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  1. What breed is that puppy ?
  2. Post office woman ran over dog then drove away. What now?
  3. Where can I learn dog language?
  4. What should I do about my puppy's chewing?
  5. Need help with my puppy!?
  6. Names for two german shepherd puppies?
  7. our puppy is very protective......?
  8. my new puppy is wearing me out!!?
  9. Can an abused dog be rehabilitated into a home with children?
  10. silly question but if humans are allergic to dogs and cats ect can..........?
  11. how do i get papers for my puppies?
  12. How do I train my dogs to walk easier?
  13. my female dog has started bleeding today....my male dog is going to stay at a
  14. At what age can you use a flea shampoo on a puppy?
  15. Develop an allergy to dogs?
  16. Until when is my puppy supposed to drink milk?
  17. is it true you cant teach a dog new tricks?
  18. Are there any dogs that are like trainable for 10 yr. girls and her 4 ppl family?...
  19. is this alright to do with my dogs?
  20. How do I get my female dogs to stop....................?
  21. Puppy name needet some day soon?
  22. my chihuaha dog has not walked in about 7-8 days and she has lost alot of...
  23. why is my puppy not eating?
  24. Are Dogs Dangerous - seems a bit of a dodgy question, but i urgently need help?
  25. kicking a dog, whats the difference?
  26. Dog the Bounty Hunter Rumors?
  27. My dog ate some chocolate last night.?
  28. Hi, my Lhasa Apso puppy is 6 months old and is still pulling on the lead?
  29. should i get this dog ?
  30. Rodent And Puppy Questions, Experts Please!?
  31. Little dog help for apt. living?
  32. when do puppies teeth come through?
  33. Why does my dog growl?
  34. Help, My dog just lost a tooth at a yong age.?
  35. Must Love Dogs? Dog Breed?
  36. How do you know if you caught roundworms from your puppy?
  37. should my puppy need pain killers after getting neutered?
  38. why is eukenuba, so expensive compared to other dog foods?
  39. what is the kosher way to cook a dog?
  40. What are the chances of my dogs having a pyometra if we give them an...
  41. What are the fines for kitty and puppy mills in Ontario?
  42. My dog is terrified of going outside!?
  43. What kind of Puppies Are these!?
  44. How do you get your pitbull puppy to be bully sized?
  45. what kind of puppy should i get?
  46. dogs on hydrochlorothiazide?
  47. Noise, Puppy and apartment?
  48. I want a puppy!! Can you find me a breed? A short one!?
  49. do you know any good names for a maltese female puppy?
  50. Some pet store puppies...?
  51. How much do puppies cost once you adopt them in Petsmart/Petco?
  52. why is my dog loosing weight?
  53. question. i got a new puppy?
  54. How long does it take for the dog's prostate to shrink when neutered?
  55. Is it right to beat a dog?
  56. I have a 3mth old puppy and she sleeps outside in my fenced-in backyard?
  57. My puppies eyes smell bad?
  58. my puppy plays with her water and food bowl.?
  59. how to stop my dog from barking at anyone new?
  60. Can anyone tell me what type of dog she may be?
  61. My puppy killed a mouse?
  62. I need veterinary advice... my boyfriends sweet little puppy has parvovirus.. help?
  63. Stop puppy nipping other dogs?
  64. which is the best way 2 select a puppy?
  65. How legally protected is someone by their dog passing the CGC (Canine Good
  66. Does how much, and how often, you feed a dog, effect its growth and size?
  67. My dog is mad and avoiding me? What should I do?
  68. Why do you think Leona Helmsley's Estate left over a million dollars to dogs?
  69. Are there any puppies going spare in Birmingham?
  70. What kind of dog is this? (click link below)?
  71. What kind of dog should I get?
  72. how to i stop my dogs from being jealous?
  73. what are some good names for a pomeranian puppy?
  74. Help on introducing a new dog into a house with another dog?
  75. Where can I find a Nike or Air Jordan dog tag?
  76. Is it ok to I give my dog bath?
  77. How much does it cost for a female dog to have puppies?
  78. what are the pros of dog racing, and some arguments against dog racing nay-sayers?
  79. HELP please- need solution for hyper puppy?
  80. My puppy has been throwing up green stuff, just threw up her food, and her stools...
  81. what can i do to help my puppy who has PARVOVIRUS(parvo)?
  82. My puppy's eyes hav suddenly changed to a pale smoky blue colour?
  83. How big is a newborn great dane puppy?
  84. Why would a dog continually walk in counter clockwise circles?
  85. How can I stop puppy being aggressive on lead?
  86. dog external parasites?
  87. My dog has more than 2 nipples. What is wrong with it?!?
  88. What kind of dog is this?
  89. Does lyme disease ever go away in dogs...?
  90. Slush Puppies and Coleslaw when pregnant ?
  91. Is a labrador middle sized or a big dog?
  92. Potty training a Jackapoo puppy ?
  93. question about de-worming puppies?
  94. Are there markers that you can use to write on your dog?
  95. Should you feed a 7 week old puppy slim jim's?
  96. How many boosters for my puppy after the first one?
  97. The Family Puppy (Michigan Pet Store)?
  98. submissive urination in 5 month old puppy?
  99. What will happen to my dog now?
  100. What is the best dog to..?
  101. how do you train a new puppy to go to the bathroom outside?
  102. Yoga poll: Have you ever fallen down while doing down dog?
  103. is using Bengay on a dog paw bad?
  104. My whole family wants a dog, even my little brother who has mild allergies.
  105. Is it normal for a Pomeranian dog to want to eat a lot when she is nursing her
  106. Is my dog too old to be running with me?
  107. my chihuahua puppy keeps crawling next to me, or he will yell if i put him down on
  108. Why do dogs have to hump?
  109. dog getting neuter at 6 month old?
  110. What is the big deal about the Obama's new dog?
  111. hey everyone. just wondering if 14 year olds can work with dogs as i...
  112. What can you dog about Dog-Dog Separation Anxiety?
  113. Do my cats like my puppy or not?
  114. what does a dog act like that is having a seziure?
  115. What happens if the dog is overdosed on insulin?
  116. Why does my puppy hate his paws being touched?
  117. What should I name my new puppy? Im at a loss? Nothing seems to fit? Suggestions?
  118. My dog was attacked by a pitbull, which caused him to be overly aggressive
  119. If i use k9 advantix, do I need to worry about my dog getting fleas in The Yard?
  120. help??!! i already have one dog, how can i introduce another one to her?
  121. when do puppy teeth fall out?
  122. Why is my puppy still crying?
  123. my dog feels that he can't live up to the beautiful dogs on his food bags?
  124. How do I get my dachshund dog back?
  125. I caught my puppy chewing on an ant trap?
  126. When does my puppy start seeing?
  127. Help! I think my dog has swallowed my house key?
  128. puppy with a heart murmur......neuter?
  129. How can I ID Service Dogs in a public establishment?
  130. Cleaning my puppy's ears?
  131. when will my dog have her puppy's she got pregnant on the 17th April?
  132. Why are the dogs chewing their collars and licking EVERYTHING?
  133. Question about shih tzu puppies?
  134. What should I name my guide dog puppy?
  135. Responsible breeding of Designer Dogs?
  136. My dog just had puppies yesterday?
  137. My dog's neck is pulsating and she is in pain - what's wrong, and how can I help her?
  138. My dog has Lymphoma and has about 1 to 2 months to live?
  139. Puppies and hiccups? is this possible?
  140. Okay sooo. Help!!!!........New puppy?
  141. rehoming a puppy advice needed please?
  142. I am looking for a coyote/dog hybrid puppy. Please info/leads only..not asking
  143. The Dog Whisperer, Ceasar Milan?
  144. What should I name my puppy?
  145. Ever time my dog sleeps he shakes like he is having a seizure?
  146. Where can i find it a puppies of my own?
  147. Im getting my puppy today... tips?
  148. Why does my 7 month old puppy bark and cry when confined?
  149. Where can I find a handler for my Husky Puppy?
  150. If you kick a dog once, and it doesn't bite you, you're lucky?
  151. I think my dog is sick; She is shivering, not eating, staying in one spot not
  152. I need some tips on housbreaking my dog.?
  153. How can I get a list of the most handsome dogs?
  154. does simple scratch from puppies teeth can make rabies?
  155. Will Obama make it illegal to own a dog/cat since his EPA says methane is
  156. my dog barks non stop when someone knocks on the door. i show him a treat...
  157. I really want a second dog! Advice?
  158. My dog needs help!!! He has really bad breath!?
  159. I really need some advice on my Lhasa Apso puppy!?
  160. My dog isn't going into heat.?
  161. Isn't it so cute and sad when puppies like cry?
  162. My dog wants her puppies.?
  163. If i get a dog will my cats run away?
  164. What Should I Name My New Puppy..?
  165. my dog won't stop crying... i don't know what to do?
  166. Are all big dogs Dominant?
  167. What are your suggestions for cooking and eating a dog?
  168. Can I cross breed between 2 breeds of dogs, Fila Brasileiro and GreatDane? What are
  169. Help! My dog just started digging in her food! Why?
  170. Response to my other question about hypo-allergenic dogs?
  171. Most Useful/Interesting Dog Fact?
  172. dog coughing and back sneezing?
  173. Help ,, i need advice on saving money for a puppy?
  174. Dog Lookout Booster Car Seats?
  175. Need help with changing dog food.?
  176. anybody with a newfoundland dog, how much does your dog eat?
  177. Help with my first dog :P?
  178. how can i prevent my dog from being raped?
  179. how do you keep my dog from barking?
  180. is spaying of my new lab female puppy importanat?
  181. Why does my dog bark and howl in the morning?
  182. What should we name our new puppy?
  183. has anyone in adelaide got a small dog for giveaway?
  184. dog park situation please please help me?
  185. How often does my dog have to go out to the bathroom?
  186. 2 Dog grooming questions.(PLEASE ANS!)I own rotties I've always just sorta
  187. Help . Need to understand why this puppy died?
  188. question on puppy feeding?
  189. Is a dog with a roach back going to have a normal life?
  190. my puppy was sick today.....help?
  191. How do you teach a dog/puppy to swim?
  192. does anyone know a website that i can look for puppies for sale?
  193. whats the song that was on slum dog millionaire?
  194. Is Ivomec ok for my puppy?
  195. Help w/ convincing my MOM i found the dog!!!! PLEASE HELP THIS IS EASY POINTS!?
  196. My 10 month old puppy won't stop pulling on the leash?
  197. Names for a female puppy (maltese)?
  198. Female Maltese! Puppies! Help!?
  199. Best dog food? (sorry for repeating)?
  200. Getting my 6 month old puppy to walk with a leash?
  201. Does a dog have lips?
  202. dog food price increase?
  203. How do I know if my dog is pregnant or not?
  204. New puppy problem please help!?
  205. what kind of dogs do you have?
  206. What do i need to do if my puppy gets to hyper and starts to bite and scratch?
  207. How long can i leave a labrador puppy alone for?
  208. Dogs Toe Nails falling off?
  209. dog boarding kennels prices?
  210. how much should i sell a full breed blue pittbull puppies?
  211. Puppy growls and bites sometimes I dont want it to get worse!?
  212. say my dog had 3 puppies and i kept them until they were 8 wks how much
  213. which dog is better looking?
  214. my 10 month pup has gone off puppy food?
  215. If you neutered your pet (dog especially) dont u feel that u betrayed the...
  216. 2 Dogs fighting issues?
  217. can anyone help me identify the breed of this dog?
  218. do you have to get your dogs injected again if you lived abroad?
  219. When does the mother stop feeding her puppies?
  220. Why do my dog bites everything he finds?
  221. can chihuahua dogs follow owners without the leash?
  222. My puppy bites - BADLY?
  223. Our dog may have ingested motor oil. Will it hurt him?
  224. If you glue your dog mouth it got stuck forever what would happen to them ?
  225. how much should i walk my puppy....? please help?
  226. Why do Dogs put their paws on you when you pat them?
  227. when i was eleven i did something silly i kissed a dog n got aroused it
  228. We were thinking about getting a puppy and wondering which breeds would go...
  229. is it cus of epilepsy my dog is mean? or meds?
  230. how much does a dna test cost to get the dogs breed determined?
  231. Help with a puppy whos started chewing again.?
  232. Weird YA peeves: Baby puppy?
  233. My family and I just brought a new dachshund puppy home..need help with something!!!?
  234. Why does my dog smell like?
  235. My German Shepherd Puppy Problem.?
  236. is my shih tzu puppy really a shih tzu?
  237. ADA dog owner wont clean up after the dog, what do I do?
  238. My 6.5 week old puppy won't stop crying!!?
  239. Where can I find a German Shepherd puppy for under $400?
  240. What does it mean when a dog drag his/her butt?
  241. help me find the perfect dog :) what dogs do you like?
  242. what is the best way to keep a new puppy from crying at night?
  243. I have a 4 weel old puppy that no longer drinks his mothers milk. what can i feed...
  244. ideas on puppy names?
  245. Is my dog Lonely please answer?
  246. My dog is getting old-any help?
  247. How do I stop my dog from peeing in the house?
  248. what kind of dog is this?
  249. How do I make my dog behave?
  250. my puppy is scared of.....?