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  1. Dog bitten people without proper timely treatment start behaving like dogs?
  2. great first time dogs?
  3. My dog is vomiting, but acting normal?
  4. Tear Stains on my 9 month old Puppy?
  5. Anyone wanna see my new puppy?
  6. What do I do to train my dog to stop biting?
  7. I need help to get my dog to stop shivering?
  8. hollyoaks minx puppies?
  9. I want another dog! What should I do?!?
  10. why are men such dogs?
  11. How do I fix my puppy's eyes in my photo program?
  12. what kind of breed is my puppy?
  13. When i look into my dog's eyes....?
  14. Lost Dog, Melbourne Florida?
  15. The dog from Next Friday Chico?
  16. My dog has a date tomorrow night. Should she wear her ears up, or down?
  17. Some easy dog questions?
  18. what happens to my dog if he didn't eat anything but water and vomits...
  19. My Dog ate a wooden skewer?
  20. Is this an okay toy for my dog?
  21. Good names for a Shiba Puppy!?
  22. Will my Westie accept one her puppies.?
  23. Any ideas on what my puppy is mixed with?
  24. Our dog decided to start peeing on the carpet... Now what?
  25. vegetables for dogs???....?
  26. Things i need to no about a dog?
  27. When is it too cold to leave a 6 m.o. puppy outside?
  28. my dog is sick, help?
  29. Puppy only listens when on leash.?
  30. i have a few questions...[puppy mills]?
  31. How can I stop my dog from eating his own poo-poo ?? pls help me this is serious!?
  32. What is a bunch of small breed dog rescues in Southern Ontario, Canada?
  33. how long to potty training a puppy?
  34. My dog pees every hour... has anyone had a urine culture done and what...
  35. what kind of dog do you have and why is it yours?
  36. Can you use regular baby wipes on a dog?
  37. Bichon/Cocker Cross puppy has tail stuck up... ALWAYS!?
  38. How can i get rid of my dogs bad breath?
  39. Which cross breed puppy should I choose?
  40. need good dog buisiness name. any ideas?
  41. my friend has just getting a puppy and im so jeleaus?
  42. Are their any negative aftereffects of getting a dog fixed?
  43. help with my dog HURRY!!?
  44. why is my dog so aggressive?
  45. How to deal with abandoned puppy?
  46. How to stop a puppy to stop whining?
  47. Would you pick up a stray dog off the side of the road...?
  48. Training for a 7 month old puppy?
  49. how big is my puppy going to get?
  50. Are these good treats for my dog?
  51. My Weimaraner puppies have a rash/zit on their belly and behind their neck. What
  52. Which book do you prefer: Good Girls by Laura Ruby or The curious...
  53. Do you like these dog beds?
  54. Poor sick Puppy!!!!!?
  55. Would Zippo be a good name for a male puppy?
  56. Separation Anxiety With My Dog!?
  57. Does anyone have a love puppy code that i can have? I will give you something...
  58. So I got to thinking about my dog...?
  59. How to fix my dogs leash aggression?
  60. where can I adopt a puppy for free?
  61. where can i find a bulldog puppy for free in the western cape?
  62. Help with house training my puppy when he goes indoor after taking him outdoors?
  63. can you make a eatable dog cake?
  64. What do you think about the Gosselins getting two puppies?
  65. A skin condition crops up in my dog every few months - do you know of any...
  66. New 6 week old puppy, how often do I let it out to potty?
  67. My dog hit his head on the glass table?
  68. Do dogs have a higher heart rate than people?
  69. Dog ate birth contol!?!?
  70. Homemade dog food recipes...help!?
  71. Does this sound like a puppy mill or BYB?
  72. dachsund puppy questions?
  73. It is against the law for little puppy to stay?
  74. Why does my dog keep nibbing his legs ?
  75. is it good for a kid to have a dog?
  76. does anybody know the qoute form marley and me where he says it was by this
  77. Pregnant with child two, terrible two toddler and new puppy!?
  78. potatoes for dogs??.......?
  79. Help! I need a name for my dog!?
  80. want homemade dog treats?
  81. please help my puppy shakes/twitches when shes sleeping?
  82. Places online you can sell puppies , IN OTTAWA?
  83. What kind of dog should i get?
  84. Hi my puppy is 8 month he acts funny?
  85. Dogs Home Owner's Associations?
  86. What large breed dog is for me?
  87. puppy potty training? basenji?
  88. Who benefits from puppy mills?
  89. Thinking about getting a dog?
  90. Puppy walking funny on front paws?
  91. My dog keeps puking and i dont know why?
  92. how do I get my dog to walk off the leash without running away?
  93. How to take care a puppy with 2 dogs?
  94. what kind of dog toys are acceptable to be left in crate?
  95. What should I say to dog rescue?
  96. What's a good small dog...?
  97. How to get a dog to play with toys.?
  98. how can i get my four week old puppy to stop biting my nieces and nephes?
  99. My dog has recenetly been whining at her stuffed dog..?
  100. I need a gift idea for my mother in law for watching my baby and two big dogs...
  101. My dog is very unsociable with people!?
  102. need some puppy names suggestions!?
  103. Am i feeding my dog the right amount?
  104. If a breed ban (statewide or county) were to be passed would my dog be at risk?
  105. Would you rather be bald or know that the wig you're wearing was from
  106. Does your dog like vegetables what is their favorite one?
  107. What should i name my brown puppy?
  108. ive been looking at different breeders 4 a golden retriever puppy which should
  109. Why does my dog wake up every time I say the word 'cookie' no matter how passed...
  110. My puppy is a bully to my other dog!!?
  111. whats wrong with my dog?
  112. Do dogs dream like people do?
  113. people who know alot about dogs?
  114. How do i keep my puppy out of my daughter's room?
  115. Why do I want to keep my foster puppy?
  116. Our dog stinks really bad! What could the odor be and what do I do to get rid of it?
  117. how to take good care about datchsand dogs?
  118. Is it okay to include spinach (frozen, but cooked when added to dog food) in my...
  119. my female dog thinks she is the male?
  120. How can a Doberman breeder tell a show quality dog when its just a tiny puppy?
  121. Puppy will not eat a thing since saturday?
  122. Dog quiz survey =) short and easy and your opinions!!!?
  123. My dogs belly is making a really weird noise?
  124. Is a new puppy a good idea.?
  125. How can i teach my dog to happily walk/run on a treadmill?
  126. My dog who is now 5 has contracted camplyorbacter for the third time, even...
  127. When there is a dog on TV?
  128. my dog is eating my cat as we speak..hehe i mean type?
  129. my dog is bleeding any tips?
  130. Why wont my dog eat!!!??? It's been like 4 months and nothing?
  131. Puppy mills..what are they?
  132. My Dog of 16 years died yesterday I had to put him down, he was suffering, I am...
  133. How to treat Mange on dogs?
  134. Do you think my dog will accept a pup?
  135. My puppy isn't eating!? Please Help!?
  136. What kind of dog is this?
  137. 6 weeks old puppies and i love them?
  138. my nanas dog has just sadly passed away...?
  139. What human foods do you throw in to make your dog healthier?
  140. What type of dog breed should i get?
  141. is my dog having urine infection?
  142. my 2 week old puppy is sick after feeding from his mum?
  143. bulldog puppies for sale in nc?
  144. is it possible for a mother dog who is feeding puppies, to catch a cold?
  145. In the new Friday The 13th, is the old lady with the dog Jason's grandmother?
  146. Treating puppy for Sarcoptic mange.?
  147. Am i feeding my dog the right amount?
  148. should I be worried my dog grinds his teeth?
  149. Which dog should I adopt?
  150. Do you have a pet dog?
  151. What's a good way to teach a puppy the stand command?
  152. New puppy help with eating?
  153. my puppy died and need to cremate him?
  154. is coffee bad for dogs?
  155. How many puppies will I get?
  156. CALLING ALL DOG LOVERS: low dander/sheeding cute dog good with children breed?
  157. Are you a lap-dog, or watch-dog for our elected President?
  158. dog help!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  159. Dog can eat banana???????????????
  160. whats the best whitener shampoo for dogs?
  161. My Dog tinkles when my grandma comes over?
  162. my dog bites... what to do?
  163. Thinking about getting a puppy... how will it affect me and my fiances relationship?
  164. Why is my dog losing hair on her sides?
  165. how can i get 2 scared puppies to walk on a leash?
  166. Have 2 Questions About A Puppy...Potty Train Name? HELP?
  167. Where can I get a trendy, cute dog carrier?
  168. My dog has dry skin. What can I do to help him?
  169. problems with my puppy's urine!!!!!?
  170. What can you give a puppy who is constipated? he was eating and pooping the 1st few
  171. Are Labrador Retrievers good family dogs ? Would they bark at an intruder...
  172. I have problems with my dog?/?
  173. Does anyone have to pick up their dog's poop?
  174. Who lets their dog sleep on there bed?
  175. I Need Help With Puppy Names?
  176. do your dogs grow on nintendogs?
  177. Why is my dog is suddenly so annoying?
  178. Neutering Question. My German Shepard dog was neutered yesterday.?
  179. problem with 11month old Chiw. Dog/?
  180. Update: Name this puppy?
  181. how would know is my dog is in labor?
  182. My puppy won't stop crying?
  183. MY PUPPY GOT PARVO from the vet office?
  184. How do you potty train and adopted adult dog (5 years old)?
  185. Lets all see your dog :)?
  186. What dog movies have made you cry?
  187. Where can I find a squeaky dog toy that is a bee?
  188. Of Bunnies and Puppies: A Moral Dilemma?
  189. my puppy seems to have an accident in the same place all off the time have you got...
  190. training a puppy.. help?
  191. Adopting A dog. What type, I have lots of animals, Convincing my mother,
  192. How to take care a puppy with 2 dogs?
  193. What sites , can you use for ottawa to sell puppies ?
  194. how do i stop my puppy from jumping up at people?
  195. My dog has little white worms in his ears, very little. I think they are ear mites,
  196. My dog will not stop licking!?
  197. What breed of dog would you suggest as a calm, gentle dog to be trained as a
  198. Help My 10 week old Lab/Husky puppy please! Sleeping noises?
  199. Flying with your dog.?
  200. my dog has this thing that looks like a cut but its spreading, What could this
  201. Was the Family Guy depiction of Alan Colmes as milquetoast Droopy the dog
  202. What should I name this puppy?
  203. What breed is my dog?
  204. My dog has bald spots?
  205. How can i get my mom to let my dog inside?
  206. my puppy is pooping in her crate!! Can you help me?
  207. Signs of a dog(lab/german shepard) going in to labor.?
  208. Housebreak my puppy? Please help!?
  209. Puppy Names what do you think?
  210. Has anyone used Ramadyl on their dog?
  211. What breed is my puppy?
  212. My dog pees on everything...?
  213. Why does my dog always scratch her snout?
  214. My dog has a lump on side of her head what is it?
  215. bacolod, philippines, where can i buy a puppy here?
  216. Why are people so adamant about dog training?
  217. Poll: Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, or The Boondock Saints?
  218. What is up with my dogs behaviour?
  219. Are Boxers easy to train and good guard dogs ? Do they drool snore a lot,...
  220. Is it possible for me to own a wirehaired pointing griffon if my dad is allergic
  221. how about the terier dogs? what are some tips to do about thier likes dislikes?
  222. Why do dogs need to mark and how do you stop it?
  223. What do you think of this dog?
  224. Poll: What name is the best for my new 4 month old black lab puppy?
  225. Least stressful way to pluck my dogs ear hair?
  226. Why does my dog bite the others head?
  227. Can girl dogs have periods?
  228. Should we be worried? Puppy (6 mos.) acting constipated?
  229. hola=] ii have some questions on Dachshund puppy?
  230. Do others dogs know if a bitch is pregnant?
  231. Puppies and Rabbits go together or not?
  232. How do I keep my puppy from getting excited and peeing?
  233. Putting my dog to sleep?
  234. A sled-dog racer builds three identical igloos.?
  235. why is my dog puking corn up?
  236. my dog started shaking and panting and will not stop pacing what could be wrong?
  237. Will I be able to handle this dog?
  238. 12 week old puppy with runny/soft stool?
  239. DOG FIGHTING? how many deaths per year?
  240. have you ever accidentally touched or grabbed your dog down there?
  241. Is it true that male dogs pee everywhere and hump everything?
  242. is my puppy too small to be shipped from florida to mass?
  243. My dog ate a fairly big brownie is he going to be alright?
  244. my dog is 6 years old! and he needs to be neutered? help? click?
  245. do you prefer cats,dogs,guiney pigs,hamsters, or horses?
  246. Why was bloat in dogs not examined more closely in this past question?
  247. my 2 dogs are almost entering adulthood. Solid Gold or Wellness which type/product?
  248. My puppy is having diarrhea and is walking funny, is something wrong or
  249. can my puppy live in the bathroom?
  250. What are some good puppy names?