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  1. I run a rescue and i think one of my rescue dogs is pregnant!?
  2. I rescued 2 dogs from a rescue site. What rights do I have if the owner shows up.?
  3. i put a flea collar on my dog and he has been sleeping ever since what do i do?
  4. What is the beat medication to give a dog?
  5. cost to castrate a 28kg dog?
  6. what are good dog names for a grey boy terrior?
  7. More One Person Dog Breeds?
  8. when can a dog come home after having a hernia repaired?
  9. Questions about becoming a dog groomer?
  10. Can a vicious dog, that attacked a 12 year old boy, be trusted next to people after
  11. for how long does american bull dog have their periods?
  12. my dogs skull has sunk on one side, what can cause this?
  13. Agree or Disagree? There should be a federal law that pet shops can only buy...
  14. Agree or Disagree: before buying a dog or cat the seller should be...
  15. How to train a REALLY dumb dog to wee outside?
  16. I am thinking about adopting a dog, should I adopt this dog?
  17. Where can I list my dog for adoption/rescue?
  18. A good brand of dog shock collars?
  19. Which dog collars are better and STAY ON? Also, where can I order a good quality dog
  20. If you own a guard dog, what meat can you feed him with?
  21. If i adopt a dog from a person, and it still has to get more shots can i take
  22. Confused Newbie
  23. Pet Insurance
  24. low sodium dog food
  25. Hey all, just saying hey.
  26. Free Service for Pet Owners
  27. German Shepherd puppies for sale
  28. Pet Sitting Services in New York
  29. Dog?
  30. Is putting a collar on your dog with other dogs around dangerous?
  31. Need a dog name for a female miniature dachshund. pic included?
  32. I want to buy a dog...?
  33. new female dog! help with cute names for a black and brown schnauzer puppy (:?
  34. Where should I adopt my future dog?
  35. I was intrested in adopting this dog what does everyone think?
  36. How should I prepare my 9 month old service dog in training for a trip to the zoo?
  37. A customer buys 4 hot dogs and 5 bags of potato chips for $12.00.?
  38. Help choosing chicken-free food for an allergy prone dog?
  39. How do I stop my dog from urinating on human beds?
  40. what breed of dog is this?
  41. what is the adoption process for adopting a dog from the beaver county humane...
  42. daschund or lhasa apso or tibetan terrier and which is a good guard dog to keep with
  43. HELP I think my dog ate Sugar-Free gum?
  44. Would you buy a puppy/dog from a shelter/humane society?
  45. Why is my dog constantly taking my other dog's collar off?
  46. How do I train my dog to not run away?
  47. If people didn't buy dogs from a breeder/store/etc wouldn't that mean that we...
  48. What breed do you think my dog is?
  49. Whats your favorite dog breed and why?
  50. My dog peed on my bed...?
  51. How should I go about introducing a rescue dog into my life?
  52. Anyone looking to adopt a dog?
  53. Why do some people buy a dog then go out and leave it on it's own all day?
  54. Will Pet-safe Dog Collars work with a Invisible Fence System?
  55. What are breeds similar to an olde english sheep dog?
  56. What is a good dog to buy if you already have a female medium sized dog that dosent
  57. My dog hiding under bed and will bite if you try to get her out. 5yr old...
  58. Adopted a dog I think was abused?
  59. Buy Or Build A Dog Run/Kennel?
  60. When adopting a dog from a shelter/rescue,what to expect,take with me and look for?
  61. Should I free feed my dog or feed her with a schedule?
  62. How are diabetic alert dogs trained?
  63. How can I get my dog to stop wiping her butt on my bed?
  64. why does my dog keep destroying my other dogs bedding?
  65. I have 4 dogs to train and...?
  66. I have a dog and we just got a new puppy they are not getting along and...
  67. How to clean dog pee out of bed without mom knowing?
  68. Can my neighbor legally stop me from adopting a specific type of dog?
  69. Dog Psychology? What happened to good old fashioned training?
  70. How do I explain to my retired search & rescue dog that he did not do enough
  71. I'm buying a dog off the internet. Does this man seem trustworthy..heres the
  72. How to train and already grown dog to stay in an unfenced yard?
  73. IMPORTANT. What is the most stress-free way to introduce the family dogs?
  74. my dogs bed needs washing....but theres so much HAIR?! tips please?!?
  75. Is the collar I just bought okay for my dog?
  76. help with rescue dog?
  77. Why do some people choose not to adopt cats/dogs from their local SPCA or shelter?
  78. I bought a dog & was told she hadn't been spayed but she has, what can I do?
  79. Is there a permit I can get to allow me to get on the train with my dog?
  80. Why would our 12- year old dog start peeing in her own bed?
  81. My dog is crate trained but poops inside now. HELP!?
  82. How do I get to be a certified dog sitter?
  83. Do you think flea collars give dogs a headach?
  84. Should I adopt a dog?
  85. How can we stop destructive behaviour in our St. Bernard dog which happens when we...
  86. Can any breed of Dog become a Guard Dog?
  87. What kind of collar does your dog wear?
  88. I would like to know are there any places where they give away free dogs?
  89. Why does my dog dig in his bed before he lays down?
  90. my dog is chewing through collars,fence ,digging holes and refuses to stay in...
  91. What are the procedures of adopting a dog or cat from the shelter?
  92. How do I train my dog to come immediately?
  93. how to train a dog to fetch?
  94. Did you buy your dog or did you adopt it?
  95. Buying a dog on line?
  96. I have a cat and I just bought a dog?
  97. My dog has stitches on his ear, he is terrified with d e collar, how can...
  98. What type of dog/breed do you think this dog is? (pic included)?
  99. Dog training, How do i stop her barking and growling when she is friendly!?
  100. Registering a dog with AKC that my mom bought a couple of years ago?
  101. I am so sick of my dog whining and barking, where can I purchase one of...
  102. Is a shock collar okay to use in preventing my dogs from fighting?
  103. how to train a puppy? with onther dog in the house?
  104. How can i stop my dog from jumping on my bed?
  105. breed of this dog would be helpful?
  106. I bought a prong collar for my dog, will this help his problems?
  107. Does animal cruelty break your heart and make you angry at the same time?? Have you
  108. Who would have ownership of a dog found stray, adopted into a new home but u...
  109. Has anyone used the dog rescue/transport "Pooches on the Move"?
  110. Where Can I Buy A Dog?? Somewhere I Can Rely On :)?
  111. My 3 lb chihuaha is a rescue dog. I've had him for over 2 years now. I'm
  112. My dog goes out on her runner and just stands in the corner of the yard
  113. What Breed of Dog is This?
  114. How do I become a certified pet sitter or mostly dog sitter?
  115. German sheperd male & female dog names?
  116. 2 dogs... food guarding issues!?
  117. Does anyone have a dog for sale?
  118. Can anyone identify the possible breed(s) of my dog? Photo linked.?
  119. Is this collar I just bought for my dog okay? What can I do?
  120. What breed of dog is this?
  121. where can i adopt a dog can i have a little help please?
  122. What would happen if my guard dog bit someone?
  123. How do I housebreak an Adopted Dog, not a puppy?
  124. I moved out of my husbands house, we are getting a divorce, his dog I...
  125. Which name for a female dog?
  126. What do dog sitters get paid on average?
  127. Is there a dog bed that is odor-free?
  128. White collar dog breed?
  129. Adopted dog from SPCA now coughing?
  130. What's a good name for a female dog?
  131. i bought a shampoo for my dog that is good for puppies 6 weeks old and plus...?
  132. Where should I adopt my future dog?
  133. Are Rescue dogs better?
  134. ferrits and dogs: Training?
  135. Is Daphne a good name for a female dog?
  136. Why is it that rottweilers are the worst breed of dogs , in general,?
  137. What breed of dog this is? Small white dog with tall, big ears. Looks like Bolt
  138. what should i do when i put my dog to bed but he wont stop barking and wont
  139. Alrighty Im lookin for a way to fix my dogs for free.?
  140. What breeds are good guard dogs?
  141. My dog Pees On the bed, and pees unexpectedly! HELP PLEASE!?
  142. Dog groups in Orlando that will help train out my Bichon's aggressiveness?
  143. Is adopting a dog a good thing?
  144. Can I put a flea collar on my dog when I have a 6 week old puppy in the house too?
  145. A name for a female dog?
  146. IIs it okay to wear a dog collar and tag in a pool?
  147. Tips on training my untrainable dog.?
  148. Hello Kitty? What's with all the stupid cats? What about dogs?
  149. Can you rent shock collars for dogs?
  150. What breed of dog is this (picture)?
  151. I need a good watch or guard dog?
  152. Dog Pees and Poops In Crate and In Dog Bed - Why?
  153. How well do shock collars work on a barking dog?
  154. My dog keeps eating his beds?
  155. House training my dog?
  156. Is the Yorkshire Terrier a good breed of dog?
  157. Hi. What type of dog do I have to buy? I want to buy a dog but it turned out that...
  158. Just rescued a dog from a puppy mill yesterday?
  159. What breed of dog is this? (pictures)?
  160. What do you think about people that don't train their dogs?
  161. Why does my dog pee in her own bed overnight?
  162. Common Dog Question about Breeds?
  163. Why does my dog bark when she's in bed?
  164. Whats the best type of Dog in the world?
  165. Why does my dog randomly get scared/jumpy?
  166. Walking pup past other dogs or people. What to do?
  167. Rules about keeping and touching dogs?
  168. i just got a dog about a week ago. he wont come near me, walk anywhere, eat
  169. So close to getting another dog?
  170. How do I house break a 2 year old dog?
  171. My dog wont use his hind left leg.?
  172. My dog won't keep still, can't sit down for 5 minutes?
  173. How many dogs do you have and what type of home?
  174. My dog was in a fight and since she has been unable to bark and sneezes
  175. What are some recipes for dog treats that have a stabilized yogurt icing?
  176. Why is my dog afraid of food cooking?
  177. Can a lab/pit mix be a watch/guard dog?
  178. What are some small hypoallergenic dogs?
  179. what can this barking dog noises be?
  180. Concerns about getting a second dog?
  181. Best dog breed for my lifestyle?
  182. *NOLE THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! Which of these dogs would you be more likely to trust
  183. How old should my adopted dog be?
  184. What, and why do dogs bark?
  185. how can i get my dog to stop peeing around the house?
  186. Best family watch/guard dog for me?
  187. what is the cost of a puppy/dog vet bills? (:?
  188. How much should I charge for walking dogs?
  189. Thinking about getting a dog?
  190. What's your favorite dog breed?
  191. What should I name my dog?
  192. How expensive is an invisible fence for dogs?
  193. Dog sitting prices suggestions?
  194. What type of dog breed ?
  195. what kind of dog is this? (picture)?
  196. Can my dog be having some kind of panic attack?
  197. adopting an extremely dog aggressive fighting champion Tosa Inu?
  198. How much dog food do I feed a 16 pound dog per day?
  199. Whenever i touch my dogs ear, its starts twitching madly and its all red? Whats the
  200. Anyone know of a gentle-leader type solution for a very large dog?
  201. Are small dog breeds more prone to tooth decay?
  202. i bought a dog from someone who was having financial difficulties.
  203. How to convince my lazy sister to take her dog on walks?
  204. I Keep seeing this dog while walking to/from work..?
  205. My dog got out the fense and attacked another dog not on a leash. is there anyway to
  206. Designer Dog Kennel Club?
  207. Condo Assessing fine to all Dog Owners?
  208. my son thought he had scared his american bull dog with the sound of a shop...
  209. What type of dog should I get?
  210. does anyone know about a dog face puffer fish i want one?
  211. Survey: Tell me about your dog?
  212. what are good ways to save up to buy a dog?
  213. can i walk with my dog every day for 3h?
  214. I want to a dog kennel in PA!!!!?
  215. How long should I have to crate my dog?
  216. Is it okay for me to upload the full film "Dog Pound" on youtube?
  217. Just got dog back from groomers and she stinks?
  218. How Many Cups of Dog Food Does A Dachshund Need A Day?
  219. What are the Laws for owning a Wolf-Hybrid dog in San Diego, California?
  220. dog pooping in the house?
  221. man is making false report about my dog?
  222. How much do you hate people that are proud of there aggressive dogs?
  223. A team of dogs drags a 53.9 kg sled 1.62 km over a horizontal surface at a
  224. How often should a 15 pound dog be fed?
  225. What Kind Of Breed Is This Dog?
  226. where can I buy Otomax for my dog without a prescription?
  227. Interpretation of 'Dog Days Are Over'?
  228. Does the AKC Championships for dogs allow mixed dogs to compete?
  229. Why is my dog sitting on my stomach?
  230. do chihuahuas and bull dogs get along?
  231. If you get a dog as puppy?
  232. What's the widest spacing in a fence to prevent a dog from escaping?
  233. Can anyone recommend a good durable dog toy?
  234. My dog keeps shaking?
  235. would you have a child if you had to give up your dog?
  236. Why is my american eskimo dog barking all of sudden?
  237. Your thoughts on harness for dogs?
  238. Leaving a dog with epilepsy alone at home?
  239. Psycho keeps harassing me about her pregnant dog?
  240. Whats type of dog was in the wild Gourmets?
  241. HELP!! I'm at work and my dogs are home and?
  242. My wife is mad at me because of the dogs?
  243. home made low calorie dog food options?
  244. Dog humping all the time????????
  245. our dog is a mix of bull mastiff and american bull dog she wont sleep on her own...
  246. Y wont my dog eat her treats?!?
  247. My dog tied me up and then told me his evil plans?! ?
  248. I have a shi zu dog hes about 9 or ten yrs old and he is always constantly itching...
  249. qustion about my dog?
  250. how can i stop my dog barking when i go out?