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  1. best "light' dog food?
  2. DOG TAGS? Cheap ones plz!?
  3. do these dogs look like great danes or bull mastiffs?
  4. Do you give your dog the Doggie bag as a treat???
  5. Why does my dog bark at the squirrels?
  6. What was this black bug burrowing in my dogs fur?
  7. My dog is always chewing his pads on his paws does anyone know why?
  8. should I Get my Dog spade?
  9. what is a great family dog?
  10. Can a man's electric shaver be used on a dog instead of paying extra for a "pet...
  11. Does both dog parents take care of puppies?
  12. Need help figuring out what type of dog I have!?
  13. where can my family go on vacation and bring our dogs?
  14. dog alergies?
  15. dog has smelly ears?
  16. How old were you when you got your first dog?
  17. Is "Miss Monroe" too long for a dog name?
  18. How do you get an incooperative dog to act dead ?
  19. My dog Bella has the most perfectly formed, colored, scented poo - what...
  20. Dogs and thunderstorms!!!?
  21. Why can't dogs get vasectomies?
  22. my dog is very friendly with people but she hates other animals what should i do?
  23. What would be a good cute dog name?
  24. Do you think what I did was right it was for a dog?
  25. Tips on how to be a great dog shelter volunteer?
  26. Dog Wound Help?
  27. Do you think that feral cats should be put down instead of being released back in to
  28. How to get a dog on a leash?
  29. Please help me, I need advice on the health of my dog!?
  30. How to get dog pee out of the back seat of a car?
  31. i have a dog that wont stop peeing on the Flor!!!!!?
  32. best small dog for a 13 year old girl?
  33. Where do you buy Vienna Hot Dogs.. other than a restaurant??
  34. my dog scared of everything!!!?
  35. We just added a 7 month old puppy to our family and we have a 9 year old dog?
  36. dog names?
  37. dog misses a kitten?
  38. I think my dog's tail is broken?
  39. How do I get my dogs to stop barking?
  40. how do you cure a dog from being jealous?
  41. Can I use Frontline Plus on my dog to prevent fleas? Or is it dangerous to put it...
  42. what will my dog do? + would he be able to learn to hunt at his age?
  43. how do i get my dog to stop chewing on my cats?
  44. how do you remove a tick from a small dog?
  45. What is the BEST medium size dog? That's good foe outside and inside?
  46. Male and female dogs living together??
  47. Dog and Cortizone cream?
  48. How to teach my dog to herd?
  49. my dog bit my dad...?
  50. Dog troubles.?
  51. Would you recommend Orijen dog food over Innova dog food?
  52. How do i make my dog like me?
  53. My vet charges me about $25 to trim my dog's nails. I heard that?
  54. How can I help my claustraphobic dog?
  55. i recently asked a question about potty training for a dog??
  56. My dog is afraid of my dad!!?
  57. What makes the pads on the bottom of a dog's foot fall off?
  58. why does my dog hate me?
  59. Questions About my cat moving 1200 miles into a house with 3 dogs?
  60. What is a good toy breed dog?
  61. Why is my dog panting without exercise?
  62. the department of agriculture took my dog...?
  63. My brother is abusing my dog!?
  64. Please help my dog is unhealthy!!!?
  65. How do I covince my parents to let me have my own dog??
  66. I have a german shepherd dog, He is 6 months old. he has running nose and wet nose
  67. Would carrots make an ideal treat for a dog?
  68. i have a yorkie girl dog i picked her up and she was in season i have been leaving
  69. dog trainer???
  70. Dogs just ate a bar of Godiva chocolate, need to go to vet?!?
  71. Dog Owner Questionnaire?
  72. Which is calmer, a boy dog or a girl dog. cuz ive heard so many opinions. I
  73. Outside dog poop........?
  74. what should i do if my dogs eye was scratched, take it to the vet or wait to see
  75. convincing my parents about a dog?
  76. What breed of dog is this?
  77. why can't you teach an old dog new tricks?
  78. who wants a free dog or knows someone who wants a free dog?
  79. My dog will NOT potty train!?
  80. which dog breed?
  81. i live in washington state,can i bring my dog along for the walk when i
  82. dog with allergies??
  83. how do i show my dog that she has to poo/pee at the right spot.?
  84. help! Dog's teeth are HORRIBLE wont get along with another dog =[?
  85. My Dog Can't Pee!?
  86. Help.. My dog is almost house broken but she has accidents.?
  87. Can i stop MY reactions to dog?? - is it dog allergy?
  88. is chocolate really poisonous for dogs?
  89. im moving and i cant take my akita with me. he's a good dog and i just want to...
  90. What to do with a crazy dog?
  91. Why is my dog suddenly showing aggresion towards other dogs?
  92. is it possible for dogs to shrink in size?
  93. Has Mad Dog Multimedia gone out of business?
  94. When is my puppy ready for dog food?
  95. Vaccine prices for a dog in Durham area?
  96. help me get a dog!?
  97. My dog is horribly afraid of people, how can I help him?
  98. is it true that a man walking his dog in New York?
  99. How do I catch a sword fish on THE DOG island on wii?
  100. What kind of dog should I get?
  101. dogs?????????
  102. Does anyone know the song about a dog who meets his master at a train /
  103. I was told awhile back to mix water and vinegar together, in dogs drinking
  104. disstressed dog please help?
  105. my schnau-poo,4 yrs female,plays well with other dogs at the 'farm'day...
  106. is my dog mean?
  107. where can i find a multi player website that includes wolves or dogs?
  108. Do i switch dog food?
  109. Is it safe to eat dogs and other "domestic" animals?
  110. how do you teach a 9 year old dog to sit?
  111. getting a dog need help?
  112. How can I teach my rescue dog to play?
  113. Is my 2 year old dogs attachment temporary or permanent to my moms female dog in...
  114. What is needed for a dog to enter USA from another country?
  115. One of my friends is looking for a dog, some help please!?
  116. Do you know what type of dog is in this picture?(picture is included)?
  117. Is this dog awesome or what?
  118. what is the craziest thing you have done to your dog?
  119. i think my dog broke his leg??
  120. Got a dog from the shelter...?
  121. Is there a video on youtube of Peirs Morgan getting bitten by Sharon Ozbourns Dog?
  122. Can you train a 9 year old dog?
  123. How do I persuade my parents to get me a daschund? (weiner dog.)?
  124. Is the phrase, "Son of a 'female dog'" sexist?
  125. Is your dog afraid of thunder storms?
  126. How long after a dog is in season should you wait to have her spayed?
  127. Can i put neosporin on my dogs neuturing incision?
  128. how long are dogs(bitches) usually pregnant for?
  129. If I'm buying a puppy (12 weeks old) do I need to buy a puppy cage or is it ok
  130. 1st time dog shower?(obedience trial)?
  131. my dog is starting to go in small dark places he used to ingnor what dose this mean?
  132. Should I find a new home for my dog???
  133. What kind of dog would be ideal for me?
  134. Is it normal for a 3 week old dog to breath hard while sleeping ?
  135. Need ideas to train my Chocolate Lab: she has fear aggression towards other dogs.?
  136. Anything about dogs tell me!?
  137. How to train a dog to not eat her own fesces?
  138. Can average size guard dogs bring some one as big as Andrew the Giant,Big Show, or...
  139. Who is the current manager at Birmingham Dogs Home?
  140. Where can I buy a dog in CA, except online and adopt?
  141. My dog threw up?
  142. Do they have u kicked my dog on ITunes...?
  143. Is there a way that i can train my dog to stop barking?
  144. How many dogs does it take to tell you that their is something wrong with the dog?
  145. why is my dog whimpering???
  146. Is my dog too young to housetrain?
  147. How do you keep a dog out of the garbage can?
  148. How long does a dog spot/bleed after having puppies?
  149. Which gender of dog bark more?
  150. Is the smartest dog in the world more intelligent than a human being of below...
  151. what are the best hot dogs?
  152. is duane dog chapman , the bounty hunter jewish?
  153. So there's two dogs sitting on a hill side.....?
  154. My son has autism. How can I help him so he won't be so scared of dogs?
  155. my dog is throwing up white foam and popping blood why is that?
  156. Petco Pals a good insurance for dogs?
  157. How do you stop a dog from immitating their owners disease of Multilple Sclerosis?
  158. What's the safest way to travel with a giant breed dog?
  159. why doesnt my dog like me?
  160. dog walking tips ?
  161. Is death more likely for a small dog from being put under and getting teeth pulled?
  162. If purebred dogs are inbred... are they still purebred??
  163. Which dog should I get?
  164. What types of hypoallergenic dogs are really GOOD with kids and other dogs??
  165. So my dog got into a bag of white chocolate macadamia cookies...?
  166. My dog makes A LOT of accidents?
  167. Polls/surveys. Dont it make ya mad when your hot dog aint long enough for the bun?
  168. When in the house my puppy gets too exited and plays WAY too rough with my...
  169. Dog thinking outside time is playtime?
  170. Are there any drugs or medical help for psychotic dogs?
  171. What do you think a good breed of dog would be for a horse farm?
  172. Dog coat pattern linked to health problems...?
  173. my dog ate half a chocolate cake, what should i do?
  174. Did you know that dogs and cats cannot get their full vitamin and health intake on
  175. Why did the US soldier toss the poor dog off the cliff?
  176. Can dogs get human viruses?
  177. Why do dogs eat cat poo?
  178. how do you train a dog to listen?
  179. How do you train a dog to ring a bell when she has to pee?
  180. How do I stop my 17lb dog from playing so rough with my 9lb dog?
  181. what is a good small dog 2 get?
  182. Any tips on potty training a dog?
  183. My dog ate fireworks?
  184. I need to know about these dogs and which one I should get?
  185. Why do dogs get locked up when they are doing the nasty?
  186. PLEASE HELP how do you get a dog to lose weight?!?
  187. If anyone has a soft coated wheaten terrier does it get aggresive with other dogs?
  188. Could dentistry science be enhanced by studying dog teeth compared to humans?
  189. Revenge idea's for constnt barking dogs all day everyday for 4 years?
  190. How would Dog Tags look with this shirt?
  191. Does my dog have a sore throat?
  192. some dog question, agree or disagree?
  193. How do you find the gold and silver dog statues on the dog island wii? I...
  194. how do you make a puppy stop attacking other dogs?
  195. My dog has a bump right next to her butthole what is it?
  196. Why do dogs get locked up when?
  197. can anyone help me with my dog?
  198. Curious Incident Of the Dog In The Nighttime?
  199. In the removal of Dew Claws especially on large breed dogs, Can the banding meathod
  200. How do I stop my dog leaving her mess in the house?
  201. what are commercial food dog brands. also is raw egg good for dogs?
  202. How can i stop my dog from barking when I shut the door?
  203. Do you ever wonder just how smart your Dog is?
  204. dog trouble?
  205. How can my dog lose 10 pounds?
  206. my dog is fixed...why is he doing this?
  207. My dog just out of no where started licking her paw and then using her teeth...
  208. Any tips on potty training a dog?
  209. Is my dog pregnant or is it a false pregnancy?
  210. I just brought home my new dog yesterday and I when I left for work today...
  211. Can my dogs dew claws be removed?
  212. How small are micro-mini dogs?
  213. Why is a 'hot dog' not a 'hot pig'?
  214. What home remedy can I use to rinse my dogs eye out?
  215. dog has scabs the size of a pencil eraser on the bottom of the tail, keeps...
  216. my dad says this year on my birthday well go to the pound and get a dog iam a little
  217. How much does an average 30 lb. dog (Brittany) eat?
  218. Benefits of neutering/spaying and the bad parts (dogs)?
  219. I have some questions about designer dogs...?
  220. How would I get my dog registered to be a service dog to go to retirement homes...
  221. My dog is going to be away from me for 7 months...:-(?
  222. Dog humping my leg?
  223. I need a good song for a tribute video I'm making for the death of my beloved dog.
  224. Could a deaf dog ?
  225. Im scared for my dog!?
  226. male dog who continues to want to mate after being neutered at age 8 months?
  227. What other shots does my dog really need???
  228. How can i make my dogs be the stars?
  229. My dog smellsss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  230. My dog. Help?
  231. My dog barks too much at night. I don't know what to do anymore.?
  232. How do i get my dogs to quit peeing on my new couch?
  233. Dog's hair falling out!?
  234. Dogs afraid of wasp spray?
  235. How can you tell if a dog is in heat?
  236. Isn't it degrading to teach a dog to "shake"?
  237. nest doors dog keeps using my garden for a toilet?
  238. my dogs needs ur help. i have a little pomer/mini poodle & shes around 4 years old.
  239. werid question on dog registration....?
  240. 2 male dogs or a male and a female?
  241. I just adopted a white german shepherd dog.?
  242. why is my dogs poop white? no change in his dite , he's to small to get
  243. can i shave my dog?
  244. Stray dog with puppies. any help?
  245. Dog GAME...?
  246. Name of Dog?
  247. Hartz Control One Spot Dog Flea Treatment?
  248. What motivates you to share your knowledge in the dog section?
  249. What would you do if you had lived next door to two barking dogs for 4years?
  250. my dog doesnt know how to eat from a kong?