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  1. Help!! I live in San Ramon, California and I am looking for a small puppy...?
  2. Free Starter packs for puppies?
  3. My new puppy and my pants?
  4. Is it possbile to do a vasectomy on a dog?
  5. can someone tell me what breed of dog this is?
  6. I have a few questions about the australian shepherd dog. Can you please answer them?
  7. My puppy VOMITED. Please HELP!!!?
  8. Can I have my dog visit me if I'm in a psychiatric hospital?
  9. My dog pees in his sleep?!?!?
  10. Elderly dog, female, terrible symptoms, paralysis of bag legs lasting mins?
  11. Dogs are great but bad owners make them a Misery for neighbours.?
  12. Can people become dog lovers?
  13. how could my pet puppy stop chewing the couch?
  14. What shampoo can I use for my dog?
  15. I bought a dog and then return it cause my child no longer wants it. I am so
  16. Men, would you be jealous if your dog was...you know...?
  17. Care of Teacup puppies?
  18. which dog do you think is cuter?
  19. What do I do to prevent my dog's drain tube from leaking blood and fluid everywhere?
  20. How to tell when a dog reaches maturity?
  21. My dog died. Vet had no diagnosis. All tests inconclusive. Vomiting, lethargy and
  22. have you seen our dog?
  23. I think my puppy ate onion?
  24. One of my friends' puppies just died. What was the problem?
  25. Getting a new dog for the family?
  26. how old can i give my puppy a bath?
  27. How can I convince my parents to get another dog...?
  28. Im pretty sure the dog I adopted was abused?
  29. How do I get my dog to get use to her collar?
  30. Tips for coyotes behind your backyard. **with 2 puppy's!!?
  31. how do I get my dog to go for walks?
  32. dog formual to replace dry food with rice?
  33. How are puppies suppose to act?
  34. What to do with a newborn and dogs?
  35. Small dog with pancreatitis, raw diet recipe?
  36. How can I get our new dog to like our daughter?
  37. Where are the best places to put your hot dog cart at?
  38. Itchy dog how can I help?
  39. Does anyone have or know of any dogs are puppies located with in the clinton...
  40. My dog cant keep nething down...?
  41. My dog has redness round his anus. It looks sore. He doesn't rub his butt...
  42. puppy training help please!!?
  43. what's going on with my dog?
  44. what store could you buy a yorkie that's a puppy?
  45. Is the name mazzlo good for a puppy?
  46. How do I make my dogs get along with each other?
  47. Am I feeding my husky puppy enough..?
  48. How can I remove my dogs ear hair?
  49. What should I do with new puppy?
  50. thirsty dog with bad gas?
  51. My dog is five years old and not house-trained. Help?
  52. Best website for buying full breed puppies?
  53. We Humans see Coulor of Sun as Yellow,a Dog see Sun as Black,what is actual...
  54. What about a new puppy for her.?
  55. Do you think dogs (or other animals) can become ghosts?
  56. My dog (bichon frise) is 4 1/2 yrs old and lately has been peeing and pooping in...
  57. What is a good puppy food recipe I can make for my 6 month old sheltie...
  58. 1 1/2 month puppy teething?? or just biting?
  59. What kind of puppy should I get?
  60. Should I name my puppy Black Beauty?
  61. My puppy is throwing up hair balls, what can I do to get him to stop?
  62. are peas good to feed my dog?
  63. My dog swallowed a twist tie! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
  64. My dog won't lick anyone?
  65. what is a good dog for a first time dog owner?
  66. my dog (yorkie) got ahold of my parakeet will it die?
  67. My dog recently died.....?
  68. my dog is digging all of a sudden what can i do?
  69. What kind of puppy do I have?
  70. Do you think something is wrong with my dog?
  71. My Dog is always licking everything!!!?
  72. Looking for a free toy puppy.?
  73. My dog has just had puppy's (1 hour ago) and is kicking one out.?
  74. How can I house break my 8 year old dog?
  75. My Puppy Smells please Help****?
  76. My German Shepherd puppy?
  77. Are Rottweilers banned in Missouri they are puppies 5 weeks old and in a...
  78. Do you think my dog is cute? (PICS)?
  79. what do you think my dog breed is? pics?
  80. I need advise on what to do about my dog.?
  81. Man my 3 months old puppy had such bad bitting habbit?
  82. Have you ever used a Fiber supplement for your dog with chronic loose...
  83. Help me name my new dog!!?
  84. Do you know any good names for 2 male puppies?
  85. Puppy food, which should I pick?
  86. Who else doesnt care that vick killed dogs?
  87. Best way to train dog on agility course - particularly jumps?
  88. How do you train a German Shepperd Puppy?
  89. What kind of dog/puppy would fit this description?
  90. My Parents make me eat my dead dogs!?
  91. puppy names... again?
  92. My dog keeps getting this weird lump similar to a hernia underneath his penis...?
  93. Would it be inappropriate to ask some door to door Mormons where they got the...
  94. Should I have my adult dog fixed?
  95. Can i keep the dogs crate outside?
  96. Do your dogs fight (play fight), like brothers and sisters......?
  97. why is veggie bacon made fun of in movies, but soy hot dogs which taste good are...
  98. Average and lowest prices for Samoyed puppies?
  99. Does anybody know where I can find pictures of those dogs in outfits
  100. Anyone else wanna see my new puppy?
  101. Dog poop clean up business?
  102. Getting new puppy to respond?
  103. why does my puppy behave herself when she goes for a walk on her own?
  104. my dog is aggressive....?
  105. Can i have a love puppy code?more details?
  106. How do i get this dog to stay out of my yard?
  107. How can I get my dog to stop licking everything?
  108. Dog keeps grabbing leash!?
  109. Do you like my story about puppy mills?
  110. Everyone tells you to ignore your whining puppy when you arrive home, but they
  111. What are the brown pellets my dog is shedding?
  112. What does it mean when your dog's butt is bleeding?
  113. were would i find a cheap Teacup puppy for sale in the vermont area?
  114. Why is my puppy whimpering and acting very weird?
  115. how can i convince my mom to get a puppy?
  116. should i get a dog for my mom?
  117. okami wii last three dogs?
  118. Maltese owners only please..Will my dogs fur relax to a regular look?
  119. If you buy a house on Nintendo dogs......?
  120. what is the best dog?
  121. My puppy's father is AKC/CKC registerd with DNA certificate. What does this mean?...
  122. Has anyone had cherry eye problems with thier Ashley Creek Puppies Old English
  123. My dog has fishy breath?
  124. Help with my dog please, very worried?
  125. I taught our dog how to pray, will he go to Heaven now?
  126. my dogs teeth are rotting!?
  127. Does the size of a dog's skull have a relationship to the size of its...
  128. Do dogs dream, or remember past?
  129. My puppy is not himself...?
  130. From that animated movie Bolt ... What type of dog is Bolt?
  131. How much does it cost to register a dog?
  132. Got Bit By A Dog A Month Ago And Still Finger Discoloration?
  133. How old do lab puppies have to be to bring them home?
  134. why do people dress their dogs?
  135. HELP! I just bought this 9wk old puppy (Zoey) who I fell in love with! And...
  136. my dog is letting out a brownish discharge from her vagina.. what is it?
  137. will this harm my dog?!?
  138. Dog Problems Please Help?
  139. My dog was fine earlier today but as the day progressed she isn't eating, won't
  140. whats wrong with my little female puppy? BEST ANSWER 10 POINTS!!!?
  141. I need information on epilepic dogs..anyone know anything?
  142. I can't wake my dog from her nightmares, does she need a vet?
  143. Why is my Dog eating dirt, especially potting soil?
  144. my springer has just had puppies when do you ween the pups from the mother?
  145. If I were sick like with a cold could my dog catch my sickness?
  146. Why is my dog so good after grooming?
  147. A few questions about home-made dog food.. raw food diet?
  148. Can dogs get ashtma!?
  149. How do I transport my dog and cats to Devon from Manchester UK?
  150. My puppy keeps biting my hands and feet?
  151. bostonterrier puppies? i have a few questions about owning one?
  152. I need information on a 6 week old black lab puppy!!!?
  153. Where can I get a free puppy in oklahoma?
  154. Do you think my dog is gay? He only tries to hump male dogs. If he is,he is
  155. How do I get my dog to stop eating her poop?!?
  156. my puppy doesnt want to eat her food its been 24hrs ,what to do next?
  157. my dog ate chocolate..... ?
  158. Truth to the adolescent puppy phase?
  159. Our puppy is RESTLESS! help!?
  160. Can i write off my dog for tax purposes? Protection of home office!?
  161. My puppy does not listen to me when she is off her leash. Why?
  162. Help! Vomiting puppy?
  163. Best technique to potty train my 11 week old puppy.?
  164. my puppy barks at my g/f for hours til she gives her a treat but she's a...
  165. Im looking for a free puppy. Please if you can help me.?
  166. Need help choosing a dog?
  167. Dogs nails, worn out and hurt.......?
  168. What is wrong with my dog?
  169. japanese akita puppy question!?
  170. Where should I rub my dog to make him happy?
  171. My male dog moans a lot...?
  172. What is the healthiest breed of toy dog?
  173. my dogs vaginal area is swollen and i know shes not in heat what could be causing
  174. can a dog get kennel cough if it doesnt mix with other dogs?
  175. Need advice on house training a puppy?
  176. Can anyone help me me with my dogs problem?
  177. How can I get my puppy so stop biting my feel when I walk anywhere?
  178. My husband is going to Get rid of my dog!!! Help!!!?
  179. Should we give the visiting President Obama a puppy?
  180. How much chocolate does it take to be harmful for a dog?
  181. any 1 got any advice on dogs staffys?
  182. Whats brainiest - a dog or a horse?
  183. Advice for someone getting a puppy who works during the day?
  184. What to look for in potential puppy buyers?
  185. Could puppy shots have a 4 day long effect?
  186. what is a good name for a male puppy?
  187. Could anyone help me name my puppies?
  188. How can I housebreak my year old dog?
  189. Mom and 2-3 week old puppies - how to transport to vet?
  190. I want a dog but....?
  191. Is there a metal gear solid 2 guide for locations for all 361 dog tags?
  192. Is taking a puppy home at 7 weeks a bad idea?
  193. What would you do if your new puppy arrived sick and bordering on animal...
  194. should i name my puppy jelly bean?
  195. Help with my 6 week old puppy!!?
  196. I think my 4 year old son is alergic to our new puppy! Are ther any...
  197. Can anyone give me some puppy advice?
  198. I just got an 8 week old puppy, I already have a dog that's a a year and a half?
  199. Can you get sued if your dog bites someone breaking in your house?
  200. Do you think my dog has a UTI?
  201. What are the initial costs of a small dog?
  202. Why is potty training my puppy becoming increasingly difficult?!?!?!?
  203. Is it ok to give a 6 wk old puppy goats milk?
  204. My dog is hacking, and little bit of vomit..?
  205. My dogs always go crazy over my dad?
  206. animal abuse and dog fighting..why do people do it...?
  207. Do women have a different bond with dogs?
  208. Would it be okay to feed this to my dog?
  209. What dogs would be the best and worst......in these scenarios?
  210. The difference between human, cat, and dog hair?
  211. What did you learn when at petsmart dog training class?
  212. PIT BULLS...why are they the most hated dog...?
  213. i feel stupid for asking this, but i need to know what kind of dog my dog is!?
  214. Dogs that are good for apartment life?
  215. Possible causes for a rash on a young dog?
  216. Hypoallergenic small breed dogs ???
  217. How to deliver West Highland Terrier puppies.?
  218. What kind of bread is this dog?
  219. How do I get my new puppy to stop wanting to play in the middle of the night?
  220. Help! My fiance is allergic to my dog.?
  221. My dog dont eat at all and she is pregnant Help out plsssss?
  222. Why is my puppy humping things when he has already been neutered?
  223. Why is my dog shaking and whimpering?
  224. can dogs eat apple pancakes?
  225. Could she be pregnant? Is this a pregnancy sign in dogs?
  226. Can you walk a dog in heat?
  227. 3 Month old puppy question?
  228. Is a lab a good gaurd dog?
  229. When do male dogs hit puberty? My puppy is 3-4 months! My first Male PUPPY!?
  230. I adopted an adult hunting dog and she's not housetrained. Advice? Tips?
  231. Iv Just Got A Jack Russell Puppy (Girl) And I Need Some Puppy Advice,
  232. All dog owners PLEASE ANSWER?!?!?
  233. Help with misbehaving 1yr old puppy...?
  234. How do I treat my dog with distemper?
  235. My dog has had an allergic reaction in the house and is now wetting in the house.?
  236. Is it likely my puppy has a brain tumor?
  237. hollyoaks minx puppies?
  238. Neatest and Appropriate Dog / Animal Picture?
  239. Puppy petting why wont she let us? Why wont she lay on us?
  240. My hamster has lost fur near her eye . I have some tick and flea powder
  241. Puppy growls at us, the family when we get close to him when he is sleeping?
  242. help on chipped dog and where i stand?
  243. Is something wrong with my dog's nose?
  244. Do any dog rescue groups have paid positions for vets?
  245. does anyone no a puppy for sale... in sc.?
  246. why is my dog peeing when i an walking her?
  247. Is it normal for a dog to act different after being boarded for a week?
  248. Where can I buy Solid Gold Hundchen Flocken Puppy food?
  249. I need a name for my new puppy im getting =) plz help?
  250. Is a chain good for my dog?