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  1. Do dogs like to eat hamsters?
  2. Puppy Problems.........................!?
  3. I have a 1yr old puppy and a 7yr dog. Should I put the dog on senior dog
  4. Why does my 10 year old dog keep running away?
  5. Pregnant dog has major diarrhea?
  6. And ideas about my poorly puppy?
  7. Is it Normal for puppies to loose teeth?
  8. My puppy is doing weird things...?
  9. Dog Aggression at a late age?
  10. Some pics were taken of me holding a puppy there was a blue aura emitting
  11. I need a 42 dog crate, anyone know where I can get one?
  12. My puppy refuses to walk?
  13. Can dogs understand humans?
  14. How do I make a hot dog?
  15. itchy poodle 1 year old puppy?
  16. Why do a lot of women who look like junk yard dogs refuse to date guys...
  17. suggestions for my puppy?
  18. Can someone show me a picture of these mixtures of dogs?
  19. When is best to spay a Havanese puppy?
  20. Do puppies like to sleep with the light on?
  21. How Is The Best Way To Get Dogs To Stop Fighting?
  22. 8 wk old puppy fell... should I be worried?
  23. I need some help or I have to get rid of my puppy!?
  24. One puppy, plus another?
  25. my howling dogs please help!?
  26. help with a puppy that had fleas when we picked him up, we cleaned him and the
  27. Why is my dog afraid of balloons?
  28. has anyone got any good names i can call my new puppy?
  29. My two puppies won't get along! Please Help!?
  30. when does puppy stop chewing?
  31. New puppy and resident cat introductions?
  32. Should I get a puppy or a kitten?
  33. food causing bloody diarrhea in puppy?
  34. what are the chances that a puppy could die from anesthesia?
  35. how do you stop a 7month old puppy from crying in the middle of the night after...
  36. Dog Breeding / taking care of puppies?
  37. 9 day old puppy question?
  38. How can I get my new born puppies to eat? they are only 3hrs old and not eating yet.?
  39. How big will my puppy get?
  40. Male Names for a dog?
  41. just got a puppy that is way too skinny .?
  42. is 384 yards on a running prairie dog a good shot ?
  43. HELP PUPPIES with MANGE!? How can I cure this?
  44. how do i get my dog to come to me?
  45. My dog has just had an epileptic fit, is there anything i should/shouldn't
  46. What could be wrong with my dog?
  47. What should I title my papper about puppy mills?
  48. 4-month old min pin puppy pees when she gets excited?
  49. nintendo ds dogs help?
  50. Boxer (dog) has a hairline fracture...now what?
  51. heya,scottish western terrier puppies for sale?
  52. Why does my dog always bark at this one dog?
  53. new puppies help?????
  54. What happened to my Japanese spitz dog's nose?
  55. my dog is really aggresive what do i do!?
  56. How do you train a dog to keep its head lifted for showing?
  57. Girls if a guy said you looked like a puppy would you be offended?
  58. Do I need a wire dog pen for my puppy yorkiepoo?
  59. Which of these videos has the cutest puppies?
  60. What should i name my puppy?
  61. How do I train my Shar Pei Mix to get along with other dogs?
  62. How to help my dog with his walking behavior?
  63. does your dog do this?
  64. 10 week old Schutzhund puppy chipped tooth k-9! Need Advise!?
  65. What dog food is better? Also what dog food is the best?
  66. I have 2 dogs a male and female..?
  67. Can a 1 month old puppy go outside to pee in the winter? or how old
  68. has this ever happened to you(bully type dog owners only)?
  69. My puppies ears are draining and they have scabs on them? What can I do?
  70. what do i do if my dog hasn't pushed out the rest of her puppies?
  71. How to treat ticks on dogs?
  72. What are my dog's legal rights against me killing him?
  73. If puppies and kittens are born with blue eyes...?
  74. Can you tell what is in this dog? (Quiz)?
  75. i just got a new puppy he is 6moths but he has a peeing problem. does
  76. What Kind Of Dog Do I Get?
  77. have any of you guys used any of the harnesses to stop your dog from pulling?
  78. I walk 10 dogs a day for my job. Not all at once. At 35 minutes each time. My...
  79. will my cat be okay with new puppy?
  80. my puppy won't stop weeing!?
  81. Getting rid of fleas on a dog?
  82. What do owners of pit bull dogs do when the dogs are suddenly banned from the
  83. Is there a medicine for car-sickness for dogs?
  84. How would I travel with my dog?
  85. what is the ratio for number of brindle puppies born?
  86. Can you spay a pregnant dog?
  87. I am getting a papillon puppy... info about them?
  88. Can a dog forget it's owner after five years?
  89. what kind of dog is this?
  90. Help me name my new puppy!?
  91. Help with Dogs, please?
  92. Which puppy dog food would you recommend?
  93. How soon can I walk my puppy outside?
  94. Will a cat use puppy pads?
  95. how do i talk my mom in to geting me a puppy?
  96. Can I get all my puppies shots at my local shelter?
  97. What's your thoughts about cloning dogs?
  98. How would a saint bernard puppy of 8 weeks react to a bunny who is uncaged?
  99. What breed of dog do you think this is?
  100. What type of dog should i get?
  101. What is the best method of introducing a dog to a baby?
  102. why does my dog eat rabbit poo?
  103. Cost of a puppy at Garden State Plaza store?
  104. How to stop my pug puppy biting?
  105. I'm bringing home my yorkshire terrier puppy tomorrow what do i need to purchase...
  106. Is it just me or does there seem to be a general hatred for small dog owners?
  107. Is my puppy an Akita?PIX INCLUDED!!!!?
  108. My dog makes a sudden snore noise likes he's choking?
  109. HELP, I want to buy a Maltese puppy!?
  110. my dog pulled her leg muscle and she is limping. what can i do to hel?
  111. what is the best dog food I can feed my chihuahua puppy?
  112. does anybody have any ideas for Puppy Games?
  113. Is there any safe indoor product I could use to repel my roommate's dogs from
  114. Does anyone know how to shave a half poodle half yorkie. My dog's hair is so long
  115. Puppy eating his poop..?
  116. My 4 mos. old Beagle puppy's ears are all red inside and smell stinky!?
  117. a question about my dog's real age?
  118. Would you pay anywhere from $2,200-$2,800 to give your dog surgery?
  119. Need help desperately quick! Whelping puppies?
  120. How can i stop my dog peeing with exitement?
  121. My puppies are fighting...i think?
  122. Help My Dog. She won't sleep with me!?
  123. Could worms kill a puppy?
  124. Conflicting ideas on the treatment and breed of dog!!?
  125. Does anyone know what type of dog this is?
  126. Dog Food What Should I Do?
  127. What age is a dog full grown? I have a mutt who is over a year and she
  128. new ways to play with my puppy?
  129. How can I help my 14 month old male dog adjust to a new kitten?
  130. How do you get a puppy to stop biting when playing?
  131. My puppy's had a cough for a week now. Took her to the vet, vet says...
  132. Should i put clothes on my dog?
  133. Looking for a dog. Can you help?
  134. Convincing my parents to get a dog?
  135. how much do i feed my great dane puppy?
  136. what kind of dog is this?
  137. are potatoes bad for dogs?
  138. i have puppy love problems`?
  139. What's this dog movie called?
  140. 2 month old puppy. training?
  141. How much is SH for a puppy from Texas to Long Island?
  142. Which puppy should i get?
  143. getting a puppy used to a collar?
  144. HELP! My puppy is biting me!!?
  145. best place to advertise Puppies?!?
  146. is this a Legit puppy site?
  147. Why is my puppy so picky on where to poop at?
  148. about my dogs fighting all the time all the time something?
  149. what temp is too cold for a dog too be outside?
  150. My puppy(pics included)?
  151. What if i am too obsessed with dogs?
  152. How can I get a dog urine stain out of my ivory cotton scarf?
  153. my dog pees when he gets excited b4 he goes out and when I tell him he is good
  154. Do Puppies need their Vaccination Shots by 6 months?
  155. How would a male maltese, in our home for 1 year, co-exist with a new maltese puppy?
  156. What Documents do i need to a Dog Bathing Business in TN?
  157. How to get dog pee out of microfiber couch?
  158. My dog has hair loss and the left side of her nose is swollen, hairless, and red.?
  159. my puppy breaths hard and kinda makes a noise like hes constapated or like
  160. What do I do when my dog gives birth?
  161. can you tell me what kind of puppy I have?!?
  162. My wife and I are thinking about getting a second dog.?
  163. what mix do you think this dog is?
  164. Why do so many dog lovers buy purebreds for thousands when shelters kill so
  165. my dog is countuing to scratch herself now she is losing hair and is very...
  166. why does my 1year old puppy do this?
  167. who is given dog tags?
  168. Swollen dog ears, please help me figure out the issue?
  169. Do real parents throw their dogs at you?
  170. What should i name my female puggle puppy?
  171. i'm getting extremely discouraged, can you help me with my dog!?
  172. My dog is having problems, do you think you could help?
  173. puppy training ?
  174. I'm afraid my puppy might have breathing problems. Can someone tell me what it
  175. Had a litter of GS puppies 1/19. A male has a much larger forehead appears
  176. We got a new puppy...can someone help us?
  177. My dog poops on the floor every time I leave. How do I fix this behavior?
  178. Poll: Dog Day Afternoon or Scarface?
  179. How is your dog when you go for walks?
  180. When do you stop puppy food?
  181. Pro's and cons about having a puppy.?
  182. Dog Trivia!!!! 10 points!!!?
  183. according to california law, how many dogs may be in one household?
  184. How to get dog pee out of a microfiber couch?
  185. My dog keeps scratching her elbow, she is making it really sore, does
  186. Once puppies eyes start to , how long does it take for them to fully ?
  187. How can I convince my parents we need another puppy?
  188. dog has random diarrhea?
  189. Why puppy formula for baby squirrels?
  190. Whats the best way to train my puppy?
  191. im looking for a puppy!?
  192. What dog will suit my requirements?
  193. How much does a typical hyperparathyroid surgery for dogs cost?
  194. Is it legal to ship the urn with my puppies ashes from korea to the states?
  195. what breed of dog is this?
  196. What kind of dog is this?
  197. My Puppy went to the bathroom...?
  198. How can i persuade my mom to take a look at this dog? [[PLZ HELP ME}}?
  199. Are us Yahoo Answers dog owners a little bit... different?
  200. what do you think our puppy is?
  201. Why is it so important to people to know their dog's?
  202. my dog has a lump at the back of his neck does it mean he has cancer ?
  203. Cavalier Puppy Eats Poo?
  204. My puppy may be sick? any advice would help! read more?
  205. What breed of dog is this?
  206. Are these dogs good family dogs?
  207. What is the best thing to do if you see or are getting chased by an angry dog?
  208. How to get a dog to be pregnant? Is taking care of a newborn puppies hard work?
  209. POLL: puppies or kittens?
  210. How can I get my 3 month old dog to stop biting?
  211. How can I keep my dog away from the cat food?
  212. Vaccination question for new puppy?
  213. This is my first puppy; help!!?
  214. My Dog Drink's Milk Will It Help build Up His Bones Or Not?
  215. Which one is the best SENIOR dog food?
  216. My 6yr old only child seems like she cant stand new puppy, help?
  217. How do I stop stray dogs pooing in my yard?
  218. My Dog is inconsolable....calming down a bit.....What can I do for her?
  219. Tips on training my dog not to run off?
  220. Papillon puppy health question?
  221. New puppy! What do I feed! Please help!?
  222. why is my puppy pooping so much?!?
  223. Puppy/Dog has something on his head. Anyone who might know what it is Please answer!?
  224. HELP my puppy eats her poo!!!!!!!?
  225. the swelling in my dogs face has gone down since i gave him benadryl should i
  226. Its me or the dog question?
  227. My black lab puppy is so mean!!! help?
  228. Whats the best solution to get my 2 month old puppy to stop biting?
  229. how do i convince my parents to let me get a new puppy?
  230. help, could this pioson my puppy?
  231. Why do puppies fight on petz 5?
  232. Dog owners: how do I get my dog to fetch?
  233. Has anyone see a supernatural demon dog?
  234. How can I convince my 6 month old puppy not to be scared of the food bowl?
  235. Where can I get the love puppy for under $100 in Arizona?
  236. How many shots did your puppy get?
  237. When should my puppy have these vaccines?
  238. harmful things for dogs?
  239. what happens if an adult male dog hurts (humps) a 8 week old pup?
  240. can someone sue over a dog attack?
  241. Dog poop...How to stop it?
  242. How much backyard space do you need to get a dog?
  243. how to care for dogs coat?
  244. How to teach puppy not to go to strangers?
  245. Can a great wolf puppy be adopted as a pet dog?
  246. Why is it every puppy ad I reply to about a certain breed says this?
  247. Is my puppy going to die? :[?
  248. Does anyone have any dog treat recipes?
  249. Anyone have these dogs for sale?
  250. How do i pottytrain my puppy?