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  1. dog problem...?
  2. My dog is acting different! Please HELP?
  3. my dog drains me?
  4. dog limp please help? (any suggestions)?
  5. after the dog gives birth what do i need to do?
  6. My dog has a pimple on his mouth and he keeps scratching it, any suggestions on
  7. my dog just accidentally drank chocolate milk??
  8. Why does McCain remind me of Droopy the Dog?
  9. How much lbs. (pounds) should a labrador eat each day (Dog Food)?
  10. My dog is lost!!!?
  11. Why does my dog keep vomiting and digging holes?
  12. My dog was diagnosed with a fungal infection on her nose.?
  13. big smelly dogs... please help.?
  14. What kind of dog should i get?
  15. Do you know any tricks for brushing your dog's teeth?
  16. My dog will not drink water. Is this due to his fever?
  17. How can I help my dog get over his fear of his kennel?
  18. Are there nice dog parks in London?
  19. What may be causing swelling in between my dog's toes?
  20. large red pussy sores on dog's genital?!?
  21. What is "merle" color on a dog?
  22. Do you think my dog could...?
  23. dog people...?
  24. Dog Poop schedule...?
  25. What is your dog's breed, name, and why?
  26. What kind of dog is this? (pics included)?
  27. Do all branches have dog tags?
  28. What are these strange bumps and rash like things on my dog?
  29. How to get dog not to eat over the floor?
  30. why does my dog still whine in his crate?!?
  31. Isn't my dog just adorable?[pics included]?
  32. Ball on the side of a dog's body?
  33. My dog is afraid of feet!?
  34. The risks for a female dog?
  35. why do my dogs and cats get together?
  36. Is it okay to give my dog blueberries?
  37. I have lost my dog!!!?
  38. My dog bit about 50% of my baby ducks top beak off and a small small piece of...
  39. Would this offend you? Being thought of as ugly or a dog?
  40. How to stop a dog from pulling?
  41. My dog had stitches but they ed, what should I do?
  42. Why do some people think it's cute when their babies kiss dogs?
  43. Do you let your dog lick your face?
  44. Dogs scared of thunderstorms?
  45. My dogs urine smells really strong and there is mucus around the tip of his penis?
  46. what can this be? my dog itches alot and now has no hair under her neck and on the
  47. can you cut a dogs hair with a electronic shaver?
  48. rare breed dog quiz # 5?
  49. Recipe's for dog food?!?
  50. dogs could only get pregnant only if they're on their period right???
  51. Dog Breed on the Iams« ProActive Health Weight Control bag?
  52. Dog People... why would you reccomend a "smart breed" for a persons first dog?
  53. why would a dog roll around in feces?
  54. My dog was free and a dog who was tied up at his trailer tried to attack...
  55. Our dog has a rash, what should we do?
  56. i need a checklist for a dog?
  57. Please HELP! SICK DOG!!! Please give me some advice?
  58. hey what 2 dog breeds is this dog....?
  59. Ways to treat a dog's bad breath?
  60. my dog is having pups what do i do if they come feet first?
  61. Is my dog old or sick?
  62. Proper Dog Food Proportions?
  63. How do I get my dog to stop jumping up on us when she's excited?
  64. my dog pes everywhere? how can i stop?
  65. I think my dog is pregnant.. (pictures) help please?!?
  66. Does anyone know the kind of hip hop song that uses the backround of "atomic dog"...
  67. Small Dogs in Atlanta?
  68. Why is it that when you blow in a dogs face it gets annoyed with you?
  69. GIANT "Kong" ball for my dog?
  70. Several dogs to choose from?
  71. What foods are Poisonous. to dogs?
  72. Do you need a license to babysit dogs? Or to be a dog walker?
  73. any vets out there?my dog has a really dry nose!?
  74. I have a pregnant pit bull who will not go back in her dog house which is
  75. Can I split a frontline between two dogs?
  76. Dog okay with kitten?
  77. Small dog breeding?
  78. My dogs seem to be quite enthusiastic about alcohol! Is it good for them...
  79. what does my dog have?
  80. taking dogs on bike ride...?
  81. Is dog food safe for an infant?
  82. Is there some kind of Sheltie rescue that will take my dog?
  83. Does anyone know what side goes well with chili cheese dogs?
  84. my dog just threw up?
  85. My dog has a yeast infection in his ears...?
  86. why do guys laugh at girls who drive with there dogs in the car?
  87. Can Maltese dogs when full grown, climb up stairs?
  88. RE: Beneful dog food?
  89. How do I detour my dogs from digging?
  90. I want to get a male and a female dog. I'm not fixing them but how do I keep
  91. How can i teach my beagle, who runs away at any chance? He is usually a very good...
  92. dog threw up?
  93. Wich dog is your fave??
  94. What is the youngest age you can get a dog's hips checked?
  95. How canI put weight on my dog?
  96. How can I deal with grandparents hyperactive dog?
  97. Help! I'm Dog walking!?
  98. My dog humps every dog in sight. What can I do to stop it?
  99. what breed of dog is this?
  100. my gurl dog after she had pups her botox and hair on it was green and it was
  101. Stray Dog?
  102. Weird canned dog food?
  103. Hey what breed of dog should i get out of a chihuaha, beagle, dachshound
  104. Is it good to give an egg to my dog for her coat?,, and how do I do that?,, cooked?
  105. How do I get my 4 year old havanese to stop barking at every dog he sees?
  106. What kind of dog is in Little Women?
  107. Is butter bad for dogs?
  108. cute dog breeds?
  109. Children afraid of dogs?
  110. what breed of dog is it?
  111. Have you ever used Wellness Core Ocean Formula dog food?
  112. stud dogs in michigan?
  113. Beneful dog food?
  114. How to convince friend dogs aren't blood thirsty vicious animals?
  115. What kind dog is this?
  116. Why are dogs always so happy?
  117. can dogs get hickups?
  118. What is the best way to raise a 6 month old german shepherd without the help of a
  119. Is Natural Balance okay to feel my dogs?
  120. Ugliest breed of dog?
  121. My dog has just developed white spots on her belly. It looks like bleach
  122. how do i get a dog liscense?
  123. My staffy loves people but bites other dogs?
  124. What could I do to make my dog stop biting at other people(he bites at my sisters...
  125. my dog bites me a lot.?
  126. how to write an effective dog walking ad?
  127. How do you know if you've removed the whole tic off a dog?
  128. What should you do with your dog when you travel out of the country?
  129. How old are dogs when they go into heat the first time?
  130. female dog names for a chocolate coloured Labrador?
  131. My dog was neutered a long time ago but does that make him not manly?
  132. Mixed breed guard dog.?
  133. what kind dog is this?
  134. Should I be concerned about my dogs behaviour?
  135. How does a dog Mother react if you take one of her Puppy away?
  136. Iv`e had my dog for 13yrs 6mnths.I love him dearly.?
  137. Where can I buy a dog litter tray with side panels for him to wee against?
  138. Can anyone tell me what breed this dog is? Have been told she is a bull mastiff...
  139. Is my dog's leg broken?
  140. I have a question about my neighbor and her dogs?
  141. What breed of dog is this?
  142. K÷pe?im šok havl?yor...
  143. What are my options for my dog who has lymphoma cancer?
  144. My Dogs knee pops out of place. Help Please.?
  145. what has to be done about an extremely swollen teat/nipple in a dog? does'nt...
  146. what is the best cur dog?
  147. my dogs toenail is half off?
  148. german shepherd dog?
  149. DOGS bully / jealous / fighting?
  150. The song that says "I really miss you, Brandi". Is he talking about a girl
  151. Urgent dog question (MR X)?
  152. Whats up with Dog The Bounty Hunter??
  153. Can you help save the Stadium Dog?
  154. if my toy dog were to get pregnate by a full sized dog......would she die
  155. What dog breed is most popular in your area?
  156. dogs and worms help?
  157. what kind of a dog should i get?????????????????
  158. What kind of dog is this?
  159. A dog gets sucked up and killed by a sweeping truck. Who is at fault??
  160. How can I train my dog to ask to go outside?
  161. Do you think a dog chasing a fat man is a funny thing?
  162. my dog is pregnent and is panting and acting strange , but other than that...
  163. How can i stop my dog from pooping on my neighboors doorstep?
  164. what is the maximum that a dog can possibly weigh?
  165. Why doesnt my dog get fleas?
  166. HELP! Extremely high creatinine levels in my dog?
  167. I am thinking about getting a dog soon, and i was considering the...
  168. How to get a dog-please answer?
  169. what age can i leave my rottie pup with my other dog?
  170. What do the Vets do with a dog after it is put to sleep?
  171. My dog got bitten by something, his snout is completely swollen, and he has two
  172. homeless lap dog?
  173. Dog for protection and running?
  174. I have not allowed my dog mate for 2-1/2 years since its birth. Will that...
  175. We are looking for a good dog breed?
  176. Hello (:
  177. Diabetic Dogs?
  178. Dog aggressive after swimming...?
  179. hot dogs expiration?
  180. what funny caption would go great with this pic of my dog?
  181. calling all dog the bounty hunter and jonas brothers fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no
  182. is it normal for a 9month old female dog to bleed if she was fixed at 6mths old?
  183. My first dog.?
  184. how did my dog die?
  185. Why can't I have a dog?!?!?!?
  186. How can i stop my male dog peeing on the flower pots on my patio?
  187. How to persuade my parents for me to get a dog-please answer?
  188. how do my dog know we're eating or drinking something?
  189. 3 year old bit by dog?
  190. Perfect dog breed for me?
  191. How can I get rid of rats when I have dogs that might step on the traps?
  192. Christopher Reeve Fountation Dog Tags?
  193. 3 Year old bit by a neighbors dog today?
  194. What are examples of a small-medium sized dog which can have a yellowish golden look?
  195. Is interbreeding bad for Dogs?
  196. Do dogs have heart attacks or ???After a few minutes in the sun, my dog looked
  197. what is a good animal shelter to get cheap dogs?
  198. Dog Friendly beaches?
  199. can my dog watch tv?
  200. Is it OK to use Tea Tree oil on my dog's coat?
  201. IF THE Celtics are the better team, how come they were under dogs?
  202. What kind of dog...?
  203. How do i relieve my dogs constipation?
  204. Dog Breeder Games?
  205. Can male dogs lose thier fertility? If so, when?
  206. my dog has an ear hematoma, if i aspirate it myself will she feel pain when i...
  207. How do I get rid of the smell of dog urine?
  208. Dog that barks everytime you leave the room...???
  209. How to potty train a 2 year old dog that used to be beat up by his old owners?
  210. Do you have a first aid kit for your dog??
  211. Dog is occasionally coughing,when she does it seems like shes trying to cough
  212. spayed dogs?
  213. what form of dog training is best?
  214. my dog keeps on throwing up.. and its kinda foamy.. is this okay?
  215. is it normal for a dog not to eat if she's pregnant?
  216. I've always wanted a dog since I was 4 and then...?
  217. My dog has a cut inside his ear.What can I use to heal it?
  218. Overweight Dog?
  219. whats the best dog food?
  220. Why do the French not pick up after their dogs?
  221. I've never been able to figure out, in Reservoir Dogs?
  222. I need help with male dogs urinating inside our house. Can you help me with advise?
  223. Who did the song from the early 70's called Me and You and a Dog Named Boo? It
  224. This one is for those that think a dog is just a dumb animal?
  225. Dog sitting?
  226. Why do people love dogs, but lock them in the backyard there whole life.?
  227. Are there allergy medicines for just dogs?
  228. Why would my 50 pound chow/lab mix Dog be afraid of a fly?
  229. What is the difference between a dead dog and a dead lawyer in the
  230. My dog got my retainer last night!?
  231. What dog foods should I avoid?
  232. My Dog just devolped a black spot on his tongue What is it and is that bad?
  233. dog question ????
  234. Is the Burger King Man just another in a long line of running dogs of Imperialism?
  235. POLL: All Stars ( Converse ) or Rocket Dogs??
  236. Why does my lady dog hump legs?
  237. Will mushrooms growing in my grass hurt my dog?
  238. Which dog psychology book is better?
  239. HELP!!!! dog problems!?
  240. Do you think my dogs are cute??
  241. Is it normal for my dog to lose its toenails?
  242. Collar vs. harness on small breed dogs?
  243. why do some foreign people hate dogs?
  244. how do i keep my dog?
  245. What are signs that my dog may have gotten lyme disease from a tick?
  246. Any tricks to clip my dogs nails?
  247. Any tricks to clip my dogs nails?
  248. What age is The dog island for?
  249. Does anybody know where I can get a Courage the Cowardly Dog backpack?
  250. How much should I tip the dog groomer?