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  1. best dog adoption place for RI&Mass?
  2. Whenever I take my dog out for a walk, he wants to go for a run, help?
  3. What's a good name related to marijuana, for a male dog?
  4. Is there a website I can put a dog up for adoption?
  5. my3 weeks old puppy dog have loose motion he is still with his mother is it a...
  6. Good name for a male dog?
  7. What are these bubble like bumps underneath my dogs fur?
  8. how can i get my dog to trust me?
  9. Training If my dog is in pain, it's common for him to bite me...?
  10. I want a puppy?I only have 110 dollars right now but I want to see how much a puppy
  11. Why does my 6 month old puppy always bite me?
  12. My 9 week old puppy keeps eating her pee pads.?
  13. Help with puppy names?
  14. what are good name for a dog? (Male or Female)?
  15. what type of dogs do petco put up for adoption?
  16. Will my dog die if he has eaten 2-ci?
  17. How much should I be feeding my dog? lol?
  18. what's the earliest you can start socializing a puppy?
  19. i need to put my dog up for adoption. and i need help.?
  20. Good names for an adorable standard smoot coat dachshund dog (male and female!!!!!...
  21. Need two dog names for males that sound like Cooper and Bailey?
  22. When I get my pomeranian puppy, will it be okay to be by itself for this...
  23. How do you get a dog to trust people again?
  24. Why does my puppy pee so much?
  25. Will puppies of different breeds get along?
  26. i have been feeding my dog gravy train since october and he has soft poop. what...
  27. Whats a good name for a male dog?
  28. My puppy's stomach is moving?
  29. Are Dog the bounty hunters really law enforcement officers, or are they actors?
  30. What is on my dog's leg?
  31. Help dog trust issue!!!?
  32. To tell the hole story about 9 years ago i bought a black lab puppy, that same week
  33. What can you give a dog for pain?
  34. Should I trust a dog breeder that charges $200 for puppies?
  35. A good name for a male black and white dog?
  36. I adopted an abused chihuahua and she wont eat anything but table scraps....
  37. Do you think its bad to leave a dog outside under these conditions?
  38. What do your dogs feet smell like? go on smell them!?
  39. My dog knows how to slip out of collars, choke collars and harness'. What else...
  40. There are so many dog training programs online, anyone know of a trust...
  41. Should I take my puppy to the vet?
  42. What's the approximate size of a beagle puppy?
  43. My neighbors dog got hit by car and died, should i feel guilty?
  44. Male english mastiff puppy......?
  45. Should I trust my dog?
  46. dog adoptions for Maricopa County, Arizona?
  47. sick puppy please help :(?
  48. where can i find cheap yorkie puppies in miami or teacups, or even hypoallergenic
  49. How do i gain a abandoned dogs trust?
  50. What type of dog harness is the best?
  51. Can you give me any advice on giving a dog up for adoption?
  52. Thinking about pet adoption for 2 Border Colie/Pyrenes Dogs? What should i do?
  53. is it a good thing if people say that my dog trusts me?
  54. My dog's frontline and harness?
  55. Why dogs do these things?
  56. names for female or male dog?
  57. Do dog harnesses help work out your dog?
  58. What kind is the dog in wild wild west movie?
  59. How badly do lips scar? (From a dog bit)?
  60. Home Visit for dog adoption?
  61. Male dog names for cockerspaniel?
  62. How often are free dogs collected / stolen for labratory research?
  63. What can I do to make my dog trust me again?
  64. What should i do about this dog?
  65. how tight should a dog harness be?
  66. What's the best type of collar/ harness for a Large Hyper Dog?
  67. Dog scarin my chickens?
  68. what are some good names for male dogs referring to new Orleans?
  69. Where can i send my dogs for adoption ?
  70. Can I bring my chihuahua puppy in the mall with me, in a purse?
  71. Am i supposed to have puppy fat at 13?
  72. I have downloaded puppy linux to a usb and i have added alot of other...
  73. How to deal with a jealous Yorkie when you bring home a puppy.?
  74. How come my dogs keeps ing her mouth?
  75. What should a dog 'adoption' rescue test for before placing dogs?
  76. Why is my dog afraid of one particular spot on my bed?
  77. Leash or harness for a pulling dog?
  78. Dog has trust issues?
  79. what do you think of the name gucci for my brown male pekingese dog?
  80. what do you think of the name gucci for my brown male pekingese dog?
  81. Is there anything I can give my dog to INCREASE her energy level?
  82. Metal mesh dog harness? Husky has gone through 11 harnesses in 10 mos.?
  83. DOG OWNERS! Would You Trust..........?
  84. i gave my dog back to dog trust last week due to advice but now everyone is...
  85. is blue wilderness good for my pit bull puppy?
  86. how stressed do puppies get when flying alone?
  87. Where can i send my dog for adoption?
  88. Im worried he's upset? Do puppies forget fast?
  89. Puppy addicted to caramel?
  90. how do I give my dogs for adoption?
  91. Where can i send my dogs for adoption ?
  92. I think my new puppy is deaf. How do I train her?
  93. Is it normal for my puppy to get tired rather fast?
  94. I just got a Doberman puppy and I don't know how to make him feel comfortable.?
  95. Best collar/harness to stop a dog from pulling?
  96. whats more dangerous bees or dogs?
  97. good fitting dog harnesses?
  98. My adopted dog does not like my son?
  99. good name for a white puppy?
  100. Can I teach my Akita to get along with other dogs?
  101. Good dog names for male?
  102. Puppy is 18 days old and has a lump under his chin the width of neck. What is wrong?
  103. Which is safer for a dog: Choke collar, pinch collar, or harness?
  104. Website to put my dog up for adoption in Southern Cali?
  105. do you like....the new andrex puppy advert?
  106. can you really trust your dog?
  107. what breed is my puppy?
  108. Help me i rescued an abused puppy tt_tt want to save his life?
  109. Getting rid of my old dog to get a new puppy?
  110. How do I get my sister's dog to stay still so I can clip his nails?
  111. whats a good name for a male dog?
  112. What is a good name for a male Golden Retriever Dog?
  113. Do dogs remember names or voices?
  114. Would you trust a 13 year old to walk your dog? Why/why not?
  115. Help, one of my 5 weeks year old puppy just sneeze, and one of her eyes popped...
  116. what are some good names for a male rescue dog of 18 months?
  117. Can you ever trust a genetically unsound dog?
  118. Is this site good and trust-able for getting a dog/puppy?
  119. Male dog name for a Great Dane?
  120. Puppy shot complications.?
  121. Do you trust Costco dog food?
  122. my dog ate super glue?
  123. why is my dog so scarey and does'nt trust me?
  124. Puppies first day home!! Suggestions ?
  125. what breed is my dog?
  126. Where can I puppy vaccinations in Broward County, Florida?
  127. how much does a black leather harness for dogs cost in US dollars?
  128. why is my puppy's stomach swollen?
  129. Names for a dog foster/adoption service?
  130. something wrong with my dogs ears?
  131. Y is my puppy peeing everywhere!!!!?
  132. How bog would this puppy get?
  133. What are good gun names for a male dog?
  134. Female Boxer Dog "rear" harness- where to buy?
  135. Why am I having such a hard time with my Corgi mix puppy? My Border Collie was easy?
  136. list of supplies you need when bringing home a new puppy?
  137. i got a new dog today from the pound. and we brought her home, she is 6 to 9 months
  138. What kind of dog is the one on the cesar dog food commercial?
  139. How many puppies can a miniature pincher have in her first litter?
  140. dog???????????????
  141. How much puppies can a Cocker Spaniel have?
  142. What breed of dog is the dog in the movie Firewall?
  143. How do you get a puppy to use puppy pads?
  144. What is the very best puppy food for a small maltepoo puppy?
  145. What kind of puppies are calm and not boisterous or rambunctious?
  146. How many puppies to dogs usually give birth to?
  147. What breed of dog is used in the Beneful dog food advertisement?
  148. How old should a puppy be on puppy food?
  149. How many puppies does a maltese have on a first litter?
  150. How many puppies can a stafordshire terrier cross have on average?
  151. When do puppies start thier periods (on average) and how long do they usually last?
  152. How much would a puppy mill owner charge for a puppy?
  153. What age do puppies start loosing their teeth?
  154. What kind of Dog is the dog in the frontline plus commercial?
  155. Puppies......?
  156. How do I keep my lab puppy from bullying my great dane puppy?
  157. PuPPY !!??!?
  158. What would the puppies of two cockapoo parents turn out like?
  159. How old should puppies be before you can feed them puppies food?
  160. How do I get my puppy to go outside after being trained on the puppy pads?
  161. Dog??!?!?!?!?!?!?
  162. How old is a puppy when the mother starts weaning her puppy from her milk?
  163. How old should puppies be before they start eating solid foods?
  164. What sex puppy should I get to go with my female dog?
  165. What color are puppies gums are supposed to be?
  166. When should I start feeding my puppies actual puppy food and not mothers milk?
  167. Why do puppies like to chew stuff up when they are home alone?
  168. How long before a male puppy can actually produce puppies?
  169. Is keeping a dog when i already have mice healthy for the dog?
  170. My puppy bites the other puppies and will not let go, the puppy cry. How can I
  171. What do puppies feel like inside the female?
  172. My puppy ate a dry kidney bean I was putting to soak?
  173. If my dog gets an infection from being bitten by another dog, who is responsible for
  174. What causes puppies to throw up right after eating?
  175. Dog???????????????????????
  176. How do I train my puppy to go on a puppy pad?
  177. I have 2 yorkie puppies 9 months old one of the puppies is getting angry...
  178. puppy?????
  179. Puppy.....?
  180. How to teach your puppy to use puppy pads?
  181. What would eat puppies that are in a fenced in yard?
  182. How can i socialise our new puppy with our 10 month old puppy ?
  183. When can I start feeding my puppies real dog food instead of puppy food.?
  184. What dog breed would be good for a first time dog owner?
  185. When do puppies start to lose their teeth?
  186. What dog shampoo should I use for my dog?
  187. puppies...?
  188. Can puppies get their purebreed license if both parents get registered
  189. My puppy finished all his food and he keeps going to his empty bowl. Should I
  190. How many puppies are usually in the first time litter?
  191. What is the difference between purina puppy chow :all puppies and purina...
  192. How do i keep my puppy from biting my other puppy?
  193. Can the worlds greatest dog trainer teach a male dog to control itself around a...
  194. What happens if you feed puppy food to an adult dog or adult food to a puppy?
  195. My puppy stinks alot. How do i clean him without giving him a bath every 3 days?
  196. How long after a puppy dies of parvo do you need to wait to get a new puppy?
  197. What kind of dog is good for a new dog owner?
  198. My puppy ate a big chunk off of one of her plastic toys, should I induce vomiting?
  199. What breed of dog would you suggest as a calm, gentle dog to be trained as a
  200. Why do puppies chase you when you roll around in the grass really fast?
  201. How old are puppies before they start sleeping through the night?
  202. My puppy peed on my covers. Is it safe to wash the covers in the washing machine
  203. How long after puppies are born are they able to hear?
  204. What color puppies will a buff female and chocolate male cocker spaniel have?
  205. DoG!!!!!!!!!!?????????
  206. What happens if a dog makes puppies with a family member?Will the puppies be
  207. When will my puppy start acting like a puppy?
  208. What dog is good with children and easy to train for first time dog owners?
  209. How many puppies can an owner register with the AKC in a year?
  210. How old should puppies be before you take them outside?
  211. dOG!?!?!?!?
  212. My puppies have not been well fed and they are now 8 weeks. Is there hope for...
  213. What kind of dog should I get? I want a small non shedding easy to maintain dog?
  214. What puppy food would you reccomend for a Giant sized dog?
  215. Why is my dog too much shy or submissive with other dogs?
  216. Why is my dog weird about some dogs and not others?
  217. My dog gets nervous and lashes out at other dogs. How do I get her to be around...
  218. What do dog fighters generally do with the ears of the dogs they intend to fight?
  219. How many male dogs can get one female dog pregnant?
  220. What dog myth did your parent have you believe about dogs when you were young?
  221. Small Dog Breeders, I need your help! I love animals and want to know how to
  222. in dogs, How long does it take for the sperm to hit the egg and the dog...
  223. Dogs!!!!!!?
  224. What toy breed dog would be good to get for a beginner dog owner who is afraid of
  225. What kind of dog foods are good for dogs with sensative stomachs?
  226. How do I stop my dog from biting/mouthing other dogs when the other dogs...
  227. Why are different dogs more dangerous than others dogs?
  228. Calling all dog trainers! How do I get my dogs to stop chewing on a...
  229. Why does my dog howl at the sky whenever I imitate dogs howling?
  230. How do I get my dog to obey me at the dog park when she is around other dogs?
  231. Can a nylabone dog bone wear down my dogs teeth?
  232. dogs
  233. Which breed of dog is the best for people who are allergic to dogs?
  234. What do dog groomers use to make dogs smell so good?
  235. What are a dogs dewclaws for? And why do they need to be removed from some dogs?
  236. DOGs......?
  237. What kind of dogs make good family dogs?
  238. What dogs make good search and rescue dogs for a firefighter?
  239. How do I stop a dog not to bark consistently at other dogs, so all the dogs in Day
  240. What dogs would you suggest to a first time dog owner?
  241. When can my dog go around other dogs after getting Kennel Cough?
  242. Why do dogs drink others dogs urinewhile they are urinating?
  243. Can a female dog get pregnant from two different dogs?
  244. My dog was diagnosticated diabetic, can somebody please tell me a bout a...
  245. My dog barks at other dogs & is very submissive! How do I get her to calm down and
  246. How old do dogs have to be to have sex with a male dog?
  247. What kind of dogs are good gaurd dogs but good with kids and families?
  248. How far from home would a dog wander to die and would they die in the
  249. Any advice for your puppies first night in a cage?
  250. Why does my dog start barking when I approach my house after being gone all day?