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  1. How to stop my dog biting?
  2. How do I calm my dog down?
  3. Why do dogs walk around in circles before lying down?
  4. How Old should a Puppy be when you take him/her home?
  5. Name ideas for male BT puppy born on 12/25?
  6. New puppy winey at night can anyone help?
  7. Dog Pregnant estimated whelp date is 6 days away... will she go early?...
  8. Parents: What kind of family dog do you have?
  9. im trying to figure oout what kind of dog this was?
  10. puppies and B.A.R.F can they eat the bones?
  11. In a few months I'm getting my puppy, and I want your advice...?
  12. Important question about my 5 Month old Poodle mix puppy!?
  13. What is wrong with my dog? When she walks her but like goes in front of her. Is
  14. Ship puppy in cargo area of plane on a 10 hour trip from Europe to US?
  15. Can I and should I put my dog to sleep myself?
  16. How to deal with an out of control puppy?
  17. How old is my dog in human years?
  18. Taking my puppy to a strange house?
  19. more tips/advice on pregnant dog best gets 10 points?
  20. The hotels dog across from me WONT be quiet! Please help?
  21. If your puppy wants to play fetch the ball ?
  22. do you think my puppy looks like yoda from star trek lol ??????
  23. Want to adopt another dog or puppy?
  24. my dog cut herself badly?
  25. what is a good place to take your puppy to puppy kindergarten?
  26. why do dogs rub their buttholes on the carpet?
  27. How can I help this puppy? I'm worried about this dogs fate?
  28. How long do your puppies/dogs squeaky balls last?
  29. Will playing a puppy too much make it grow up to have a not so protective instinct?
  30. How can I get rid of cigarette and dog odors from apartment?
  31. Can Cats and Dogs live together?
  32. puppy with dry patches on back?
  33. where can I find a FREE Simple Crochet sm dog sweater pattern?
  34. Is it dangerous to administer Ibuprofen to dogs?
  35. st bernard puppy????????????
  36. If Obama really wants to wag the dog, shouldn't he start another war...?
  37. How big will my puppy get?
  38. I have labrador puppy and I'd like some advice?
  39. my puppy got her first shots today but... anyone please help!?
  40. Getting a new Puppy? Need Reassurance!?
  41. Is it 'time' for my dog?
  42. Is it possible to reverse bad behavior in your puppy that you let your dog get away
  43. My puppy has caught parvo and now hes being treated. what is the chance of him...
  44. How much shots do you give your puppy?
  45. What's your dog's special talent?
  46. walking my dog for 15 min a day, Is that exercise?
  47. I watched a film when I was younger about a dog and the only part I remember is he
  48. What is your favourite breed of dog and why?
  49. My dog won't stop crying :(?
  50. why do people just assume that all outside dogs are neglected?
  51. What kind of dog should i get?
  52. how can i convince my mum to let me get a puppy?? :P?
  53. Female dog names............?
  54. Please help, my puppy has a disgusting habit?
  55. My dog is trying to take out something in his mouth but there's nothing?
  56. How can i make my dog look like that?
  57. POLL Do dogs/other animal get their periods?
  58. Dog names for my new puppies!Help?
  59. Does anyone know of any french bulldog puppies for sale?
  60. Mastitis in puppies that have never had a litter?
  61. Tartar on my puppy what should i do?
  62. Dog License Question?
  63. Novels about dogs for adults/teens?
  64. What kind of dog is that on those Cesar dog food commercials?
  65. Is it not about time to bring back dog licenses?
  66. Can dogs see ghosts and other supernatural entities.?
  67. how does my puppy know that he belongs to me ?
  68. How do ppl in england work thier hound dogs?
  69. Puppy mill question.....?
  70. How will my new Rottweiler puppy do with my kitties?
  71. help with pregnant dog. i need tips. and best answer gets 10 points thanks?
  72. Has anyone had a schipperke? I want a dog that can be in the house and outside...
  73. why does my puppy charge around the house after she has been for a walk?
  74. Can anyone tell me of any forums are chat rooms where I can get advise on my
  75. Good Pet Insurance for dogs?
  76. Give me 10 dog breeds that shed a lot . . .?
  77. Is it safe to give this to your dog?
  78. whats a good quality puppy food?
  79. My puppy got a tick? Should I be worried?
  80. what is a good healthy dog treat?
  81. How to get my puppy to let us sleep?
  82. Thinking about adopting a Dog. Help please?
  83. my friends 13 week puppy keeps eating his own poo any advice how to stop him?
  84. How do you potty train your puppy?
  85. how do i get my dog to relax around strangers ?
  86. Having trouble house training my puppy.?
  87. Dog training question?
  88. Should tell my friend that shes a dog?
  89. My 1st peekapoo puppy and I'm concerned with how big it's going to be. I...
  90. Poked dog in the eye by accident. Will he be ok?
  91. my 4 puppies died today. what could the the cause?
  92. What Kind of Puppy Should We Get?
  93. What are the risks of having my puppy spayed?i am scared for her:(?
  94. What are your favorite types of dogs?
  95. has anyone given plaque off to their dog?
  96. My dog had anal gland surgery over 8 months ago and she is no longer the same...
  97. I need to spade or neuter my dog. Do you neuter or spade a female dog? I...
  98. will my puppies end up with the same genes of her first litter of [ups if it wass...
  99. Any cute puppy names?
  100. The people who think breeders (ALL of them, not just BYBs and puppy mills) are
  101. Can I complain to someone about this dog?!?
  102. How Do ii Get Over Death Of My Dog?
  103. Looking for some advice on getting another puppy/dog?
  104. My puppy has rice looking things in his stool, vet says not worms, what is it?
  105. how can i keep my chihuahua dog from peeing inside d house even if she has
  106. Puppy name suggestions?
  107. 4week old puppies have not gone 2 bathroom?
  108. Are chows naturally aggressive dogs?
  109. Designer babbies and designer dogs?
  110. EMERGANCY! Help before my puppy dies!?
  111. My puppy was attacked this morning...?
  112. How do I keep my dogs from barking all night?
  113. My dog goes into heat every 1.5 months! Is there something wrong with her?
  114. Euthanasia in dogs (or cats)?
  115. Dog names inspired from movies, any suggestions?
  116. what breed is this dog?and is it pure breed?
  117. I don't think my puppy is drinking enough water per day, I only have to fill...
  118. What time should I stop feeding my dog?
  119. Why does my puppy always sleep whenever my boyfriend leaves the house?
  120. 10 week old Puppy humps my leg! Wtf?
  121. How do you train a puppy to ring bells to go out?
  122. Ideas for a Show dog name?
  123. what is wrong with this puppy?
  124. need help potty training my puppy?
  125. why is my dogs mouth swollen?
  126. Hi I bought a blue nose runt as well she is 12 weeks but looks like a 6wk old...
  127. Can u name some movies with dogs or cats?
  128. How can I get rid of fleas and tapeworms on my dog?
  129. My puppy has a rash on her belly?
  130. Anime Girl Names? Does Anyone Know Of Any Good Ones For A Puppy? I'm Looking...
  131. It is 27 degrees outside how am i going to make sure the puppies stay warm enough?
  132. What Age to Start Training a Puppy a Down-Stay?
  133. have you heard what has happened with crufts and british dog breeders and breed
  134. Why Jesus using a simile that Gentiles are Dog of Jews?
  135. my dog just delivered 5 puppies is there something i can put on her nipples...
  136. Pomeranian puppy question!?
  137. What do I do if my new born lab puppy wont feed?
  138. Why does our dog take some of her food to bed ?..?
  139. How do I stop my dog from barking when I take him on a walk?
  140. is an all white with brown spots boxer a rare dog?
  141. Do you own a pair of Rocket Dog shoes ?
  142. how do microships in dogs work?
  143. What breed of dog is this?
  144. How old do you think my puppy looks? (Pics)?
  145. Puppy Poll: Does your dog dream?
  146. Are you a Cat or Dog person... and Why?
  147. Does my dog have worms.?
  148. My puppy cries A LOT. He cries for everything, even a simple grab away...
  149. whats eveyone do with thier puppies at night?
  150. What should I do with my Puppy who Is having Diarrhea?
  151. What is a dog? =P,,,,,,,,,,,?
  152. Man killed neighbors dog?
  153. what is a good name for a new puppy?
  154. What dog do u prefer?
  155. What breed of puppy/dog would you recommend?
  156. How do you feed your dog?
  157. My puppy ate a RAT !!!!?
  158. Can dogs run faster than humans?
  159. When is a puppy ready for walks and dog parks?
  160. my puppy barks and is scared?
  161. My female daschund puppy has a VERY bad smell coming from her private area......
  162. Looking to buy a papillon dog!?
  163. Can I have a list of things to buy before I get my Maltese puppy?
  164. Can a puppy move position in the womb?
  165. How do you get over the death of your dog?
  166. Dog chewed a hole in leather chair! Help!?
  167. What do i do now after I've ask the neighbor to pay the dog attack vet
  168. Dog is afraid of leash?
  169. How can I get my dog to like being in a car?
  170. Keeping puppy on leash to house train.. How long will it take?
  171. Does anyone have any tips on how to get a puppy to stop biting everything?
  172. my puppy is terrified of me.. how can i make him not be?
  173. best breed of dog in world?
  174. Is this normal? I don't want my puppy to develop separation anxiety?
  175. Why is my puppy's poop not solid?
  176. do you consider chow chow an elegant dog?
  177. how do i stop my 10 week old puppy nipping people and chewing?
  178. how about turmeric in maltese puppy food?
  179. Why do male dogs only feel like getting jiggy when female dogs are in heat?
  180. Question about leaving a pup/dog alone?
  181. Training a Black Lab puppy...?
  182. Puppy with severe anxiety?
  183. Curious on what breed my puppy is?
  184. My puppy likes my mom better, and I'm jealous! Help!?
  185. Puppy Information Please?
  186. Has anyone USED a shock collar for dogs?
  187. help! my dog has ear mites how do i get rid of them?
  188. my dog is not eating well..?
  189. How to make Dog Saliva experiment more complicated?
  190. what are the best puppy products?
  191. My dog had a seizure, can anyone help?
  192. Help selling puppies?
  193. Just wormed my 6 month puppy with Drontol and found worms in his stool
  194. How do I get rid of stray dogs in the country?
  195. How do I keep my dog from going on the couches and carpet in the livingroom,
  196. What are the best dog foods?
  197. What should I name my puppy?
  198. New puppy, what do I name it?
  199. How does a person overcome their fear of dogs and cats?
  200. What are some good names for my puppy?
  201. In Spongebob if worms are dogs as pets does that means snails r like dogs?
  202. why does my moms dog hate the new puppy so much?
  203. What does this mean when adopting a puppy?
  204. Banning dogs is stupid?
  205. I know my dog is not purebread, he came from a farm and was free, but I
  206. My dog has issues with barking at black people. What do I do to stop him?
  207. does this dog look pure breed?
  208. Puppy ate 1 and a half peanut-butter cups? Is she going to be alright?
  209. I am really upset about my dog, what do I do?
  210. gay bashers/christians - if your dog shows affection for another dog?
  211. How do i stop my puppy barking - boredom not sep anx?
  212. Problems with my dog...Again!!!?
  213. yorkie and cheagle puppy help pls.?
  214. A dog problem..................?
  215. Dogs keep killing chickens!!! What to do?
  216. which one? cats or dogs?
  217. What breed of dog is my dog and what stunted him?
  218. Hard to get over puppy death?
  219. I need some puppy training help.?
  220. Crate training? Is it best for my puppy?
  221. Puppy getting spayed and can't eat her teeth are falling out.?
  222. Can you teach a dog the concept of number?
  223. can i able to handle 3 dogs?
  224. What are some names for Fox Red Lab puppies?
  225. Help me please with my puppy?
  226. What is your favorite type of dog?
  227. Survey:What would be a nice Name for this little Chihuahua Puppy?
  228. first puppy 5 weeks old hard to feed him?
  229. my puppy is 7 lbs 14 oz and 3 months old. he is a bichon mix so how big do...
  230. how is a dogs mouth cleaner then a humans?
  231. Dog name vote please!!!!!! (Male) (Golden Retriever) I get it after easter!
  232. what kind of dog is bolt?
  233. How will my Dad let me get a dog?
  234. Is it possible to be allergic to certain breeds of dog?
  235. Who should I go to? (Puppy)?
  236. Determining a puppy's adult size?
  237. my dog keeps jumping on the table and chewing on things and when i hit him he
  238. Are your dogs as stupid as mine?
  239. what are some good puppy food?
  240. Is there anything I can do about the neighbour's dog barking constantly?
  241. No Vet can diagnose my dog, What is wrong with him?
  242. How do I make my new puppy feel comfortable at my house?? (just got her today)?
  243. How long can I walk my dog?
  244. Any dog owners/trainers/handlers/experts please help with my dog's...
  245. My chug is 5 months old. I have the puppy pads, I was putting him in a kennel...
  246. PuPPy Problem ADVICE PLEASE!?
  247. what are some dog hotels or doggy daycares?
  248. How do I convince my mom to get a puppy?
  249. Led Zeppelin's Black Dog as terrorist torture?
  250. How do I teach my puppy not to nip and bite without him thinking I'm playing with