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  1. Puppy makes crying and sucking sounds?
  2. Puppy names Please help me !?
  3. What's wrong with my puppy?
  4. what kind of dog would you recommend?
  5. when can i feed my puppies 'puppy formula'?
  6. Can I bathe my 7 week old pomeranian puppy?
  7. puppies for sale???????
  8. A site where I can choose a suitable dog breed for me?
  9. my dog was treated for heartworm its been4days sincehis first shot he is still
  10. im currently looking for a dog for my small 3bed home i was looking at the...
  11. how do i train my dog loosie to walk beside me unleashed?
  12. How do i train my new puppy to go in the grass?
  13. What kind of dog is this?
  14. DHLPP Lepto Vaccination for dogs side effects?
  15. how to stop your dog from barking while in a cage?
  16. My dog ate blu tack Help!?
  17. Explain Dog years to me?
  18. Help puppies got into pills ?!?!?
  19. My puppy still poops in the house and she's 6 months old, what do I do?
  20. WOO-HOO! I found my lost puppy!?
  21. how do i get my puppy to stop crying in the car?
  22. Have you ever seen a dog laughing?
  23. House breaking an adult dog...?
  24. How do i get my dog to be comfortable with other dogs?
  25. what do you think would be the best food to feed puppies after they are weaned?
  26. toronto cavalier king charles spaniel puppy?
  27. Need advice about my neighbors puppies?
  28. can animal control come get your dog?
  29. what kind of meds can you use on a dog?
  30. Is it normal for a female dog to leave her puppies for a short time?
  31. PLS HELP MY DOGS A PHYSCO.... should i giv him the chop?
  32. how do i know if my dogs punctured wound has maggots which help or maggots which
  33. Where or what can i get to put my puppie in , when i go out? is it called...
  34. My dog swallowed the phone wire, what can i do ?
  35. i'm worried about my dog... !?
  36. can a friend take back his dog after he has given it to me because he was homeless?
  37. Just got a 6 month old lab mix puppy what can i do to make her feel...
  38. Why won't my dog leave me alone?
  39. What are some dog tricks?
  40. Why does my dog hate my roommates Gay friends?
  41. What brushes and combs should I buy to groom 3 of my different breeds of dogs?
  42. Is it normal to feel somewhat guilty about adopting a dog you just meant to foster?
  43. I puppy is a pooppo eater?
  44. My two dogs get along most of the time until....?
  45. I need a good female catahoula puppy name?
  46. my dog has a clubbed foot and don't know what to do about it?
  47. i have a 1 month old puppy?
  48. Dogs and emotions........?
  49. my puppy got spayed today, how long till shes back to her normal self?
  50. Should I eat out-of-date dog canned food?
  51. What are Good Puppy names?
  52. Did your puppy's hair change?
  53. puppy names, for a girl?
  54. What breeds make up my dog?
  55. my dogs ears itch what to use?
  56. Why do dogs chase flashlights?
  57. Can you advise me on the best dog to have?
  58. My dog is quite hot and shaking all over constantly.?
  59. Poll Which do you like better small dogs or big dogs?
  60. Dog lovers....................?
  61. I'm looking for a free puppy.?
  62. Can I tie this dog up?
  63. what was the type of dog who played in that movie with jack nichalaus as good as it
  64. has the dog whisperer ever failed?
  65. My puppy got a hold of an ink pen...PLZ HELP?
  66. anyone interested in gettting a new pet like a dog or puppy in palmdale,california?
  67. I need to house train my min pin puppy?
  68. Can my puppy jog with me?
  69. How do I get my puppy to start pottying outside?
  70. why does my puppy keep on throwing up? help please!?
  72. What are some good Puppy Games?
  73. I got a new puppy, he's a chihuahua. he's black with a grey muzzle, grey...
  74. What color is a water dog?
  75. My puppy can be vicious....?
  76. We already have a 7week old husky/german mix puppy planning on getting...
  77. taking care of shedding dogs?
  78. Puppy Waking Up to Play at 4am?
  79. Is it possible for a smaller dog to get a large dog pregnant?
  80. Is It Wrong To Name My Dog After My Old Puppy?
  81. Can your dog go in heat if she is already pregnant?
  82. How do I stop my dog from pulling on his lead?
  83. Fun games for a new puppy?
  84. why is my dog's little weiner sticking out?
  85. We have an Australian Shepherd puppy who's eye seems to have an infection?
  86. Help! What kind of dog is this?
  87. Sick dog ?
  88. Tori, your problem with your dog on the couch?
  89. slogan to end puppy mill cruelty?
  90. my puppy is having pee issues, bladder problem or is it me?
  91. Why do dogs like being patted on the belly?
  92. Has anyone done DNA testing on their dog?
  93. how do i get my puppy to stop doing this?
  94. Puppy tranning........?
  95. My 8 month old puppy is very hyper, he loves being around other dogs, but he is...
  96. My puppy just got spade is this normal behavior?
  97. My mom has two dogs that pee in the house?
  98. How big will my 33 pound 7 month old puppy be?
  99. Why do dogs smell so much when they are wet?
  100. Why is my dog constantly sticking her tongue out and licking the front of her mouth?
  101. My dog is vomiting because of her antibiotics. What can I do to settle her stomach?
  102. Help training my 3 month old Chihuahua puppy! I've only had him 2 days.?
  103. My yorkie is about 4 months old and won't stop shedding i bath him once a month
  104. Help! My 3 month old Maltese puppy is lethargic, drooling, has a swollen...
  105. Help! I need advice about my dog!?
  106. what breed is this dog?
  107. How do you know if your puppy is aggressive?
  108. What does it mean if a girl lives with two annoying little dogs?
  109. How many times a year does a dog go into heat?
  110. My dog has severely itchy skin?
  111. What kind of dog do you think this is?
  112. black dogs ...are they jinns?
  113. Why is my dog so dependant on me?
  114. I'm really confused. Dog help?
  115. what kind of dog is this?
  116. What does it mean when a breeder says a maltese puppy doesnt have tear
  117. What's the best shampoo for your dog?
  118. I need help to get my parents approval to get a puppy.?
  119. 2 sick dogs at once???
  120. Barking dog problem!?
  121. what is a good name for this puppy? he is a shih tzu , pomeranian mix. .?
  122. How to teach a dog to roll over?
  123. Another puppy question.?
  124. my dog is being horrible to me and nothing is working?
  125. Would you leave the person you're dating in order to save your pet dog/cat?
  126. How to take care of a puppy?
  127. Are these dog worms? (20 characters is lame)?
  128. why does my puppy whine every night?
  129. is it good for a puppy dachshund and adult shih tzu to be together? (refer to
  130. Puppy qiestion! Dog lovers help?
  131. My puppy is just starting walking?
  132. my dog ate plastic! PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  133. My golden retriver puppy has dry skin?
  134. can my dog my fridge door?
  135. Why is my dog doing this? Help Me =)?
  136. puppies at play,playing too rough?
  137. Should I stop my dog from growling at people?
  138. help with my 8 week old puppy?
  139. My Chihuahua puppy rolled down a few steps and sprained a front leg!!?
  140. What is the best game that have to do with puppy?
  141. i need a dog booby trap!!!?
  142. How can i make my stubborn puppy eat his food?
  143. i want a nice classy dog website that supplies clothes beds bags...ect. can you help?
  144. My dog's skin is pink. He was groomed 1 week ago and is itchy around the ear and...
  145. I just bought a Maltese puppy! Read!?
  146. Guys give some male dog names?
  147. new puppy has ring worm..how long after lesions are gone till he isn't contagious?
  148. What breeds do you think are in this dog?
  149. please help me i think my puppy got rectal prolapse!?
  150. My dog refuses to use the bathroom outside, help?
  151. is this a good puppy poem?
  152. What breed of dog do you own?
  153. dog inbreeding information?
  154. How can I get a stuffed dog to dry overnite?
  155. My dog's hernia keeps on grow what should i do?
  156. how to soothe my puppy??
  157. Is splenda or sweetner bad for dogs?
  158. I have several questions about my puppy. Some one please help!:)?
  159. How can I help my dog with the pain?
  160. Pet rat, dog and cat?
  161. Does anyone Have the Webkinz Love Puppy?
  162. i have a puppy, whose grand parents and great grand parents were A.K.C....
  163. Tips on house training a puppy PLEASE?
  164. Is my stray dog a Beagle Harrier?
  165. My 5month old Puppy passed away! Im devestated! I need thoughts... this is long,?
  166. Dog with inflammed ears! Please help? What should I put on them!!!!?
  167. Dogs nipple is red and swollen, HELP!?
  168. Is this normal for a dog to bark at 10pm.....?
  169. How can I stop my dog from barking?
  170. dog pooping in the house?
  171. Why does it cost more for a dog to go to the vet than it does for a person
  172. What are some names for Red Male Lab puppies?
  173. Dogs response to a name change?
  174. How can I keep my male beagles from getting out with a dog in heat down the road?
  175. Has anyone ever bred a cat and a dog?
  176. ideas 4 a dog partay?
  177. How do you stop a dog from barking?
  178. Dog urine will the smell come out of my blanket?
  179. a neighbor has this cat that he gave me when he was smaller cause my other
  180. Please some one help! how to i get my parents let me get a dog!!!!!????
  181. tell me what breed or breeds of dog this Dog is 1 1/2 yrs old?
  182. Can my dog drink tea?
  183. Did the dog catcher put my puppy to sleep?
  184. What's wrong with my dog?
  185. dog training @ what age?
  186. my dog is really fustrated because somethings wrong with his eye he cant it?
  187. Is it normal for a little bit of weight loss in newborn puppies?
  188. my puppy wont stop barking?
  189. Why does my dog have thick mucus, increased appetite and other symptoms?
  190. my dog killed a bird in the house. when i went to pick it up, i felt sadness so
  191. Is baby shampoo [scented] okay to use on puppies?
  192. I'm making a paper mache dog i need help!?
  193. dog has extreme phobia of going outside?
  194. is it ok to take puppy out without first shots?
  195. how to housebreak a puppy?
  196. Why are dogs drawn to chemicals?
  197. If a dogs has hips that pop and hesitates at stairs at 2 years old should I
  198. Im getting a puppy! yay!?
  199. Why would my dog whos usually quiet at night start barking alot?
  200. scottie and a new puppy?
  201. is it wrong to call a half boxer half bull dog a bulloxer?
  202. Puppy Linux vs DSL, which is best?
  203. How many penguins and how many husky dogs?
  204. My puppy was just spayed, I'd like to give her a special treat. Suggestions?
  205. can you breed a pug with a weiner dog?
  206. How old does a puppy need to be so he can be neutered?I?
  207. If I get 2 puppies what sexes should I get?
  208. How much exercise should my GSD puppy have?
  209. what shots do you definetly have to get your puppy?
  210. does my dog have parvo or ring worms?
  211. What dog is right for me?
  212. has any 1 tried using a human pregnany test on a dog if so does it work?
  213. How do you get newborn puppies registered?
  214. Where can I find the prank about the big guy who thinks he's on a Cheating Show
  215. Rottwieller with elbow displayshia... Future mobility service dog?
  216. Dog bleeding from Teats.?
  217. potty training for puppy?
  218. My dog won't stop barking,chasing the cat, im getting mad cuz i have had her...
  219. Would A Pro-Choice Believer Abort Their Dog's Puppies?
  220. what happens if a orphaned newborn puppy drinks a orphaned newborn kittens milk?
  221. Exercising my pitbull puppy?
  222. What should I name my puppy????!!!!!??
  223. My female dog is bleeding again 2nd time?
  224. How can you ask a vet if they have anything against certain breeds of dogs?
  225. puppy with horrible gas?
  226. My landlord gave me permission to own a dog,would I HAVE to get rid of it if one of
  227. What is a good idea for a puppy naming contest?
  228. help with my 8 week old puppy?
  229. what kind of dog is this? pic included.?
  230. my dog is having problems moving around in her hind end.?
  231. is my puppy in her first heat?
  232. What do I do if my dog goes CRAZY when she sees other dogs on a walk?
  233. My dog whines when I leave?
  234. i got a puppy yesterday. he is not even 2 months old and i already taught him to...
  235. my dog is pregnant she will not come when called he temp has been 99.1-99.7 all week?
  236. What is in a Hot Dog?
  237. Name for a girl dog...i cant decide!?
  238. Why is my husky still so puppy-like?
  239. what is a good diet to feed my dog for fast weight loss?
  240. Dog breed questions?????????
  241. stop puppy mills !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?
  242. the pound took my dog. can i get it back?
  243. puppy is very aggressive when it comes to?
  244. Dog spaying question?
  245. My dog is very sick. I have to put him down.?
  246. I need help with a new puppy. Any suggestions?
  247. Why my dog doesn't know anything at all?
  248. Is it a Dog or a Polar Bear?
  249. Input Output error when im installing yellow dog linux 6.1 on my ps3.?
  250. what is the name of the movie that some guys had to eat dog sperm