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  1. i think my 6 week old puppy has hemorroids.?
  2. Some help! Name a society that did not have domesticated dogs.?
  3. Have you ever raced your dog?
  4. REPOST: Is 1 month enough to import a puppy?
  5. My younger grey striped cat hass a crush on my older orange cat that is...
  6. How to get my fiancÚ to agree with getting a puppy?
  7. what's the brand name of those leather purses with a dog on?
  8. Signs of BLOOD in URINE ??? My large dog is 7 years old. About 3 weeks
  9. We have a Stressed out puppy!?
  10. Dog dong book anyone!!??
  11. I may be purchasing cockaterripoo dog?
  12. Our dogs eat Beneful healthy weight,will......?
  13. help!!!!Puppy hurt his back legs?
  14. What time do puppies wake up in the morning?
  15. My dog has had 3 seizures and is wobbly...?
  16. What breed of dog is this?
  17. Any body have an All white Male Tea-Cup Chihuahua puppy for sale in Houston, TX?
  18. How do I get my 4 week year old puppies to eatpuppy mush?
  19. what is the best way to house train a german sheperd puppy?
  20. My dog goes crazy when i play drums?
  21. disrespectful to walk a dog in a graveyard?
  22. can a dog and a cat have a child?
  23. My puppy seems to have a runny nose?
  24. Any dog sitters in West London area?
  25. my dog chewed my ipods usb cable andd?
  26. reasons why to get a puppy?
  27. How do puppies develop cleft palate?
  28. What are your Pet Peeve questions in the Dog section?
  29. Is 1 month enough time to import a puppy?
  30. Is it ok to leave my puppy in the bathroom while at work for 8 hours?
  31. What are the best treats for a puppy who is 2 months old that you want to reward?
  32. What info should you put on the dog tag??
  33. what should i do for my dog?
  34. puppy help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  35. dog gnaws and gets excited when being petted?
  36. How do I get my puppy to come when called?
  37. Puppy too young for shots?
  38. My lab just had puppies what do i do?
  39. my dog is getting fat?
  40. Has anyone used Biospot flea and tick medicine on your dog?
  41. Breeding and Puppy's?
  42. Which dogs are the best to buy for protection from thiefs and are...
  43. my dog is 13. He has a nasty dry cough usually at night. He is fine with
  44. Okay to get a puppy from this breeder if - ?
  45. how long can police dogs detected weed after smoked?
  46. Another couple of dog food questions?
  47. What r good dog names?
  48. Is it safe for dogs to eat lactic acid?
  49. where does dogs get parvo?
  50. how i can tell if my dog is adult or puppy?
  51. why my dog died. symptoms. theories?
  52. What do you think of my puppy?? Links Work?
  53. i want a puppy real badly!!?
  54. help for dog with separation anxiety?
  55. is puppy training that difficult,and its diet a rocket science?
  56. can you feed dogs apples?
  57. 2 female dogs ? live together?
  58. Is it okay to leave a puppy alone for this long?
  59. Symptoms for dog pregnancy?
  60. Do you spay and neuter show dogs?
  61. What can i do to make my dog bark and lick?
  62. when can i start giving my maltese puppy 'angel eyes' to rid her of tear staining?
  63. dog changed coat color - got darker - after giving birth?
  64. Is dog breeding evidence for evolution?
  65. do i have to take my puppy out again afta eatin if it pooped b4 eatin?
  66. What breed is my puppy?
  67. I just a bought a yorkie puppy and i don't know what to do ?
  68. What should I name my puppy?
  69. how to get aide to pay a vet current vet bill for my 13year old dog the bill is
  70. Did Marilyn Manson really throw a puppy into the mosh pit...?
  71. a name for this adorable puppy? (youtube video included!)?
  72. What kind of dog is this?
  73. How do you crate train a puppy?
  74. Question about my dog and snapping at my 2 year old son...do we have to put her down?
  75. Why does my quiet dog bark when my boyfriend lifts me?
  76. Parents who have dogs....i need your help please read and answer!?
  77. Help puppy's eye is swollen?
  78. My dog keeps choking, gagging, and then throwing up?
  79. My dog is really bloated?
  80. How come certain breeds of dogs are more likely to run around in circles...
  81. new dog?!?!?!?! with old dog:( ?
  82. Where can i find a documentary or vid on puppy mills?
  83. how to stop my dog from chewing everything?
  84. mechanisms involved in the response of a person becoming frightened by a stray dog?
  85. why wont my puppy poop outside?
  86. What is the best way to socialize a dog?
  87. Help about pregnant dog.?
  88. Why has my sweet dog become aggressive lately?
  89. What is the best food for a female puppy Jack Russell Terrier?
  90. At the end of Resevoir Dogs, does Mr. White shoot Mr Orange before the
  91. how big are chihuahua puppies?
  92. my pomeranian puppy is too attatched.. help!?
  93. 3 month Labrador Puppy please help!?
  94. My dogs ate onions helllp!?
  95. my new lab/terrier mix puppy's eye has a red buldge under it!?
  96. Help me with female puppy names?
  97. Help! My dog is in pain...?
  98. Recently rescued a shih-poo puppy?
  99. If a Daschund dog was given........?
  100. do you hate dog abuse?
  101. Dog punishment!!! SHE BIT ME...WHILE TRAINING?
  102. how can i stop my puppy biting me?
  103. How to strap a dogs leg for walks?
  104. my friend gave me a puppy? what do i do know?
  105. How is Feeling for dog poem..? otteri selvakumar?
  106. really bored puppy stories?
  107. How early can you potty train a puppy?
  108. new puppy but what kind?
  109. What should I name my new puppy?!?
  110. What type of mix breed is my puppy?
  111. HELP!!! i have a demonic puppy!?
  112. My dog keeps throwing up?
  113. Im trying to name my new dog?
  114. cats and dogs were do they go????????????????
  115. German shepherd puppy?
  116. can i persuade our landlord to let us have a little dog?
  117. Boxer puppy outside ?
  118. What do you think of the name Lulabelle for a puppy?
  119. Yorkie puppy wont drink water?
  120. Naming puppy, I'll be gifted one from my bf?
  121. My puppy (10 weeks old) got rug spray in her eye. Now she can't see from far
  122. My dog got lilly pollen all over his nose and then i did the silliest thing :(?
  123. What episode of Looney Tunes has a dog addicted to meat?
  124. My Puppy has Blueish - Greyish eyes , can you tell me if its blind ?
  125. What kind of puppies do you get when you breed....?
  126. How many puppies with my dog have?
  127. How do I stop my dog from being so aggressive in an off leash area towards...
  128. What would have happened, should my puppy had swallowed the Advil?
  129. Do you live in phx,az and want a free puppy?
  130. Why is my dog doing this?
  131. What should I name my new puppy?
  132. My dog is limping badly and I'm not even sure if he did anything?
  133. Pregnant dog.................?
  134. How long after a puppy is born does it have that black stool?
  135. Is this dog dreaming or is it something more serious?
  136. What else is my dog mixed with?
  137. We rescued a starved dog, what could be wrong with her?
  138. Help please, my dog ate a tennis ball..?
  139. my dogs nail is bleeding?
  140. Is there any difference between a show quality a pet quality Doberman puppy?
  141. What breed of dog is my puppy?
  142. my dog wont eat and is licking his butt?
  143. What are the guide lines of importing a puppy into the US?
  144. A good cotton candy,hot dog,snow cone machine?
  145. Why does my senior dog pants so much?
  146. Spiritually speaking, two dogs cross a road...?
  147. Why is my dog so hungry?
  148. Just got a very scared puppy....Questions?
  149. I am looking to adopt a Pitbull, but how I can I tell what kind of body type
  150. Help dog might have lung cancer...?
  151. I got a new puppy, how big will he get?
  152. Labrador owners and puppy help.?
  153. How long can a 5-week-old puppy hold it's bladder?
  154. how hard is it to take care of a new puppy?
  155. Volunteering at a dog shelter?
  156. were can i find one of the dog chairs from beverly hills chihuahuah?
  157. Bring my 8 week puppy to petsmart?
  158. my dog is limping and an x-ray showed a black spot, can it be cancer?
  159. Why do I like it when me and my dog do this?!!!!!!!!?
  160. What is the best approach to reason with a fukwit dog owner?
  161. what product should my dog use for natural oil replacement?
  162. Why does my puppy have luxating patella :'(?
  163. Help! My dog wants to bite people?
  164. I bought some vitakraft chocomilk drops for my two small dogs?
  165. why is my puppy pooing in the house?
  166. My dog is almost 3 yrs old and she still does the excited peeing. Alot of the
  167. how can i help my sistter with her puppy problem?
  168. Please need urgent advice for my dogs?
  169. The Akita ? is this dog the right dog for us ?
  170. Can I carry my puppy in a bag ?
  171. what type of bones can my staff puppy eat?
  172. French: How do you say... My dog had, had four puppies.?
  173. Whats on my dog's nose?
  174. Is there any way i ca take my dog on holiday with me?
  175. I got my puppy microchipped. Is it automatically registered or do I have to...
  176. Books on livestock guardian dog breeds?
  177. How to ship a dog from Italy, Canada, or USA, to the Philippines?
  178. My puppy has bad dreams should I wake him?
  179. How can you forget your shih tzu puppy who died?
  180. What kind of dog is my puppy?
  181. What breed of dog is my puppy?
  182. Looking for the right sort of puppy?
  183. Help with neighbor's dog? Legal recourse?
  184. my puppy just got spayed two days ago and she keeps peeing everywhere?
  185. Can a dog wet the bed?
  186. Is puppy find a puppy mill site or it it real breeders.?
  187. how to poision a dog preaching?! i think paul washer?
  188. Welcoming the puppy....?
  189. when i walk my dog in our neighborhood and there are dogs in yards barking at him...
  190. looking for a dog. help me pick one?(:?
  191. Is it harder on a dog to get them spayed when they are younger or older?
  192. how do I keep my dog from pooping and peeing in the house?
  193. Does your puppy do this?
  194. Dog going in the house.?
  195. My puppy died the other night, was puking blood.?
  196. Dog is sick help? please..?
  197. is my puppy suffering if he has worms?
  198. my dog suddenly became picky. help!?
  199. German Shepard (Mix) Puppies For Free?
  200. jack russel puppies please help....?
  201. Help training my 3 month old Chiuaua puppy! I've only had him 2 days.?
  202. Which dog should I get?
  203. Reasons why I should get a dog?
  204. Spiritually Speaking: Did Obama ever get a dog, which is tradition for a...
  205. Looking at a puppy and need some help please?
  206. What are the national websites for missing dogs, cats/ pets?
  207. can my dog be near my tortoise?
  208. what would make a dog drool profusively and feel weak and not act normal?
  209. Does this look like a puppy mill to you?
  210. Why is my puppy acting fiesty with my older dog and not other dogs?
  211. whats the best way to potty train my puppy?
  212. I jst wanna double check , my puppy has blackish - greyish eyes and
  213. my puppy ate old pizza AND SHE IS ACTING STRANGE?
  214. Our new puppy is acting really weird all of a sudden! he's a 9-week-old
  215. Plastic Nylabone puppy 19 weeks?
  216. My dogs have started barking at every little thing?
  217. Help! My 6 month old puppy poops and pees in his crate!?
  218. who knows the lyrics to i wanna fuck a dog up the ass?
  219. why does my dog act this way?
  220. Help with my Maltese puppy!?
  221. how can I keep a dog that I have cared for since 09/05 until today 03/09 ?
  222. How old should a puppy be before being adopted?
  223. Why does my dog hump?
  224. Help about puppies!!!?
  225. 3 week old puppies? Issues with Mama?
  226. Walking without leash: dog training?
  227. How do I remove ticks from a 6 week old puppy?
  228. my FIRST PUPPY or DOG! PLEASE HELP idk what to do?
  229. My dog needs pin removal surgery on his shoulder, how much is this going to cost.?
  230. my dog had pups 4 weeks ago pups feed off of all the tits except for the back...
  231. WHAT is my dog crossed with? pics too! please help?
  232. Could a male pitbull puppy live with a 13 year old jack russel terrier?
  233. My well behaved puppy is now being a monster!?
  234. new puppy is biting my other dog?
  235. where could my boyfriend, 2 small dogs, and me go for a short 2 day 1
  236. What dog breed will be best for me?
  237. Is my adult dog trying to dominate the puppy?
  238. Puppy wont stop biting..?
  239. what is the best way to teach my english mastiff puppy to walk on a leash?
  240. Questions about Dog Allergies!!!??
  241. what would be a better dog?a chihuahua or toy poodle?
  242. what should i do when trying to get my puppy to sleep in another room?
  243. please i really need help with my dog!!!!!?
  244. Hey, anyone know how to convince your parents to let you get a dog?
  245. house training a 15 week old shih-tuz puppy?
  246. What should i name my new puppy?
  247. Who has the oldest dog here(age wise)?
  248. Live in an apartment and theirs a dog...??(Read on)?
  249. My new puppy? what should i do?
  250. ideas on curing some dog agression?