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  1. Dog Breed Poll; Which Breed Is Your Fave?
  2. Do I have a decent excuse as to why I slept with a married man? (I'm thinking
  3. Trying to find out what my rescue dog is mixed with! can you help me?
  4. littlest pet shop dancing dog?
  5. how often does your older toy/small dog have to go potty?
  6. Fun games I can play with my dog?
  7. Poll: are you a cat or dog type of person?
  8. What Type of Dog is this?
  9. Why won't my dog go into his dog house?
  10. How do I wean my dog off of her kennel?
  11. dog De bordeaux cross with Alaskan?
  12. I have an Akita Dog and a Dogue De Bordeaux x Rottweiler -?
  13. how many peices of dog food are in one cup for petpride small bites?
  14. About two dogs at my work?
  15. How to rescue dogs from another country?
  16. Does any one have an english bull dog puppy for sale or for breeding?
  17. I am thinking of adopting this dog. Any guess what breed mix?
  18. Does my nightmare about a dog who could talk mean anything?
  19. Fun games I can play with my dog?
  20. If socialised very early, will every type of breed get along with other dogs?
  21. bull dog puppies for sale NC!?
  22. House breaking an older dog?
  23. what is a good name for this type of dog?
  24. My dog got diagnosed with "kennel cough" and after taking him to the vet he has
  25. Is your dog a pure breed or a mutt?
  26. Small amount of prey drive, how do I build it up? Dogs?
  27. dogue de bordeaux dog?
  28. A dog near me has died. Is it ok to be upset about a dog who doesn't belong to me?
  29. Old dog keeps peeing in the house?!?!?
  30. worried about dog food????
  31. Any good pet shop websites in the UK? For dog carriers?
  32. What breed of dog is this?
  33. what do I do about that guard dog friend? Am I wrong or is she stupid?
  34. What type of dog should i get?
  35. where can i buy a suburban husky dog, from the uk other than the net, like pet shop?
  36. bull dog puppies for sale NC!?
  37. Do all the different breeds of dogs have the same DNA?
  38. Dog Is Going Inside House?
  39. What is a good laid-back type of dog for an apartment?
  40. My dog is frightened of old men and shopping trolleys?
  41. What breed of dog should I get?
  42. Dogue De Bordeaux or Bull mastiff or Rottweiler Which is better guard dog?
  43. Best Small SUV, small 4x4, or small European MPV for dogs? Do Tinted Windows...
  44. Dogs de Bordeaux breeders and owners alike?
  45. Types of vitamins and supplements for my dog. Pls recommend...?
  46. how much is a dog de Bordeaux?
  47. How do i get my dog to go into her dog house?
  48. Why is my rescue dog so afraid of me?
  49. Is there any 24 hour dog kennels in Las vegas ?
  50. How much does it cost to bring a small dog on an airplane?
  51. Pet stores/pet shops that sell puppies/dogs?
  52. Which is your fave breed of dog out of these?
  53. What type of dog is this?
  54. Heip our dog de bordeaux has a hump like a camel on his back?
  55. Suggest a dog breed for me?
  56. Puppy dog house/kennel plans.?
  57. Pet and the law my dogs was in a bording kennel i picked them up to day thay look...
  58. I'm being a baby about getting my dog neutered...?
  59. Need ideas of games to play with dog?
  60. Do you think a humorous story about a kid playing surgeon with his pet dog as a...
  61. Pet dogs shop in trivandrum ?
  62. do you have a Dog de bordeaux......( for DDB owners only)?
  63. My dog keeps pooping in the house at the same spot.?
  64. What do I do about that guard dog friend? Am I wrong or is she stupid?
  65. My dog bit me is there anything else to worry about besides rabies?
  66. Small dogs and dry kibble?
  67. Why do people continue to leave their dogs in their cars while shopping?
  68. Wondering about a Dog name?
  69. I am shopping for a small suv/crossover for me & my bigass dog. What are
  70. Why has my dog started to pee in the house?
  71. What can I do about my dog?
  72. Cute, cheap, small dogs? Easy 10 points(:?
  73. would you rather spend $1000 on shopping or by a dog?
  74. What are ideal off-leash dog breeds?
  75. Why has my dog started whining so much about food?
  76. How can I find out if my rescue dog sired puppies?
  77. Question about pugs (dog)?
  78. I want a small dog but i dont know how much to spend on one?
  79. Are Husky's good with small dogs?
  80. in the nintendo ds game my pet shop where can you find a black dog?
  81. i was going to buy a dog from a pet shop but...?
  82. Shopping for a puppy/dog?
  83. My dog wont stop going dodo in my house o.o?
  84. looking for boxer bull dogs pups for sale?
  85. My rescue staffy won't eat any dog food!!?
  86. what breed of dog should i get?
  87. is my dog de bordeaux to old to breed at 6 years?
  88. How do we train dogs to pee where we want them to?
  89. I recently adopted a dogue de bordeaux and he is a little under weight can...
  90. Whats something fun for a big and small dog to do?
  91. can we keep a dog outside our house for security?
  92. my dog is 10 months old and i have been told he is a dogue de bordeaux
  93. My 7 pound, 3 yr old mix dog ate about 1/3 of a bag of semi sweet choc chips in
  94. pregnant rescued dog?
  95. What dog breed is this...?
  96. Dog for sale question ( dogue de Bordeaux )?
  97. What to do about my dogs separation anxiety?
  98. my auncle does not listen to me about my dog?
  99. Best breeds of dogs that interact with kids and other pets?
  100. Anyone can tell me why my dog keeps barking at my other dog?
  101. What is a good male dog's name ?
  102. Why does my dog bark at nothing at all, all the time?
  103. Why won't my dog stop barking?
  104. How do I train my dog to walk better and heel?
  105. how do i stop my dog barking on a morning?
  106. What breed of dog should I get *READ DESCRIPTION*?
  107. Is it harder to train a puppy or a dog?
  108. What to do about my constantly barking dogs?
  109. How do I get the bell and ball to train my cats and dogs on harvest moon bazaar?
  110. how big should my dog's crate be?
  111. Question about a dog on heat?
  112. Should I be worried about my pregnant dog?
  113. Any sugGestioN of male Dog's name please..?
  114. Dog is barking at my bookcase every night. Nothing is there. Reason?
  115. What type of dog stays small and doesn't shed or bark too much?
  116. Should I be worried about my pregnant dog?
  117. If a dog dont bark at all how can i make her speak?
  118. my dog barks how can i stop it?
  119. Good boy dog names? Large male dogs...?
  120. Why wont my Dog bark?
  121. Does anyone have a puppy or a dog 4 sale??
  122. with what to replace plastic pan for dog crate ?
  123. What can I do about a dog who is scared all the time?
  124. Why does my dog always bark at me?
  125. I saw my dad kill my mom's cat and blamed it on the dog?
  126. What is that dog and cat board game from the 90's called?
  127. i need a good male dog name?
  128. How do I get my dog to bark on command?
  129. What should I name my dog(male)?
  130. My dog wonts top barking!?
  131. Roommate's dog and what to do about it?
  132. what should i do about my dogs eye? is it serious?
  133. How can i get my dog to bark less?
  134. Question about my dog and my neighbors?
  135. How can I stop worrying about my dog?
  136. Does anybody know of any good dog daycare and boarding facilities near
  137. does any1 have a american eskimo dog 4 sale r 4 free in colorado near denver?
  138. Help! Need male dog names!?
  139. why do people have narrow minds on certain breeds of dogs?
  140. When i was answering a question about dogs yahoo starred out the word bitch?
  141. My dog is 53 days pregnant now and her temp is 99.8 is that ok? Her normal temp is
  142. What can I do about snow getting stuck between my dogs foot pads?
  143. What are some cute male dog names starting with an M or J?
  144. ATTENTION: unique male dog name ideas?
  145. Why won't this dog stop barking?
  146. why dose my dog poop when barking?
  147. dog keeps barking what to do?
  148. Help choosing the right breed of dog?
  149. what if you put a dog and a cat and a mouse together?
  150. So I wonder what the best types of dogs are to breed with a German Shepherd?
  151. does n e 1 no who has bull dogs 4 sale?
  152. How to settle unruly loud neighbors with a constant barking dog (live in
  153. I cant think of a male dog name help?
  154. My wife & I had a fight about religion & she kicked me out ,after 3 days in the dog
  155. do u hink its far 4 ur dad 2 sale ur dog 2 a ur uncle 2 give 2 his gf is that...
  156. I'm thinking of getting a dog for me, how will I know the right breed
  157. How can I get my dog to understand that the crate is a safe place to be?
  158. Anti bark collar for dogs ?
  159. tv show like bananas in pyjamas about two dogs?
  160. Dog question..... about coat?
  161. Where in Ireland in Dublin can you get a dog measured for its lovely outfits ?
  162. can dogs drink milk? Please let me know?
  163. What type of dog should i get?!?
  164. Neighbors wont keep their dog on a leash?
  165. Another fun question (hopefully)... if your dogs were human and had a trademark...
  166. doesnt a dog have to skip a cycle after having pups?
  167. is it unhealthy for a dog to stay indoors all the time and only go out
  168. Do you have a Christmas Outfit for your dog?
  169. What are your favourite types of dogs?
  170. What type of dog dosnt shed too much, is medium/large in size and is...
  171. Where in Ireland in Dublin can you bring your little dog to be fitted for an Outfit ?
  172. What type of dog is this (Pic)?
  173. Is it wrong to leave a dog roped outside in winter unattended? What should I do
  174. dog humping a rubber tree?
  175. What type of dog have u got and how many?
  176. what outfit should i wear with my rocket dogs ?
  177. cute outfits for my dog?!?
  178. How can I get my dog to poop on a leash?
  179. Is it OK to feed a dog popcorn?
  180. Dogs????!!!!!! I need help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  181. How can I stop my dog from eating his poo?
  182. Why is my dog afraid of her kennel?
  183. lurcher dog .could anyone tell me what type of cross my lurcher is greyhound
  184. I thought it would be kind of funny to try on my girlfriends French Maids outfit and
  185. we have 2 dogs that we usually walk in the woods off leash. they chase deer.?
  186. dog humping a rubber tree?
  187. To what breed does this dog belong?and how much will he grow?
  188. cute outfits for my dog?!?
  189. Help Me!!!!! My dog ate pills!!?
  190. What is the #1 Guard dog?
  191. Matching Halloween outfits for me and my dog?
  192. how do i make my dog walk on a leash?
  193. What type of dog is this?
  194. whats wrong with my dog.?
  195. Dressing up dog for halloween for good cause? But what to dress up as? (Do...
  196. how do i keep my 2yr old dog from pulling on the leash?
  197. What is the leash Law For Dogs?
  198. Why is it that every time you get charged by an off leash dog?
  199. what type of dogs are these?? (PICS)?
  200. Dog outfit from McCall's pattern M5776, Dog Vest?
  201. lurcher dog .could anyone tell me what type of cross my lurcher is greyhound
  202. What type of dog should I get?
  203. What is the best type of dog/puppy to get?
  204. Do all dog breeds have tails now?
  205. Also ideas for matching outfits for Halloween for me and my dog?
  206. Video of the Dog in the Devil outfit in front of the fireplace.?
  207. My dog totally freaked out when my boyfriend surprised me by getting dolled up in...
  208. What type of dog do you think is right for me?
  209. I have a red coloured dog outfit - can you think of a TRADITIONAL story with a red
  210. Is it bad to move my dog from my dads to my moms?
  211. Dog left outside on long leash?
  212. which dog is better than the two?
  213. Dog bit another dog, while on a leash?
  214. my dog goes crazy when she see's her leash even before the walk?
  215. What types of dogs are these?
  216. why do people think that their dogs and cats, mostly chiwauwas actually enjoy
  217. My housebroken dog is suddenly peeing in the apartment every time we put the
  218. Owners who dress up their dogs in cute adorable outfits..?
  219. I have an 8y-o german shepherd female dog. Should I breed her?
  220. Dog peeing + piano = disaster!?
  221. I was thinking about ing a store that specializes in matching dog and...
  222. What Type Of Dog Should I Get?
  223. How do you get a dog to stop pulling on the leash?
  224. How to stop your dog from ...?
  225. how do you make dogs breed in sims 2?
  226. Why should dogs not be on a leash?
  227. What type of dog is Potato from the anime series Air?
  228. Names for a girl hunting dog?
  229. How long should a dog groomer take off for maternity leave?
  230. what is a cute outfit for my dog?
  231. What outfit for dogs is your favorite one in this website?
  232. how old does your dog have to be to have her period?
  233. Would making dog outfits be a good way for Seniors to make some money?
  234. Homemade dog outfits?
  235. does anyone know how to stop your parents from putting down our dog?
  236. Is "Chicken Tenders' a good name for my dog?
  237. how to stop your dogs from barking in the crate?
  238. My new dog is breaking out of his crate and hurting himself, what can i do?
  239. Do these psycho dog rescue people ever think to themselves "its just a freaking dog"?
  240. Will Southwest Airlines let you take your dog out of the crate in-flight?
  241. halloween help: me and my friend are being dalmation dogs, from 101 dalmations..?
  242. dog crate for staffy?
  243. How do you feel about crating a dog?
  244. Small dog breed rescue sites in the chicago Illinois area?
  245. How could I rescue my dog's back leg broken (presume ) to come back to normal, he
  246. Dog just had luxating patella surgery and I can't seem to get her in her crate!?
  247. who is the producer, writer or director of dogs 101?
  248. dog was recently diagnosed with IVDD, has to be in crate but continues to
  249. Why does Dogs 101 talk about designer dogs?
  250. When is the new Dogs 101 season coming out?