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  1. Raising a Guide Dog Puppy? (And other puppy help)?
  2. Best way to house train a puppy?
  3. What kinds of meats can I feed to my dog?
  4. will my dog still remember me?
  5. 11 week old puppy girl, black lab mix, very smart, but cant get her to stop
  6. What sites , can you use for ottawa to sell puppies ?
  7. Which dog breed is best for me?
  8. is there an ancient roman god associated with dogs or wolves?
  9. puppy food that's good and cheap?
  10. my dog snores is that bad?
  11. Why is my dog scared of me? Does it have to do with the baby?
  12. Is there any difference between spay,neuter and alter in cats and dogs and
  13. My dog doesnt want to go to the park!?
  14. My puppy gets really stressed in the car?
  15. Katwala. My ACD puppy. Need advice?
  16. Pokemon Silver 3 legendary dog help!?
  17. question on dog microchipping?
  18. Dog bit my daughter..?
  19. house breaking 11wk old sick puppy?
  20. when i make a howling noise, my puppy goes crazy! how come he does this?
  21. Why isn't my puppy trained?
  22. Stray dog, back leg sore to touch, puffy, miniscule amount of dried blood, no...
  23. if my 9 week old puppy e?
  24. Is it OK for dogs to lick their stitches?
  25. Puppy has diarrhea and acting weird.....do I need to freak out now?
  26. Thank you for the answers of Herpes virus in puppies. It is bleak.?
  27. Im I the only one to have a Mad Dog Moday? (MD 20/20)?
  28. Help with our puppy on being pack leader?
  29. How do you know if a dog is blind?
  30. Is it puppy love, or love love?
  31. why does my puppy sleep on my feet?
  32. My dog was just put under for a dental cleaning. She's just 3.5, but had to
  33. My puppy suddenly stopped using the wee wee pad? Why? He has been housebroken...
  34. Which muzzle for my dog?
  35. How much food should a 5 month old puppy be eating?
  36. How to know if my puppy will be a large dog?
  37. Puppy chewing problems!!! Please help!!!?
  38. Puppy training..Please help..?
  39. Will it harm a puppy if I take him a bath with regular human shampoo or dishwashing
  40. question about maltese puppy.?
  41. I have two puppies and one will not stop barking when she is in her...
  42. Please Help, Stolen Dog in Chelmsford/Essex?
  43. my dog wont stop barking...is it safe?
  44. when you talk to a liberal ,do you feel like a dog listening to a card trick?
  45. Dog eat about 5 chocolate girl scout cookies with mint.?
  46. if 2 mutts mate what can happen to the puppies are the puppies goin to...
  47. i don't now what dog should i get?
  48. jw...if i put lemon juice in my dogs hair and then he went into the sun,
  49. Does this mean I could adopt a dog from here?
  50. how do i get my puppy to stop eating every thing?
  51. Does anyone have advice for training a pit-bull puppy?
  52. How do you get rid of ticks on a puppy?
  53. best time to train a puppy?
  54. does my dog have worms? her poop is shaped like a regular dirt worm. is...
  55. Puppy bladder control?
  56. Alligator snapping turtles eat dogs?
  57. how much should i charge for dog-walking etc..?
  58. It's my dogs birthday today, she's 6, we got her a big bone, what do you do...
  59. question on a puppy toileting?
  60. Puppies or kittens???
  61. my dog poos all over the place BTW HE IS POTTY TRAINED!?
  62. dog freaks me out when i'm doing wife?
  63. 9 week old puppy has a small amount of blood in its poo,and possibly thick...
  64. do dogs cry????????????
  65. What whould you Do if a dog was being abused?
  66. Whats a good dog name!?
  67. Is the flap of skin covering my dog's eye a sign of an infection?
  68. How to track/trace thief who stole my dog Treacle from mobile phone number?
  69. my puppy is all ways biting and annoying my old dog making him growl at...
  70. I'm getting a yorkie puppy soon?
  71. I am thinking of getting a dog from the pound or RSPCA, but am not sure what
  72. Is it bad that we haven't named our puppy?
  73. looking for a place to take young puppies?
  74. Is my Brittany Spaniel puppy at a healthy weight?
  75. Does this look like something normal on the corner of my dog's eye?...
  76. What do you think of having a dog?
  77. how do you stop a dog from barking at other dogs and jumping up on children?
  78. What breed of hound dog does Elliott Sadler have?
  79. My 13-week-old-puppy is being treated for Giardia?
  80. my dog had a reaction to sedation is he okay?
  81. puppy with possible hip dysplasia!!!!!?
  82. would it be ok to leave a puppy in a good size cage/box for seven hours?
  83. My puppies have herpes virus. This doesn't post?
  84. How to get a dog to be more interested in people?
  85. Anyone else have a Minnie Russell dog?
  86. is it dangerous to be near puppies when pregnant?
  87. how can i get my 3 month old puppy to go outside?
  88. Looking for any advice you have on training a golden retriever puppy?
  89. Is it ok to give a puppy vitamin supplements?
  90. Which dog breeds are small and do not smell much?
  91. dogs, something they do?
  92. How many times have you read this joke.....Talking Dog For Sale...?
  93. puppy training class?
  94. My puppy has began being aggressive towards other dogs, and excitable urination.?
  95. Dog food problems and diet?
  96. I need help. I rescued two puppies from a shelter...?
  97. A good name for male black/white shihtzu puppy?
  98. dogs are to humans and humans are to what?
  99. How do I potty train my puppy?! (CHihuahua)?
  100. Crate training for my new puppy?
  101. Let puppies play bite or stop it?
  102. what kind of puppy is this?
  103. Is Cesar Milan the best 'dog person' in the world?
  104. how often should i feed my new puppy? he's a black lab mix.?
  105. Where can i get a small puppy/dog?
  106. Whats your favorite dog breed?
  107. what should i name my puppy ?
  108. How do you lessen a dog's jowl drool?
  109. Im getting a puppy soon what are?
  110. My puppy is 4 weeks old . Is it safe for him to be around other dogs since he...
  111. ''Which Side of a dog has the most hair ??
  112. Are whites tree frogs easier to keep than dogs?!?!?
  113. why does my dog have dry mouth?
  114. What is your least favorite dog breed?
  115. My 11week old puppy is breathing a little strange shold I take her in?
  116. What word would you use to describe a dog that just won't stop barking and
  117. Legal question about a dog?
  118. A question about having a good guard dog? (BEST ANSWER!)?
  119. My dog has an ear infection, is there any instant relief I can do for him...
  120. Dogs and Ear Drops Question?!?
  121. I have a problem with my snappy dog.?
  122. Puppy Pooing in Crate.?
  123. I can't seem to potty train my puppy?
  124. What do i do about this puppy?
  125. What are the best toy and guard dogs?
  126. What type of training environment is best for a dog?
  127. Dog has a pinecone shaped growth on his paw, any clue as to what it is?
  128. My puppy doesn't have all his shots yet, can he run around the backyard?
  129. my puppy keeps whinning when we put her in her new kennel. any advice?
  130. What dog do you think is cuter?
  131. Is it mean to crate one puppy during the day and to sleep while potty
  132. So many dogs to choose from!!?
  133. Does your dog love your postman?
  134. how do you get a puppy to sleep through the night?
  135. Dogs Or Cats? (as a pet, of course)?
  136. why are purebred dogs, snobby as opposed to muts?
  137. What breed of dog is this?
  138. I brought this puppy home..I think he is getting a little(just a little)
  139. Good new puppy names?
  140. follows me like a lost puppy?
  141. What is a good name for a small, golden puppy with small black eyes and cute
  142. How can I potty train a puppy?
  143. Was this a bad session for my puppy?
  144. i wanna get a puppy but my parents won't let me?
  145. How could I raise a puppy while working full time?
  146. Why is my dogs hair not growing back?
  147. My 8 week old puppy has a lump on her neck what could it be?
  148. how long does it take for a 4mon. old puppy to be potty trained?
  149. how long does it take a puppy to poop after eating?
  150. What actually occurs when a dog eats chocolate? How can you tell if it's
  151. would you rather get a mac computer or your 2nd dog?
  152. Puppy Going “Poo” in His Crate at Night?
  153. Anyone know any good books about mythological/folklore dogs?
  154. Should I a chow, alaskan dog klee kai, sled dog, or alaskan mamulate?
  155. bleeding gums in puppy?
  156. Getting dog spayed while pregnant?
  157. explanations on how the followin
  158. which photo of my puppy would look good as a poster?
  159. Can a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix dog be a good guard dog? (BEST ANSWER!)?
  160. What all do I need to purchase for my new puppy?
  161. Will getting another dog mess up my dogs bond?
  162. any dog professionals out there?
  163. how is the best way to shut up a dog that is in the front yard?
  164. My 10 month puppy has been having accidents in her cage all the sudden.?
  165. i have a question about my puppy?
  166. Dog breed quiz! (this is for those who enjoy them, not those who complain...
  167. Can hawks actually eat a little white puppy in the backyard?
  168. Is this normal behaviour when introducing a puppy to an older dog?
  169. Looking for Toy Dog Breeders?
  170. I don't know what to name my new puppy..?
  171. what is the best kind of dog food for my dog?
  172. What are some dog friendly apartment complexs in Killeen TX?
  173. How can I stop my dog from biting?
  174. dog stuff, : )!?!!!!!?
  175. Our dog is not getting along with the new puppy....?
  176. My puppy is lethargic and not eating much, what's wrong?
  177. Why do dogs eat thier own poop?
  178. I'm getting a puppy...?
  179. my dog is ten years old and is a hound dog he cant poop?
  180. My dog always bites me when I try to get the ball from him?
  181. Do breeders chip their puppies?
  182. Puppy Advice?10 POINTS?
  183. Puppy getting sick after antibiotics for ear infection?
  184. lookin for some dogs names(male)?
  185. Who else think pit bulls are great dogs?
  186. Why do dogs love toilet paper so much?
  187. i just watched rogue traders on puppy farming it was absolutely disgusting what
  188. How to help my 5month old puppy who had intestinal surgery umbilical cord hernia
  189. What do you think the puppies might look like?
  190. Hi guys,we've all heard Cesar Milan say you need to be in a calm assertive state
  191. is this bad for my puppy?
  192. What Kinda Of Puppy Is This? 10 P0INTS?
  193. what breed of dog is this?
  194. What dog breed would be best for me?
  195. Name for husky puppy (pic?
  196. I need a cute puppy name!?
  197. My yard is hedged in but I want to add a fence to keep my dog from sneaking through?
  198. Why do I have this dream of being chased by a dog?
  199. Can you register a puppy AKC if the father is NKC and the mother is AKC?
  200. What dog should I get?
  201. I have a puppy with health issues and I can't keep him. What can I do?
  202. Do puppies stop moving?
  203. How do you determine which Nintendog has a better voice and what personality is best
  204. Puppy name..... please help! PRONTO!?
  205. My dog is very sick, any advice?
  206. itchy black spots on my dog?
  207. dog had sudden dizzy spell?
  208. What would you want in a potential dog walker?
  209. Do you think my schedule is too busy for a dog?
  210. Four month old puppy, acting lethargic, loss of appetite?
  211. At what age you can trust your dog with free access to the whole house?
  212. You ever try to distract a police dog by throwing a stick for him?
  213. Are Dog Vaccinations covered by the PDSA?
  214. What dog breed is this?
  215. puppy training advice?
  216. RP...How Cute Is My Puppy Freddie?
  217. Why won't my dog let my puppy up the stairs?
  218. Name for a dog!!!!! Please help!!!?
  219. how do you make your dog stop chewing everything?
  220. My puppy, who is 6 months old, keeps eating his own poo.?
  221. Whats wrong with my dog?
  222. can a girl dog ge t prego by a man?
  223. How long should dog walking be ?
  224. My dog has an abscessed tooth. Vet isn't for another 2 days? What to do?
  225. Is my dog abnormal, or just overweight?
  226. How do you treat a dominant dog?
  227. Better way of excising my dog?
  228. Can Someone please help?... It's about my puppy.?
  229. Stop dogs from digging?
  230. is there a cure for the red mange on dogs?,?
  231. How common is it for a two tri colored dogs to make lemon colored puppies?
  232. I have a 3 Year Old German Shepherd who gets crazily excited when we come across...
  233. Can a puppy that has had 2 vaccinations for Parvo still get parvo?
  234. Mac n Cheese and Hot dogs ...the best lunch ever?
  235. why does my dog sometimes breath really heavy around me, almost like she's...
  236. How come when I take something away from my puppy like clothes and shoes...
  237. Seperation anxiety with a 13 week puppy?
  238. Good Dogs under 25 pounds?
  239. Should I buy a chihuahua puppy tomorrow?
  240. Is FurFace A Good Name For My New Puppy, (Pic Included)?
  241. What breed of dog do you have? And why do you like that kind of dog?
  242. Poll: Making your own Burger, Eggs or Hot Dog?
  243. How long can a 13wk old puppy hold it?
  244. How on earth do we keep our small puppy from going underneath our wire fence?
  245. What could be wrong with my dog? I'm seriously scared out of my mind?
  246. How do I get my dog to stop chewing on wood furniture and moldings?
  247. Does anyone show dogs?
  248. What do they do with the leftover tail piece after they dock the puppy's tail?
  249. How do you get rid of diarrhea in a puppy?
  250. My puppy REFUSES to become potty trained? Any Solutions?