone?!?!?!? =D?
  90. Good dog for children?
  91. how much do i feed this dog?
  92. why do dogs drink in the toilet?
  93. Is wet food better for dogs than dry food?
  94. Where can i buy a purebred German Shepherd puppy in Houston Texas?
  95. My dog's blood is color black, is she sick?
  96. I need a list of great dog food, please?
  97. My husband and I have 2 dogs, one Mini dachshund and one Lab/Shepherd Mix.?
  98. Should i name my dog...?
  99. Sometimes I can't stand groomers.....anyone else? Why do they feel a dog has to be
  100. Shedding Lab/Dalmatian mix puppy!?
  101. Pressure point to make dogs fall asleep?
  102. Has anyone else had a negative experience boarding their dog?
  103. 57-7 REGULATIONS A. Running at large. No person owning, keeping or harboring
  104. import your dog for india?
  105. My Dog Keeps Pooping and Puking in His Crate!?
  106. Finding a puppy in surrey?
  107. How do you tell if a dog is regurgitating or throwing up?
  108. Is chocolate bad for my puppy?
  109. can a dog live blind?
  110. how to socialize a puppy?
  111. Potty training my 8 week old puppy?
  112. I dreamt of a growling dog last night, what does this mean?
  113. What's worse, a man beating up a woman, or a man beating up a dog?
  114. Puppy vaccination problem?
  115. i am in college and living with me and a buddy. what would be a great guard dog...
  116. What do you like better as a pet cats or dogs?
  117. How do I introduce a big puppy, about 4mos. old to my little shihtzu's who
  118. How do I get my dogs to let me know when they need to be let out of their CRATES...
  119. my dogs need dominating?
  120. Re-name this dog... help?
  121. What should I sell my un-registered lab puppies for?
  122. Wat kind of puppy do i really have?? Curious?
  123. i think my dog is sick, what do i do?
  124. 'I'm feeling like a dog in heat..' ?
  125. How can I get my rescue dog to eat?
  126. What breed of dog is Tintin's snowy?
  127. My dog is acting strange?
  128. I had to give my dog away and now I am depressed. Please help!!?
  129. how long should i rest my dog before taking her to the vets?
  130. What are dog breeds with short legs?
  131. Dream Interpretation - White Dog?
  132. will my newborn puppies change color? and could you help me decided what breed
  133. which shelter puppies should i choose?
  134. Do I give my new puppy her toys or leave them for her to discover?
  135. How can i socialize my female jack russell? Any type of dog that will be...
  136. I have a really hard time walking my dog what can I do?
  137. Can I legally put down my dog myself?
  138. Switching my puppy's food, what does it mean when...?
  139. My Shelter Puppy has Sarcoptic Mange, Please Help?
  140. Im thinking of having my puppy/dog castrated soon and was just wondering...
  141. what are some absolute must needs to get a puppy?
  142. I need to protects my dog in any way possible!?
  143. My recent buy of a 7 month old puppy had its last vaccination a week
  144. why does my puppy bite so much?
  145. REALLY NEED HELP! 2nd TIME POSTING! How durable are dog runs? Suggestions?
  146. what breed does this dog look like?
  147. Question about military dog tags. and trip to MEPS?
  148. Nick Jonas Simple Win Dog Tag Delivery Time?
  149. my dog since we got a new puppy has'nt been eating what should i do?
  150. Is this a good form of dog socialization?
  151. do dogs paws get cold in the snow?
  152. my dog keeps reing his wound?
  153. Two of my dogs passed on the same day and I was wondering?
  154. My 4 months old Sharpei puppy has vomitted 3 times tonight?
  155. I have a 4month old beagle puppy. need help with trying to house break her.. she
  156. what a drama with my puppy?
  157. what age does a dog have puppies?
  158. I am looking for a two month old yellow retriever puppy?
  159. Pooper Scooper Business - How Profitable Can a Dog Waste Removal Business Really Be?
  160. My boyfriend just bought puppy food by accident?
  161. Why do adult dogs pee on puppies?
  162. Brittany Spaniel Puppies?
  163. My puppy doesn't want to be alone?
  164. can my dog eat peanuts?
  165. Dog Breed intelligence?
  166. Why does my dog hate heat packs?
  167. We are going to foster a 6 week old puppy from the shelter. Any essentials/tips?
  168. my female alaskan malamute plays very rough with my small yorkie male 9 month old
  169. Please help! My boxer puppy developed a head lump...?
  170. how much does it coast to have a vet look at your dog?
  171. Rott puppy with Toxidia HELP?
  172. Do you think Dorsal is a nice name for our new dog?
  173. housetraining a puppy?
  174. can someone identify the breed of my dog?
  175. riddle.... wat do men do standing up women do sitting down and dogs do wit...
  176. Are hypoallergenic dogs really hypoallergenic?
  177. GS/GP puppy food question?... help?
  178. Dog rolling in lavender perfume?
  179. How do you train a dog to chase rabbits?
  180. How to heal a dog's wound?
  181. cant think of a name for my new puppy?
  182. ok why is my dog doing this?
  183. can a 2 week old puppy take a bath?
  184. can dogs eat canned tunafish?
  185. What do you put on your Hot Dogs in your part of the country?
  186. Puppy follows me around everywhere? Normal?
  187. Puppy training? help?
  188. can i ship my 7 week old puppy to hawaii? one the plane with me?
  189. My dog feels really sick...HELP?
  190. Who would win in a hot dog eating contest, Fat Joe or Takeru Kobayashi?
  191. how you got your dog, and what made you choose him/her!?
  192. What to name my puppy,?
  193. My mom wants to sell my 10 week old puppy on craigslist!?
  194. My dog? should I??? get a male or female?
  195. Getting a second dog?
  196. My dog with the ball in his ear?
  197. My dog's stomach is tight and he's shaking and crying.?
  198. What and how do dogs taste?
  199. APBT puppy , question for other experienced ....?
  200. what is a good name for my bulldog puppy?
  201. Dog Diarrhea! Can you help me?
  202. can you tell me what kind of rabbit is this why he is so big as dog?
  203. Is Footy Tooty a good name for a wiener dog?
  204. Dog fell in pond in for 20 mins deaf?
  205. Is it fair to say that cattle dogs are....?
  206. Can puppies get colds?
  207. how can I tell if I have an american bulldog standard dog?
  208. Need advice for a dog.?
  209. What shots do puppies absolutely need?
  210. Is distilled water safe for puppies?
  211. My dog is pregnant, should I take her off the puppy food diet I've always fed her?
  212. dog smelling around condom on road?
  213. is it okay to give a 5 week old puppy a bath?
  214. SURVEY - A Question For Dog Owners/Walkers ?
  215. Can you get dog scratch marks off a leather couch??? If so... how!?
  216. My dog whines loudly when I leave?
  217. advertisement question for dog houses?
  218. i got a new puppy help?
  219. Dog experts...Need help identifying breed...10 pts!!!?
  220. my daughter wants a dog but i dont because of the poop and responsibility she is...
  221. What Would You Do About Neighbors Dogs?
  222. Can I give my wild turkey a bath with dog shampoo?
  223. puppies have yellow runny poos?
  224. My puppy is 5 months and he is half german shepard and half pitbull. Is
  225. what's the best training co. to send my puppy to be potty trained?
  226. I was wondering if my dog could pull me on a sled?
  227. How to clean up dog poop that has accumulated all winter?
  228. How do I stop my puppy barking at everyone on our walks?
  229. What does it mean when a dog leans into you?
  230. My dog wont stop barking at people?
  231. I want to get a dog anyone know a smaller version of a golden doodle? I live in
  232. When do I become concerned? there are 2 or 3 puppies that whine and seem
  233. How long is a dog in heat?
  234. Is 8 weeks to young for a puppy to sleep in a separate room from the owner?
  235. How can I get my 2 year old male dog to accept a new puppy?
  236. My puppy yelps whenever I pick her up. What is wrong with her?
  237. Are these cute puppy names?
  238. puppy ill pls help!!!!!?
  239. Could you please tell me does my dog's incision look worse today on day 3 than...
  240. what do your indoor dogs do when you sleep?
  241. Puppy emergency! Help!?
  242. i dont think my new puppy likes me, what can i do?
  243. What is an Australian geographical issue involving dogs?
  244. {Poll}How adorable is my puppy{Poll}?
  245. Lab puppy or English Springer Spaniel Puppy?
  246. Hotel for Dogs or Caroline?
  247. What do i do if my dog ate my poop?
  248. Which puppy is the cutest :D?
  249. How much should we be feeding our dane puppy?
  250. What age do puppies start to reproduce?