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  1. Why do Koreans eat dogs?
  2. Puppy survey! Really fun!!!!!! (if you like dogs)?
  3. Can I use K9 Advantix on my dog twice in one month?
  4. reasonable price of Pomeranian puppy?
  5. what temperature water should i bathe my dogs in?
  6. Do you think this puppy is cute?
  7. why is my new dog obsessed with the kitten?
  8. What should I name my girl puppy?
  9. What are some loving family Dog movies?
  10. can my puppy mix with another dog after 1st injection?
  11. How long does it take for a puppy to heal after getting spayed? Will her
  12. how do i stop my 4 month old puppy from snapping food?
  13. beware of armed guards not dogs...?
  14. reasonable price for pomeranian puppy?
  15. Are dogs born with upright pointy ears?
  16. Am I all set for a puppy?
  17. Dogs allowed on daytona beach?
  18. What kind of puppy meet all of these requirements?
  19. my dog ate a couple of mice will she be alright ?
  20. What kind of puppy is this?!?
  21. Puppy potty training -in bathroom possible , tips?
  22. How did you meet your puppy? some questions...?
  23. how to train a dog? ???????
  24. My puppy doesn't seem to like me?
  25. what are the breeds of these puppies?
  26. Would a Lab boxer mix be a medium size dog?
  27. Why is my puppy eating his throwup?
  28. Can my puppy get her shots early?
  29. Best Puppy food for large muscular breeds?
  30. I lost my dog a week ago. I can't quit crying. I had a dream last nite that he was...
  31. My dog keeps leaving tiny poops around the house?
  32. How old is a puppy before you sell it?
  33. Allergy blood test for my puppy?
  34. Will this save my new puppy?
  35. Help! Dog Question! Answers Are Greatly Appreciated!?
  36. We have a dog who urinates sometimes on our carpet-we would like to get hardwood...
  37. Curious about our puppy's eating habits?
  38. help.....fleas on puppy thats not mine(puppysitting)?
  39. whats wrong with my dog?
  40. you ever have it where the only real friend you have is your dog?
  41. Does a dog know when a woman is pregnant?
  42. What does it mean when my dog does this?
  43. What should I do for my dog when she is in heat?
  44. puppy food S.O.S. HELP NOW!?
  45. Is my puppy protected if only had first vaccination?
  46. my dog is a 2 year old king charles caviler spaniel, he loves being...
  47. How many dogs come in an average shelter each day?
  48. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog CD lyrics?
  49. will my 6 month old staff take to a new dog?
  50. Will my dog ever get used to random people?
  51. Does anyone have a Shiba Inu puppy for sale or giving away? I would...
  52. should my puppy weigh more?
  53. What is a cute dog name?
  54. How do I get my dog to not snip at me when she's sleeping?
  55. My dog started having seizures and throws up alot. Please help.?
  56. A male dog question !!?
  57. kimberlin-puppies.....?
  58. Iams puppy food??????????????
  59. Maltipom puppy? How much would you pay? Serious answers only please!?
  60. I want to build a dog agility course?
  61. What kind of dog should/can I get?
  62. How can I 'train' my new puppy? She's already out of control?
  63. Weaning pitbull puppies 4 weeks old?
  64. Where can i found these things for my dog?
  65. Tips on socializing puppy to dogs, people, and places?
  66. The Greatest American Dog on CBS?
  67. Any good dog shampoo out there?
  68. how come puppy doesnt reckonize my macbook touchpad?
  69. what type of collar should i get for my dog?
  70. New dog collars, is that okay?
  71. When can i start walking my puppy ?
  72. will this kill my dog?
  73. Can I use Frontile Plus for Dogs on my puppy?
  74. New shelter puppy won't eat?
  75. How many Dogs does a puppy mill kill every year?
  76. Dogs and babies - which is best?
  77. Am I elegible to get a puppy?
  78. 2006 World Cup puppy-followers, How well do you fear Touzie?
  79. I Just Got My 1st Puppy Yesterday-Help!?
  80. my dog aged 17 has kidney disease i dont know what to expect?
  81. how do i cure my dog of his fears?
  82. how come humans only give birth to usually one offspring at a time but
  83. What is your favorite breed of dog(s)?
  84. Do you ever act like a whipped little puppy dog for someone, and hate...
  85. How big are pyrenees puppies?
  86. Have you found Vegetarian or Vegan dog food you like and /or recipes to...
  87. how can i get my puppy to stop eating her own poo?
  88. Is my puppy's runny nose something to be alarmed about?
  89. I think I may have noticed a dent in my dog's eye... Should I be concerned?
  90. Siberian husky dog ?!?
  91. Boxer puppy in an apartment?
  92. Can You put two bonded rabbits in a dog crate if you put cardboard down?
  93. Do dogs trust on bank holidays?
  94. Should I adopt a debarked dog?
  95. Do you think this dog could get surgery?
  96. Does anyone know where i can find a pomeranian puppy for 400$ and under?
  97. My puppy has a runny nose what should I do to help him?
  98. I just got a Pit Bull puppy, is it true they get mean and can turn on you as
  99. how to stop my dog from urinating in the house?
  100. Does any one know where i can buy a dalmatian puppy?
  101. I asked about my puppy yesterday. I am new to all this?
  102. How many dogs am I allowed to have in Norfolk, VA?
  103. My dog died yesterday and I need some help?
  104. why does my dog have lumps in her boobs?
  105. i need some help .dog owners i have a few questions .?
  106. Why does my puppy keep licking my older dog's p e n i s?
  107. I just got a puppy a few weeks ago. About how much will he weigh when full grown?
  108. what age is too old to crop my puppy's ears?
  109. I just got a puppy a few weeks ago. How much will he weigh when full grown?
  110. What type of treats do puppies like the best?
  111. Does anybody have any good puppy names?
  112. Im getting a puppy but Have to go to school?
  113. My Mom Wants a Little Dog, Rest of Family Wants Big Dog?
  114. my puppy is limping out of no where?
  115. why can't dogs speak english?
  116. Do puppy eyes always work?
  117. Your opinion on working type dogs?
  118. DOG BREED QUESTi0N ?!?
  119. Need help with a dog urgent?
  120. Feeding Raw Food Diet to a dog.?
  121. Puppy Pitbull Ears Crop?
  122. german shepard female puppy, how long to potty?
  123. Im getting a puppy but Have to go to school?
  124. My puppy keeps sneezing..what to do?
  125. Why does my dog get excited and hyper AFTER a walk?
  126. how lucky was this dog?
  127. How long do most puppies under a year old stay in heat?
  128. My new puppy's name...?
  129. help my puppy is dying!!!?
  130. Diarrhea in dogs?????????
  131. My fiance and I are moving to Boston the end of this summer with our 17 pound...
  132. is a puppy a good idea?..?
  133. Do you like the name Lola Rose for a female yorkie puppy?
  134. My 1 year old puppy wants to be hand Fed- ?!!?
  135. I'm getting a PUPPY and need some help?
  136. stop puppy barking in morning?
  137. If I got a puppy or an older dog?
  138. Names for cavalier puppy?
  139. Is it normal for a 5-6 week old puppy to growl and snap at people and its mom?
  140. I have a 4 day old puppy who is extremely cold and wont eat or anything is there...
  141. Does my puppy have an upper respiratory infection?
  142. My dog is suffering from a strange movement of his head? what is that?
  143. my puppy barks at everything when its dark?
  144. my puppy, 13 weeks, has just recently exhibited extremely agressive behavior,...
  145. How to introduce a big, playful, dog to a small new dog?
  146. my new pitbull puppy who is only 9wks. is not acting like a puppy she
  147. tattoo quote idea for a dog i had to give up....?
  148. my dad wont let me have a dog cuz he's scared of them. and its only a puppy how do...
  149. why did my dog do that?
  150. My puppy is limping how much is an intial cost for the vet to take a look at it?
  151. What are some fun activities to do with my dog?
  152. What to use to clean folds in Boxer Dog's face and ears?
  153. Do you think it's alright for homeless people to have dogs?
  154. why is my female pit bull hurting her puppies ?
  155. my 2 months old labrador and gsd puppy got wet few times in rainy days. will...
  156. Tie the cat's treat to the dog's tail or tie the dog's treat to the cat's tail?
  157. Hiking with dogs in the Lehigh Valley?
  158. what is a yappie dog females?
  159. what kind of dogs are these?
  160. Can anyone guess my puppy's breed?
  161. My dog has a bump where a tick was removed is this normal?
  162. Whitening around my dogs face?
  163. weird to take pictures with your dog?
  164. What should I name my new puppy?
  165. dog has dark brown fluid?
  166. Puppy with really runny diarrhea!!?
  167. is it best to have my dogs whelp box in my room while she has puppies?
  168. name for my new puppy...?
  169. which one of the dogs?
  170. what harm can electric fences do to dogs?
  171. how some a wet dog smells like a wet dog?
  172. why my female puppy peeing on me?
  173. Why has my puppy started to lift his leg and peeing everywhere?!!!!!?
  174. New puppy, means new stains! HELP! (Yes, second time around)?
  175. What kind of puppy is this.?
  176. question about Pomeranian dog?
  177. Do you like Cats or Dogs. Or do you like another animal.?
  178. Does anybody know of a good Portuguese Water Dog breeder around New York
  179. My dog had surgery and had drainage tubes. She pulled the tubes out despite
  180. 9 month old puppy marks territory when we go over to other people's houses?
  181. How big will my puppy be?
  182. how can i get my dog to obey my cammands?
  183. I am trying to figure out what kind of dog my new puppy is, I am thinking
  184. My dog is having puppies right know and one of the puppies has come out
  185. good morning everyone, i have a puppy question?
  186. My puppy pees in the house as her way of asking to go outside?
  187. Is it harmful to a puppy if he eats mint?
  188. can i change my spitz dog name he's a year old?
  189. if people are scared of dogs why do they go to places where there are loads of dogs?
  190. i have a puppy,3 year old who always bites,how can i teach him anything?He wont...
  191. what is the best kind of dog to get when you have a very active toddler?
  192. Should I take my puppy to the dog park?
  193. My stepmother is unfit for caring for pets. I want her dog. How can I approach
  194. Is it true that you can teach a rabbit any trick that dog can learn?
  195. How do I convince my parents to get a dog?
  196. how many puppies can a poodle have?
  197. i want to get a small dog thats not to expensive anyone know a good
  198. lab puppies????????????????????
  199. my dog is 3 years old he is so nice but we bout 2 hamsters he loves them
  200. Two dogs (20 characters)?
  201. Is my lab puppy too small?
  202. Any suggestions for Best dog breed?
  203. What do you think of this name for my puppy :D?
  204. need advice on puppy that sheds a lot. please help?
  205. My Dog Is Biting His Leg While Crying?
  206. Where can I keep an un-toilet trained puppy during the day when I'm not at home?
  207. Are American Satffies A One Person Dog?
  208. What do you do when people you trust turn on you like a rabid Dog?
  209. My puppy has terrible seperation anxiety and is 6 weeks old. How can I get him to
  210. What kind of dog should I get?
  211. Why wont My puppy talk to me?
  212. How do I get my new puppy to stop barking at everything that moves or makes noise?
  213. A simple question about dog bathing?
  214. Where is the best place online to get a Puli puppy?
  215. my puppy barks at everything when its dark?
  216. My dog shakes sometimes?
  217. Vegetarian or Vegan dog food to buy or recipes to make your own dog food?
  218. HELP PLEASE.. my dog is spotting blood from his penis?
  219. Do dogs really need follow up injections after they have them as puppies in the UK?
  220. My puppy is mouthy, and STILL chews? Frustrated! HELP!?
  221. Why is it that coloreds hate dogs, but so many of them have pit bulls?
  222. How big will my labradoodle puppy get ?
  223. Chihuahua/small dog breeders...?
  224. My dog has a broken elbow and needs surgery :( is there any way of getting...
  225. what should i do about my dog?
  226. whats a good medium size dog for me?
  227. How should I feed my 8 month old puppy? Is the website correct?
  228. what would be the best diet for a puppy?
  229. Advice about getting a puppy?
  230. do you think petco is with puppy mills?
  231. How do you break a spoiled dog's habit of sleeping in bed with you?
  232. What should I name my puppy?
  233. So I was at the dog park today?
  234. Looking to buy a Maltese Puppy?
  235. what should i do? my inherited dogs won't stop using the bathroom all over my house.?
  236. My dog is sleeping over 12 hours a day. Is something wrong with her?
  237. Do puppies interact the same as they grow older?
  238. help my pittbull just popped out the 7th puppy and his intestines is hanging out...
  239. Is My Puppy Going To live!!!!?
  240. I have a 3 month old puppy who snores every time she goes to sleep and when
  241. What would cause a lump on a dog?
  242. bringing a outdoor dog in?
  243. Question about anxiety meds for my dog?
  244. People selling Designer puppies on youtube..?
  245. My 9wk old puppy wont eat dry food and gets diorreah from wet food?
  246. How do i get papers for my puppy in uk?
  247. what kind of dog should i get?
  248. My mom brushed my puppy's hair backwards? Help!?
  249. Does anybody have any breed of puppies for sale in Southampton?
  250. How can you reduce the chances of your dogs being vicious?