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  1. dog pooing in his crate?
  2. is this dog crate going to be big enough? please help?
  3. rescue dog stop in from srayin in the home?
  4. Do you or have you ever watched the show Dogs 101 on animal planet?
  5. Is it illegal to crate your dog for 10 hours a day?
  6. Is mold on the outer-bottom of my dog's wood crate dangerous?
  7. How to stop my dog from being in a crate?
  8. Staffies and PitBulls on Dogs 101?
  9. Three yr old female dog won't stop pooping in her crate?
  10. My dog always poops in her crate! Always?
  11. I rescue dogs and need info on what type of flooring would work and be eay to
  12. my mother has just rescued a german shepherd dog and one of her litter of...
  13. rescue dog needs t gain weight?
  14. Crating a Dog Overnight?
  15. Why is my 5 month old dog peeing in his crate?
  16. My dog refuses to go in his crate at night all of the sudden.?
  17. Dogs 101: Meet the American Pit Bull Terrier?
  18. dogs 101, new season, your opinions?
  19. Dog lost use of rear legs?
  20. Sales tax in Denver, Co. is 3.1% now. Recent receipt for purchase of pet
  21. I want to get an american pit bull terrier, as I have been told they are loyal and
  22. Laws for the sale of pets in Ontario?
  23. Adopted a 3 year old dog 2 weeks ago and she started pooping inside how do i train...
  24. I didn't know the dog I adopted from the shelter was pregnant?
  25. i need to buy a pet rock training manual are there any for sale?
  26. Did my dog adopt my cat?
  27. I have a male staffy who is not friendly with other dogs, my bf has a male
  28. Any pet stores with young/baby female rats for sale in Ohio?
  29. Where can I buy ether boxers or y fronts with a Dog Bone pattern on them?
  30. How do I get my dog to lose weight?
  31. I have a 2yr old shiba inu dog that I just adopted and I can't housetrain her....
  32. Looking to adopt a dog with heart worms?
  33. my dogs is losing thier tooth is that ok?
  34. Hooray! Anybody else glad the dog murderers team just lost?
  35. Getting a dog to lose weight?
  36. bull mastiff dog questions?
  37. bull mastiff dog questions?
  38. Can penicillin help treat a dogs skin infection?
  39. My dog lost 1week ago i miss him so much any idea how to forget him a bit?
  40. Will my dogs attack a rabbit if I bought one as a pet?
  41. Where can i find ads with pets for sale.?
  42. WHy don't owners of cats and dogs buy a cage?
  43. I'm afraid of my friend's dog (pit bull), and I don't know how to tell her. Help!?
  44. Why are American Pit Bull Terriers more abused than any other dog breed?
  45. My house is up for sale and I have a pet problem?
  46. Is it a good idea to re-name a newly adopted dog?
  47. if im buying a bull terrier from a breeder what should i recieve from him...
  48. Pillow pets for sale cheap?
  49. where can i buy a dog groomers tunic?
  50. I know people say Emotional support dogs should be adopted as puppies, but...
  51. How can I suggest my wife lose weight without offending her or ending up in the...
  52. Are pit bulls the only breed used in illegal dog fighting rings?
  53. dose anyone have an origanal pet rock for sale?
  54. are pit bulls dangerous dogs?
  55. Home made dog treats?
  56. My male friend broke my heart and now treats me like a dog. Should I confront...
  57. If someone gave you $20,000 to buy a nice car/suv for your BFF and her bigass dog,...
  58. I could benefit from a few suggestions on adopting a feral dog?
  59. Starting a dog treat business in Wisconsin?
  60. I'm 19 where can i adopt a dog?
  61. I want to get a pit bull puppy, will it be okay to get one if I have 3...
  62. I live in hampshire and want to buy or adopt a maltese puppy or dog where can i get
  63. Question about buying a dog ?
  64. I've bought a 'Cat' but I think it could be a dog?
  65. Would you ban pit bulls because they are the most aggressive dogs?
  66. Adopted a 3 year old dog 2 weeks ago and she started pooping inside how do i train...
  67. My dog is losing bladder control whilst lying around the house, it just leaks out,
  68. I need some who can adopt my dog?
  69. Looking for pet chipmunks for sale in northern virginia?
  70. Is adopting a dog in college a good idea?
  71. Please help, i lost my dog.?
  72. My female dog lost her appetite?
  73. I recently adopted a dog from the local animal shelter and my problem is
  74. I'm afraid of my friend's dog (pit bull), and I don't know how to tell her. Help!?
  75. What treats can i stuff inside this dog toy?
  76. What should i do to help my dog lose weight?
  77. Where can I buy a dog?
  78. Can I buy a dog door or dog flap for my dog?
  79. Where can I find a miniature pig or a little pink pig for sale to be my
  80. What Happen if i am Going to SALE my Pet in Friends For Sale?
  81. Pets for sale or trade?
  82. Where do 'pets at home' advertise their job vacancies for sales assistants?
  83. Chow chow and english bull dog puppy living together ?
  84. how do i get my pit bull 8 years old to not go after other dogs when he...
  85. Best site for posting for sale pet classifieds?
  86. What is the likelihood of a pet store putting an illegal puppy up for sale?
  87. I've bought a 'Cat' but I think it could be a dog?
  88. Where can I advertise crickets for sale as pet food?
  89. do dogs lose their teeth?
  90. Would you adopt a dog if you were going to college in 6 years? READ PLEASE!?
  91. I am planning on buying a Yorkie Male medium sized dog. Where can I look for
  92. Why would my dog have dry skin & be losing fur?
  93. Question about adopting a dog?
  94. Buying a new dog and I am a beginner?
  95. Pet scorpions for sale in Cleveland Ohio?
  96. Is there currently any guinea pigs for sale at "Pet Supplies Plus" in...
  97. my dogs lost their tooth,now is it ok if the dog ate the tooth ?
  98. will i lose a qirat everyday if i own a dog (muslim)?
  99. Bought a dog from breeder, it died. what should i do?
  100. Are Weimaraner Pit Bull Mix dogs allowed in Rhode Island?
  101. my dog has lost appetite and has no energy, what can it be?
  102. I have a 5 year old bernese mountain dog showing aggression towards strangers.?
  103. Dog show people: What are something things you like to see in a judge?
  104. how do i show dominence over my dog?(that I'm In charge.)?
  105. chalking and color enhancing substances at dog shows?
  106. What to do if 17 pound dog ate chocolate 8 hours ago?!?
  107. My 20 pound dog ate a human vitamin???
  108. My 10 pound dog just ate a lot of m&m's ; help?
  109. When a dog has a tumor and shows all the symptoms, how long is it likely she has...
  110. whats the dog breed that was shown in the movie " I am legend " ?
  111. Would she be successful show dog?
  112. Why is Cats are in the Dog Pound?
  113. My 10 pound dog just ate a lot of m&m's ; help?
  114. Question about the show Dogs 101?
  115. What are some shows about dogs I can watch on netflix instantly?
  116. Dog ate 3/4 of a pound of a huge Hershey's bar HELP?
  117. What should I give for Junior Showmanship (Dog Show) prizes?
  118. Is a 90 pound dog more cold temperature tolerant than a 10 pound dog?
  119. what street is the dogs pound in orange cove?
  120. Is it better to put an old dog down then to have to take him to the pound?
  121. My dog was in the pound for 6 days. She looks like they starved her.?
  122. Rescued a nervous scared dog from the pound?
  123. I figured out my dogs show name. How do I look up her show/breeding history?
  124. Can you tell me how many times in a minute a 50 pounds dog should breathes ?
  125. how long will it take for my dog to lose a pound?
  126. What is a good lenght of a 50 pound dogs ERECT penis to be?
  127. Who remembers the Nickelodeon Show Angry Beavers and Cat and Dog ?
  128. Would this dog be a good Show Dog?
  129. What would judges except at a Dog Show?
  130. What is a good length for a 50 pound dogs erect penis to be?
  131. if we want to take a dog to dog pound where do I go?
  132. i have a question about the dog pound?
  133. Looking for any Molly Shannon/Will Farrell "Dog Show" sketch?
  134. Which one of these dogs are better guard dogs dobermans Neapolitan or french
  135. Is it too late to train my pit to be a guard dog?
  136. Where did other type of dogs come from?
  137. What type of dog is scooby doo?
  138. Whats the best guard dog to get?
  139. Is it too late to train my pit to be a guard dog?
  140. What type of dog do you think my mutt has in her?
  141. What type of dog is Ein from that anime series Space Cowboy Beebop?
  142. How old/big does a dog have to be to start it on an electric fence?
  143. Dog breeds that can become guard dogs?
  144. How do I teach boundaries for dogs/or not to jump over the fence.?
  145. Are there any dog breeds that guard smaller livestock. ie, chickens, rabbits etc?
  146. my dog will not stay in the yard. he jumps the fence or goes underneath it?
  147. What type of dog is mine?
  148. what dogs guarded ashwitz in ww2?
  149. What type of dog should we get?
  150. My dog has a huge prey drive, will an invisible fence still work?
  151. I have a Saint Bernard that chews the invisible fence collar off of the other...
  152. what r good guard dogs?
  153. Fencing Problem For a Big Dog?
  154. How do I stop my dog from digging under the fences?
  155. How to keep my dog from jumping the fence?
  156. How do I get my dog to poop off leash in the yard with an electric fence?
  157. What can i do if my neighbor hit my dog with fence iron?
  158. can i give pork roast juice to any type of dog or the fat?
  159. Has anyone used this wireless electric dog fence?
  160. what would happen if i weaved my electic dog fence through my chain link fence?
  161. what type of dog is that ?
  162. I have A Lot of questions on types of dogs!! ?
  163. Why is my golden retriever not a good guard dog?
  164. Whats the best family dog as well as guard dog?
  165. Is it the nature of the beast...I have a fence to keep the dogs in?
  166. What type of dog should I get?
  167. What's a good guard dog?
  168. Tips on making my GSD a guard dog?
  169. What type of dog do you think my mutt has in her?
  170. using underground electric dog fence in conjunction with chain link fence?
  171. how do i stop my dog from running off but letting her go out by herself and we...
  172. What is the best breed for a guard dog? I need one that is also friendly &
  173. what type of dog is your fav?
  174. We have 4 dogs that bark too much when they go out to or in from our...
  175. What type of dog is this?
  176. Dog keeps running through the electric dog fence?
  177. Advice/Knowledge on dog car guards?
  178. My dog crawls underneath our fence?
  179. How to keep the neighbor dog digging under my fence?
  180. How old/big does a dog have to be to start it on an electric fence?
  181. Do Boston terriers make good watch/guard dogs?
  182. my german shepherd as a guard dog?
  183. Is the Akitia a good guard dog?
  184. Should a puppy that is going to be a guard dog be socialized?
  185. what type of dog should i get?
  186. Does anyone know what type of dog he is?
  187. What type of dog does Prince Andrew the Duke of York own?
  188. Am about to get a guard dog?
  189. What type of dog is in the 2010 banana republic ad?
  190. How much do reputable breeders and rescue groups hold it against you if you...
  191. I have a chihuahua-shih tzu rescued at 3 weeks. She is now almost 2. We
  192. my dog is scared but barks when he's in my arm?
  193. Why do dogs bark especially louder when the mailman comes?
  194. Can I call the cops because my neighbor's dog barks all night long?
  195. I just rescued a dog and she's very skiddish need some help?
  196. Which Muzzle is best to stop a dog from barking and biting?
  197. Is there lotion for dogs?
  198. Night Lights, Loyal Dogs and a Comforter, know what I mean?
  199. My dog broke her leg, I think?
  200. Why does my dog chew his feet?
  201. I have a rescue dog with stage three heart worms? can heartguard be a less...
  202. My neighbors dog almost attacked me?
  203. How to teach my dog to bark?
  204. what is the best way to figure out if a dog is pregnant?
  205. how do I get a dog I walk to stop biting me he 3 yrs old and a rescue?
  206. Adopted a rescue dog...how do i housebreak her?!?
  207. My dog is scared of other dogs?
  208. how do you stop my dog from barking?
  209. how can i get my dog to stop barking at everything?
  210. Neighbors complaining about dog barking?
  211. What kind of a dog would be best for me?
  212. Is it bad to surrender our dog to a rescue?
  213. Dog adoption/Please guide me for below?
  214. Is this a legitimate reason for surrendering a dog? (applying to adopt from a...
  215. next are 3 large dogs barking until 1 am. the police won't do anything the owner
  216. Pros and cons of getting a rescue dog...?
  217. whats a good amount of space for a dog rescue center?
  218. Can i use LabTop to create noise to stop annoying dog bark?
  219. how do you start an animal rescue business. (dog)?
  220. 3 Dogs, Way Too Much Barking!!! HELP?
  221. I just rescued a dog, does the presence of scattered flea dirt mean she currently
  222. What would a good dog be?
  223. animal transportation for a rescue dog from Florida to Illinois?
  224. Dominant aggression in a rescue dog?
  225. Why does my 7 month old French bulldog drool around other dogs?
  226. My dog barks at black people, and its fcuking embarassing. Please help?
  227. Why's my dog crying I'm scared help?
  228. Why does the dog rub on me? (like a cat)?
  229. How do you train a rescue dog?
  230. MY dog ate pills! please help..?
  231. We adopted a 4 year old dog who was rescued from a puppy mill. Training advice?
  232. If your dog and you could "talk" and completely understand each other for 10 minutes?
  233. The dog I just rescued is coughing a lot, why?
  234. How do i get my dog to stop barking so much?
  235. what was that 80s movie called where the kids rescued their dog from the...
  236. Where can I get a dog from a trusted breeder!!?
  237. Called city on neighbor's barking dog. They won't do anything to help. What now?
  238. How can you stop a dog constantly barking and aggression againest other dogs?
  239. how do I stop my dogs from barking at the TV?
  240. dog barking and don't know the proper reason?
  241. i rescued a abused dog and she destroys everything?
  242. Help with dog mating please help me?
  243. My dog is twitching every couple of seconds...?
  244. Dog poop around apartment complex?
  245. 2 month old puppy, can it be home like this?
  246. What breed of dog do you own?
  247. A older movie with a wolf or dog that goes around killing people and trusts only
  248. What is the most effective way to train my dog?
  249. My dog seems to have a hard time moving his paws. Help?
  250. Would a small (toy breed size) dog do best with a collar or a harness?