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  1. Convincing parents for a new dog or puppy?
  2. how much woofbix should be fed to a dog?
  3. How can I stop my dogs from viciously fighting?
  4. help my dog is 1yrs old and vomited?
  5. my puppy is breathing hard is that normal?
  6. How in the hec can u get a puppy to walk on his leash?
  7. Cups in Canidae Dog Food?
  8. OSX 10.3 Panther Dog Tags Value?
  9. my dog has cataract's and needs surgery?
  10. I need to find a bark collar for my dog?
  11. aggressive puppies pickup?
  12. How do you take down a dog?
  13. Wooo my puppy has been born! how can i puppy proof my home?
  14. Why is puppy licking foot?
  15. When will I be able to give my puppy his first bath?
  16. puppy ? yawns A LOT!!!!!?
  17. How do I prevent diarrhea in new puppy?
  18. How do I care for a 6 week old puppy abandoned by her mom?
  19. How do you get a dog across the Mexican border?
  20. my puppy threw up? ....?
  21. Please help me understand my puppy's food/stool situation?
  22. how safe is it to buy a puppy from a breeder online?
  23. Can dogs get skin tags?
  24. What to name a black mouth cur female puppy?
  25. The Sims Pet Stories for Mac: the Grim Reaper comes and kills my sims
  26. Lab Puppy limping for 3 months but still bouncing like a kangaroo!?
  27. My baby girl just gave birth to a litter off 4 puppies, is there any special foods...
  28. advice on potty training my lab mix puppy?
  29. when do we start to wean the puppies?
  30. Help with my brothers new dog?
  31. The Proper Way To Handle Deposts On Puppies?
  32. Are my puppies eyes blue?
  33. My Dogs breeder will not let us have his K.C Papers, what do you recommend?
  34. Should i neuter/castrate my overly hyper dog?
  35. Is Paris Hilton's dog Tinkerbell really a boy?
  36. How do I keep my active puppy calm at night?
  37. What kind of puppy is she?
  38. help help help help - kitten - dog?
  39. should a yorkie chihuahua puppy have a tail?
  40. What would be a good food/water routine for new puppy?
  41. Maverick hot dog condiments?
  42. My puppy has a weight problem?
  43. My puppy would rather jump off the bed and bark at night than to sleep. How do
  44. Two female dogs constantly fighting--please help!?
  45. how much shoould i charge for dog sitting?
  46. X-Dog is upset.......?
  47. Does anyone know of a dog name that means rescue?
  48. What kind of worms does my puppy have?
  49. what is wrong with my puppy?
  50. Dog name and convicing my dad to get dog?
  51. How to handle five dogs in one house?
  52. Question about stray dog?
  53. where can i find a good dog breeder?
  54. How do you take care of a scratch on a dog eye?
  55. My dad found a 3 week old puppy that our vet told us was very sick?
  56. do you cry more when a dog dies in a film than a person?
  57. Smell inside car like dog poo.?
  58. My 8 week old puppy just lost a tooth?
  59. Advise for spay and neuters/multiple puppies?
  60. What is a good dog breed for me?
  61. What would be the best age to get a puppy?
  62. Am I The Alpha, or is it my dog?
  63. When dogs are in heat, do they ever spin on their bottom?
  64. where can I get a pug puppy?
  65. Is my dog considered an aggressive breed?
  66. What to feed a vegan dog because he is allergic to everything but fruit and veggies?
  67. What is the best way to catch a dog...?
  68. my 9 week old puppy has started trying to bite?
  69. What breed of dog is this?
  70. My dog has been constipated for 3 or 4 days now and she is trembling in the
  71. Why are some breeds of dog more expensive than others?
  72. Dog owners....I'm looking for answers.?
  73. Why do dogs always lick the car windows?
  74. Where can I find a puppy?
  75. is it true that if a purebred dog has puppies from a mutt does she lose her pedigree?
  76. how could someone do this to a dog?
  77. My puppy is 6 months old and sounds congested when he runs. Should we go to the vet?
  78. steps to becoming a dog walker?
  79. Puppy Question!!!!!!!?
  80. Puppy Problem - Chewing?
  81. the curious incident of the dog in the night time?
  82. How often should I feed my puppy?
  83. I took my GSD puppy to classes?
  84. I have a dog and i don't know the breed but i want to know?
  85. what do u feel 4 them dogs?
  86. What do you prefer in a dog (survey)...?
  87. Puppy drama HELPP!!!?
  88. my dog chews on furniture when left home alone. i have tried chew toys and
  89. How long after a puppy s there eyes do they keep the glaze in there eyes?
  90. How do I get a more secure dog?
  91. Why does some smoke bother a dog but some doesn't?
  92. ok my puppy and my old dog whose 7yrs old?
  93. Is inbreeding between dogs bad?
  94. How to get my dogs ready for our new baby?
  95. I'm fostering an 18 month old Great Pyr, he seems to be aggressive to male dogs.?
  96. How old is this Puppy?
  97. What type of dog should i get? (big dogs)?
  98. My puppy doesn't like me stroking the top of his head, everytime i try he...
  99. how do you help a labrador puppy who is suffering from teething pain?
  100. My dogs weird behaviour?
  101. has anybody any idea's what breed my puppy is?
  102. Is there anyway to make a dog more braver? 10 points for best answer!?
  103. Whats a good puppy food?
  104. How do i get my puppy (female lab) 14 weeks old to stop chewing on things ?
  105. my malamute dog has got its hair matted behind its ears, can anyone advise what i
  106. Dog has barking problem...help?
  107. why does my dog's ass bleed?
  108. what are the side affects when a labrador puppy is castrated?
  109. puppy registry question.?
  110. pedigree dogs/puppies?
  111. How do i potty train my puppy after i started to train him inside?
  112. Are all men more gentle and tolerant towards female dogs?
  113. What is a cute name for a male, black lab mix puppy?
  114. My dog had puppies and the dog doesn't want to feed them i bought puppy milk
  115. missing dog.. Pit bull..Help Please?
  116. Terminex baits or independent co. sprays? I have a baby and puppy. Which...
  117. Dream Interpretation : I am shouting very loudly to scare the dog away in my...
  118. what should i do she kepts trying to let my dog out?
  119. My dog ripped out his neutering stitches?
  120. Oprah Winfrey's new dog died ALREADY! howww?
  121. where is a place that i can take my puppy for obedience training?
  122. Can you please help me name my new puppy?
  123. Could walking two strong dogs cause me to miscarry?
  124. Are Krispy Kreme donuts bad for dogs?
  125. What can I do to help this neglected dog?
  126. why do ppl think all men are dogs??
  127. dog help it really important?
  128. puppy has bulge on stomach?
  129. 7 month puppy has stitches with drains and a collar, she keeps scratching the...
  130. Puppy vomiting any ideas?
  131. 10 letter word for a dwarf dog wood?
  132. Can anyone recommend a nice short break holiday cottage in South West...
  133. So I bought a puppy from a pet store?
  134. Is my puppy a genius?
  135. What's the best dry food for my Red-Nose Pitbull Puppy?
  136. My puppy makes me so mad sometimes....she is so destructive...is there any way to
  137. If dogs bark at me does it mean they're mad at me?
  138. I have 6 6week old puppies. Their mother has stopped nursing them. what type...
  139. Do you have a dog? what situation were you in when you got it?
  140. As for dog breeds,AMerican Pit Bull is one but then there is another type?
  141. How do we know for sure that dogs like being petted?
  142. 12th Seed Arizona, Is it the underdog or the team that used to be The Dog?
  143. is this bed big enough for this dog?
  144. Am i being used because ima love sick puppy?
  145. My 10 wk old puppy was given his distemper shot and now she is acting funny?
  146. Yup i named my dog god and she s started walking backwards?
  147. Is it okay if a puppy s only one eye?
  148. lump or bump on my dogs skin??
  149. My dog sneezes a lot.?
  150. does anybody know the price of a shikoku puppy?
  151. can you shave a dog with a human razor that you shave with?
  152. When will the puppy teeth fall out?
  153. Can anyone help me with my dog, Kiwi?
  154. emotional support dog?
  155. I have a 2 week old puppy who's mama died. She has been pooping but has not
  156. Will my puppy be ok after eating cat litter crystals?!?
  157. what is wrong with my dog when she doesnt want to eat, has clear syliva...
  158. How do i get my 8 week old Daschund puppy to eat or drink...And she sleeps a...
  159. Pricing Puppies!!!!!?
  160. Aggression at dog park—is it normal?
  161. Why won't my puppy eat dry food?
  162. What's the best dog? I need a favorite.?
  163. I am looking for a purebred Australian Shepherd Puppy in Florida?
  164. Is there any breed of dog you really hate? And a breed you really love?
  165. College Senior- Should I get a dog?
  166. POLL: Have you seen a cuter dog than this one?
  167. Does my dog have swollen lymph nodes?
  168. was this good for a puppy?
  169. Dog ripped paw pad. what can i do for her?
  170. If you were to pick a dog from the pound, would you choose one that jumped all
  171. When Will I Be Able To Leave My Puppy Out?
  172. Dog owners, is it easier to keep a dog and a bitch, or two dogs?
  173. Which beaches in florida allow puppies?
  174. How to get my puppy to stop peeing when He meets new people?
  175. How can I get my new Puppy and my cats to get along?
  176. i want my dog to be happy!?
  177. How can you stop someone poisoning your dog?
  178. Is it true that puppies from pet stores will have more health problems than
  179. I Need Help Burning Puppy Linux 4.12 files to a cd/dvd?
  180. What are the prerequisites to Dog ownership?
  181. Anyone ever transported their dogs overseas with them?
  182. how to get the dog smell out?
  183. What should i name my puppy?
  184. Is there a dog scratch fever (like cat scratch fever?)?
  185. Mix Dogs Anyone Knows?
  186. are Petcurian dog foods safe?
  187. Any help on what breeds are in my dog is?
  188. Have you own Airedale Puppies?
  189. I just found out that I have a mud puppy.?
  190. is a male dog sexual active after being neuted?
  191. Please help me with my jealous dog?
  192. help! puppy name question?
  193. What is better for my puppy, Burns of James WB?
  194. crate training a puppy?
  195. All dog owners please help!! DOG PROBLEM!!?
  196. What to do with this dog?
  197. How do I potty train my toy chihuahua puppy?
  198. Puppy Vs Rabbit ?
  199. Recommendation for Dog Training Books?
  200. My puppy ate sum gum a couple days ago?
  201. Whats the best dog food I can find at the supermarket?
  202. Psychics.. when will my new puppy get here?
  203. Omega 3 supplements and dogs?
  204. puppy bulldog looking for?
  205. bulldog puppy needs a home?
  206. i got a new puppy over the weekend.?
  207. Are dogs really worth the trouble?
  208. My dog scractched my carpet. How do I get the marks out?
  209. Is there a dog or animal catcher magazine or newsletter in existence?
  210. How to convince my mom to get a puppy? (Read Description)?
  211. my dogs penis is swollen wat are some home remidies?
  212. spending too much time with puppy?
  213. i am looking for a teacup chihauhau puppy in pa.?
  214. When was the last time you cleaned your puppy's dog house?
  215. excessive puppy farts?
  216. dog section: *ahem*...why does he do it?
  217. puppy with foggy blue eye?
  218. what should i name my puppy?
  219. I have 3 day old puppies?
  220. Is it going to get my dog pregnant?
  221. Poll- Too many Twinkies OR Too many Puppies?
  222. my puppy was just fixed 2 days ago, but still she can't walk straight or jump on
  223. Alvernia college talked to me like a dog;also, used me for my government money;?
  224. What cats are good with dogs?
  225. My dogs private area is swollen, and she looks like she is in pain when going
  226. What do you think of Kirkland Super Premium dog food?
  227. Toilet trained dog peeing inside?
  228. What are some cute names for a puppy?
  230. German Shepherd puppy won't stop biting...Help!?
  231. Will a 6 month old puppy die if it ate 3 coco puff balls?
  232. Anybody have dog food recipes?
  233. why wont my dog go poop outside after we moved?
  234. whats a good strong toy for a large dog?????
  235. very sick puppy, pleasssse help!?
  236. my dog is not eating his eyes is close and his nose is kind a reddish.whats
  237. dog parks in clinton township, MI?
  238. My little puppy is horrible. Ive been trying to train him but hes just wild?
  239. need a good name for our lady weimaraner puppy ?
  240. Whats good ways to get my dog use to our new home?
  241. I need help training my 10 week old Shih Tzu puppy?
  242. What kind of dog is this puppy (picture)?
  243. What to expect adopting a six month old puppy?
  244. I had a deam about that a dog (german sheppard was laying on the ground
  245. what is your favorite dog breed?
  246. I put my dog down last night...?
  247. my dogs butt is red raw and his poop has mucous in it?
  248. What breed is a breed of dog that is good for a 13 year old?
  249. What the!!!!!!!!! Now snake eats dog....Australia ......?
  250. What is the best way to potty train my mail mini dachshund puppy? He is 7 Weeks.?