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  1. help my dog is really sick!!?
  2. Puppy shampoo???????
  4. What is the best way to teach my puppy to 'come' when called?
  5. Orijen Puppy Food - Good or Bad for Schnauzer?
  6. How to help the dog to adjust after moving house?
  7. 9 1/2 week old sick Mastiff puppy?
  8. my puppy is SO SO bad..please help me?
  9. what to do if you find a dog with no collar?
  10. I Screwed Up With My New Puppy...Need Help Please!?
  11. Dog Trouble , Plz Help?
  12. how do i convince my mum 2 get a dog!?
  13. Besides the usual hamburgers and hot dogs, what else would be great to serve...
  14. We just got a second puppy?
  15. What is the most loveable little dog?
  16. My Dog fur is turning green :(?
  17. my dog keeps chewing on her paws?
  18. i need help naming my puppy?
  19. Do I need to retrain my puppy?
  20. 4 Month old Puppy get pregnant? Will this affect her health?
  21. puppy with upset stomach!DOG EXPERTS AND VETS NEEDED?
  22. what colour is a sable dog?
  23. What breed is my dog?
  24. Will it disturb the puppy and mom if I move them to another whelping box to...
  25. What kinds of training methods do I need to put into place for a 6 1/2
  26. How much should I feed my puppy today?
  27. dogs eating thier own puppies?
  28. Where can I find a Yorkie Terrier puppy for less than 600 in the south...
  29. I need a collar or something that my dog won't get out of for walks? any suggestions?
  30. what usually happens when a mama dog's breast milk dry up?
  31. can you tell me how many (oz.- cups- lbs.) of (DRY)dog FOOD should I feed my (9...
  32. Is My Puppy's Tail Broken?
  33. My new puppy can't get along with my other dog?
  34. Does anyone know how to teach a dog some tricks?
  35. I have a sick puppy HELP!?
  36. should i let my dog swim in the Canal?
  37. If God didnt of designed Man to design dog sizes?
  38. what are some nice dog names?
  39. What to name my puppy?? (PICS)?
  40. My dog has a white bug attached to his skin. What is it?
  41. how do you get ur dogs pics on flickr canined?
  42. I would love to know where there are some reliable puppy breeders?
  43. Are there any risks with puppies on the side of the road?
  44. My dog has a big red soft bump that just came up on her arm....what could it be?
  45. my puppy has done something to the top of his tail?
  46. A foster dog was abandoned at my house, what should I do?
  47. grass yellow from dog urinating?
  48. What is the best dog and cat food?
  49. how do i make sure my new puppy doesn't get gun shot shy?
  50. Alright down to three names for my new puppy please vote on one!!!!?
  51. How do i know iwhat causes my dog to vomit?
  52. Where can i get cheap Dog Agility sets?
  53. Cooking pig ears for dog treats...?
  54. Can anyone offer advice on how to house train two puppies at the same time?
  55. How do I get my Cat to stop attacking my Dog?
  56. do you know some places in maryland that sell puppies?
  57. is it legal for kids around the age of 11 to 12 to put posters around where they...
  58. my dog got stuck somewhere?
  59. what should i name my puppy when i get it ?
  60. A few questions about my new puppy?
  61. Stakes or Bones what do you puppy's like more?
  62. Travelling with my puppy to germany....what do we need?
  63. what type of dog should i get?
  64. what do you want the Easter puppy to bring you for Easter?
  65. what size leash is best to use for biking walking the dog at the same time?
  66. Why is it illegal to punch a dog while it's okay to kill an unborn son/daughter?
  67. what do I need to take a puppy across the US border?
  68. My dog is very sick :(((((?
  69. how often shall i bath my 35 days adopted labrador puppy?
  70. What kind of dog should we get?
  71. Is a Dalmation a good dog?
  72. My dog has a huge erection ?
  73. any information concerning neonatal/orphaned puppy care?
  74. So why do owners who claim they love their dogs cut their tails off when
  75. My 5 month old puppy is still soiling in his crate?
  76. what breed is this dog?
  77. What is wrong with a dog whenever they vomit?
  78. I took my dog to get spayed and the vet said some of her stitches came out, she
  79. Is there anything we can do about my dogs nail scratching her foot?
  80. What's the cutest puppy breeds?
  81. What ever happen to the man in Oklahoma who put hos dog in the deep frier?
  82. Do you have a dog?!?!?
  83. My 9 week old puppy has the..?
  84. Do dogs dream? Easy points!?
  85. Two puppies fighting causing two big gashes on chest?
  86. Why is my dog eating everything all of a sudden?
  87. How to stop my dogs from pulling on the leash?
  88. Please help me with my dog !!!!!?!!!!?
  89. Help! Hungry puppies, shall i give them food?
  90. When can I let my puppy roam instead of being kenneled?
  91. I need major help potty training my puppy!?
  92. cats or dogs???????????
  93. What is the best age to bring a Doberman puppy home?
  94. Help train an owner, not the dog?
  95. Citronella or some other spray to stop dog attacks?
  96. poll how long does your 3 month puppy go without toilet?
  97. Am considering getting a border terrier puppy.?
  98. Is my Maltese puppy a REAL maltese?
  99. Barking dog is driving me insane?
  100. My puppies teething/biting concern?
  101. My 1st puppy that's been here awhile is barking at my new puppy. HELP!?
  102. Does anyone know of a guide book to raising two puppies at once?
  103. What should I do if my dog barks at my brother's friends?
  104. 6 week old Toy Poodle Puppy with Diarrhea?
  105. Help! just got a puppy and theres problems..?
  106. My Dogs Pregnant but for how long?
  107. What is the silliest name you ever heard given to a dog?
  108. how do you take website labels off photos. For example www.tageed.com on a...
  109. I've got a 6 m/o Shih Tzu puppy who can't be groomed. She bites hard if her...
  110. What is a cool show name for a dog named Ace?
  111. how to get papers on my puppy?
  112. in tom and jerry. who is the little puppy that hangs out with spike?
  113. pros and cons of adopting an adult dog over a puppy. and male vs female?
  114. Can property insurance be canceled due to owning a Mastiff dog?
  115. Buying a Dog????????????????????
  116. Looking for Aussie puppy in KS!?
  117. Any ideas for something quick and easy besides burgers and hot-dogs?
  118. what can chocolate do to dogs?
  119. Am I allergic to dogs?
  120. (10 points!!!!)Taking my puppy to Niagara falls(4 hour drive)?
  121. Lotion on skin of dog?
  122. Why haven't those cute little Obama girls got their 6 month ago promised puppy?
  123. what is the basic rate for dog walking?
  124. Where Should I Get A German Shepard Puppy For Cheap???
  125. Should I ignore my 6 month old puppy?
  126. I just had my dog spayed.... is this normal?
  127. Safe to take my puppy to the park?
  128. What is everyone heres opinon on purchasing puppy's from a pet store?
  129. Dog continuosly licking my other dog?
  130. Whats the breed of this dog?
  131. why puppy bleeding in private area?
  132. Why Belgian Tervuren puppy has a left ear that has flopped down.?
  133. My dog hates other dogs and can't get along with them? Please help.?
  134. Dog Section: Ever have neighbours/friends like this?
  135. I am getting a new puppy this summer and I want to know all the...
  136. i'm getting a puppy for my birthday coming up, but i don't know any good...
  137. we've just got a new dog.. how long until she sees us as her owners and stops...
  138. Puppy on leash help...?
  139. Can you name an adopted puppy?
  140. Are there any grain free dog foods that *aren't* 70% meat, 30% veggies?
  141. old english sheep dog tricks?
  142. why does my dog do this with her treats?
  143. how can i train my rottweiler to be my guard dog?
  144. Help my dogs are getting jealous of eachother?
  145. Once your dog Champions in the AKC, what's next?
  146. husky puppy on the way?
  147. Do I need to go to the doctor for a dog bite from a dog I know?
  148. I am buying a puppy from a breeder the 1 I picked out died from heart worms, any...
  149. Can you recommend a wet food for my puppy?
  150. What can I do about my dog's anal glands and how can I get the smell out of...
  151. Best kind of puppy food for shih-tzu?
  152. Would taxing breast implants, botox, collagen injections, and clothing for dogs...
  153. is my dog pregnant i need help?
  154. What sort of dog doesn't need a lot of walking?
  155. Dog in heat! Pls help!?
  156. How will my dogs react if they are separated?
  157. anyone with a small breed dog expecting puppies?
  158. Awhile back I asked for help with puppies that were diagnosed with
  159. How do we introduce a puppy to our cat. We got a new puppy and we want both
  160. what about this one and they call it puppy love?
  161. How do I get my adult dog to stop chewing up EVERYTHING?
  162. When will my puppy start listening to me?
  163. What can we do for potty time on our boat with out dog?
  164. My puppy is sick. plz help me!?
  165. Dog I was watching attacked another dog?
  166. How old does my puppy have to be to get her shots?
  167. i want a dog which remains small in size and barks very very less?
  168. cocker spaniel puppy too small?
  169. How do I make my grandparents say yes for me getting a puppy?
  170. Can dogs forget that they're potty-trained?
  171. Whats a good dog training book to use with a 1yr old who took a training...
  172. My dog broke her leg a few years back, will this leg give her trouble when shes old?
  173. What would be a great house dog with an english bulldog?
  174. How much do you walk your dog every day?
  175. Puppy has stinky farts?
  176. My dog died on Thursday and I think my other dog can sense her being gone?
  177. Can dogs chew and eat these bones?
  178. My Dog Has Fleas HELP!!!!!?
  179. What Should I Name My Yellow Lab Puppy??
  180. Can I still train my fearful aggressive dog and if so Please Help?!?
  181. My cat eats my dogs food..........?
  182. apple skin for puppy?
  183. can anyone help me get a puppy please?
  184. my dog always fights with my other dog when eating?
  185. Can you tell me what you think about my dog?
  186. Can I get in trouble for being over limit on dogs?
  187. My puppy is a shichon 8 wks old.she's got eating. Will honey or nutri-cal...
  188. What color puppies would you get? Punnett squares?
  189. How do I help my dog?
  190. How to prevent a little puppy from chasing cars?
  191. what is your favourite breed of dog? x?
  192. Can I start to wean the puppies?
  193. When people say oh that dog is goofy or silly or funny breed?
  194. I am worried about how my dogs will handle this change... any helpful advice?
  195. Why should I take my dog with me to Germany?
  196. Fighting Puppies? NEED HELP BAD?
  197. ...
  198. my puppy wont stop licking my older dogs face?
  199. What age do dogs stop needing the toilet at night?
  200. How do I get my puppy's biting and nipping under control?
  201. How did the lazy man jump over the lazy brown dog?
  202. How to keep dog off the couch?
  203. I need dog help with my miniature american eskimo spitz?
  204. Which do you like best for a puppy?
  205. nintendo ds petz my puppy family?
  206. i need a good name for a pit bull puppy !!!!?
  207. My dog keeps whining!! Why?
  208. My 6 month old puppy just started peeing in her cage at night.?
  209. How can I get my dogs to bond?
  210. Which name is best for a golden retriever puppy?
  211. Dog help! Heat,Mate, oh!?
  212. How do I reduce shedding from a pit bull puppy?
  213. 6 month large rott. puppy take glucosamine?
  214. what is the puppy mills?
  215. my puppy is making noisy sound in the middle of the night. he make the sound
  216. Best X LARGE BREED [giant] DOG for a couple with high energy dogs?
  217. Such thing as puppy hiccups?
  218. I found a egg like sac on my dogs face and i don't know what it is?
  219. Is it OK for my puppy to urinate on herself after she got spayed?
  220. How do I become a dog behaviourist in the UK?
  221. Is this normal? Our puppy, boy, is three weeks old and he was humping a teddy bear.
  222. My dog is a female pug and....?
  223. what kind of dog do you have?
  224. I don't understand how the raw diet is healthy...dogs are not wolves
  225. Can dogs have heart attacks?
  226. cameroon puppy scams!?
  227. which one is better a puppy boy or girl?
  228. Advice about my PUPPY?
  229. How do i regester my puppy litter?
  230. Need Advice for my new puppy situation?
  231. Is My dog Okay if hes throwing up?
  232. Bad quality dog food?
  233. Question about my dog's puppies?
  234. What are some changes you saw in your dog when you upgraded their food?
  235. Could a toy dog and a large dog mate and give birth to puppies?
  236. In Roseville, Minnesota, where can you get a puppy?
  237. How to train puppy to come when I shout on him?
  238. How should my dogs collar fit - he's got some jowls.?
  239. Shi Tzu puppy dry and itchy ears. Help?
  240. What is the two breeds in my dog?
  241. Why is my dog sick? Vanilla rawhide and too much play time?
  242. My puppy ate part of a pencil, will he be OK?
  243. My 6 month old puppy keeps peeing in her cage?
  244. Has anyone had problems with EVO dog food?
  245. What kind of dog do you recommend?
  246. Fleas.....not my puppy(part2)?
  247. When my 4 month old puppy attempts to go #2, water pours out. What could this be.?
  248. A good smaller dog for my grandparents?
  249. Dose anyone know were to get a good deal to spade my dogs in Seattle?
  250. Is my dog bell okay?