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  1. 9 week German Shepherd snaps her jaws when she plays with other dogs. Is this a
  2. my puppy swallowed a piece of pencil lead.?
  3. what is a good name for my puppy?
  4. Why does my dog react like this?
  5. tell me whats puppy love and real love?!!?
  6. How can i stop my puppy barking at night?
  7. What is the best way to train a puppy sit and stay?
  8. My dog keeps getting loose. First out of the collar now the harness-what can I
  9. To you get rid of the dog?
  10. How old should my puppy be before i give him treats?
  11. How can i get the smell of dog urine out my couch?
  12. What is a good healthy food for a 7 week old puppy?
  13. Why would any one want to hire Michael Vick after he get's out of jail for the dog
  14. Poll: Puppy or a kitten?
  15. How much money would a dog be if i got it from the RSPCA?
  16. question about my puppy?
  17. My dog is eating bush in the yard with red berries on it?
  18. how can you tell if your dog is ready for breeding?
  19. What is a better dog food for my Chihuahua?
  20. Asking about the Webkinz Love Puppy?
  21. How do I train a dog that I did not get as a puppy?
  22. How can I potty train my 3 month old puppy?
  23. Is this normal for a female dog?
  24. how do i get my dog to stop going to the bathroom in the house?
  25. what do you buy when your dog keeps breaking the chain??
  26. dogs are mans best friend?
  27. Can you help me find the Dog Neglect law?
  28. What do you use to fight ticks on your dog?
  29. Pucci dog suppliers or snuggle flecce harnesses.....?
  30. What do you think the father of this puppy could be? (Pictures)?
  31. Dogs are great but bad owners male them a Misery for neighbours.?
  32. Is it OK for my dog to be around other dogs?
  33. what can i do for my dog?
  34. Did Rocky Mt News go out of business because they reported Obama Puppy...
  35. my dog woke up with a limp today...?
  36. Are Dogs Easy To Keep ?
  37. Are labs lazy as puppies?
  38. If i keep my puppy inside the laundry will it smell?
  39. I just got my first puppy! (: help?
  40. What dog breed is he?
  41. Need help with Problem Puppy!?
  42. how can i get my dog to behave?
  43. If sister and brother pit bulls mated will their puppies be healthy?
  44. Is it bad to get 2 puppies from the same litter?
  45. how do i train my dog not to pee uncontrollably?
  46. Is soiling the crate and carpet normal puppy behavior?
  47. How can I help my dog to stop going poop in the house?
  48. How much should I feed my 3 month old puppy?
  49. How do you get a dog to walk on a treadmill?
  50. Keeping mama dog and puppies outside?
  51. Different dog breeds in Puerto Rico?HELP!!!!!?
  52. what dog breed would be the same size as my cocker spaniel.?
  53. Has anyone had any experience with training/potty training a lab/pit mix puppy?
  54. How do I get my 10 week old puppy to not growl when I put my hand in his food bowl?
  55. I'm movin w/ my alpha dog into a house where there's already another alpha...
  56. How come petfinder dont have pedigree puppies!!!?
  57. what type of puppy should I get ?
  58. what kind of puppy is this? any suggestions?
  59. what if some one shoots a 6 month old dog on pupose?
  60. Question about walking my puppy?
  61. would my puppy hurt my rat?
  62. how do i get my puppy used to being brushed?
  63. Why do dogs carry objects in their mouth when happy?
  64. What should I name my puppy?
  65. My dog has been weird since we got her?!? HELP!!?
  66. Lab vs Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)?
  67. What type of puppy can I get?
  68. My dog is a Border Collie X Black Lab, who has med/long fur. Is this common?
  69. I recently traded for a truck. Before I could get it registered, my dog
  70. What is my dogs breed????
  71. How can I teach my puppy to walk on a leash?
  72. I have a Chihuahua dog i want to know how to pamper it?
  73. What can I do to help my dog stop pulling on the lead?
  74. Within one hour of getting her anti rabies and distemper vaccine my dog had a...
  75. i want to wash my dog?
  76. i dont know if this is bad or not my puppy....?
  77. Can I feed my ferrets dog food?
  78. About my dog? ANSWER SOON!!!?
  79. Help with dog rescue!?
  80. How to train a food aggressive dog and how to break possessiveness?
  81. Best Way to Housetrain a Puppy?
  82. My dalmatian dog can't urinate ,please help !?
  83. Cats and Dogs getting along?
  84. Bringing a puppy home?
  85. Adopting a new puppy?
  86. How often should I feed my new dog?
  87. I want to breed my dog?
  88. puppies born without tails?
  89. Do You Know A Song About A Hero Dog?
  90. does my rat like my puppy?
  91. What kind/breed of dog is this? Please help!?
  92. puppy question please help?
  93. Puppy with severe separation anxiety?
  94. Kirkland SMALL DOG FORMULA!?
  95. Puppy Season................?
  96. What the hell are puppy mills?
  97. Interesting question about puppy bonding?
  98. What kind of dog is this?
  99. Right Im Getting A Dog On The 21st Of March.. ( Help !! )?
  100. Is my dog acting okay with the new puppy?
  101. Rottie puppy 1 week and 2 days old...his left back leg seems to be...
  102. Why Does My Puppy Eat Bark and chopped wood, and how do I stop it?
  103. what breed is this dog?
  104. why does my puppy do this?
  105. Sick Puppies - How do i Care for them?
  106. How much is a 6 week lab puppy supposed to weigh?
  107. What do you think is the best name for a dog?
  108. BREAKING NEWS!! Obama Family to select the first dog!?
  109. is this enough exercise for my GSD puppy(14 months) or no?
  110. HELP! We put a few drops of sergeants flea medicine for dogs on our cat
  111. Bleeding on my dog's ear's and can't stop it?
  112. its been two weeks since my dog spayed and a day since they took out her
  113. Why does my dog hate being picked up?
  114. How do I get my two dogs to lose weight?
  115. SURVEY: Which is better--cats or dogs?
  116. What are some dogs with strong builds?
  117. My dog is acting weird, what could be wrong?
  118. How can i get my dogs paw print into a tattoo?
  119. why do people walk dogs in the dark?
  120. my yorkshire puppy is 2 1/2 months old and she is pooping green wet poop 2
  121. Tips on potty-training a puppy?
  122. Dog, Chocolate, 3 Musketeer Bar?
  123. I have a medium size male dog and getting a yorkie. Would a female or...
  124. Is it normal for a 7 week puppy to hick up?
  125. Who Let the Dogs out?
  126. what chinese sign is better dogs or dragons?
  127. Advise on getting ready to bring home a Yorkie puppy?
  128. How to socialize a puppy?
  129. How old is snoop dog?
  130. i need a good name for my new puppy?
  131. Is it normal for a puppy to be breathing fast and have the tongue hanging out?
  132. What's the best, but most cost effective, electric dog fence available?
  133. What female dog name rhymes with Precious?
  134. What is wrong with my dog?
  135. My dog Bruno wants me to order the Snuggie, but I'm waaay to drunk to
  136. How do i stop my dog from being sick?
  137. My 6 Month Old Parson Russel Puppy Keeps Eating Random Things!?
  138. my dog always whines when he sees other dogs what could i do?
  139. what kind of puppy should I get my 3yr son.?
  140. Why do dogs like to fetch?
  141. How can i get my dog to stop begging?
  142. i have a cat like no other ive brought a dog in the house before and the cat
  143. To all Dog owners I have a question?
  144. how would i find where a dog in spokane wa was taken after being confiscated
  145. My puppy is going nuts. Why?
  146. puppy help please please help asap?
  147. Is it a good idea to by a puppy when i already have a dog?
  148. Can anyone give me advice on this dog?
  149. who here believes that dogs shouldnt be entered in dog shows?
  150. eye problems in a dog ?
  151. My puppy ran away???
  152. I am looking for a shih tzu puppy.?
  153. my dog hows at night and i dont know what it is?
  154. Any advice for a dog that just started urinating in the house?
  155. My dog was sick during the night?
  156. my puppy ate a tampon, and had a seizure?
  157. what should i name my new puppy?
  158. Would you buy a cage for a new puppy?
  159. I cant house train my Puppy?
  160. if a dog is listed as a puppy on a website does that mean...?
  161. loss of HAIR around my puppy's left eye?
  162. do dogs need other dogs for company?
  163. what causes high enzymes in my puppy?
  164. I need help picking a name for a dog I'm adopting...?
  165. How can I train my puppy?!?!?
  166. Vet just gave my puppy a shot of Hexadog..Whats it?
  167. Why do we easily put horses and dogs down to put them out of their misery
  168. How should I treat a minor puppy injury?
  169. Could petsmart be blame for the death of my puppy?
  170. My dog's breath smells like a skunk?
  171. Do you think it is wrong to abort puppies and kittens?
  172. How Cute is my puppy?
  173. New teacup Morkie puppy with lots of question?
  174. My puppy has a slimmy stool?
  175. what the heck are pedigree puppies?
  176. a think my puppy has worms?
  177. when they put a dog under to be neutered.....?
  178. What kind of dogs are these?
  179. What dogs dont shed??
  180. Are eggs bad for dogs?
  181. I have a CLINGY Weimeraner dog..?
  182. breaking my dog's habit?
  183. My 4month old puppy pooped out a long thin white worm?
  184. Just got my dog nutered?
  185. New puppy, NEED HELP! LOTS~?
  186. Deciphering how large of a dog a crate can hold?
  187. Registered name for a new puppy?
  188. Wats better cats or dogs?
  189. Which puppy food should I feed?
  190. Why is my vet making us give our adult dogs 2 parvo shots a year?
  191. What is the best way to introduce dogs?
  192. If you squeeze a puppy?
  193. How to stop my dog barkings??
  194. What do you think of the Gosselins adding 2 new puppies to the family?
  195. im gunna buy a puppy and i need supplies im i missing anything?
  196. questions om older dogs?
  197. When is the right time to change from puppy food to adult food?
  198. Why does my puppy have one ear with fur and one ear without?
  199. where can i find teacup puppies?
  200. could this be because of the new puppy?
  201. what can i do about my puppy?
  202. Thoughts on DE-BARKING a dog?
  203. Dog training questions?
  204. fink my dog is in heat?
  205. Can dogs eat sweet corn?
  206. Which name do you like best for a male yorkie puppy?
  207. Puppy ear care/cleaning?
  208. My miniature schnauzer puppy's ears are really pointy, will they go floppy again?
  209. When is it best to neuter a puppy?
  210. Puppy potty training tips....?
  211. How can I help my dog get rid of Gas?
  212. How can i install Linux Yellow Dog on pc?
  213. Easiest place to allow dog to poop and keep everything clean?
  214. AGGRESSIVE PUPPY. Please help!?
  215. what happens with visine and puppy's?
  216. Why does my dog always sneeze?
  217. How can I tell my friend that it's not ok to it smack her dog as punishment?
  218. Is My Friend Confusing Her Puppy?
  219. What are some really cute small breeds of dogs?
  220. pregnant dog has been panting all night but no puppies?
  221. Why is my dog licking a spot on her leg where there is nothing wrong?
  222. My dogs boy Pitbull.?
  223. will there ever be a cure for dog allergies?
  224. Does your dog bark to hear it's head rattle?
  225. Where to buy a female golden retriever puppy in NJ?
  226. when do puppies thier eyes?
  227. House training a puppy - help!?
  228. Adop a dog from different state.?
  229. How much does a skin biopsy cost for a dog?
  230. Crated a 5 month old puppy?
  231. does anybody know of any pit bull sights to look for a dog?
  232. puppy has very dry itchy skin,?
  233. My puppy ate sunflower seed shells!!?!?
  234. Whats wrong with my puppy?
  235. Spousal interference with puppy training?
  236. What's the best for this puppy?
  237. Is it normal for a puppy to cry and yelp in the car?
  238. theres something wrong with my dogs eye but we dont have money to take it to the vet?
  239. question on a puppy illnesses?
  240. My dog has something on her ear?
  241. What illness is dog parvo or distemper and how is it treated?
  242. My dog twitches and constantly leans against things, could this mean something is...
  243. Is this possibly the world's largest puppy?
  244. Is this dog real????????
  245. What should I do (young dog)?
  246. Has anyone found a dog toy that a dachshund can't destroy?!?
  247. puppy got spayed 1 day after surgery she is having problems using the bathroom?
  248. Cat wont leave my dog alone.. what do i do?
  249. How can i stop my dog chasing birds?
  250. what kind of puppy should i get?