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  1. how do i adopt a dog from a pound?
  2. Who votes i should write a song about my amazing dog even if its not good or even
  3. how to deal with an out of control dog while pet sitting?
  4. Help my dog has Conjunctivitis!! What kind of eye drops should i buy him?
  5. What is the breed of this dog?
  6. My dog cowers after I took him to dog sitter, and he has never done this before?
  7. could my dog have a kidney/bladder infection? or is is something more serious?
  8. What was Baldassare Cossa's dog's name?
  9. I want a dog . Helppp !?
  10. Why does my dog still pee in the house?
  11. what year was the dogs invisible fencing?
  12. I have 2 dogs one is a 8 yr old choc lab and a 1 1/2 yr old pit bull mix...
  13. my mom wants the dog pound to take my dogs?
  14. Dog breed, home alone, good with cats?
  15. my mom insists im allergic to all kinds of dogs how do i convince her to
  16. Who are these two dogs? what breed can they be?
  17. what breed of dog is this?(Pic)?
  18. How do you deal with a dog showing "guarding" behavior?
  19. What breed is my dog mixed with?
  20. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? (picture)?
  21. what type of dog is the dog that is shown at the end of the movie "Get Smart"?
  22. Should I go to court about my crazy neighbours and their dog?
  23. Should I go to court about my crazy neighbours and their dog?
  24. What kind of healthy and moist food should i give to my old dog with missing teeth?
  25. Should you tip dog groomers?
  26. Does a dog giving a bear hug show dominance?
  27. What is your opinion about people who claim they don't like dogs?
  28. when did the u.s. navy start using the modern style dog tags? what did they look...
  29. Does anyone know what type of dog this is?
  30. Whats The Right Dog Breed.?
  31. What is a good name for my dog?
  32. Is something wrong with this dog? Is this breed supposed to look like this?
  33. Ancient Royal Dog or Wolf Name?
  34. i have a terrier cross rescue dog appox one year old she id loving at home but...
  35. Is eleven years old for a dog?
  36. Neighbor's just let their dogs bark and bark and bark! What should I do?
  37. How can I get my dog to poo in the garden again?
  38. My dog has tucked her tail between her hind legs for an entire day now. She
  39. question about bathing my one year old dog...........?
  40. DS: Question about a dog's welfare?
  41. My dog refuses to go to the bathroom in our new house?
  42. Allergies and animals (dogs and cats)...can someone answer this?
  43. So my dog keeps barking at this one room in the house why?
  44. my dog is drinking tons of water. tested her and all good? what next?
  45. If I find a dirty lost dog and someone claims it to be theirs, do I have to give it
  46. Why is it illegal to hunt with hound dogs?UK?
  47. What type of dog should I get?
  48. any cool male dog names?
  49. What are the city ordinence about keeping your dogs and cats updated on their shots?
  50. Why when you buy hot dogs they come with 8, but when you buy hot dog buns...
  51. Does my dog understand that ive just passed all my exams?
  52. How would you know that you are not suppossed to ask questions about...
  53. What types of dog is the best?
  54. Is the great dane a generally good indoor dog?
  55. What should i name my dog his a gray pit?
  56. my rescue dog wont eat?
  57. I have a question about dog toys?
  58. Should I keep my dog inside my home ?
  59. Purebred Smooth Chow Chow owners/breeders can you rate your dog on a scale
  60. My dog is panting really hard (he just had water), barking more than usual and his...
  61. Where can I find a dog without going through a breeder...?
  62. What breed would you say this dog looks like?
  63. What to do about a dog that keeps getting in my fully fenced yard?
  64. What dog looks and has the most blood of a wolf?
  65. Is a hot dog a type of vegtable?
  66. why is my dogs gum line black and he seems to be running a fever and...
  67. why is my dog sitting in my bed and then going to watch at my door?
  68. Im going to buy a Cavanese puppy. It costs $550 is this a good dog? Good price?...
  69. What type of dog is this?
  70. Can i give a police officer a gift card for finding my lost dog.?
  71. What's the best type of dog for me to get ?
  72. Name for a large female dog?
  73. Can a dog be allergic to a global Cedar bush? he is itching all over
  74. how do you get a dog on the street to come to you?
  75. Is there a dog who when excited has a tendency for it eyes to pop out?
  76. I just got a new dog... how do I potty train him?
  77. dog the bounty hunter home address phone number?
  78. what are some good small-dog breeds?
  79. Introducing small dog to large dogs...?
  80. Can a baby bunny be kept in a dog crate?
  81. Why does my dog bark when people hug?
  82. what dog shampoo do you use for a 6 yr old toy size dog? and how often
  83. City worker is pulling down our lost dog fliers?
  84. How can I protect my dog when moving to a new home?
  85. I have a handicapped dog and I need a place for her to stay.?
  86. Training a dog to retrieve?
  87. can dogs breed without having the cycle?
  88. What kind of breed does my dog look like? (Correct answer 10 points)?
  89. what dog breeds are best equipped for these events?
  90. Can a really big dog have puppies with a really small dog?
  91. DS: Have you noticed a lot of spammers and Phishers about on the Dog Section?
  92. Mixed Breed Dog Owners: what mix of breeds is your dog?
  93. I am about to lose it with my DESTRUCTIVE dog?
  94. How do you do the little emotes on iRate dogs?
  95. how often do you vaccinate house dogs?
  96. Do all dogs go through a phase like this?
  97. Why does my dog barks a lot when we do something! PLEASE HELP!?
  98. what breed of dog is on Monk season 8 episode 10?
  99. Do you know of any indestructible dog beds?
  100. Why are cat breeds roughly the same size but dog breeds vary so much?
  101. Iím looking for unique dog haircut ideas. I have a schnauzer/terrier mix....
  102. How do you train a dog to stop licking you?
  103. really cute and aborable small dogs?
  104. how to train the husky dog?
  105. Why is it socially unacceptable in America to eat dog?
  106. What is a breed of dog that doesn't bark too much?
  107. What Breed Is Your Dog[s] & What Are Its/There Name[s]?
  108. Why do i think about dogs all the time?
  109. Spiritually speaking, would anyone else agree that the jingle of a dog's collar
  110. What type of dog do you have and what is he/she doing right now?
  111. What to do about my neighbors dog?
  112. What is a cool exotic male dog name?
  113. How do I potty train this stubborn dog!!?
  114. I dreamed about a tiger last night It was in my dogs kennel I think my
  115. If my 2 dogs don't start to trust children under age 5 than my wife will have an
  116. What do I do about my dogs barking?
  117. how can i become a dog whisperer?
  118. I gave my dog hip and joint tablets now her eyes and mouth are all swollen?
  119. Should I train my dogs separately?
  120. what can I do if my dogs kennel is really dusty?
  121. Dog escaping kennel/ separation anxiety?
  122. If I name my dog "Jesus" and I say that my Jesus is very loving and loyal,
  123. What slogan for horse shows can I have for my dog? :)?
  124. Mirror mirror, on, the wall, who is the top dog of them all?
  125. name for a girl dog that doesn't sound girly?
  126. does anyone know whta breed of dog this is?
  127. How can i make my dog not bark and bite when my friends come over?
  128. HELP! My pittbull is humping my smaller dog!?
  129. How long sure I keep dog food?
  130. Will my dog with colitis live as long as dogs without?
  131. How do I teach my dog that the cat isn't a chew toy?
  132. How can I get my trained dog to stop using the bathroom in my living room? ?
  133. Our dog shouts sadly when this toy beeps, why?
  134. Proplan dog food for Great Danes?
  135. What kind of Mix/Breed does my dog look like? (10 points best answer)?
  136. my daughter has moved back home with her labrador dog but?
  137. How to train my dog paw and speak?
  138. Why cat owners and toy breed dog owners make excuses for their cat or dog
  139. Why does My Dog act like a Cat and How do I play with Her?
  140. my dog is losing teeth?
  141. how much did cesar milan charge to train a dog?
  142. Am I a bad person for re-homing my dogs?
  143. My girlfriend and I's house got broken into and she is more upset over the...
  144. would this be a cute name to name this dog?
  145. Will my dogs be ok in an kennel in my garden?
  146. what r some cute dog names (girl or boy)?
  147. where can I obtain service dog vests for free?
  148. Dog peeing in the house..?
  149. why does my dog bark when i show my fiance affection?
  150. Which title sounds better for my dogs tribute page?
  151. What is a breed of dog that doesn't bark too much?
  152. do English bull dogs originate from another animal or where they just breed...
  153. why is my dog sitting in my bed and then going to watch at my door?
  154. what breed of dog is on Monk season 8 episode 10?
  155. Suggestions for a soft or "camper" style dog crate?
  156. Just heard on the news about another Pit Bull attack why aren't there any
  157. Would You Take a Small Dog to Petsmart ?
  158. To people who do dog shows...why?
  159. How can I get my dog to be quiet in his crate?
  160. Why won't my dog house train?
  161. What breed of dog is best for me?
  162. Please help me find a good dog to adopt/buy ? (HOUSTON TEXAS 77064)?
  163. How do you feel about seeing dogs roam around in a vehicle while the person is...
  164. my dog will only poop in the yard but never when we go on a long walk but...
  165. What breed of dog should I get?
  166. Need help training my dog?
  167. Married man, guys night out, stupid buddies, drinks, strip club, dog house....
  168. Smaller dog like a lab or a golden retriever?
  169. my dog wont stop barking in his crate!!!!?
  170. DOG 'Tether' in my Councils bylaws what's the slang? ie tie up?
  171. Is this common for post dog spay...?
  172. POLL: does your dog bark at the wind?
  173. What is the selling price for a hot dog & a Boca burger?
  174. My dog has very large kidney stone could this had cause him to lose use of...
  175. What can I feed my dog (she has weak teeth according to the vet and she's used
  176. i was wondering what breed my dog is mixed with...? [pics]?
  177. Who's the greatest dog of all time?
  178. My dog died last night and I am completely numb?
  179. I cant go jogging with the dog on the lead he pulls like mad?
  180. How can I get my dog to use the 'steps' to get on the couch?
  181. Would you go so far as to bathe WITH your dog?
  182. Dogs! How do you know when you find a good breeder?
  183. Which of these dog breeds is better ?
  184. what food is the best for a dog?
  185. What size cage for dog should I buy?
  186. A guard dog for when my dad goes away?
  187. need advice about a dog/adoption?
  188. Adopting a dog from Mexico! What do I need to do?
  189. How to train a dog to go and get you a soda?
  190. How to build a relay big dog house?
  191. what breed is this dog?? to help his adoption :)?
  192. What To Do About My Dog....?
  193. Professional dog breeders, would you mind sharing how you got started?
  194. Where can I buy dog litter in Vancouver?
  195. How do I train my dog to be groomed?
  196. Are dog has not ate in two days and is really skinny does she have worms...
  197. How do I know if my dogs leg is Broken, bruised, or sprained? And what...
  198. Do you think it's possible to keep a stud dog and an intact female together...
  199. Name of a Saga game about an inept wizard with a footstool "dog"?
  200. What do you think about hot dogs for a dog?
  201. Should I buy a dog without my parents knowing?
  202. What would you name a youtube vid that stars a really fat dog?
  203. 3 yr old Aussie who lost her companion is getting very aggressive towards
  204. What is a better name for my Dog Tribute?
  205. How do I train my dog to not howl when he hears my car leave?
  206. Dog sitter over fed my dog while I was gone!?
  207. What Type Of Dog Can This Be?
  208. Would you go so far as to bathe WITH your dog?
  209. How can I get my dog to stop barking when she is trying to fetch the ball?
  210. How long till rigamortis sets in on a 10 pound dog?
  211. My dog keeps peeing on my sons bed....HELP!!?
  212. What is the word "dog" mean?
  213. what breed of dog does this dog look like?
  214. Taking my dog to the humane society to get spaid. Will they fine me for...
  215. My friend lost two dogs. Shot to death, please read?
  216. Is HACHI a good name for a male golden retriever? I want to name my dog
  217. Why can't I get the legendary dogs on Pokemon Pearl?
  218. how to forget about your dog?
  219. how do i bring my dog from the usa to norway?
  220. What movie is this? Red bird dog, kennels, training?
  221. I have small-ish boobs so should I buy a really wrinkly dog....?
  222. What kind of dog is this?
  223. Are there any downs to adopting an adult dog instead of a puppy?
  224. I have Blue tick hound dogs, they have bad seizures. What might be the causes of
  225. Dog started peeing in bed. What gives?
  226. Why does my dog still poop in the house?
  227. I'm scared people are going to find out that what I did with my dog, do I belong in
  228. Why Does my Dog bark all the time and how do i stop him?
  229. Is barking a lot a good reason to put a dog to sleep?
  230. If an apartment has a two pet limit is this all pets or just dog/cats?
  231. What actual dog breed would be like a combo of a pits, husky, and pom?
  232. A good book for studying veterinary medicine (dogs and cats)?
  233. Keeping Dog and cats in a No Pets council Flat?
  234. my dog just drank water from the shower?
  235. My dog ate some clothing, can this hurt him?
  236. Why do white people put their kids in leashes like dogs?
  237. What can we do about our dog that bites her owners?
  238. My dog barks and goes nuts when he sees a stranger.. Please help?
  239. Who had a Dog that is lost right now ?
  240. Does your house smell if you keep a dog?
  241. Why is my dog hyper around people, but when the neighbors dog shows up hes quiet?
  242. what if groomer accidentally hurt the dog without telling its owner?
  243. Can i see a picture of your dog? easy ten points :)?
  244. My Dog Bites Me When I Leave My House ...?
  245. Are there any dog breeders in bermuda?
  246. New puppy and all of his shots. Previous dog?
  247. My dog barks and how do I stop it? ?
  248. Dog frantic when putting on a leash?
  249. If you walk outside to the back yard of your house, would it bother you if
  250. what do yahoo dogs section think about this?