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  1. My neighbor walks his dog without a leash. how do I get him to use one?
  2. We have an intact 6 yr old lab - not aggressive. He is always on a leash with
  3. Why is my dogs hair kinda white after he was groomed?
  4. Any idea what could cause my dog to act like this all of the sudden?
  5. How much should I get paid to walk one dog?
  6. how should i make my german shepard puppy as a guard dog she is 3months old?
  7. A dog bite me and my Nerve is showing out of my hand. What do I do?
  8. What type of dog are these?
  9. What should i do about my step sisters Dog?
  10. Dog ate the valentines day chocolate?
  11. Which type of hunting do you think is tougher on dogs? Hog hunting? Javelina
  12. any dog adoption stories?:)?
  13. Worried about my dog?!?
  14. How to treat dog diarrhea?
  15. Please my parents have my dog sleep in a crate at night... But she HATES it :(?
  16. Mice and men- who did candy first tell about his dogs death?
  17. Whenever a family member comes home and smells like another dog, my dog gets vicious?
  18. Dog grooming practice?
  19. My dog is walking round in circles :o?
  20. LGBT cat & dog owners: Do you sometimes...?
  21. what is the best breed of dogs around?
  22. What type of dog resembles a lion.?
  23. POLL: Do you prefer dogs or cats?
  24. I need to choose a type of dog breed,but which one?
  25. my Dad lets his dogs pee in his house?
  26. whats a good sedative for a 150 pound dog going on a plane trip with me?
  27. My dog has razor burn,advice please?
  28. What kind of leash or harness do I need to make my dog pull less?
  29. I have a 14 months old female dog & im thinking about adopting a 6 week old boy..?
  30. Why do dogs always run out to bark at black people?
  31. I let my dog licked my down there?
  32. i already have barking collars for my dogs. and it isnt working?
  33. What do you think about anti-bark shock collars for dogs?
  34. My dog keeps chewing on our fence?
  35. small dog, what type?
  36. cute dog names for small puppies?
  37. Should i get a Guard Dog?
  38. My dog keeps eating my fence lattice! HELP!?
  39. Young dog peeing in crate?
  40. what is a good name far a male dog?
  41. Question about dog guarding food?
  42. How do you get your dog to stop running up and down the fence line?
  43. What is my dog sick with?
  44. Is my grandma's dog going to be ok?
  45. What can you do about a neighbours dog barking all night?
  46. My dog has been having difficulty standing up from lying down or sitting
  47. Dog owners is this wrong for Shorty on Animal Planets Pit Boss to break into a house
  48. What kind of Dog Breed is for Me?
  49. how do breeders register imported dogs with registries like the AKC?
  50. How long does it take for a small dog too starve?
  51. my dog howels at the sound of the trumpet?
  52. whats a name close to sparkles for a dog?
  53. Why does my dog slide his face on the carpet?
  54. If I teach my dog to jump, will he start jumping the fence?
  55. Do dogs really like it when you love on them all the time or do they get tired of it?
  56. I am looking for the name of the snoop dog song were there is a kid with a doll and
  57. If I teach my dog to jump, will he start jumping the fence?
  58. What's the music video where a guy & his dog walk around town & all they touch
  59. A while ago I saw a TV show where a Japanese man had invented a dog to Japanese...
  60. What do you think of my favorite dog names?
  61. What dog should I get as a companion for my pit bull? (choices are below)?
  62. If a dog runs away from a pet groomer and gets struck by a car, who's fault is it?
  63. Why won't my 15 year old dog sleep in the house?
  64. How do I get my dog to stop barking in her crate?
  65. whats the song on the100th episode of dog whisperer?
  66. What should I do about my two dogs?
  67. Any recommendations for a good dog sitter in Sydney?
  68. who's responsibility is it to clean up dog doo in the home?
  69. We adopted a dog on January 1st and he is a very sick dog with heart value disease?
  70. What type of dog should i get?
  71. My dog is running around barking like crazy! Help?
  72. What breed of dog would be best for me?
  73. What does it say about Christianity that they used to believe in multiple...
  74. What type of dog would be good for me?
  75. can anyone help identify what type of dog this is?
  76. Is there anywhere I can find a corn dog in Perth WA?
  77. How to gain my sisters dogs trust?
  78. How can I make a dog house?
  79. What Should I do about my best friends boyfriend running over a dog?
  80. When my husband leaves for work sometimes for two days straight our dog...
  81. If a 3 yr old dog is current on vaccines and had a double dose of the parvo
  82. Does anyone know of a dog collar that works for dogs that pull SUPER bad on a leash?
  83. What is your favorite breed of dog?
  84. What type of dog is this? (Pic)?
  85. Dogs jumping the fence?
  86. Stop dogs from biting the leash?
  87. How can I get my dog to stop barking at the tv whenever she sees or hears an animal?
  88. how many times should i feed my dogs?
  89. My dog got a small but nasty cut what should i do?
  90. What if i came to your house and pooped on your dog?
  91. Adopting a senior dog?
  92. will my dog be okay in the cold weather?
  93. A dogs harness - Does it encourage pulling?
  94. "if the dog is not home, it does not bark" what does this mean?
  95. Is it bad that I keep my dogs harness on him all the time?
  96. rehomed my dog on craigslist and we need him back home?
  97. can a pug,yorkie,shih-tzu,and small dog mutt from the pound get along together?
  98. My dog keeps chewing on our fence?
  99. Pregnancy in British Bull Dog (please help)?
  100. Are boxer dogs half pit bull and half bull dog?
  101. My Dog Runs Away ALL the time?
  102. When & how should you prepare a your dog for the arrival of a new baby?
  103. DS: First question about dogs you ever answered?
  104. My dogs keep barking?
  105. which small dog is perfect for my family?
  106. What are some good names for this dog?
  107. Whats the best guard dog?
  108. Should service dog owners and breeders be regulated?
  109. my dog doesn't have a bed - is this rude?
  110. My dogs are house dogs, besides the normal out side use,?
  111. my small dog ate about 45 milligrams of chocolate will it be ok?
  112. What type of dog is this? (Pic)?
  113. How much food should I give to my 17 pound dog?
  114. what are American Eskimo Dogs like?
  115. Where is a place you can adopt a dog in Northern Jersey?
  116. what type of dog is this?
  117. groomer cut dog's inner eye with clipper,i noticed blood, is visine drops ok to
  118. My dog jumped off my bed and is now limping?
  119. POLL: Small dog that the girls will like?
  120. What is the biggest dog crate size?
  121. Does Dog the Bounty Hunter donate to Charity?
  122. Can I bring my dog from Shanghai, China to Paris,France on the cargo?
  123. Question about my dog?
  124. Home Remedies for Dog Hip Pain?
  125. DS: First question about dogs you ever answered?
  126. Can Bruce Lee waste me, my friend, his brother, his parents, his dog all before
  127. where and how do you adopt a dog?
  128. On the show Dog the Bounty Hunter, his wife Beth wears leather fingerless
  129. Do breeders cut some dog's tails?
  130. My dog scratches the skin near his eye!?
  131. What is a more effective guard dog? 2 Rottweilers or 25 Pomeranians?
  132. Unique & cute dog names [female]?
  133. Westminster dog show vendors?
  134. My dog has small bumps on his back and neck what could they be?
  135. I got a new dog and my other dog is showing dominance?
  136. Poll: Would You Get Mad If I Called You My "Home-Dog"?
  137. How do I get my neighbor to keep their dog on a leash?
  138. Best thing to do when an aggressive dog is about to attack my dog?
  139. Dog Breeds? Border Collie v.s Australian Shepherd?
  140. If i adopt a dog in Mexico how can i bring it the USA?
  141. how can i make my dog walk beside me on the leash when i take him for a walk?
  142. Song used for 2011 Westminster Dog Show commercial on USA Network?
  143. How can you release your dog early from the dog hotel on the online website...
  144. Low shedding dogs that are medium sized?
  145. Due to an illness, my dog is having a hard time getting up/down the stairs - does...
  146. My Dog is Bored at Home, What Can I Do?
  147. how can i get my dog to stop watching me eat all the time?
  148. what type of dog/ puppy is this?
  149. Dog keeps pulling on leash?
  150. Should a adopt a 4 year old female dog used for breeding?
  151. what breed of dog is this? (pic included)?
  152. How to stop my dog barking on walks?
  153. Dog is marking in the house?
  154. How do I get rid of dog wee smell in the garden?
  155. Introducing dogs/cats to new home...?
  156. What should you do if you habitually abuse your dog?
  157. When will my dog have puppies?
  158. How can I teach our dog not to pull on it's leash?
  159. How do I get my dog back from a rescue that is currently in a foster home?
  160. Does your dog sleep in the bed with you?
  161. Please help me argue with this guy: He says killing dogs is the exact same as
  162. Would My East European Shepherd Hurt My Female Dog?
  163. I accidently hit my dog in the head, what should i do?
  164. how do i stop my neibours dog from barking at 5:00am?
  165. Collar and harness irritate dog's neck, what to do?
  166. how much would cost to keep a dog and have all of its vaccine done?
  167. My 65 pound dog ate 4 hot wings whole. How will that effect her?
  168. What is the best breed of dog for beginner breeders?
  169. My dads dog ate his harness?
  170. It's LATE and my dog wont stop barking in her crate!?
  171. how can I get my small dog Bijon to stop barking at my other dogs? He likes to run
  172. What breed of dog is this PIC INCLUDED?
  173. **My dog just fell down from the blizzard!! Help! :(**?
  174. What should i name my male dog?
  175. How to get a quiet dog to bark?
  176. What is the reason show dogs have to be intact?
  177. What's the difference between human and dog poo?
  178. Do anti-bark dog collars actually work?
  179. POLL: are you the type of person that talks to your dog after you get home?
  180. Is it bad for my dog to sleep on my bed?
  181. where and how do you adopt a dog?
  182. How do i stop my dogs trashing my house and soiling everywhere ?
  183. spca dog adoption in syracuse new york?
  184. I have a 2 years old dog who peeing at home.?
  185. Why would our dog (half shizoo and half black lab) urnate and defecate on
  186. Why do dogs not like the tops of people's heads?
  187. My one year old dog will defecate in the house after she's been outside to go. Why?
  188. Why is my cat peeing on the dog's bed?!?
  189. Why does my dog keep knocking over the picture of my old dog?
  190. Are there any good dog food brands that are not "over the top" expensive?
  191. We live out in the country and I know there is no leash law, but is there a
  192. Can anyone remember a book about, an evil pet shop owner that turns a girl into a...
  193. is it ok to take my dog(whose 2 months old) out for walks in the park?
  194. My dog keeps barking at people at the door?
  195. Can dogs eat blueberry yogurt?
  196. Is there anything wrong about a person wearing a dog collar?
  197. how do i get my dog to quit pottying in the house?
  198. Should I adopt a cat when I already have two dogs?
  199. Is there anything harmful about a wireless dog fence (to humans)?
  200. What kind of collar does your dog(s) wear?
  201. Can anyone tell me what type of dog this is ?
  202. Are there anymore american bull dogs direct descendant of?
  203. Home Remedies for Swollen Ears in Dogs?
  204. Crate a Dog... Yea or Née ?
  205. Why does my dog lick her bed?
  206. can a red nose pit bull be used as a hunting dog?
  207. why do dogs bark at some dogs and not others?
  208. Clicker Dog Training - Does it work?
  209. most dog show signs before poop or pee... but this...?
  210. Does anyone have a dog door for a 60 pound or over dog?
  211. thoughts on dual registering show dog AKC & UKC?
  212. What type of allergic reaction can cause a swollen face in dogs?
  213. I just read something about dog crates that I'm not sure about? (Please read)?
  214. Can this protect against a dog bite, thanks?
  215. How much does it cost to adopt a dog in your area?
  216. Aggressive Dog + Children's Day Home?
  217. What type of dog is this?
  218. What kind of dog bed should I get for a German Shepherd?
  219. Advise about Potty Patches for Dogs?
  220. How can I keep my dog from barking when he sees other dogs?
  221. What's the price of a large Dog carrier/crate in India.?
  222. If you took your dog to the groomers and they shaved, "0bummer For...
  223. Why do pomeranians bark more than big dogs?
  224. lately my dog is peeing on my bed,she never done this before and the pee...
  225. Can somebody please tell me what bred is this dog ? The breeder told me this is...
  226. Does anyone know what's the name/breed of this dog?
  227. What breeds does everyone see in this dog and can anyone tell me about...
  228. How can i make my dog feel his crate is not a bad place to be?
  229. Question for dog owners who like to keep a clean house?
  230. Why won't my dog eat his treats in his crate?
  231. We need female dog names asap! :)?
  232. How much is it to adopt a dog at Glendale Humane Society?
  233. How to go from underdog to top-dog?
  234. Does letting your dog sleep on your bed cause a dominence issue?
  235. should the man clean up after the dog when they doo in the house?
  236. how to get my cat to get along with dog that doesn't care that cat is around?
  237. Bernese Mountain Dog question?
  238. Aggressive dog not on a leash?
  239. All jokes aside, why does my dog do this?
  240. how do i get my mom to train our dog the way i want her to? (like when 2
  241. looking for pattern ..crochet flower pattern for dog collar ..HELP!?
  242. Anybody know what breed of dog this is?
  243. Do dogs actually need clothes ?
  244. what kind of dog breed did i have?
  245. What is a good protective dog that does well with small children/family?
  246. Moving/Intoducing dogs..?
  247. What movie is about a guy who has dogs or something that are stuck in Alaska and
  248. why did my dog pee and poop on my bed?
  249. Why do ignorant people claim that East Asians only consume dogs and cats?
  250. Are there havanes dog breeders in western north carolina?