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  1. What name is best for my puppy?
  2. Puppy not listening when outside?
  3. My dog was just sleeping and he went WOOOOOO, like howling, and he woke himself up?
  4. my dog bit my mp4 player and i cant see but i can hear the music?
  5. I am dog sitting a lab who chews on EVERYTHING!?
  6. Litter training a dog?
  7. Can I leave a Maltese (puppy) alone for 8 hours?
  8. Why is my puppy going insane?
  9. HELP my dog farted and?
  10. If Obama was cutting the heads off of puppies on the White House lawn?
  11. My shih tzu pups are 11 days old today, how many times/ how often do puppies poop
  12. how do i treat my dogs broken nail?
  13. Is it ok to add chicken broth to my puppy's kibble?
  14. can dogs get STD's or any other sexual disease?
  15. what are small sized dogs?
  16. Please help me and my Rottie puppy?
  17. My dog pea's on any rug at the door in my room?
  18. Puppy got spayed on tuesday?
  19. what breed of dog is this?
  20. I rescued a puppy 3 days ago and had to give her worm meds, shes infested
  21. Help!!!!!dogs/puppies!!!!!!!!?
  22. How is this food for a 2-month puppy?
  23. What dog should i get?
  24. Can the pigment of a dogs nose change color? And if so, how fast can that happen?
  25. How Do I Teach My Puppy To Walk Next To Me And Not Walk All The Way Ahead?
  26. How to keep my dog clean without keep him in lead ?
  27. What do you think of these puppy names? Or what puppy names do you like?
  28. What is the best food brand for a puppy?
  29. Why do people go awwwwwwww when they see a puppy, baby or other cute thing?
  30. HELP my dog got sprayed by a skunk?
  31. In the event of an earthquake how would you get cats and dogs out of a
  32. How much does it cost to bring a stray puppy to a vet to get checked out?
  33. Puppy problems with parents?
  34. what kind of purebred dog is very low cost?
  35. Got a new puppy, my big dog is not happy?
  36. My dog is driving me nuts....?
  37. how can i get free puppy ?
  38. I was bit my a small puppy, should i be worried?
  39. Can new puppy spread worms to cats?
  40. I need help naming my puppy. Please help me?
  41. What are the Goslin's puppies names?
  42. Shocking Night-line Show about Amish puppy mills. I am shocked. Does
  43. My dog shakes his head and his ears are really red?
  44. Easter present for new puppy?
  45. Questions about my puppy?
  46. my chihuahua puppy keeps sneezing, coughing and hacking?
  47. why isnt my puppy eating?
  48. I want to bread my dog!?
  49. Are yearly vaccinations for my dog a must?
  50. my puppy is sick we need help?
  51. how much should I feed my newfoundland puppy?
  52. How do I stop loose stools in my puppy?
  53. Did my dog have a stroke or a bad dream?
  54. Do you think a spanish speaking person would find it silly to know a dog named
  55. how can i tell my boss i hate his dog?
  56. My dog howls whenever he hears a siren of some sort, is that normal?
  57. I'm depressed and want a puppy!?
  58. what is the origin of the clergy ''dog collar''?
  59. A question about what is considered dog abuse?
  60. Where can I get puppy training tips?
  61. i need a name for my puppy...?
  62. Boxer dog question! URGENT!?
  63. i just got a rough collie puppy yesterday and i dont know what to name him?
  64. My Puppy Play Bites way to hard?
  65. Landlord doesn't want a dog that is needed for medical purposes?
  66. What colors do dogs come in?
  67. we want 2 have puppies?
  68. could i breed my mixed breed dog?
  69. okay this dog is spoiled help?
  70. dog doesn't listen when outside or with other dogs .?
  71. How can i convince my mom to buy a dog?
  72. What do I with my dog when Im at work?
  73. Would you pay 171 pounds for painting by a three-year-old Pekingese dog?
  74. Does just conditioning dogs have the same effect as shampooing?
  75. How do you train a puppy to bark?
  76. Puppy diarrhea + dental bleeding (teething?), no longer wants to go outside...
  77. Crazy dog who is scared of a crate and wont stay in it.?
  78. Dominate Puppy- what should i do?
  79. Why is my puppy aggressive with his food?
  80. Correct dosage for deworming puppies?
  81. is it okay for dogs to eat grass?
  82. My 9w old puppies stopped nursing?
  83. Should I get a dog with a crazy schedule?
  84. Puppy barking at other dogs.?
  85. Making the transition from outside to inside (dog)?
  86. I brought a new puppy home. My cat does not like him. How do I get my cat
  87. about dog abuse and possible divorce?
  88. My dog is a golden retriever and he chews the house, what do i do?
  89. Which is the Best Guard Dog Breed ?
  90. Snoop Doggy Dog and Dr Dre is at yo door?
  91. Does anyone have a shedding dog even though they have allergies?
  92. My dog is so bad at walking. What can I do?
  93. How do I know if my dog has been injected with drugs?
  94. How to say confident in German for a dog name?
  95. Im having trouble with my dog, can anyone help me?
  96. Gwen Bailey The Perfect Puppy?
  97. Should we spank our puppy?
  98. Dog allergic reaction?
  99. Best type of collar to use for walking puppies?
  100. My older dog bites my new puppy?
  101. please some give some local website so that i can post some ads there
  102. Help me my dog drank a whole bowl of oil!?
  103. Please help, my puppy is so big now and cant get up on my furniture, but...
  104. There is a three legged dog, what is it?
  105. what is a good name for my new puppy?
  106. weaning 1 1/2 week old puppies?
  107. 10 week old puppy doesn't listen?
  108. my dog just passed way?
  109. Best way to get a puppy to stop biting?
  110. Can my dog be a surrogate mother?
  111. My dog keeps licking my head?
  112. i have a chihuahua puppy 8 week old but he wont eat properly.?
  113. how long do puppies........................................... ........?
  114. Can a dog have puppy strangles (juvenile cellulitis) without ever having...
  115. My dog keeps running away when im walking him and i let him of the lead?
  116. I need some tips on potty training my new puppy... (miniature aussie-Female)?
  117. 10 promises to my dog?
  118. Age for first puppy shots?
  119. what do I do when my puppy wont sleep?
  120. Why are people allowed to keep dogs if their not prepared to look after them...
  121. Is 9 to young to keep a stray puppy?
  122. how much does it costs to take my Maltese puppy with me from Malaysia to USA?
  123. What do dog handlers do as a second job?
  124. Best Puppy/Dog Food Suggestions?
  125. Did you know my grandmother has a dog with no arms or legs?
  126. Is this normal for puppies...?
  127. My dog got ran over!!!?
  128. Is this a tick in my dogs leg? or just a scratch?
  129. What breed is Nasir? (From The Dog Whisperer)?
  130. Litter of puppies 7 weeks old. One is coughing. Could it be kennel cough?
  131. Did my Shih Tzu dog have a stroke, or just a bad dream?
  132. have you ever taken your dog on a plane?
  133. Hepatitis B in dogs? But I've vaccinated her, how come she can the disease?
  134. How long did it take you to toilet train your puppy?
  135. My dog is privileged but my sister thinks I'm cruel?
  136. Why does my dog lick everything?
  137. Why is my dog always so depressed?
  138. Which dog breed do you think best represents the dog species?
  139. Do I have this correct? If an Atheist dies in a fire saving 100 kittens...
  140. My dog has been having white discharge from his eyes. What can cause this and...
  141. My puppy is driving me nuts! Please help!?
  142. How can i get my dog to actually walk?!?
  143. Does my dog know when my newborn is being fed from sounds, smells, etc?
  144. my dog has an wound, i work all day tomorrow, can he wait till sat to see the
  145. Where can I have my dog tested for the merle gene?
  146. 9 week old male boxer puppy barks and cries non stop in his kennel all night?
  147. Can someone help me with a cute name for a puppy male chocolate lab something cute...
  148. puppy will not listen to me out side...?
  149. If a dog has parvo and Survives will a stronger immune system be passed to
  150. I need help naming my puppy?
  151. How do I stop my 16 week old puppy from scratching when he wants in?
  152. How do I stop my 5 month old puppy from barking when I leave to work?
  153. why is my puppy coughing?
  154. What are those Alphabet dog?
  155. im looking for a site were i can b notified when new born puppies are born or
  156. Is Purina One Large Breed Puppy Food ok?
  157. my puppy is 6 weeks old and he is a true miracle puppy. got any names?
  158. one week old puppy w/ hot spot ?
  159. Need advice for moms dog...?
  160. i am 14 years old and i want a puppy.?
  161. How can I get my dog on TV adverts or things like that?
  162. great dane lab mix puppy?
  163. Six Puppy questions?
  164. My dog came with papers and is supposed to be a Pomeranian, but she doesn't look...
  165. What should name my puppy?
  166. What should i expect to get in a Puppy Pack?
  167. I used to have mild dog and cat allergies when i was younger, now we are
  168. need help about house training my puppy at night?
  169. Puppy questions... need advice...?
  170. Can a dog have another puppy two days after the rest of the puppies were born?
  171. Puppy Mill Awareness Day?
  172. Suggestions for a dog career...?
  173. We are looking for a new puppy?
  174. my puppy is potty trained but....?
  175. why is my dog acting not normal?
  176. How many puppies in a liter do..........?
  177. This dog is so cute! does anyone have any idea what it might be?
  178. How can I prepare my Yorkie puppy to be at home alone during the day?
  179. I need a genius level answer. I just got some new shoes, Hush Puppies, very
  180. Rescue Puppy possibly ill?
  181. While visiting my sister I jokingly tried on one of her cocktail dress...
  182. my baby puppy eats his toys! Help what to do!?
  183. rent / mind a dog/puppy for the weekend? holidays? in SYDNEY AUSTRALIA..(leichhardt
  184. How do i know if I'm the pack leader to my dog?
  185. Questions about my new puppy?
  186. My yorkie dog is pregnant with only one puppy, but she also has an hernia....
  187. What to feed a recovering puppy with diarrhea?
  188. For those who own dogs...?
  189. Peanut butter for dogs? What quantity?
  190. Why is my dog skin so flaky?
  191. a unique/meaning-full names for a male puppy?
  192. what vaccines should my 14 week old puppy get.?
  193. Is there anyone out there who thinks this, aig-dog and pony show, is
  194. can anyone tell me what kind of dog this is?
  195. Puppy with BAD BREATH?
  196. What is wrong with my puppy?
  197. How much should i charge for border collie puppies?
  198. how do clean up puppy diarrhea in my yard!?
  199. Exhausted all options on dog chewing....?
  200. Should I try to find my puppy a playmate at Petsmart?
  201. my dog has had 2 puppies but it has been 3 hrs since the last puppie and
  202. If you have gotten an invisible dog fence for a small dog under 10 pounds-?
  203. How can i train my puppy?
  204. Is it normal for a dog to eat its own feces?
  205. stressed dog when left alone...?
  206. STD from Dog is it possible? help...?
  207. My puppy will not come when i call him..?
  208. I have a 9 week old Lab/Pyrenees puppy that was a rescue. He's very afraid of other
  209. What is the best way to get my dog to swallow his pills?
  210. I started feeding my puppy Alpo?
  211. How do Muslims treat their pets (cats, dogs, etc.)?
  212. How long after applying flea/tick preventative before my little girl can handle
  213. grumpy sausage dog called damien?
  214. Could this dog be for me?
  215. how can i tell my dog to go at the washroom?
  216. Need a name for a male puppy?
  217. Best dog breed to keep intruders away?
  218. Can my dog use the bathroom after she's had her puppies?
  219. How do I introduce my new puppy?
  220. Is it okay to cheat on my husband who has cancer with the dog whisper?
  221. Ever been so hungry you could eat a dog?
  222. How much should I sell my puppies for?
  223. AKC name help for my puppy...?
  224. Dog biting/licking top of her paw?
  225. Puppy has greasy fur on top, any ideas?
  226. what are the best dog food brands for ddbs?
  227. Is dry dog food bad for dogs kidneys?
  228. Does anyone have any experience with having one dog crated and not the other dog?
  229. Advice on potty training a new puppy?
  230. My 2 yr old dog pees in her sleep.?
  231. How many tricks does your puppy know?
  232. Answer this algebra question and get a free puppy!?
  233. My dog chews on everything!?
  234. What should I name my dog?
  235. where can i get puppy milk?
  236. How do you know that all puppy mills in the world are bad?
  237. My puppy was house trained but now she pees anywhere she likes?
  238. i have just got a 8 week old puppy, what is best to feed her , meat or dry food ?
  239. My Pom puppy's stomach is going purple, what does that mean?
  240. My chihuahua dog stinks all the time, why? I give her baths, I use skin
  241. Rhodesian Ridgebacks as a family pet/guard/watch dog?
  242. need help on potty training puppy?
  243. what does it mean when a dog pees blood?
  244. Dog Spay Post-op question?
  245. My Parson Russell Terrier puppy is too skinny. Any suggestions?
  246. I have two dogs, I never brushed their teeth!?
  247. Black spots on puppy can anyone help?
  248. can dogs tell if your feeling ill?
  249. Fiance's dog is 9 y/o and still pee's in our home.?
  250. We want our female dog to have puppies. I was just wondering what a hassle...?