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  1. Mathematics: If a person reports that her dog started barking 20 seconds "before
  2. My aunts dog just had 5 puppies and im house sitting while their away?
  3. how do i stop my dog from attacking people who come in the house?
  4. What type of dog fits my preferences?
  5. My dog won't stop barking...?
  6. Middle Name For My Dog?
  7. Will a pit bull attack another dog even if it grew up with it?
  8. what do i do when i lost my dog?
  9. Dog breeding and backyard breeding?
  10. My ex wife got the dog in the divorce, I miss Fluffy, is it normal to miss
  11. sometimes it seems like my dog sees me only as a device to get things from...?
  12. help dog pound got my sisters dog?
  13. What is the best type of dog?
  14. How can I make my dog be more calm when I get home?
  15. Can dogs and cats really sense unseen things?
  16. My dog ate 1.1 pounds of chocolate help?
  17. how can i teach my dog to eat the treat/milk bone right off his nose?
  18. PetSmart dog bathers/groomers: How demanding is your job? Do you like it?
  19. Why did my boxer dog of 7 months throw up his new food?
  20. should i trust my dog with my hamster while she uses the hamster ball?
  21. What breed is my dog?
  22. I have 3 dogs at home and 5 at the dog hotel. Can I get more dogs without...
  23. How many dogs does a groomer do a day?
  24. Why does my dog like hanging out in my bathtub?
  25. How can I stop my dog jumping on the bed and getting under the covers? He won't
  26. Should I get another dog ?
  27. How do I get my dog to respond to her new name and not "Peter"?
  28. What would a person use to abuse my dog with his petsafe wireless fence to
  29. My dog keeps ripping up the carpet and she wont top doing it :@ help?!?
  30. why do my dogs howl upon my arrival when I come home?
  31. As a minor, how can I start a temporary dog walking business?
  32. What are your dogs names?
  33. why does my boxer dog sit on my other boxer dog?
  34. Help with breed name for dog?
  35. What are your top 5 dog food brands?
  36. I have a question about shipping dogs across the country?
  37. How do you feel about Dubar's dog bite scale?
  38. What is your least favorite thing about the dog park?
  39. Questions about dog adoption.. help me out?
  40. Dog Walks in Wiltshire?
  41. A question about a dog?
  42. Seniors. So, does your dog chase the mailman?
  43. my dog heels Way better when shes off leash than when shes on the leash. why?
  44. (GIRLS) rate me 1-10, oh and how cute is my dog?
  45. I'm dog-sitting for 10 days anyone have tips?
  46. How can you befriend a cat to a dog when the cat is 6 years and the dog is newborn?
  47. What do you think about dog pee & poo all over the bathroom floor, toilet,...
  48. Should we stop breeding dogs less than one foot at the shoulders?
  49. Which should I train my dog to hunt?
  50. how do i know my dog is pregnant?
  51. how can i teach my dog to eat the treat/milk bone right off his nose?
  52. Is there a dog breed smaller than the chihuahua? i saw one that i dont know
  53. how do you stop a dog from guarding?
  54. My dog wont stop barking!!!! HELP!!!!!! :(?
  55. Question about dogs and pregnancy?
  56. Customizable dog collar store?
  57. Is vanilla flavored almond bark bad for dogs to eat?
  58. The button on top of my expensive 59FIFTY hat got ripped off by a dog. How do I put
  59. What size of crate do I need for my dog?
  60. My dog growls/barks at any noise. I believe he has much fear?
  61. Do you feel safe when you walk your dog at night?
  62. are there any dog pounds in new haven, ct, that offer adoptions cheaper than
  63. female english bull dog in heat...help?
  64. why does my dog bark at my other dog?
  65. Hey my dog just fell from the bed?
  66. how to get a cat and dog to get along cat is 5yrs and dog is a puppy 14 weeks?
  67. How do I keep dog sitter out of my room?
  68. Is Nutro Natural Choice a good brand of dog food! PLEASE HELP!!!?
  69. is there a web site that has people that need there dog walked?
  70. 2 yr old neutered dog started marking and peeing in house?
  71. POLL about raccoons fighting dogs?
  72. How do get adult dog to stop peeing in crate?
  73. sonic bark stopping the neighbor is using this on our dog?
  74. What would be a good name for my dog?
  75. Do you like the name Shelby for a dog?
  76. i need a harness for a young dog?
  77. 9400 year old dog bone found in Texas? I thought the earth was only 6000 years old?
  78. Is my dog breed better or worser then a german sheperd hound?
  79. What are some dog breeds that don't shed so much where there's fur all over the...
  80. Question about dog bones...once and for all!?
  81. sick dog...something in the intestines?
  82. Will my dog last in his kennel?
  83. Whats A good dog breed/mixed breed for my family?
  84. how do i get a dog breeding license in IL?
  85. Help me with dog breeds?
  86. if my dog has all its shots and only bit one person can it get put down?
  87. How can I stop my dog from peeing on the bathroom rug after I pee (he had just
  88. Will a electrec dog collar work on my sistr?
  89. If you have wiring for that Dog shock collar how does it work?
  90. Healthiest Pedigree Dog- Working or Show line?
  91. what can i do with my dog before we have to put him down?
  92. do all pet sitters walk dogs?
  93. My dad really thinks that my dog is depressed.... What do I do?
  94. What Breed Is My Dog?
  95. why does my dog scratch his back?
  96. where can a buy a oompa loompa dog costume?
  97. Female Pitbull dog name?
  98. Why Is it That Every Week I Look Through the Newspaper to Buy a Dog, it's
  99. Your Healthy Yummy Dog Treat Recipes?
  100. It's been 2 weeks since I put my elderly dog to sleep, is it too soon to adopt...
  101. this is about my dog plz HELP!!!?
  102. How to Get Enxpensive Clothes for Small Dogs?
  103. dog sized spider on a leash?
  104. My dog runs to the door and barks?
  105. My MALE dog has become very attached to a toy pig with a squeaker inside. What
  106. how long a adoption dog come home with new owner?
  107. My dog is spayed, but shes leaving little blood marks every once and a while
  108. in akc or ukc dog shows?
  109. How do you make a pig headed,stubborn dog listen and come when called.?
  110. Should dog groomers be tipped?
  111. Why does my dog nibble on my clothing while I pet him?
  112. When your dog has a problem and needs to learn something do you get...
  113. Why does my dog like to sit between my legs?
  114. How do I master the walk with my dog!?
  115. I brought a new dog home today and my dog attacks him.?
  116. Where online can i watch the bravo tv show 'show dog moms and dads'?
  117. Why does my dog get too excited when he's going outside?
  118. my dog is driving me nuts?
  119. my dog won't eat his dog food?
  120. The American Pit Bull As A Guard Dog?
  121. My dog is losing the hair on his face. It doesn't seem to cause him pain. Could it
  122. My dog uses the restroom IN my boyfriends mom's house, but doesn't do it
  123. my little dog has eaten a large piece of chicken bone and am really afraid...
  124. Is TNA the dog pound of the WWE?
  125. Why has my dog started pooping in his crate?
  126. Does anyone know where I can get certified to become a dog groomer in Lexington,KY?
  127. about to murder my dog, how to get to stop digging?
  128. My parents stupid dog is barking what do I do?
  129. Ways to get a dog to stop barking.?
  130. I recenlty adopted a dog but he won't play with his toys?
  131. My dog was stolen from me by its baby sitter i need help?
  132. Can my dog have his harness on at all times?
  133. Rabbit that is treated like dog or cat?
  134. how can i know if my dog is pregnant?what are the symptoms?
  135. why is my dog afraid of the clicker?
  136. Cheap way to fly our dogs to our new home?
  137. my dog killed my friend's dog? :S?
  138. Dog adoption dilemma?
  139. Should I adopt this dog or not?
  140. Dog names, for a girl.?
  141. is mixing wet and dry dog food good? and how much should you feed a small dog?
  142. last minute halloween costumes for dogs?
  143. How big is my dog? (fitting for clothes)?
  144. What is the going rate for in-home dog/house sitting?
  145. How to Walk A Dog Off Leash?
  146. Dog bite from resource guarding?
  147. Thoughts on how to get our dog to sleep in her own bed (and not ours)?
  148. is there any dog sitter that cgarges less then $50 per day?
  149. My dog keeps being in the house after he has been let out and already went...
  150. Fable 3 5 Star Dog Potion DLC not working for me?
  151. what type of pet do you prefer dogs or cats?
  152. Why does my dog like to lay on my clothes?
  153. BIke trailers (like the ones you pull kids/dogs in) questions on them...? 10 points!?
  154. I am writing an english paper on the causes and effects of dogfighting and
  155. Whats the best breed of dog for me?
  156. how long does it take for a female dog to show signs of pregnancy?
  157. My dog pee's and poop's in the house even though she was just out potty?
  158. Are all CT dog pounds kill pounds?
  159. Looking for a Dog Breeder?
  160. Seeking advice on the decision to re-home my dog?
  161. I want to adopt a puppy/dog?
  162. These dogs keep me up all night they wont stop barking?
  163. Picking a name for a new dog?
  164. What should I put on my dog sitter notes?
  165. The two dogs at my work?
  166. What should i do about my dog?
  167. Neighbor poisoning dogs?
  168. What Breed Is My Dog ? I Dont Know 0_o?
  169. What is a good quality all natural dog food?
  170. Whats wrong with dogs living outside all day?
  171. If you have a dog. What breed do you have, and what's his/her name?
  172. Help! How to train my dog to stop barking?
  173. Why does my dogs front legs shake lightly when hes sitting down?
  174. My neighbor's dog barks A LOT!!?
  175. I live in an apartment and i use my patio as a dog kennel. What is a good
  176. how much is it for the guy in dog whisperer to come and train your dog and...
  177. Hey how can i make my dog get comfortable when im not home or when its by it self?
  178. how do i get rid of the sores on my dogs mouth?
  179. Dogs being accused of barking too much?
  180. Do pigs sit like dogs?
  181. What is the type and brand of dog leash used in dog shows?
  182. Im the top dog, why am i getting so many girls?
  183. 30 weeks pregnant and dog groomer should i still be working?
  184. Dog adoption center contacting my friend?
  185. If you own a Pit bull Dog and in your area?
  186. Is it possible for a dog to have an imaginary itch?
  187. Why doesn't my chihuahua eat normal dog food?
  188. how do i stop my 3 year old dog to stop "pottying" in our home?
  189. dog potty training issues! help?!?
  190. Who had good experience with dogs listed in the 'aggressive/bully breeds'?
  191. Wear can I get Justin B girl Dog clothes? ?
  192. other reasons why my dog barks?
  193. Any ideas for a homemade halloween costume for a large dog?
  194. confused :/ ? <dog breeding QU>?
  195. What are some good home remedies for a mild swollen dog leg?
  196. My dog ate chocolate almond bark?
  197. What is a good homemade costume for a dog?
  198. Giving my dog to my ex wife -- due to new baby and no room but I cannot do...
  199. I want to become a dog groomer. Thoughts?
  200. my dog has just been neurterd, im back home with her now but she wont stop
  201. does any body need a dog walked or baby sitter?
  202. Dog Treat Recipes? NO MEAT?
  203. How much extra is it to demat a dog at the groomers?
  204. How much to pay a house/dog sitter?
  205. My chow mix is attacking my other dogs?
  206. what dog should i get?
  207. What type of Dogs can go into public places?
  208. Will it be too late to change my dogs name?
  209. what do you need to become a dog sitter?
  210. Would it be safe for a male human to have sex wih a female dog?
  211. Why does my dog pee every 30 minutes only when I'm at home?
  212. Do you like to add chunks of Spam or cut up hot dogs to your ramen to make
  213. teaching my dog to sit?
  214. Whats the best hip n joint supplement for a dog? and isnt to expensive..?
  215. Thanks alot guys I had to watch my poor dog die because you thought i was
  216. Can I bring my dog with me on the plane?
  217. What Breed Of Dog Should I Get?
  218. What was the name of the first dog in space?
  219. What type of dog do u think think is?
  220. How do I keep my dog from jumping over a 6 ft high wooden fence?
  221. How to stop my dog from destroying my house?
  222. My Dogs in heat and its been about two weeks her private was swollen but
  223. Introducing a second dog into home?>?
  224. Besides Hound dog...?
  225. what type of dog can be left alone?
  226. is there any easy tips on how to clean a house with dogs in it better?
  227. A small not yappy easy to take care of family dog?
  228. What types of human food is ok for dogs to eat?
  229. what small dog breed should i get and what pet shop in long beach CA can i get one?
  230. why do people have dogs in there houses?
  231. Can I keep a male Dogue de Bordeaux with a smaller male dog if the Dogue...
  232. Looking for Bull dog or Boston Terrier For SALE?
  233. Do you think dog might be part Dogue de Bordeaux?
  234. Our dog de bordeaux seems to be frightened of strangers,he barks and gets very angry?
  235. Which breed is BIGGER? French Mastiff/ Dog de bordeaux OR Bull Mastiff?
  236. Is there any pet shops in Edinburgh that sells dogs or cats?
  237. Whats the cutiest dog (small)?
  238. Why has my dog started whining so much about food?
  239. Is it a good idea to have a big dog in a small house?
  240. My dog at the dog kennel?
  241. Know of any special effects/prop shops that can make a replica of my small dog?
  242. What type of dog is this? (picture included)?
  243. If i put a stray dog who is not a stranger into my 14month old dogue de bordeaux?
  244. anybody have full blooded bull dogs for sale...?
  245. My dog de bordeaux is way too friendly how do i make him a guard dog?
  246. Can someone please tell me what breed of dog I have?
  247. Are carolina dogs a real breed?
  248. Why does our spoilt dog de bordeaux jump to grap my sons hand when his back
  249. can i breed this small dog?
  250. Some shops ban dogs but still allow children, why?