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  1. What is a short statement on how Lassie (the dog) was a hero to America?
  2. Puppy Crate Suggestions Please?
  3. in the movie homeward bound 2,there is a dog named Daliah. i was wondering what
  4. Puppy refuses to walk on the lead...?
  5. Good dog names? ???? HELP PLeASE!!!?
  6. I want a dog it has to be hairless fuzzy not shed be hypoallergenic only...
  7. My Puppy Needs Your Help!?
  8. How do I get a tick off of my dog?
  9. what kind of puppy should i get.?
  10. Keep my dogs coat BLACK????
  11. My puppy just threw up some white stuff.?
  12. Kong Stuff'n is making my puppy stinky?
  13. dog has been diagnosed with early onset arthritis?
  14. 4 month old puppy with darkend tooth?
  15. when can i give my puppy a bath after she has been spayed?
  16. What kind of dog would be good for my family?
  17. When Puppies their eyes?
  18. My puppy is in pain!!!!!!!!!?
  19. help finding lost dog?
  20. Help!! I Have a 5 month old puppy thats possibly pregnant?
  21. how can i obtain papers for my puppy?
  22. my 4 month old puppy is being treated for parvo..how often should i feed him...
  23. is my parvovirus survivor dog safe to have puppies of her own?will her...
  24. Bugs Bunny or Puppy ?
  25. why does my puppy have?
  26. My dog is a police drug dog, I think he needs to go to rehab but everytime I?
  27. I would like to teach my dog to track scents.?
  28. Why does my puppy stop breathing?
  29. Helo me with my new dog - PLEASE?
  30. Are my dogs seeing ghosts? Help!?
  31. what would be a good name for my teacup yorkie puppy that is being...
  32. 6.5 mo old puppy runs over 3 month old?
  33. What is on my dogs neck?!?
  34. My dog is a preschooler in dog yrs, and she goes to puppy preschool. is that LOL?
  35. Which name for this female puppy?
  36. Best breed of puppy food sold at walmart?
  37. My dog won't go to Sleep after being neutered?
  38. Super hyper/mouthy moments in 3 month old puppy. (Vets/trainers prefered)?
  39. Can my dog overdose on vitamins?
  40. if i dont have any money to get my puppy dewormed can the vet help me? my
  41. My dog is scared of me...?
  42. could a dog eat mushrooms?
  43. My 7month old puppy teeth are barely comming out behing the old ones
  44. On the hunt for a puppy..?
  45. can anyone explain how to get papers for a dog?
  46. Anyone given Arthramine for dogs?
  47. Who is the fattest dog ever?
  48. My dog has the runs and he wont eat. What should I do?
  49. Is it wrong to let a dog sleep outside?
  50. How would I send my daughter a puppy across the US?
  51. Can dogs/puppies get drunk?
  52. Help me name my Puppy!!?
  53. help- my dog smells terrible!?
  54. A good dog breed that's considered hypo allergenic?
  55. Can you use Dog tooth paste on ferrets?
  56. what is a good name for a boston terrier puppy?
  57. Number of puppies that can be bred by breeding dogs?
  58. Look at the 2 pics please do you think it is the same dog? I am SO MAD?
  59. Is this a puppy mill?
  60. How much should I feed my Weimaraner\Doberman puppy?
  61. Stop teasing Designer Dogs?
  62. Can You Make Puppies On Nintendogs?
  63. puppy wont stop biting?
  64. Why does my dog nudge her food bowl away?
  65. How do you say 'dog' in Russian?
  66. How Do I Convince My Parents That I Deserve The Puppy?
  67. Does anyone remember when the last Olympics were on and on another channel...
  68. Walkin Problems with puppy?
  69. which beaches in florida allow puppies?
  70. What's the difference buying a dog with papers or no papers?
  71. what's the best food for puppies?
  72. Is this a good mix of dogs to have together?
  73. Is this serious? New puppy, scabs, hair missing.?
  74. My female bischon just gave birth to 4 beautiful puppies? How can I....?
  75. What should i name my new doberman puppy?
  76. I am in Pa and my boyfriend is in Ga with our dog. How can he send our dog...
  77. My puppy had kennel cough and died about 5 days later. can a dog die from
  78. Why is my dogs vulva still swollen after being in heat. (10 pts to best answer)?
  79. My puppy bites all the time! Help?
  80. Why does my 4 month old puppy eat our other dog's poo?
  81. I have many unsolve problems like dog's life,i have multiple sickness and need
  82. Why does my 7 month Dobermann puppy keep peeing on my bed?
  83. my puppy wont sleep!!! HELP!?
  84. Veterinarians only please!Is garlic bad for dogs?
  85. Burns dried dog food does anyone feed their dog on this?
  86. Can my 5lb chihuahua have a regular sized rat terriers puppies?
  87. I just had my puppy spayed.?
  88. My dog peed on me I am worried?
  89. Does anyone know any rescue dog shelters that just have golden retrievers
  90. I just bought a yellow lab puppy from craigslist.com and he is very tiny (about
  91. Good breed of dog for baby jack russell?
  92. Dog name for Husky/Boxer mix?
  93. My MUm put a deposit on 2 Shitzu Maltese cross puppies? should we get them?
  94. My dog is turning pink! #2?
  95. While dog training is it okay to?
  96. Puppy needs a muzzle for biting?
  97. difference between Labrador and Golden Retriever PUPPIES?
  98. A bull like blister has appeared on my dog its not a tick what could it be?
  99. New puppy seems scared of his food bowl?
  100. im sure she know she will be sick, so why does my puppy insist on eating sticks?
  101. Has anybody tried Iams Skin Coat Response FP/Canine Dry dog food for itching and
  102. I just got a new puppy and he threw up his dinner?
  103. Who's the Cutest Dog?
  104. Do you know where any puppy training classes are near lichfield!?
  105. Pulling Harness for our dog in Vancouver BC?
  106. Any places i could get a loft bed that my dog could get on?
  107. Does my male dog smell a female dog?
  108. Dog bleeding after being groomed?
  109. Need Help. My 6mo. Beagle Puppy won't..?
  110. apart from champdogs are there any websites that list dog breeders in the UK?
  111. Is a dog/puppy fun too have or are they a pain to have?
  112. does anyone know where they sell vans slip ons black pink white puppies in oxnard ?
  113. What is a good age to start training a puppy to sit, stay etc?
  114. is my parvovirus survivor dog safe to have puppies of her own? will her puppies...
  115. what type of dog should i get?
  116. I just got a 12 week old puppy today. She seems to be breathing unusually fast
  117. If we are looking for a certain breed and there are no more puppies...
  118. why do you love dogs?
  119. Puppy is sick what can I do? Help! 10 pts. best answer!?
  120. cute names 4 my dogs?
  121. My Puppy is sick HELP!?
  122. When is it time to vaccinate a puppy?
  123. How to calm stressed dogs during a thunderstorm?
  124. My puppy is peeing in is sleep a lot, he is 4 moths old approx.?
  125. My 5 month old puppy is on a road trip and won't pee anywhere, help it's
  126. German Shepard Puppies For Sale?
  127. Jon and Kate puppies? are they really gone?
  128. I was thinking about breeding my small dog with my friend and sell the...
  129. How can i determine how many puppies my dog is going to have?
  130. My dog hasn't used the bathroom in nearly 2 days?
  131. Help the alphabet dogs !?
  132. How do I know if my puppy has a disease?
  133. What can I do about a skunk smell that is in my house that happened after my...
  134. Puppy Vaccination Schedule, Is this correct?
  135. My Puppy wont come in the living room how do i make him feel comfortable
  136. what are these two bald patches on my dog?
  137. My dog is pregnant. Any procedures I should.......?
  138. how long will a mother dog stay swollen after a litter ?
  139. where can i find cool hats for a puppy?
  140. DOGS Fighting I have 2 cocker females Mother and daughter ages 2 3,?
  141. Taking my puppy on a plane?
  142. Which dog do you like?
  143. Why does my dog stand on the porch, and bark, nonstop..?
  144. Puppy Hookworms questions!?
  145. What breed is this puppy? EASY !?
  146. My dog just ate a muffin wrapped in Saran Wrap. Should I make her throw up the...
  147. Why is my dog breathing this way?
  148. Can i use people, cat or dog nail clipers for guinea pigs?
  149. Training New Puppy Help!?
  150. why electric conductors' name are rabbit / zebra /dog etc?
  151. Ive had it with my dogs what can I do with them?
  152. How do I stop my dogs from attacking each other?(URGENT)?
  153. 5 mo. old puppy skin trouble?
  154. Any ideas what breed my dog is?
  155. What's it gonna be little alphabetical K9 buddies, let X-dog in or not?
  156. where can i buy a shirt that says i'm against puppy mills?
  157. how can i teach my dog to roll over and do difrent tricks?
  158. what does a dog looks like when it's pregnant?
  159. found dogs abandon at empty house?
  160. if my dog had another litter, would she allow her first puppy to go near
  161. What's this dog's breed?
  162. rawhide dog bones...........?
  163. what should i do with my dog?
  164. How many days does a german sheperd have to wait till it has puppies?
  165. Training dogs........?
  166. where can i find to adapt a puppy?
  167. is this puppy love or real love?
  168. My cocker spaniel just had 3 puppies. tthe xray showed 6, any comments to
  169. My dogs are acting SO strange!!?
  170. do puppies sleep through the night?
  171. what is a good name for a black lab puppy, we have a Boston bull named...
  172. HELP!Dog Problem! NEED ADVICe?
  173. where can i got free shots for my DOG in hammond indiana?
  174. Hi, my friend lost his dog in Temple City, please help if you know, have heard or...
  175. my puppy chihuahua ate an orange slice is he gonna be ok. need to know right now!?
  176. What breed(s) do you think my dog is?
  177. getting a puppy help ?
  178. what dog is better chiwawa or yorkie dog?
  179. what do dogs see the world in? e.g. what colour?
  180. Am i doing the right thing about my dog?
  181. My puppy is eatting her own poo..?!? HELP!!?
  182. Is it normal for my dog to do this?
  183. When can I move the puppies?
  184. how to train my leash hating dog...?
  185. How to keep a 15 month old out the dogs food and water?
  186. Puppy barks at everything. Need training ideas please.?
  187. Who is the cutest dog?
  188. Do you think i could become the official dog of Polls and surveys?
  189. Can a dog be claustrophobic?
  190. How can I (with others) locate and close puppy mills?
  191. My mum and I have got a puppy for my father, and he has in trusted me with
  192. Is it to late for my puppy?
  193. Is He Traumatized Or Just A Puppy?
  194. My puppy dog is scared because he was mistreated?
  195. How do I stop my dog from peeing inside the house?
  196. 5 month old puppy pees on everything..?
  197. What type of dog should i get?
  198. Fearful/aggressive puppy help!?
  199. how to train a puppy?
  200. How do I stop my dog from peeing?
  201. What type of breed of dog do you think I've got (pictures)?
  202. I think my puppy ran into that cheap motel room over there?
  203. ok another dog question?
  204. Problems with my puppy?
  205. puppy and kitten names?
  206. Thinking of purchasing a puppy?
  207. Question about a new puppy/boyfriend?
  208. What breed are in this puppy?
  209. is it bad if i feed my hamster with dog biscuits and corn flakes?
  210. My dog was just sick...?
  211. Is it okay for my puppy to sleep on cold tiles?
  212. Is flea treatment for dog poisonous to cats?
  213. My pug dog slept on my bed as a puppy. Now she's a grown-up. How do I teach...
  214. puppy barking at other kids?
  215. My puppy crys a lot at night, is it mean to put her in a different room?
  216. 12 week old dog just will not sleep?
  217. how long will my dog live?
  218. dogs co-living with babies/toddlers?
  219. My dog had a puppy and she looks weak what can i do?
  220. Dose using Safe-Guard (Fenbendazole) 10%(100mg/gram) paste for beef for...
  221. Is my puppy like half deaf or something?
  222. puppies please! (border collie or lab or golden retriever)?
  223. can I use prong or choke collar on my puppy?
  224. my staff dog killed 3 of my other dogs how can i try and make my self forget?
  225. any cute puppy name suggestions?
  226. What's your dog's name? (If you don't have one, what name would you choose?)?
  227. Purebred vs. Crossbred dog?
  228. my god! help me!!! my little dog (sorry)piss everywhere in the house. what must i...
  229. Worried about leaving my dogs while...?
  230. Help! My dog has ear mites and she won't let us apply the medication!!?
  231. Help training my yellow lab puppy?
  232. When is it safe to switch the puppy food to other foods ?
  233. I'm fed up with the way my boyfriends family treats their dogs! What can me and my...
  234. So my puppy has been eating pretty much every pair of undies that I own.....?
  235. My fourth dog just died?
  236. Puppy Biting Tips?? My puppy is three months old and he likes to bite my boots
  237. At what age should puppy stop needing to go to the toilet during the night?
  238. My Puppy will not let us sleep!! help!!?
  239. I believe my puppy's in heat...?
  240. My dog doesn't like any other dogs, what could help her like others?
  241. Question about my dog..anyone know?
  242. Why does my dog have runs ALL the time!?
  243. What is a good brand of shampoo that works for fleas and ticks on my new puppy?
  244. Should I be worried that my puppy accidentally ingested tissue paper with alcohol
  245. Veterinarians! Dog Immunization side effects?
  246. Dog has abscess, antibiotics and drain do not work, what do you recommend?
  247. help plz puppy problems?
  248. My puppy is not eating his regular food since 2 days!!?
  249. Please help my puppy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  250. Looking for a slush puppy maker from the 80s.?