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  1. what is a good name for a black German Shepherd Dog?
  2. Need help identifying a breed of dog?
  3. What breed of dog should we get.?
  4. Do creationists think God created the domestic dog and cat as they are?
  5. Dog Section: Just thought i'd relive you from all of the trolls?
  6. do you tip dog groomers?
  7. Is there a Law or by-law in London, Ontario concerning allowing your dog...
  8. what type of dog does kevin jonas have?
  9. how to buy puppy/dog toys?
  10. What's the name of this song? Sound like this:ah ah ah oh Excuse me ladies there's...
  11. my dog is "digging" in my bed and the lounge suite as well anyone that...
  12. Do you believe that it is cruel to have a dog "de-barked"?
  13. In the UK how old do you have to be to start a dog walking business?
  14. How many dog,s does Blair Fowler have and what's their names ?
  15. Do toy dogs get the same amount of vaccine as regular size dogs?
  16. When does Petsmart, Petco, or Pet Supermarket usually have fancy mice for sale?
  17. Is it enough to have positive reinforcement in training dogs?
  18. Calling All Shorthair tri-colored border collie lovers! Like my dog?
  19. Hot Dog Survey: How many hot dogs can you eat in one sitting?
  20. Calling All Shorthair tri-colored border collie lovers! Like my dog?
  21. Good padded dog harness?
  22. dog section does anyone know the article were PETA poisoned the show dogs?
  23. HI i noticed this morning my dog had bumps all over her face and body?
  24. Do you think dogs adopt their owners personality traits?
  25. My dog has never showed appreciation towards me?
  26. Rescued puppy mill dog..?
  27. Do you think my dog knows that I am sick?
  28. Hotel or Motel that allows dogs?
  29. how do i start a dog walking job?
  30. What should I do about a neglected dog?
  31. Why does my dog sneeze, show me her teeth, and pee on the floor every day when I
  32. where to buy cheap dog food?
  33. How can I make my dog stop jumping the fence?
  34. Is Leona Helmsley's dog "trouble" enjoying the Republican's tax break for the rich?
  35. why do dogs bark? consider this... keeping my family awake at night!! ughhh...
  36. What is the hardest you hae ever kicked a dog?
  37. What type of dog is right for me?
  38. How do I raise enough money to buy a dog?
  39. Can you put your dog down yourself Old Yeller style if you live in the country?
  40. What can I say and how can I explain my recycled dog collar science fair project?
  41. Married man, guys night out, stupid buddies, drinks, strip club, dog house. Guilty
  42. Can ingesting clothing harm a dog?
  43. How do I train my dog to control herself?
  44. My dog urinating in her sleep on our bed?
  45. What are some dog training techniques?
  46. My dog won't let me put a harness on her.?
  47. Where can I buy thick walled rubber rugby [?American football] ball shaped dog toys?
  48. Cheesy cat and dog sayings?
  49. rules about setting up dog kennels?
  50. leaving a dog home alone...?
  51. Does top Paw for dogs work?
  52. Do you bring home pain meds when you get a dog neutered?
  53. my dog instantly lays down when i pull out a treat....help?
  54. What is the song called from the USA Channel-- Westminster's pedigree dog show 2011?
  55. How should I go about training the dog?
  56. Should we give my dog up for adoption?
  57. What should I do about my dog?
  58. How can I get my dog to stop barking?
  59. What do you think that dogs feel about being owned by humans?
  60. POLL: My dog won't bark?
  61. OOOH NOOO!!! I would never kill a cat or dog! I'm the type of person that would...
  62. How can I get my dog to stop barking at roommates?
  63. I just came back from a dog show....?
  64. How to teach my dog to walk , jog and run on command?
  65. Showing dogs dominance?
  66. are PIKACHU easy to train if i take them to a pro dog trainer ?
  67. Does anyone have a question about dogs?
  68. Why Is My Dog Shaking, Tired And Will Not Eat, Doesnt Move From The Spot...
  69. why is my dog having anxiety while i am home?
  70. How can I train my dog to stay off my bed?
  71. How do I convince my stepdad to let me get a house dog?
  72. Is it my fault if I hit a dog with a car if I didn't see it at all?
  73. A neighbor kid kicked my dog, and his parents or police won't do anything...
  74. Do you need to regester your dog in a fully fenced yard?
  75. How do I fly my dogs home without me?
  76. Whats a really good novel about dogs?
  77. What type of dog should i get?
  78. My dog's right eye waters all of the time, what is wrong with him?
  79. What is the most expensive thing you have bought for your dog?
  80. What is wrong with people who get so sad about their dog or cat dying?
  81. Is my dog sick/have a fever?
  82. my 4year old dog is showing agression?
  83. how to stop our foster dog from barking at night?
  84. Big Dog Breed........?
  85. adopting a dog and need some advice???!?
  86. Which all wormer and flea, tick treatment is the best for any dog?
  87. How do people get their dogs to have no interest in other dogs when out walking?
  88. my dog is a chow he is 13yrs old he is just laying around not in his house but in...
  89. dog still coughing, possibilities ruled out so far.?
  90. how much does it cost to adopt a dog from the sspca?
  91. How do you know when your dog is about to go into labor?
  92. I'm starting to do dog walking?
  93. Can someone help me train my dog?
  94. I am minding my sister's 1YO little dog, Lady. How can I get her to stop
  95. what type of dog is this?
  96. Guys, if you are trying to show your new g/friend how tough you are do you say
  97. Are American opossums dangerous to small pets like dogs, cats, bunnies etc?
  98. My dog barks alot, a very loud vicious bark...?
  99. Recently my dog, 3, has started peeing on the floor every time I enter the house.?
  100. Do you have anything against mixed dog breeds?
  101. why does my dog take her treat then drops it and runs away from it and looks...
  102. does my dog have kennel cough or heartworms?
  103. iv just bought a dog and i have relised she has a prolapsted womb?
  104. are these symptoms of worms in my dog?
  105. my dogs poop is ok on a morning then the next time he goes its like water i...
  106. Does any one else disagree with that device that's suppose to stop your dog from...
  107. I took my dogs to the a groomers in decmeber..?
  108. i need help with training a dog to hunt?
  109. Blue Wilderness dog food good bad?
  110. Why does my dog have to poop all night long?
  111. Why does my dog keep barking every time I come home weather it is at 5
  112. Which dog breed could this be?
  113. I took my dogs to the a groomers in decmeber..?
  114. Should Sarah Palin run for dog catcher? Do you think she would add it to...
  115. How do I get my dog to walk on his leash?
  116. what type of dog is the cutest??? <3?
  117. Whats the best way to break up a dog fight?
  118. "The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme" Is it worth it?
  119. would a person who is alergic to most dogs and cats be alergic to a rotwiler?
  120. Tick Fever on dog, should I adopt?
  121. my daughter got ring worm and i have cats and dogs but they dont have any sign of it?
  122. Adopting a shelter dog, what happens at the shelter?
  123. How do i find info about an ex cop that got fired cause his dog bite me in the...
  124. Female hunting dog name ideas please?
  125. Why do people act this way about dogs and cats?
  126. Questions Drug Detection Dogs & the difference between the handler and the trainer?
  127. My 10 year old active, healthy and happy dog has sudden symptoms of pain?
  128. Debate about what to do regarding my dog?
  129. how to convince my parents to adopt a dog?
  130. Is there a place where you can adopt dogs online?
  131. Our dog barks and us everytime we leave the house.?
  132. my dog keeps trying to get to other dogs on the led and barks and growls?
  133. Black ops What are all the rounds dogs come up on ex: 6 then what?
  134. Which types of dog are the least popular for adoption in shelters?
  135. What is the lifespan of a small dog?
  136. Wondering what type of dogs are the recuse dogs that Josh Altman has
  137. Stuff about Papillions. (The breed of dog)?
  138. My small dog was bitten by a large dog of our neighbor and there are
  139. Why does my dog do all these weird things?
  140. If Chow Chows were banned from cities, do you think people would lash out...
  141. POLL DS:What is the strangest thing your dog has ever eaten?
  142. Dog fur ripped out by the roots? ...?
  143. an opinion about the "a dog biting a man to death"?
  144. My adopted dog has severe anxiety?
  145. How do i smooth out my dogs paws?
  146. How do I make my dog a guard dog?
  147. Does any one know what breed of dog this is?
  148. California policy on defending yourself from a dog?
  149. Got any good stray/rescue dog names?
  150. 10 POINTS find me a video of victoria stilwell saying not to ever get...
  151. What breed of dog is best for my parents?
  152. How does one get their neighbors dogs to stop barking?
  153. my dog pees every time i leave it in the house?
  154. How does a Computer collar keep your dog from leaving your yard?
  155. How do i measure my dog for a freight harness?
  156. Dog aggression-what to make of this?
  157. Did you hear how they killed hundreds of Sled Dogs up in Canada because all...
  158. A dog showed up at my house, can i keep it?
  159. how can i stop my dog barking?
  160. What type of dog does Nichole Curtis from Rehab Addict on DIY Network have?
  161. is any one going to Westminster Dog Show next week?
  162. Does it bother anyone when your visiting family members, or friends and all they...
  163. My dogs teeth/jaw was just quivering, is that something to be worried about?
  164. My dog ate advil! She's 4 pounds!?
  165. Why is my dog scared all of a sudden?
  166. what is your favorite breed of dog?
  167. what type of dog is this?
  168. pa stray dog law ?? im not having any luck on google?
  169. iv already taken my dog to another home for the night... wil she be ok?
  170. have you ever vomited all over a football field because you ate a weird hot dog?
  171. Can a dog trainer stop my 3 mo. old puppy from biting?
  172. POLL: Cats or Dogs???? meow or bark?
  173. Does anyone know what type of dog this is? Help?
  174. What is the best small dog?
  175. Another question about dogs eating clothes?
  176. Cops keep killing dogs for no reason, Is their any thing I can do about it?
  177. Is there an off leash dog park in Belfast, Northern Ireland?
  178. how can we know our dog is going to a good home?
  179. my dog is friendly but will not allow certain people into my home?
  180. Are attack dogs easy to kill if you just punch kick and bite it?
  181. If a dog barks at a holy cross?
  182. How do i stop my dog from barking/crying/howling all throughout the day?
  183. Dogs like American staffordshire terrier and Staffordshire bull terrier?
  184. How in the world do I get that "dog" smell out of my house?
  185. Dog bites...what breeds have bitten you and what were the circumstances?
  186. My 11 month and 10 month old pups/dogs went to a sitter for a little over a week....
  187. which breed of dog is good with small children?
  188. How to get an abused dog to trust?
  189. Why does my 2 year old dog keep urinating in the house?
  190. Why does my dog bark at my cats reflection in the door?
  191. Choosing a dog breed when you have a 2 year old in the house?
  192. My dog eats everything =\ and bites and barks constantly?
  193. what does sit mean when my dog has lost alot of weight and is throwing up black sick?
  194. If you already have a Legendary Dog not from the event, could you still get Zoroark?
  195. What kind of (small-medium) dog should I get?
  196. Will you watch this video of my dog and comment and subscribe?
  197. dog walking in leeds?
  198. My dog Puffy: Is she concerned about Inflation in the USA?
  199. Why do we say dogs bark?
  200. Who has read the curious incident of the dog in the night time?
  201. What kind of licenses do dog grooming businesses need in Maryland?
  202. Why do my dogs bark and growl at other dogs?
  203. What is the hardest you have ever kicked a dog?
  204. Lost my retainer by my dog a few months ago, trying to figure out what to do with
  205. Anti dog barking devices?
  206. Raw feeding, feeding dogs bones?
  207. How do you re-home a dog who has bit?
  208. Dogs: My sister's GSD is having some weird symptoms. Help.?
  209. How do I get my dog to stop barking?!?
  210. Why does my dog eat all the treats outta the "KONG"...then she just leaves it alone?
  211. What are some sites where I could look at dog adoptions/buying in ontario, canada?
  212. If i wanted to adopt a dog at a shelter in america? Im from the UK?
  213. do dogs have homing instincts?
  214. can you adopt dogs at the vet clinics?
  215. How can I teach my dog to not run in the house?
  216. How long will my dog live with bone cancer?
  217. what is a good small house dog that does not bark much?
  218. Which states that bans pit bull dogs?
  219. Can I have my "therapy dog" in homes where there are breed restrictions?
  220. I just went back to work after 5 months of being home. Could my dog be depressed?
  221. adopted dog will not eat?
  222. what eppisode of winnie the pooh is it that they all are taking care of the dog in?
  223. My dogs have worked out how to my garage door HELP?
  224. What is the name of the little Topps dog figures/toys?
  225. Can anyone tell me a breed of big dogs to adopt?
  226. How can I tell if my dog ate something that she shouldn't have?
  227. Home Remedies for Dog's Bladder Infection?
  228. I have two male dogs fighting, a father and son, if one is neutered will
  229. Anyone know about Canker in the ear for dogs, what treatment (APART FROM A VET)?
  230. Muslims: why do you not like dogs in the house but cats are ok?
  231. help what type of dog should be get ???...?
  232. My dog hit his head HARD on the bathroom sink. Will he be OK?! :[?
  233. What toys to get my dog?
  234. who was the cartoon dog house was watching?
  235. Who else has cried SO MUCH for the Hachiko:A Dog Story movie?
  236. Do you like Cats or dogs, and why?
  237. How long does it take for my dog to start showing signs of being poisoned from...
  238. Is there any raw meat or bones that a dog (& cat) shouldn't eat?
  239. Dog name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  240. Question about euthanasia and my dog. Has this happened to u?
  241. how do i stop my dog barking when he wants to go out?
  242. How can I tell if my dog is pregnant, at home?
  243. You vindictive motherless dogs let me tell you something about god?
  244. Anyone else perfer not to crate their dog?
  245. Are your pitt bulls lovable dogs? Have you ever had any experience with them
  246. Dog bite (Serious Injury) what can I do?
  247. I think my dog is sick. but i dont know what type of sick?
  248. how to potty train an abused dog?
  249. Frank Sinatra gave which girlfriend what type of dog as a gift and what did?
  250. I have lost dog help?