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  1. Would someone kindly help me determine the breed of my sister's dog...?
  2. Where can i adopt a cute cheap teacup maltese puppy in los angeles?
  3. dog section: can you help me?
  4. How do I get my dog to stop chewing everything in the house!!!?
  5. dog or cat???????????
  6. How long after a puppies second jabs can she go out?
  7. help with puppy training ?
  8. Why is dog man's best Friend?
  9. When is it ok to give my puppy a bath?
  10. dogs passing worms to humans?
  11. Paper Training 8 week old puppy?
  12. Will my Lab/Great Dane Puppy Survive Parvo?
  13. Why do you think my puppy did this?
  14. Is there something wrong with my dog please help?
  15. are pitbulls good for guard dogs?
  16. How are dogs chosen to serve as Police dogs?
  17. A SURVEY About HOT DOGS!!!!!?
  18. Dogs being poisoned with Anti-freeze?
  19. whats a good website for yorkie puppy names?
  20. What kind of dog is this?
  21. What to feed our new puppy?
  22. Is your dog sometimes smarter than you are?
  23. How long does it take puppy Shih Tzu to not wake up to go to the bathroom over night?
  24. can i re-name an adopted dog?
  25. What can I do about my puppy?
  26. Putting my dog to sleep tomorrow, does anyone have any tips on how to cope?
  27. To people that have large dogs?
  28. had 2 dogs, one just died, will the one that got left behind be OK ?
  29. Can a dog detect labor?..repost.?
  30. My dog passed away. It's been 10 days and I'm still extremely sad. Is this okay?
  31. Dog advice .......................?
  32. Help me! there is worms coming out of my puppy butt!!?
  33. is it normal for my labrador puppy to have some white hair on her chest..!?
  34. How do i stop my dog barking whenever the close door bangs shut?
  35. Why is Obama Bin Screwing up my Kids Future such a bad parent for promising
  36. my sister is getting her own dog tommorow how will my new puppy react?
  37. Which brand of PUPPY FOOD should I feed my puppy?
  38. I need a gay name for my male puppy?
  39. i have a pit bull dog and i really can't afford a vet visit at this time but i'm
  40. What do you think of this puppy?
  41. Why is my dog so mad at me?
  42. Marching Cadets and a trotting dog... Puzzle!?
  43. What should I have engraved onto a dog tag for my boyfriend?
  44. what should i do, i think my dog is really sick here!!!?
  45. I need a name for my yellow lab puppy?
  46. I Have Puppy Problems?
  47. My dog has huge welts all over her body. What can I do to make the pain...
  48. What is a good name for a male shih tzu dog?
  49. Can I get arrested for peeing on a dog?
  50. why does my puppy bark at me?
  51. What does it mean if my puppy had impacted teeth?
  52. does anyone know a free 24 hr animal hotline to ask a question about my...
  53. Is there anyway to know how big this puppy will get?
  54. How do i know my dog is pregnant?
  55. new puppy jack russel?
  56. can dogs eat fava beans?
  57. How to stop a puppy from peeing in the house?
  58. what kind of dog is a chi?
  59. my little dog has been sick?
  60. What would you do if a baliff dragged away your puppy?
  61. My 8week old puppy passed away last night. I need an expert to answer this?
  62. why is my dog coughing?
  63. Flying 2 dogs (Rotweilers) and 2 cats from US to Europe?
  64. finding 3 pit bull puppies homes?
  65. Which Brand of dog food is better for my 4 dogs?
  66. Should I get a dog, I am getting an apartment and I know there are a lot...
  67. Why does my puppy freeze?
  68. American Eskimo Puppies?
  69. How come Americans are offended by dog eating but not cow eating?
  70. papillion puppy name?
  71. why are my puppy's toes hard?
  72. Please help my puppy dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  73. Should we contact the police about this dog? Please help!!?
  74. roommate just got a puppy and isn't taking care of him, what should i do?
  75. HOw do you say: fur or coat (Dog's body)?
  76. dog potty training! help!?
  77. How can I potty train my yorkie puppies when it's cold outside?
  78. Would eating uncooked macaroni make my dog sick?
  79. Are these puppy names cute?
  80. Should i let my puppy sleep in my bedroom?
  81. pet ferret and new puppy...?
  82. What are some good dogs? already have a playful lab that needs a companion?
  83. Puppy pain medication?
  84. How can I convince my parents to let me get a dog?
  85. How long is it ok to leave my puppy in her crate for?
  86. Parvo puppy coming home?
  87. how teach the labra dog?
  88. can u suggest a name for a dog?
  89. How much water does my dog need in a day?
  90. I gave my 6 month old lab mix puppy 2 cups of milk.. is that okay?
  91. I need a dog. whats a good breed? personal experience is encouraged!!!?
  92. does a dog keep bleeding if she is prego?
  93. does my dog recognise me after i have been away?
  94. Male Puppy Neutering...?
  95. Potty training a year old puppy?
  96. puppy's anal glands!?!?
  97. How do i rain my dog to go potty outside?
  98. Have you ever seen a dog with shifty eyes?
  99. how much will it cosed to buy a full bred beagle puppy?
  100. How long does it take for a dog to recover from blood loss induced anemia?
  101. What are some cute male dog names?
  102. How can I know my dog is healthy?
  103. how long can puppies stay at home?
  104. Is it normal for an 8 week old puppy to be acting fearful or is this a...
  105. Boston Terrier puppy 14 weeks old who thinks my kids are chew toys once in
  106. Dog's strange eating habit....?
  107. Can my 7 week old Havenese Puppy eat adult Innova canned?
  108. I live in Belfast where would the best place be to buy a brussels griffon puppy?
  109. How much would the vet bill cost for an 8 week old pug puppy?
  110. Price of a pitt puppy?
  111. Best bark collar for a Border Collie puppy?
  112. which dog you can say is 1man dog?
  113. more focused on my dogs then homework, is that like really bad? =[?
  114. At what age should i train my new puppy (lab) to find antler sheds?
  115. Super Dog Surveys: 5 things about you! Most interesting gets 10 points!?
  116. cxan some one tell me my dog's breed?
  117. How can i prevent my dog from barking at 12:00 at night?
  118. my dog (dixie) died 03-07-09 and i cant bring myself to cope with her death.
  119. I REALLY REALLY want a dog but house training?
  120. What is the best puppy to stay at home?
  121. i was trying to help a friend find a home for her puppy when?
  122. I'm looking for dog, but don't which one it has to be a loyal, strong, sporty...?
  123. my dog wakes out of nowhereyelps intesely.once he sees where he is he's
  124. How do I make perfect puppy dog eyes?
  125. What does a man do while standing? A lady do while sitting? And a dog do with...
  126. My dog is having nightmares!?
  127. What are some ways to cope with a dying family dog?
  128. What kind of dog should I get?
  129. good dogs for me? already have a lab?
  130. What are some cool tricks I can teach my dog?
  131. If you feed a dog a lot when they are a puppy and, genetically, they
  132. can you wash dogs in human shampoo?
  133. How to seperate my puppies from fighting for foods?
  134. What type of puppy should I?
  135. My puppy's ears stink?
  136. i feel like i'm neglecting my puppy?
  137. crate training a puppy?
  138. Has anyone used puppy-n-dog-secrets program?
  139. How to train a puppy?
  140. Opinions about Canidae dry dog food?
  141. My puppy doesn't like put him on leash?
  142. how often should you bath a dog?
  143. Is my puppy okay? She hit her head on a fence!?
  144. My 10 month old puppy is not eating anymore?
  145. what to feed a 3 month old cocker spaniel puppy?
  146. puppy vaccination is this ok?
  147. Whats the best kind of dog for someone with a nervous disposition?
  148. Why do you suppose so many dogs try to bite the front of the blow dryer
  150. My puppy was sick this morning, will she be ok?
  151. I have a 15 year old nephew who when kids, dogs etc are not doing what they are...
  152. What kind of dog is my puppy im guessing betweeen coonhound and rotwiler?
  153. My puppy is itching!!!?
  154. My puppy walks and pees at the same time?
  155. Why do dogs lick people?
  156. What is the easiest trick to teach a puppy?
  157. I have a problem with my puppy when I walk her...?
  158. what is a good name for a male bull mastiff puppy?
  159. What should we do about the dog?? Serious question please help!!!?
  160. Do dogs know appreciation?
  161. Best way to train my puppy?
  162. question about dog fight breeds?
  163. My little yokie puppy is sneezing food out of its nose advice
  164. What would cause a puppy to sneeze every few hours for 3 weeks?
  165. when is the right age to teach my dog sex ed?
  166. i need a puppy breed?
  167. i killed my friends dog idk what to do with the body?
  168. How would I go about getting my dog entered into a CKC competition for best in show?
  169. how much is a shitzu jackrussel mixed puppies worth?
  170. I want to find the perfect puppy!?
  171. Puppy's age and size?
  172. Why Does My Puppy Refuse To GO Outside??!!?
  173. Outside dog had puppies - We can't find them. Please help!!!?
  174. Dog mating, question about tie? do the dogs actually have to have a tie...
  175. do dogs have a left hand/right hand prefrance like humans?
  176. my puppy ate white chocolate 2 days ago will he be ok?
  177. how big is a puppy that's ...?
  178. Why should I get my dog neutered?
  179. What color should I paint my dog's house ?
  180. My puppy is constantly peeing?
  181. Ugliest Dog Competition 2009 [winner]?
  182. Will the humane society put my dog down that I had to surrender if he is not
  183. is it a good idea to bring in a new puppy?
  184. What are your experiences with Halo dog food?
  185. I have just recently found out that my friend fights his dog he also
  186. What kind of dog fits our needs?
  187. how will my dog act after being neutered?
  188. How can i stop my dog eating its poo!!?
  189. I have a new puppy I want to know it's life span.?
  190. how do i get my puppy to stop biting.?
  191. What's the 'range' of a sniffer dog?
  192. What type of dog would be best as a Psychiatric Support Dog?
  193. How to Get my dad to let me have a dog?
  194. My puppy has vomited 3 times since his new food?
  195. Hi im needing some info on a dog?
  196. Everytime I pull on my dogs fur it falls out. Why?
  197. who has a cute little pet dog. do you like to kiss its feet.?
  198. What is the difference between these two epulis,' in a dog's mouth?
  199. After worming a dog is it normal for them to be sick?
  200. My dog goes crazy when I...?
  201. why does my dog rub his penis on me?
  202. Do you think my puppy is okay?
  203. Health, dog, and rabbies, my son safety and health?
  204. Does any one have or have had a Golden Retriever puppy? If so how should I prepare?
  205. Is it alright to train a hunting dog using treats?
  206. my boxer puppy 5 mounths .?
  207. I need help house training my puppy?
  208. my dog has a problem with toliet training?
  209. What do you think of my puppy?
  210. Has anyone every made burgers with hot dogs chopped up in them?
  211. PUPPY TRAINING (Toilet)?
  212. my dog had puppies sometime last night?
  213. Poll: Do dogs have feelings?
  214. My dog chewed the cord to our window A/C?
  215. Is 6 weeks to young for a mastiff puppy to leave its mum?
  216. DOG HELP!!!! please :]?
  217. how long should i keep my dog on puppy chow?
  218. how old do puppies have to be to get their parvo shots?
  219. Puppy crate training question?
  220. Physics Help plz!?: What fraction of a full circle does the dog's motion make...
  221. dog has loose kneecap?
  222. Puppy eyes and camera flash?
  223. How do I care for a blind puppy?
  224. How many dogs do you have?
  225. My puppy has a massive gash on the top of his head, how do I stop him scratching it?
  226. HELP! Puppy's tooth fell out?
  227. How do we make the transition from cage to room for our puppy who wee's!?
  228. Puppy sick today...could it be because of his shots?
  229. can someone please tell me good ways to lose puppy fat?
  230. Are my dogs gay ???????
  231. can anyone recommend any low fat dog food for my pug?
  232. if a human being has sex with a dog, will the female become preg? and how will the
  233. 12 lb Yorkie has aggression issues towards large dogs?
  234. How do you feel about the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race?
  235. dawn in dogs eye dog had fleas bath her with dawn and the next morning her eye
  236. Dog attacked another dog?
  237. Saying goodbye to a foster puppy?
  238. which of these dogs is best?
  239. Why do our dogs fight?
  240. 7 week old puppy with wobbly legs normal?
  241. If you were a dog, what breed would you be?
  242. if you know any good websites that are selling golden retriver puppies plz give
  243. How do I stop my dog from annoying my rabbit?
  244. Dog Obedience trainers. Looking to volunteer my time to learn the field?
  245. Dog Help! My dog will not stop biting!?
  246. what does it mean when a dog has blood in its poo?
  247. how do i train a dog that teethes on valuable things?
  248. Hi i wondered what people would pay an hour to walk their dogs?
  249. Can I legally train dogs in virginia if i am 14?
  250. I buried my dog in my backyard but i don't know if its deep enough?