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  1. My puppy seems scared of hights, what can I do to prevent this becoming a problem?
  2. my puppy look like is losing hair around his nipples and now is around his eyes?
  3. How do you toilet train a puppy?
  4. My dog has been walking and sittting with his right ear sort of favoring the ground.?
  5. should the owners of the dog that attack my dog pay the vet bill?
  6. when is obama's dog coming to the white house?
  7. Best places to walk my dog in NE Georgia?
  8. what can i do for dogs runny stool?
  9. What does it mean when a puppy is alot smaller than the others?
  10. My Dog isn't eating - but then goes back to eating suddenly as she stopped!?
  11. are their any world war 2 fighter plane dog fights games out for ps2?
  12. I had to put my dog to sleep almost a year ago and I am still not over it.?
  13. what kind of dog is this?
  14. my dog is 10 months old and i have been told he is a dogue de bordeaux...
  15. Puppy Dog Food Question?
  16. How do I help my dog overcome his fear of the kitchen floor?
  17. Dog waste smell never goes away?
  18. why is my fixed dog always horny?
  19. i took my litter of puppies to the vet and got their tails docked, the stitches
  20. Please help my dog. My dog needs Radiation treatment for a tumor. Has anyone...
  21. What types of dogs are small, non-shedding, and good looking?
  22. Dog got into a fight..won't stop shaking. Help?
  23. My dog found a baby rat. It was really cute but what would have happened?
  24. My dog is going to have puppies whithin the week what should I do to prepare?
  25. What is the best and accurate way to prevent ticks and get ticks off my dog?
  26. Looking for Great Dane puppy!?
  27. My 4 month old jindo puppy neutered. help?
  28. You see a baby and a puppy on the side of the road..?
  29. Little white fluffball names for a puppy?
  30. why is my dog farting and always going to the bathroom?
  31. is it normal for a puppy to be born without a tail?
  32. My grandma has this chihuahua puppy....it looks like hes hurt....his eye...
  33. Does your dog catch and eat mice?
  34. How do you like your hot dogs?
  35. white patch on puppy's leg?
  36. On a scale of 1-10 how cute is this puppy?
  37. Help with new puppy!?
  38. advice needed for finding a reputable puppy breeder?
  39. Is it really that bad to take a puppy at 6 weeks?/Is it different for pugs?
  40. My dog ate raisins...=/?
  41. My puppy bit me, but the cut is extremely small.. should i be concerned?
  42. Is there anyone who as a puppy for adoption in NY?
  43. i'm getting a chihuahua puppy soon..names?
  44. Dog sewing patterns, free and cute?
  45. i need a maltese puppy for sale in indiana!!?
  46. Why are my puppies scared of Ambulance sound?
  47. My dog has a large bump right ouside his mouth?
  48. Is Slum Dog Millionaire a good movie?
  49. How can i toilet train m puppy? I am at work for most of the day?
  50. my puppy is lethargic?
  51. Is it common to for a dog to have difficutly urinating after trauma to its rear?
  52. my dog licks excessively?
  53. My dog seems stiff when she walks, does anyone have any tips?
  54. dog fighting speech............ help?
  55. Why does my puppy keep biting my feet?
  56. Please help me with my puppy!?
  57. My 7wk puppy was diagnosed with cocinidia, we are treating her with albon...
  58. How big will my puppy get?
  59. To get my parents letting me get a dog?
  60. my dog smells..like BAD?
  61. I'm having trouble deciding what my dog has in him. I need experts on dogs.?
  62. Where should my dog go to pee if hes already trained?
  63. Cute girl puppy names (need help please!!)?
  64. what are the injections called that puppies have?
  65. How do you train a 4 month old puppy?
  66. Starting a dog training service?
  67. Help with my puppy please?
  68. How do I deal with my dog freaking out when I talk on the phone?
  69. What would you prefer too look after a baby or a puppy?
  70. 5 week old puppy questions...................?
  71. Newborn Puppies, keep crying!?
  72. (pic included) Names for a puppy?
  73. we have a 10 week old puppy who was train on papers we brought him home and take...
  74. My dog peed on the floor ..........?
  75. Senior dog - carrier/tote training advice?
  76. What should i call my maltese puppy?
  77. Can a person report animal-cruelty if they see somebody in public forcing a
  78. will the pork bill have money for seeing eye dogs for the liberals?
  79. Can I give my dog a pancake?
  80. Help with feeding my puppy?
  81. How long should we wait to breed our dog?
  82. How do i get my puppy 2 pay attention?
  83. dog eats bar of soap?
  84. Puppy Vaccinations help?
  85. Can everyone help me with this dog problem?!!!!?
  86. how would i get rid of the stains around my dogs eyes?
  87. My dog is a little puppy and it has a lump on its jaw and its eyes are swelling...
  88. Is it normal that my dog's feet smell like nacho cheese doritos?
  89. Help on what to talk about in a speech about dog fighting?
  90. Who wants this puppy? ;3?
  91. dog fighting...... help on writing a speech?
  92. Why won't my dog stop scratching????Help!!!?
  93. puppy problems. help please?
  94. What is a good home made remedy for recurring ear infections on a dog.?
  95. My friends dog had a tiny bit of alcahol+a packet of mm's?
  96. how many times a day should i feed my 5 weeek old puppy?
  97. What's the best way to get my Shih tzu puppy used to being groomed?
  98. i went to the veteran and he has medicated my dog but m still worried nd
  99. Should I tell my landlord at my apartment complex about my dog having puppies?
  100. What do i do when i bring my chihuahua puppy home?
  101. where is the best place to find a small breed dog?
  102. My King Charles Cavalier just had her first litter of puppies, and would like...
  103. Help with puppy potty training?
  104. why was my rat suddenly spooked by my puppy?
  105. I need help with my dog!?
  106. Potty training with new puppy?
  107. i am looking for a maltese puppy and i need a name....?
  108. Can puppies have soup bones?
  109. puppy training questions?
  110. what dog is best for me?
  111. best kind of dog for small apartment?
  112. I have a male Pomeranian puppy. He has no name. Any suggestions?
  113. What are some ways to keep my dog healthy and well during summer?
  114. how do you breed dogs?
  115. How long after my pit bull has puppies will she go into heat?
  116. What is happening with my puppy?
  117. What kind of dog would make a good running companion?
  118. How to treat red stain under dog's eyes?
  119. Are dead toads poisonous to dogs as well?
  120. How can i get my big dog to play nice with my little dog?
  121. Has anyone else noticed that the Obama kids STILL don't have a dog...?
  122. how long does it take for the worms to dissapear after i give my dog...
  123. Is Skye a good name for a girl puppy?
  124. slush puppy drinks? .................................?
  125. I have a 3 yr old Kelpie. She barks at everything birds in the tree,...
  126. My dog just got surgery on his slipped neck disk, and now he has another! How
  127. German Shepard Puppy want one?
  128. What age do puppies loose their teeth?
  129. Adopted a dog today, what supplies do i need?
  130. what are cute puppy dog names?
  131. Did my dog have a seizure?
  132. how to build a dog house for two dogs?
  133. SFO based DOG HOUSE morning show prank call cd by elvis jv 107.7 kyld?
  134. my dog wont stop barking?
  135. Rocket Dog Shoes!!!!?
  136. I work 12 hours a day, is there any way i can own a dog?
  137. Need puppy expert - house training?
  138. what is a good song for my puppy's personality?
  139. My Bichon puppy weighs 10.2 lbs. and ate a 3.7 butterfinger bar?
  140. How can i convince my parents to keep this puppy?
  141. i have found a lump on my dogs tummy.?
  142. I am having problems with my dogs---help!?
  143. What is the best way to introduce a puppy to older dogs?
  144. what are some boy and girl names for dogs?
  145. I am looking for a dog???? HELP ME!!!!!?
  146. Allergic dog prescribed Hill's z/d food?!?
  147. Should i get another dog?
  148. How do I get the smell of puppy pee off my hardwood floor?
  149. POLL: Isn't it funny when a dog has peanut butter in his mouth?
  150. How to stop my puppy from being clingy?
  151. Are there religious VIPís at one end, atheists at the other, battling for control
  152. What should i name my puppy?
  153. Looking for a nice box to keep my puppy's ashes in... ideas?
  154. What Are Some Movies Where The(or A) Dog Dies?
  155. Are there ways to make my dog stop chewing wires?
  156. My dog pees on the the bed!?
  157. A dog on a plane but what about cats?
  158. Is my dog going to die?
  159. Size? Mix? My puppy? ..?
  160. what should i do about my dog!?
  161. does my dog have her period or not?
  162. What should my family and I name our new puppy?
  163. What is your favourite dog =)?
  164. dog friendly hotels in bournemouth england?
  165. What's your favorite dog breed?
  166. Worreid about Parvo...can a puppy play with a vaccinated dog?
  167. I getting a welsh corgi puppy what should I name her?
  168. Is it safe to watch porn using a Puppy Linux live cd?
  169. what should i name my puppy?
  170. My dog is about 7 years old and it has a groth on its side what is it?
  171. help me with my dog!!! PLEASE!?
  172. Should agencies that train Service Dogs try to use shelter dogs first?
  173. is it ok to hold a dog?
  174. 6 month old puppy passed away. What do I do?
  175. What should I name a dog (Name)?
  176. What is with my dog ?
  177. poll: Do you have a personal relationship with Dog?
  178. Can a vet tell if a dog is 3 weeks pregnant?
  179. I got my dog sick! * help! IDK what to do * -short?
  180. Why does my dog hate my GF?
  181. my dogs nervous bladder?
  182. Why do people go and buy a puppy, then research the breed later after they brought
  183. Please Help Me With Dog Stuff???!!!?
  184. My dog barks at everyone he sees how can I fix this?
  185. here's your new puppies parents that you bought from the petstore lastweek.?
  186. Unusual Poll : Dog or Chicken?
  187. What is the best deshedding tool for dogs and cats?
  188. Puppy laying down lots when it sees other people or dogs...help!?
  189. For people whose dogs are still intact-I'm curious to know why?
  190. Got a Doberman puppy this morning.?
  191. i have a three year old weiner dog, today i noticed a loose canine tooth,...
  192. can i give a young dog glucosamine?
  193. What should i name my new puppy?
  194. Is this aggressive behavior or normal puppy behavior?
  195. Scooting puppy on my carpet. ?
  196. what is wrong with my puppy?
  197. I got a puppy and im deciding between 3 names they are blade butterball or batty...
  198. Do antibiotics and antiinflammatories cause a dog to urinate more frequently?
  199. Quick About Flea and tick meds for dogs?
  200. What is the most popular breed of dog?
  201. Do you feel bitchy like me? bitch = female dog?
  202. Will my puppy pick one owner?
  203. who can help me out with questions about my new puppy?
  204. I need a name for my new puppy :]?
  205. Which name do you like best for my new male Pomeranian puppy?
  206. what does a puppy cut look like on a maltese?
  207. I want to help this dog but I don't know what to do?
  208. Why does my 1st dog try to bite/attack my 2nd dog when my 2nd dog yelps or
  209. Name my new puppy...she is a rottweiler/rhodesian ridgeback mix (looks just like...
  210. What small dogs are friendly towards each other?
  211. My dog ate something?!?!?
  212. What age can puppies start puppy class?
  213. Need help for cute puppy names?
  214. I think my dog is gay?
  215. Who thinks dogs are SO cute?
  216. Crate training Labrador puppy?
  217. we have just bought our first pup,he is a collie and is 8 weeks old,i know puppies...
  218. crate training a puppy?
  219. what should i name a girl kelpie puppy?
  220. My dog ate my parents chase check?
  221. How to treat my puppy's lyme disease?
  222. Who is better, the Legendary Birds, or Legendary Dogs?
  223. are my puppies getting enough milk?
  224. My Dog is acting WEIRD .... Advice PLEASE !!!!?
  225. does my puppy have worms?
  226. how much does a goldendoodle puppy cost?
  227. How do I train a dog to focus?
  228. What do you call your dog's water?
  229. do you know how to stop my mams dog from scavenging?
  230. How can i get my dog to stop barking on walks?
  231. puppy has allergies med questions.?
  232. Having a hard time deciding whether or not to dock my toy poodles puppies tails?
  233. funky name for 10 wk old puppy?
  234. Puppy problems.........?
  235. Puppy is a peeing in crate?
  236. My dog has fleas on her face :(?
  237. 9 wk old puppy 1 time she eats and is fine next time she throws it all...
  238. What is the best way to house train my puppy?
  239. Dog license required?
  240. In the movie, Beethoven, what is the breed of dog that plays... Beethoven?
  241. Why do people use the word 'dog' as a derogatory term?
  242. what will happen if my dog eats Raw Chicken?
  243. what kind of dog is the best breed/mixed breed to get with a little kid?
  244. PLEASE help me with my dog!!?
  245. What should I do about my dogs bandage?
  246. Should I get a male or female dog.?
  247. What would be a good dog walking schedule?
  248. How to train a puppy to go potty outside?
  249. can a min pin and a toy pin have puppies?
  250. Neighbors dog won't eat?