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  1. Why does everyone say I'm cruel to have my dog's name tattooed on by arm?
  2. How can I stop my puppy from barking at everyone and every dog?
  3. Is it harmful for dogs to chew wood?
  4. If you were given the chance to smell your dog's breath in the morning for 5
  5. hi i need to keep my room clean and be responsible so i can get a dog?
  6. My older dog doesn't want to have anything to do with my new puppy? What do I do?
  7. Why is my puppy biting so much?
  8. Dog takes a pee up my drying washing?
  9. My dog is hyperventilating?
  10. Is fishfood bad for dogs to ingest?
  11. New puppy won't eat food?
  12. dog or cat????????????????????????????????????????
  13. How do you teach a dog to sit, stand and roll over?
  14. Puppy problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  15. Do you like it when people own big dogs and drive them everywhere?
  16. I have recently rescued a dog does anyone know how to handle her as she isnt used...
  17. the other day i called the dog pound and ask them to let?
  18. My puppy has a case of cherry eye and we want to avoid surgery?
  19. Does places like Lowes, Tractor Supply allow you take your Dog/Puppy inside?
  20. How do I persuade my mom/dad to buy me a puppy?
  21. Yes i have a question about my puppy?
  22. puppies for sale REASONABLY?
  23. guilty about dog going to animal shelter ):?
  24. my dog is breathing hard and not walking around much I think she is
  25. How do you wash my dog? Take care of them?
  26. Dog Breed help???? Re asking for more thoughts?
  27. How can I get my dogs used to being groomed?
  28. What can i do for my dog when she gets hiccups?
  29. Herniated disk in dog, have you had experience with this?
  30. Something is wrong with my dog all of a sudden.?
  31. Introducing a new puppy?
  32. Schutzhund training a dog?
  33. Could you help choosing a name for my-soon to be puppy!!?
  34. how do i make my dog more playful?
  35. Should I be concerned when my large puppy humps my kitten?
  36. My dog has a weird red ring on his leg, what is it?
  37. Puppy names anyone!!?
  38. Who do you think are more shameless and manipulative beggars- guinea pigs or dogs?
  39. How do I find out if the breed of my dog the dog store told us is the real breed?
  40. looking for boxer bull dogs pups for sale?
  41. Puppy question! Please some advice needed?
  42. Whats a good dog for a person with experience with these breeds?
  43. can you catch rabies from a dead dog?
  44. My dog sheds his hair help me!?
  45. bleeding when dog is on heat...how long?
  46. Small dog carriers?? UK stores?
  47. Dog medicine question?
  48. How do I potty train my new puppy well?
  49. What are some good things to teach to my 3 month old Doberman puppy?
  50. My Dog, 9 year old Retriever has developed a cough.?
  51. my dog just had puppies is throwing up white foamy stuff?
  52. My puppy has a rash on her lower tummy and head?
  53. I have dogs and when I vacuum it causes a dog smell to appear. This even
  54. I dreamt my russian blue cat was shot and killed but my sisters dog survived. What...
  55. Do you like Barney, or Elmo for a puppy name?
  56. did i get herpes from my puppy?
  57. Is garlic bad for my Maltese puppy?
  58. is onion bad for maltese puppy?
  59. With so much selection, how can I decide which is best for my puppy?
  60. If working dogs have to be docked to prevent tail injuries then why is the
  61. my dog needs his nails cut?
  62. My dog has a lump on her side on top of her ribs?
  63. When can i feed my puppy twice a day instead of 3 times?
  64. Does Anyone know where to find a puppy rat terrier for sell?
  65. is the abortion of accidental puppies moral?
  66. do you ever feed your dog something you dont like?
  67. How can you show a dog that you are sorry?
  68. Puppy training....does anyone have any good ideas on how to....?
  69. My dog bit my puppy, how do I know if I need to take him to the vet?
  70. In the future, I plan on getting a chocolate lab puppy. How much are purebreds?
  71. How can i stop my dog from fighting the other one.?
  72. what kind of dog breed should i get?
  73. Want info on Mating German Shepherd
  74. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE tell me whats wrong with my dog?
  75. Need Cute/Unique/Interesting puppy names!!!?
  76. have you ever let a friend treat you like a dog!?
  77. where can i buy a fluffy white dog in waukegan il?
  78. Why is my puppy doing this?
  79. Getting my dog neutered...?
  80. THE HOOVERS ALWAYS lying across a doorway.the Kettles allways empty,the Dogs asre...
  81. what is wrong with my dog?
  82. My dog is having puppies!?
  83. How much Lactated Ringers does a puppy with diarrhea need per day?
  84. Akc dog name help! German shepherd?
  85. I'm fostering a dog it's my 1st time should I get paid for what I am doing?
  86. my puppy pit bull always wheezes?
  87. if yor dog eats a topamax pill what will happen?
  88. Question about dog behaviour and possible problem.?
  89. ????Have you ever taken your dogs on a random shopping spree?
  90. what do you think my puppy is?
  91. What do black dogs mean in your dream?
  92. does anyone know how to stop a dog from peeing everywhere?
  93. what do i do i find a dog 37 days a go i put ads in papers?
  94. How can I get my dog to eat dry food?
  95. My unsocialized dog needs help!?
  96. what does it mean when a pregnant dog a an egg white vaginal discharge?
  97. male dog getting tired of female?
  98. What dog do you think will be best for my two cats?
  99. will triumph the insult comic dog go with Conan?
  100. Free puppies is the Cincinnati, Ohio area?--45 minutes east preferably.?
  101. I'm thinking of getting a pet. Should I get a puppy, or a transvestite lizard?
  102. How do you pronounce the dog breed name Corgi?
  103. Snoop Dog joins Nation of Islam?
  104. Wingaling by Merrick ok for dogs?
  105. is my dog dreaming, or having seizures?
  106. Is it safe to give my puppy heart worm medication?
  107. Does anyone know what breed this dog is?
  108. Anyone know where I can get a Pug puppy? (NYC)?
  109. my dog stinks few days after he takes bath?
  110. Will a dog forget his original owner?
  111. Why is society afraid of taking a stand on aggressive dogs?
  112. Whats wrong with my puppy?
  113. POLL: Big stupid dogs or little yappy rat... I mean lap dogs?
  114. Dog Harnesses Designs?
  115. Puppy question, Mixed breed, Help?
  116. What are the pros and cons of taking a dog to puppy school?
  117. What the **** is wrong with my dog?
  118. Puppy names??? Good ideas?
  119. Why does my dog keep throwing up and pooping?
  120. What is wrong with my Puppy!?
  121. what kind of games did you make up for your puppy?
  122. My 10 week old puppy ate a piece of a plastic Nylabone?
  123. Puppy question..........?
  124. Elderly Male dog problems?
  125. Survey ~ Has your dog ever walked you when you took him/her on a walk..:))?!?!?
  126. Allergic dog dilemma! What to do?
  127. What to do with my dog?
  128. is a maltese a good puppy?
  129. Help! Dog heaving and drooling?
  130. How old is a puppy normally when shes dry all night?
  131. Does anyone recognize the breed of this dog?
  132. Dog source of family trouble?
  133. My dog won't eat her food?
  134. Why do I get pimples when my dog licks my face?
  135. should i put my dog down?
  136. How can the gender of dog whelks vary over rocky shores?
  137. how do i help my dog during labor?
  138. Can a puppy be mentally ill or have down syndrome or something else wrong with it?
  139. 8 week old Lab puppy started to act weird (don't doomgloom, just give me facts
  140. German shepherd puppy ears?
  141. Does this look like an Akita puppy to you ?
  142. My dog is drunk, please help?!?
  143. Chestie dogs?? (chihuahua westie mix)?
  144. Is my puppy purebred?
  145. My Dog has a sore foot....?
  146. Is avoderm dog food a good food?
  147. Would you risk your life to save your dog from a burning building or home?
  148. Why are all Men Dogs??
  149. Dog name vote please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (MALE) (GOLDEN RETRIEVER!)?
  150. How to prevent a puppy from getting a cold?
  151. My dog is vommiting once a week.?
  152. 2 year old dog and 13 week old puppy fighting?
  153. What kind of dog breed should I get?
  154. I live in a townhouse, and my neighbors' dog barks and cries nonstop when they're...
  155. My puppy ate well yesterday and was active. today she does not want to...
  156. What breed is this puppy?
  157. Coach dog carrier????????????
  158. Considering getting a dog. Help please? dog experts? 10 points?
  159. Help gussy my great dane puppy?
  160. Can I train my dog to only guard the house when I tell her to?
  161. Would you be grossed out if you saw your future baby momma eating a dog treat?
  162. Where can I find a dog ID tag with a gecko/lizard on it?
  163. My new Puppy won't sleep at night?
  164. What's a good brand of puppy/dog food?
  165. Hot dogs for dogs Help me!?
  166. When a dog barks and begs at the dinner table, is it a sign of dominance or
  167. How do dogs die in the Iditarod?
  168. Chinese Crested Puppies?
  169. what do i do if my puppy is choking ?
  170. Is their a certain type of breed of dog you love the most?
  171. i just wanna know how you can tell when a dog's done havin babys?
  172. Can I get worms from my puppy?
  173. Should I steam the sausage to make a good hot dog?
  174. where to adopt yorkie puppies?
  175. dog growling at baby?
  176. Wild puppy in crate - dangerous or not?
  177. Secret Dogs Business?
  178. puppy coat question!!!!!!!! HELP!?
  179. How to help my dog with his walking behavior?
  180. my puppy gsd humps me?
  181. Can I treat my puppies for roundworms?
  182. Why does my puppy potty AFTER I bring her back inside?
  183. why do puppies sleep so much?
  184. Im really worried about my 13yr old dog, dont know if I should speak to a vet?
  185. What breed is my dog?
  186. What are some unique Dog Names for a puggle...? please!!!?
  187. Please help me find my dog?
  188. Help on deciding what breed of toy dog I want...?
  189. There are darker reddish brown oval bugs on the head/ears of my dog, what are they?
  190. Dog harnesses. Creating your own Or are there any ones for sale that allow
  191. Slum dog millionaire stars still living in poverty. What do people think of this?
  192. help me please my dog may or may of not broke it's legg?
  193. Information on Dogs tail docking!!?
  194. German Shepard puppy sick?
  195. how many puppies can a shar pei and a shih tzu have?
  196. can a dog die from eating a little piece of oreo?
  197. What dose of Glucosamine is correct for a 40 lb dog?
  198. Should i get a Puppy or a Turtle?
  199. How do you stop a puppy from barking at friends when come over and customer at a
  200. puppy changes in behaviour...?
  201. My dog has a lump over his lung and it moves around like it's a liquid...
  202. my dog just ate chocolate ? question 2?
  203. Would a dog with Addison disease be able to go into the water at the beach?
  204. Puppy barks for EVERYTHING!?
  205. Help Me PLEASE a 6 week old puppy has something in her hair?
  206. My dog (female) urinates on my downstairs floor every night....?
  207. Puppy shots.........?
  208. I am doing an experiment about my dog. Which one of these foods do u think she will
  209. What is happening about dogs in rescues and new laws?
  210. Trouble with puppy at night?
  211. My min pin puppy is hacking/coughing and has blood in his urine.?
  212. is it normal for a female dog to hike their leg?
  213. What breed mix is my puppy? (pics included)?
  214. I have two large dogs, and I'm thinking about getting a kitten? Advice?
  215. Puppy with Demodex mange?
  216. What puppy should I get? SUGGESTIONS?
  217. what is wrong with my mom's dog?
  218. What Should I Get Dog Or Bird Help?
  219. Show Dogs and showing?
  220. Why does my puppy throw up?
  221. Any Cute Name Idears For My Chihuahua And Do Yhoo No Any Dog Name Websites?
  222. Good name for my White German Shepherd Puppy? (PICTURE INCLUDED)?
  223. Can a one year old dog have it's tail removed?
  224. my dog isnt eating all of his food , read more !?
  225. How do you know the sex of your puppy?
  226. when will puppies first their eyes?
  227. What should I name my puppy?
  228. Shiba Inu puppies in Perth?
  229. Can I get a refund for my black lab puppy?
  230. Mentally Disabled PitBull Puppy?
  231. My newly diagnosed diabetic dog is not responding to his insulin?
  232. POLL: If I were a dog, what would you do?
  233. How long does it take for a puppy to learn his/her name?
  234. I am from the bronx and have been interested in buying a puppy. HELP!?
  235. What Kind Of Dog!?!?!?
  236. Puppy's eating habits.....?
  237. about a puppy foetus?!?
  238. How to train my puppy to stop biting the leash when i walk her???????
  239. i just got a puppy who is 9 weeks old and hasn't had any shots what do i do?
  240. My friends dog not responding, breathing heavily?
  241. questions about dog...hurry his dying?
  242. Favorite kind of dog.?
  243. How much should my dog weigh?
  244. i need puppy help please!?
  245. WIs it okay to buy a puppy who got to playing around and got a sratch on her...
  246. Looking for a pitbull puppy?
  247. Which dog breed is better?
  248. What do you think of this puppy name?
  249. Does anyone know any good dog movies?
  250. meds given to my dog? why?