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  1. What kind of dog is the cutest to have?
  2. I peed on my dog!?
  3. whats a good name for a new born male dog?
  4. Is the mustard off the hot dog?
  5. do dogs have spleens?
  6. do u guys know if dogs are allowed at lake cachuma??
  7. Restless Leg Syndrome For Dogs?
  8. What to do with a dog who is an affection addict?
  9. Ill tempered anti-social dog?
  10. (anyone who lives in CT or close by please)My family owns a dog and we want to get
  11. My dog dosnt want to eat what can I do?
  12. My dog has large lumps in his penis?
  13. Dog has skin problem with hair loss?
  14. I would like to know if anyone knowes if an electric fenc for horses can
  15. what do i do if a dog is hurt in my backyard?
  16. What kind of shampoo do you use for your dog?
  17. when my dog will give birth?
  18. Friends calling me a loser cause I'm happy about my dog :(?
  19. I just moved into my neighborhood and ALL of my neighbors have loud dogs!?
  20. Help! My dog (who is spayed) has a bad, swollen rash on & around her nipple!?
  21. Dog or Cat?
  22. old dog with bloody diarrhea?
  23. Is there a liquid vitimin for dogs that could be put in their water?
  24. can a dog have a fever ??? how do i check?
  25. adopted dog from shelter..please help?
  26. what to feed, dog diet?
  27. It's going to be really hot tomorrow (over 95 degrees) and I have to leave
  28. dog vomited hair ball. is it normal?
  29. its my dog sick?
  30. How can I train my dog to tell me when she needs to go out?
  31. Gasoline spilled on dog what can i do to make sure she doesnt get sick?
  32. Neighbors from He**. Dog Barks all the time, 4 year old screams all the...
  33. How many different colored vests are there for service dogs and what do the colors
  34. will my dog die?
  35. When will my recently spayed female dog's hormones calm down?
  36. My brother by accident step on my dogs leg and now the dog is walking with
  37. What happens when a just neutered male dog is mating an unneutered female dog?
  38. tiny dogs!?!?!?
  39. help wit the breed of my dogs?
  40. Whats your favorite breed of dog?
  41. my dog ate an m&m?
  42. What breed of dog is this?
  43. Terrible kisses ! I can't get my dog to stay out of the cat box for a tasty treet?
  44. What mix is my dog?
  45. what kind of dog do i have?
  46. My dog i just got (pics Included)?
  47. what kind of dog for a 13 year old girl?
  48. My dog hurt her leg?? How can you tell if its broke?
  49. Is My dog ckc registered?
  50. Why is my dog not eating? Just spayed yesterday and it was also her first day...
  51. my dog is coughing very badly what can i do?
  52. What can I do for my neighbor who just lost her beloved dog yesterday?
  53. can somebody help me with my dogs meds.?
  54. what is a cute little dog that is easy to house break and is nice.?
  55. I think my dog has symptoms of heart worms. But i wanna know why hes coughing up
  56. Why Do They Make Hot Dogs In Packs Of 10?
  57. is mother dog ill;?
  58. I have a 7 month old male shih tzu and recently adopted a 7 month old female
  59. My dog peed on my PS3 and now it won't work what can I do?
  60. I'm trying to teach my dog to dance?
  61. Dog had a sudden seizure I believe! Help!?
  62. Who is financially responsible for dog mauling puppy in own yard.?
  63. Question for Professional Dog Groomers.?
  64. If a dog is 3 months & up for adoption & has all shots does that mean it still
  65. What do you think of my dogs (pic) ?
  66. Is "Purina One-Adult Dog-Healthy Weight Formula" a good choice of dog food?
  67. Getting A New Dog. But Already Have One.?
  68. my dog barks at everything!?
  69. Dog trainer in Orange County CA?
  70. my dog wont eat, drink to much, we took him to the vet and they said he has...
  71. What paperwork do I need to take my dog back across the Mexican border?
  72. Where is a safe envoroment for me to get rid of my dog?
  73. What type of dog did i get pics included?
  74. what is the legal dog limint in springfiled missouri?
  75. Dog Breed help!?
  76. My dog has a lump right behind her shoulder, almost on it. It doesn't...
  77. Dog barks when meeting other dogs for first few minutes, suggestions?
  78. My Dog Has epilepsy and now is paralyzed?
  79. What should I feed my dog?
  80. Can a person still look sexy holding a bag full of their dogs droppings?
  81. Crochet pattern for a larger dog bed?
  82. WHAT would you do if your well trained guard dog allowed your home to be robbed?
  83. What kind of dog should we get?
  84. my dog is hungry...how much chocolate should i give him??
  85. My dogs nose is dry, and crack. Why?
  86. Please help my dog Betty is scratching herself raw and red?
  87. My dog's private parts are pink!?
  88. Will mouthwash hurt a dog??
  89. What are signs telling how long your dog has been pregnant?
  90. STANKY DOG!!! PLEASE HELP!!! My chihuahua mix get dirty super fast!!?
  91. Can you tell me the name and author of a story about a dwarf and a little dog that
  92. Dogs Suited For Apartment Life?
  93. Can I withhold rent legally if landlord will not fix the problem with...
  94. How do you get a 4 year old male neutered dog to stop peeing in the house?
  95. Giving a dog Benadryl for itching?
  96. Whats a good dog to have?
  97. Is it safe to sprinkle baking soda over the ground to neutralize odors, and is it...
  98. What is wrong w/ my dog and why?
  99. In metal gear solid 2 sons of liberty how do I get 30 dog tags in the tanker...
  100. Can a dog overcome a 'bad owner' if the owner does therapy and changes?
  101. Isit rong 4 my dog 2 av sex wid my kat?
  102. how do i know when my dog has finished labour,we dont know how many pups
  103. Can you tell me about my dogs ears thier is also video?
  104. Mr. White - Gamertag Ideas (reservoir dogs)?
  105. what is the best breed of dog that's characteristics are; friendly,...
  106. license for dogs?
  107. My little dog is going number 1 on my bed! Help!?
  108. What would you name this dog?
  109. I have a nine month old german shepherd. he will not shop chewing up his dog bed?
  110. what are some unusual but cute dog names?
  111. My dog is in heat and is crying in pian what do i do?
  112. What qualifies a dog breed to be in a Kennel Club?
  113. Do female dogs have sexual feelings after being spayed?
  114. question about buying/adopting a new puppy or dog?
  115. Dog May Be Mean?
  116. What do I need to consider before I get a dog??
  117. do you know this breed of dog?!?
  118. what is a dog that doesnt shed?
  119. What paperwork do I need to bring my dog back across th Mexico/Texas border?
  120. When can I expect my dog to have puppies?
  121. Why did Al Gore say "Even our cats and dogs have learned elections matter?"?
  122. Dogs are most time man best friend, but are mans dog best friend? or whut?
  123. My dog has red bumps on the bottom of her tail?
  124. What do you think is the prettiest breed of dog? The smartest? The cutest? The...
  125. What kind of dog do you think this is *PICS** Hes a cutie!?
  126. Help! I think I'm in love with my dog?
  127. What type of dog did i get(pics included)?
  128. What kind of dog did i get (pics included)?
  129. How can I stop my dog Buster from trying to "bury" bones and toys in the carpet,
  130. Rescue dog help?
  131. My Dog is Sick. Can You Help Me?
  132. Why do people hate on Dog Whisperer?
  133. Which dog scared me? Big scary black dog breeds?
  134. can a police officer run a drug sniffing dog around your car without a search
  135. Dog Modeling Rate Card??
  136. are bitches (girl dogs) suppost to hump?
  137. Does a dog fit in with our lifestyle?
  138. in pet smart i saw the people training others people dogs and when they...
  139. my dog got shaved, how can i grow it back quick?
  140. I have a friend(contact) that thinks my dog is the coolest...does that make him...?
  141. why was my answer removed in the dog section?
  142. i have a dog that i just have to get rid of... what do i do?
  143. PLEASE HELP... dog basket nightmare?
  144. Is it just my computer, or are the new dog questions not rolling in?
  145. Do Australian Shepard's (Aussie) shed alot and are they good dogs to have around?
  146. What is wrong with the dogs?
  147. How to deal with chavs when walking dog?
  148. Is it ok to wash my dog in my Herbal Esscence shampoo?
  149. How much will mange treatment for my dog cost?
  150. Older neutered male dog getting along with male unneutered puppy.?
  151. What are you actually allergic to when your allergic to cats and dogs?
  152. I have had enough with this barking dog?
  153. Is generic heartgard safe for my dog?
  154. Today I saved a baby rabbit from a dog. The bunny has went into shock we...
  155. If I offered you 100,000 or an extra year's life for your dog?
  156. Should I suggest putting my dog to sleep?
  157. what r some getting ready thing i need for pups *tips* (dog pregnancy)?
  158. story question dog?
  159. doc said to give my dog?
  160. My dog won't eat and seems rather sick?
  161. question about dogs?
  162. i love my dogs too much. What should I do?
  163. where is a good dog place??
  164. Do you love your dog enough for.......?
  165. i hav a problem with my dog?
  166. Does your dog get scared when getting groomed?
  167. I found a dog...?
  168. Today I saved a baby rabbit from a dog. The bunny has went into shock we...
  169. is oatmeal alright to give my dog to help her lose weight?
  170. What should I name my dog?
  171. How do I know if my dog has a tumor?
  172. My dog freaks out when i put her on a leash. She screams and flops like a fish,
  173. My dog had woms and now is far too skinny?
  174. weiner dogs?
  175. I got a dog today?
  176. im starting a dog walking buisness do u have any sugestions!!?
  177. if you put a dog to sleep?
  178. Why are so many people convinced that pitpulls are bad dogs?
  179. question about adopting/buying a new dog or puppy?
  180. What kindof dog is this please tell me!?
  181. Whats wrong with my dog? He's acting really strange :[?
  182. help WITH MY DOG...SHE IS?
  183. What happen if dog bark all day?
  184. So my dog had his anal glands removed...?
  185. i need a name for my boxer dog?
  186. My dog has lumps...Please help?
  187. What type of dog is Mr. Needles?
  188. Attention Kansas Dog 4hers & parents:Do you think it is fair? Everyone
  189. i think my dog is sick....help?
  190. My dog lost his mind. For the past week my dog has been chewing,...
  191. What kind of dog should i get?
  192. What is a good dog for the beach?
  193. How much will it cost to take 2 dogs from S. Korea to Canada? What is the procedure?
  194. How Do I Cope With Selling My Dog?
  195. Teach my dog...?
  196. What is the best AFFORDABLE dog food?
  197. What to do about my dog's allergies?
  198. my dog she is a boxer?
  199. Should I get a companion for my surviving dog since her brother died?
  200. Can dogs still have sex affter there fixed?
  201. Reporting Barking mad dogs?
  202. What to do if dog swallows piece of plastic?
  203. Can I give my dog Bendryl for her itchy red eyes?
  204. ticks on dog?
  205. How can help my dog from getting the purinia virus ??
  206. quick fun poll of stars,dogs,toilets yup its awesome?
  207. Should I use a training collar for my family dog?
  208. Too hot for this dog?
  209. how can i convince my mom to get a dog?
  210. My dog is vomiting white foam!?
  211. Dog ate half a chocolate cake...?
  212. My Dog tears up everything.?
  213. Dog going stir crazy at night?
  214. Costs of getting a Dog?
  215. Dog Clothes?
  216. What websites do you read and look at for dogs?
  217. Kennel vs. Dog Sitter?
  218. what is the name of that dog game...?
  219. Can I put my puppy with other dogs?
  220. question about parvo and stray dog?
  221. lets see how much knowledge you have about dogs..?
  222. My dog was at the vet yesterday. The pads on his paws are warn off. Any
  223. The pads of my dogs feet are yellow and cracking?
  224. What dog books do you recommend?
  225. If you were a dog what type would you be and what would you do?
  226. If you have ever rescued a dog from a shelter or pound...?
  227. My dog is breathing weird?
  228. I cant even pet my dog anymore w/out him growling and warning me he will bite.
  229. Yorkshire terrier dog?
  230. My dog....?
  231. What is your opinion on Flying your dogs?
  232. Since Everyone else is shaving their dogs..?
  233. Should I shave my dog?
  234. Rolling Dog Carrier for Metro?
  235. My little girl dog is having trouble understanding what going outside is?
  236. how do you teach a dog recall ???
  237. My dog n chicken bones?
  238. How do you train a dog to speak?
  239. has anyone ever used this dog training collar for their dog? how thick is a...
  240. I know, I know... another dog diet question. But it's important!?
  241. How do you keep your dog from chewing on a tree?
  242. I guess I didn't make it clear, we have a jack russell terrier/poodle
  243. What can I give to a pregnant female dog to stop the itchy skin?
  244. what should i say to my parent to get me a dog?
  245. Big dogs or Small dogs?
  246. I want to put my dog down!?
  247. my dog she is a boxer?
  248. My huskie dog is 63 days today?
  249. Where can i get my name translated to a dog name?
  250. Would it be a good idea to sharpen my dog's toenails?