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  1. Do you prefer small dogs or big dogs?
  2. Seriously, How do you walk these dogs?
  3. boy dog names can you all help me pick?
  4. My New Dog will not go to Men for nothing, She shakes, the only one she...
  5. What do I do with my dog and cat when I go to college?
  6. Question about my neighbor and his MANY dogs? HELP !?
  7. Deciding if using a squirt water on my dog to get his attention will be
  8. What's The Fist Thing You Should Do When You Get Your New Dog Home?
  9. why is it good to let your dog on or off a leash?
  10. My pregnant dog vomits once a day in the morning everyday for the last 3 days,is...
  11. adopting 2 dogs from cameroon, africa .. will they be healthy?
  12. Does anyone know about dog years?
  13. how can i stop my dog chewing, when hes home alone?
  14. Aside from cats and dogs, what animals make the best pets?
  15. I am 13; how can I get involved in dog conformation shows?
  16. In the book Abduction by Peg Kehret, what type of dog is Pookie?
  17. I can't believe Chihuahuas are the same kind as St Bernards. How many dogs did
  18. How many dogs do you currently own? What type of breeds?
  19. Why does my dog only play with his treats and not eat them?
  20. How can I help my bunny overcome her fear of our dog?
  21. For those who take their dogs to the groomers...?
  22. What annoys you about dog owners?
  23. Rottweiler and German shepherd . What kind of human food can my dogs eat?
  24. my dog was diagnosed with Heart Murmur but has no symptoms?
  25. My dog keeps sitting?
  26. Good brand of dog food for a weak immune system?
  27. What does the RSPCA have when seizing a dog, that an average person doesn't?
  28. Why does my dog bark at me everytime I try to exercise?
  29. My dog gets his prong collar tangled on walks?
  30. Dog Owners: What job do you have?
  31. my dog likes to drag my trash to her kennel. HELP?!?
  32. Am I the only one who feels that a well behaved dog is boring and a naughty dog is
  33. Is it normal for my dog to sleep a lot during the day?
  34. how do i get dog urine out of my carpet :/?
  35. is my dog food is made out of horses?
  36. how can I prevent my house from smelling like dog?
  37. So some of the things I've learned here about the kinds of foods dogs SHOULDN'T eat
  38. I have a large breed dog who has gotten very aggressive, i'm not sure what to do?
  39. Do all dogs have webbed paws?
  40. Some good dog names.?
  41. If you have a small dog can you...?
  42. Conformation (dog shows) dates in WI?
  43. My Dogs Passing. Did I do the right thing?
  44. My beagle rips her dog bed up! Help!?
  45. how can i become a dog walker?
  46. Can breathing in dog urine and feces all day make you sick?
  47. I took my dogs to the Vet today but?
  48. Does it cost money to pick a pet from the cat and dog shelter to take
  49. craigslist dog for adoption pics?
  50. What is the Best Dog Food for Dog with Stones in the Bladder?
  51. Cat and Dog problem, help!?
  52. My dog did somthing to his leg and he cries when he gets up and sits down but when
  53. Looking to adopt a shelter dog - advice?
  54. My dog is ANNOYING ME!!!?
  55. Do you ever let your dog off leash?
  56. my dog gets hard every time i pet him but when i dont he barks what do i do?
  57. Is it bad if you feed your dog a treat everyday?
  58. Will a no kill shelter tell you if a particular dog has been adopted or do you...
  59. My dog barks at around 4-5:30 am in the morning, is there a possibility....?
  60. why does my ex boyfriend treated me like i am a dog?
  61. What type of dog should I get?
  62. How should I approach neighborhood kids, who won't leave me alone when...
  63. What should be done about our dog?
  64. Was Jesus racist,if not why did he call Jews "the children" and why did he
  65. Does this story seem fake, about a British girl was supposedly attacked with...
  66. Can anyone tell me what breed of dog this is? (EASY TEN POINTS!!)?
  67. I need my dog treat analyzed?
  68. What are some good breeds of small dogs?
  69. Dog names please.. Do you know any good dog names?
  70. how do i stop my dog barking ?
  71. My dog is very lonely... Will he get over it?
  72. Is their any chance of getting "In Dog We Trust" on our money?
  73. When a dog sits in the cornor dose it mean its about to die?
  74. whats wrong with my rescued dog?
  75. if you, your dog and dogs food were the last things left in the world, do you...
  76. What breed of dog is best for a family with cats?
  77. My dog has no fur on 1/2 her body - Why?
  78. I'm looking for a large guard dog, what can you suggest?
  79. Types of Haircuts for Puppies/Dogs?
  80. What do you think of this dog trainer? He's the only one around my area?
  81. I adopted a dog 10 days ago. He was great for the first 7. He started using the
  82. What to pay novice dog groomer. ......salon owner?
  83. How do I get my dog to stop doing his business in my house? *10 POINTS*?
  84. Know of any good dog breeders in Oregon?
  85. My dog whining and hoarding toys. Why?
  86. What are some good dog treats for miniature schnauzers?
  87. Is my dog pregnant as her nipples are developing?
  88. Where can I find the story of the WH visitor that chided Nixon on teaching his dog...
  89. what breed is this dog?
  90. what is a dog breed for sportive people?
  91. what to do about dog and cat playing too rough?
  92. You say all dogs need training, even the small dogs like chihuahua?
  93. Dog's Anal Glands and being impacted?
  94. help, my dog locked me out of my house?
  95. my dog has irritated skin and flakes n shes scratching every 10 minutes how
  96. Why do people assume all dogs are lactose intolerant?
  97. Why do a lot of dog breeds tend to have names associated with them, like Tyson for...
  98. A good recipe for natural, healthy dog treats?
  99. How do you comfort a dog who lost her puppy at 5 months?
  100. can a wolf be in a dog show?
  101. Why is my dog act so strangely when I'm home?
  102. How can I stop my hyper 2 year old Lab from trampling over my small dog?
  103. On dog food lables'Great tasting dog food'.?
  104. Help with my dog, he won't come when I call him..?
  105. How should I do to make clothes for dog.?
  106. Is it illegal to tether a dog in the State of Wisconsin?
  107. Who thinks about who more the human or the the and who loves who more the
  108. which breed of dog should i choose?
  109. What type of dog is this?
  110. Did you love Hickory winning the Westminster Dog Show?
  111. My dog ate a small piece of rubber ball...?
  112. Good name for dog magazine? Not used before?
  113. Lost my dogs kennel club papers!!?
  114. if a dog breaks leg in 3 places, including hip - will they walk again?
  115. small dogs that get along with labs?
  116. I have several small dogs that I keep together in a kennel during the day. One of
  117. Why do dogs walk funny with boots on?
  118. Will a ferret get along with a dog and a cat?
  119. Why does everyone dog on the brand power acoustik?
  120. How do I deal with my dog dying?
  121. Is it normal for my dog to mess in the house and vomit after vaccinations?
  122. something wrong with my dog?
  123. Can you tell me the breed of my dog?
  124. Why does my dog stay behind me on our walks?
  125. Is it good to get a cat friend for a dog who is home alone about half the day?
  126. What should I name this dog?
  127. Barking dog next door sets our dogs off?
  128. RE: show dogs...why do handlers slap or grab their dogs mouth?
  129. Last night i had a dream about dogs dying and the next day a friend dog died...
  130. why is my dog shaking, panting, and constantly walking around?
  131. What is the best kind of dog food ?
  132. Do all dogs howl or is it just some if so then which?
  133. How often do you throw out dog toys?
  134. I need some advice on flying with a small dog (peekapoo)?
  135. Which type of dog is better for us?
  136. Will I have a lot of problems with authorities and customs if I bring my dog
  137. Husband is refusing to get rid of dog that poops and pees all over the
  138. My dog barks at me when he wants to go to bed?
  139. In To Kill a Mockingbird, what does the mad dog symbolize?
  140. Why do I keep dreaming about dogs?!?
  141. how is my dog able to eat with a e-collar?
  142. How did Davis die in the movie Dog Pound?
  143. Is there anyone else here who's as crazy about their dog as I am about mine?
  144. If you wanna buy dog like, Rottweiler, or Doberman, do they have to be trained?
  145. the westminster dog show starts today. when can?
  146. Do dogs know the difference between human and their kinds?
  147. what the heck is wrong with asia? why kill dogs and catS?
  148. How to get my dog to stop barking/growling at strangers?
  149. What is an adoption donation fee for dogs?
  150. Advice on potty training an older dog..?
  151. were to go for dog grooming?
  152. What the different between a cat and a dog?
  153. how do i treat my dog he got burned by a hot candle wax?
  154. is my dog show quality?
  155. I just heard a dog crying and then let out a very long cry at the end, and then
  156. what breed of dog is good for me?
  157. Why has my dog been limping?
  158. Home > Search Results for "Thanks who ever answer my question about why my dog
  159. Our dog pulls no matter what. She pulls so hard, that she walks sideways...
  160. My dog don't pee all at once?
  161. My dog scraped his face raw by chewing on the door frame. How do I treat
  162. is my dog allergic to his treats?
  163. How to get my dog to stop barking at other dogs?
  164. Would you even pay attention or acknowledge someone yelling about the way
  165. My dog keeps going to the bathroom in the house?
  166. Why does my dog bite me on walks?
  167. Which breed of Dog is good for kids and for keeping in home?
  168. Dog still goes #1 and #2 in crate and shes 1 years old now so frustrated.?
  169. Small dog breed? (10P)?
  170. im gettin a chihuahua are they a good dog to get or are they to hyper and bitchy?
  171. Why does my dog, when I am sitting at the computer at night, growl a low pitch growl
  172. what people were doing before the age of antibiotics, i had a small dog bite...
  173. What is the best guard dog for our family? ?
  174. Question about the fourth part in "The Lady with the dog"?
  175. Can I leave my dog in the car?
  176. In theme with all the dog questions...?
  177. Will naming my dog confuse it?
  178. What some of the best dog food brands?
  179. How to get my old dog to lose weight?
  180. how are dogs shipped across the country?
  181. What is the proper way to crate a dog?
  182. Moving house with dog - how to get him to toilet in the same spot in the new garden?
  183. Has a german shepherd ever won at the Westminister dog show?
  184. How should I dress for an interview at a dog kennel?
  185. Do you like this dog name?
  186. fold up dog crate for a big dog that folds up as small as possible?
  187. What was the first breed of dog in North America ?
  188. Some good dog names please?
  189. How can you tell if your dog is about to have puppies?
  190. Which dog name should I choose?
  191. where can I find a small dog?
  192. Which do you find more attractive: Men walking their dog, or men using their
  193. What are some symptoms that dogs get after eating nail polish?
  194. What do I need to do to qualify as a dog walker?
  195. anybody know what time petsmart dog adoptions(fochp) start tommarrow 2-13-11 ?
  196. What is the most durable/strong retractable dog leash?
  197. Can anyone suggest a unique name for a yellow male Labrador Retriever dog?
  198. What are the purposes of selective breeding in dogs?
  199. My dog had a litter of puppies and I had homes for them all but I decided to
  200. Whats the best dog food? and treats and toys!?
  201. How to act like a dog in a game im playin?
  202. How long do you keep deceased dogs collars, leads, toys etc after the dogs have gone?
  203. On adoption 12 year old dog from pound?
  204. Desperate need of help for house breaking my two dogs?
  205. Is it just me or do you hear dogs barking more when spring is getting closer?
  206. i don't know what to do about my dogs?
  207. A type of therapy dog... how do I get my dog certified?
  208. Favorite type of Dog? Mix breed included!?
  209. My 4 year old dog has started bed wetting and chewing?
  210. Just got a Foster that isn't good with other dogs, help?
  211. Are all bichon frise dogs white?
  212. What is the name of the BBC tv show from the 90s, of a girl with big curly
  213. My dog is pregnant and just showing about how many months is she?
  214. Do you get nervous when the dogs come out on Zombies for Black Ops?
  215. My small dog bites strangers!?
  216. What is the correct voltage to use on my dog?
  217. Is it okay for my little kitten to eat bits of my dog's dog treats?
  218. What to do about my overweight dog?
  219. are Pomeranian dogs a good house dog?
  220. What breed is my dog I adopted?
  221. what stage would you introduce a second dog/pup into your home?
  222. What alternative do I take to remove my dogs benign tumor which has grown back
  223. What is the best quality dried dog food available?
  224. Am i supposed to keep my dog entertained all the time?
  225. How To Make HomeMade Dog Food?
  226. I petted a dog and now my hand smells, now what?
  227. Can I stock up on dog food?
  228. My new adopted dog is fighting sleep?
  229. what is the best breed of dog to own?
  230. What breeds of dogs were used on the US side in WW2?
  231. Becoming a dog groomer?
  232. How can I determine the worth of a mixed breed dog?
  233. HELP! was going to buy a dog and then?
  234. Which is best? Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, or Chicken Soup for Dog Lover's
  235. what breed of dog is this?
  236. My dog ate flavored packet of oatmeal last night!?
  237. How long do dogs have their periods for? To what age?
  238. does anyone know what the bumps are on a male dog?
  239. How do I get my dog to stop barking for no reason?
  240. Is it safe to wear dog tags to bed?
  241. I am looking for advice on selecting a purebed dog breed?
  242. Why is my dog barking at nothing, is it a ghost?
  243. How many cups should i feed my 4 months rottweiler fromm family dog food?
  244. I served my dog some salad, and she really liked it. This won't make her sick...
  245. Where can I find a dog house for a 3 lb. teacup dog?
  246. Are their any companies that make particular types of dog shampoo......(more inside)?
  247. Nickname for the dogs name Milo?
  248. Westminster Dog Show 2011?
  249. Is there a middle ground to purchasing "poorly bred BYB dogs" and $2,000 pups from...
  250. Dog keeps peeing in the house?