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  1. Need help please! Easy 10 points!!! Dog help needed!?
  2. insulin for dogs?
  3. is it safe for dogs to eat apple cores?
  4. My dog has these black bags under his eyes (pic)?
  5. Dog ajility South Florida????
  6. My dog still wees when left by himself - HELP as he's now 7 mths old and...
  7. Irresponsible cat owners!! Folk complain about dogs owners letting their
  8. What kind of dog is this?!?
  9. How to stop my dog from eating my cat's food?
  10. whats a good name for a dog?
  11. how do you know when a female dog is going to start its period?
  12. Lump under dogs skin?
  13. Is it possible to teach a dog, whose toys are whose?
  14. Cesar Millan From The TV Show Dog Whisperer?
  15. Where any of the Pit Bull type dogs ever bred SPECIFICALLY for dog fighting or
  16. What was your favorite all-time dog? Why?
  17. How do I keep my dog from biting his new cast?
  18. Anyone's dog have a birthday soon?
  19. Do you feel sad when giving a dog away?
  20. How do I know if my dogs have worms?
  21. Can anyone help me with potty training my dog?
  22. After being gone, found a tick on my Dog and it engorged! Help!?
  23. both my dogs have red spots on their bellies and under their armpits.?
  24. Dog problem?
  25. UK only: my new neighbour's dog barks non stop each time we are out in
  26. My dog Bruiser, help?
  27. constipation after surgery in dogs?
  28. Found my neigbor's dog?
  29. Why does everyone think having an outdoor dog means its ignored and abused?
  30. Help! My dog attacked another dog.?
  31. Dog Trouble?
  32. Rescue dog won't urinate in yard?
  33. How to introduce a new dog to my boyfriends dog?
  34. why does my dog keep pottying in his kennel?
  35. how much time can mom dog spend away from her puppies by weeks?
  36. I never take my dog to the vet because we live in the country and we don't
  37. What breed of dog is this?
  38. My dog has gas!!?
  39. dog diets?
  40. Is this a good name for my dog?
  41. What color should I dye my dog next? hehe?
  42. Abcesses in castrated dogs?
  43. i want a dog...?
  44. Is there a good way to stop a dog fight?
  45. My dog has rabies and I dont know what to do?
  46. My dog rebelling?
  47. is it okay for dogs to growl while playing with each other?
  48. Has your dog ever played hooky from Obedience School?
  49. My dog has lymphoma (cancer) and stomach . Without treatments he will die.?
  50. Dog breed ban... your opinion? EASY 10 POINTS!!?
  51. my dog just had puppies?
  52. i have a newborn pup that the mother is rejecting the mother is a chihuahua size dog?
  53. Is it ok to let my dog jump on me when I arrive home from work?
  54. Ever own a breed of dog and then think "Never again!"?
  55. Any vetinarians or dog experts out there?
  56. why is chocolate not advisable for any breed of dogs?
  57. Hi I am looking for a low shed quiet friendly breed of dog?
  58. Do dog ticks run fast when not on any kind of skin?
  59. Rash or bites on dog?
  60. How do blind people pick up their guide dogs poo?
  61. What kinda dog is she?
  62. What could my dog had died from?
  63. good names for a dog....?
  64. should a dog have side by side fangs on the bottom jaw?
  65. Best Breed of Dog Friend for a Yorkie?
  66. Does anyone know what breed or mix dog this is?
  67. How do you get a dog to listen to you?
  68. Dog Kennels in South of England? HELP!?
  69. Dog - I need advice?
  70. Making a fleece coat/jumper for my dog?
  71. Why is it just the mailman dogs hate?
  72. my dog has just eaten space putty?
  73. why isnt my female dog going poop?
  74. Have you seen the little joke dog poo bags which have ?
  75. How to make a fleece coat for my dog?
  76. I have a girl dog I am going to mate with my boy dog. How long until I have puppies
  77. What breed is my dog?
  78. please buy rescue dogs!!!!! here's why?
  79. why does our dog do this?
  80. my dog sees spirits in our manssion?
  81. our dog sucks at walking, please help!!??!!?
  82. When did you last "blame it on the dog" ?
  83. How long does morning sickness last for dogs?
  84. Three dogs are sitting in the waiting room of a vets office.?
  85. Dog's nose turning brown?
  86. yerf dog go-cart leaking gas fromair filter?
  87. my dog has a tick disease PLEASE HELP?
  88. how can I get our dogs to stop peeing on the carpet?
  89. How do you groom/shave a dog?
  90. what is the difference between adopting a dog and buying a dog?
  91. Which hybrid dog do you think is friendlier? Cockapoo or maltipoo?
  92. My friend has a dog that has OCD, what meds can be given to a dog with this
  93. Has anyone heard of the black dog of death??
  94. how do you get your dog to eat his dog eat?
  95. What kind of dog should I get???
  96. My new Dog(pics included)?
  97. Feeding Your dog? Do you leave your dog food out all day or take it away after
  98. Can a clean person have a dog?
  99. Puppy/Dog Food Question?
  100. my dog!??!?
  101. On the subject of 'Designer Dogs' is a Collie X Alsation known as an Alco Pup?!?
  102. Does anybody think that Gordon Ramsey is morphing into a sha pei dog.?
  103. My dog's vet told me today that she's pregnant but she's a show dog and i
  104. What kind of dog should i get?
  105. Why does my dog always stare at me?
  106. What are things you would say to your dog but not your girlfriend....?
  107. Did you ever bring stay dogs home as a kid & want to keep them, my Mother just
  108. where can i buy good quality dog food?
  109. my pregnant dog has a discharge , milk, and has been panting for four
  110. My Dog (my baby) Penny died today... how to deal with the pain??
  111. When you play tug of war with a dog, are you supposed to let them win?
  112. is my dog expecting pups?
  113. Do they only train puppies to be service dogs or can I train my older dog to help...
  114. Attention Dog and Pit Bull lovers I just found this out,,, can you say communist????
  115. You know something? what happens when the word Dog spelt backwards?
  116. big or little dogs?
  117. i think my dogs legs broke please help?
  118. What is the best and safest treatment for dog incontinence?
  119. Is this a sign of dog abuse??
  120. I have a question for dog groomers?
  121. What are some good German Shephard dog names for a puppy?
  122. Dogs bark at EVERYTHING!?
  123. My dogs both have a lumpy rash mostly on their faces and chest what could it be from?
  124. dog with severe separation anxiety.?
  125. What is the legal age to breed dogs?
  126. does anyone know whats wrong with my dog???
  127. Is it poisonous or dangerous for a dog to have eaten styrafoam?
  128. can bathing a small dog daily contribute to it's weakening immune system...
  129. I Need Help Training My Dog! Fast! Urgent!?
  130. Large breed food=bigger dog?
  131. Can a dog have mothering instincts?
  132. Dog Playing After Neuter?
  133. What can happen if you put dog sperm inside a human female ?
  134. how do i get my dog to stop sheding?
  135. help to stop my dog barking all the time?
  136. What breed of dog is this?
  137. My dog ate two almond will she be ok?
  138. Why does my dog keep licking her p.u.s.s.y?
  139. what will be the result if you put dog sperm in a fijian human female?
  140. Can you get frontline plus for dogs at stores just not vets??
  141. Does anyone know how to get a grant to obtain a Service or Assistance Dog.?
  142. My dogs' leashes tripped someone on a city sidewalk by accident, am I Liable!?
  143. How do I train my dog not to 'nip'?
  144. I am going to give my 6 months old dog to someone . And i am bloody sad...damn i...
  145. My dogs are acting really strange. What is wrong?
  146. How Do You Get Rid of Skunk Smell on Dog?
  147. IYO, what is the best dog breed to live well in apartments?
  148. My dog doesn't listen when he chews things and I want him to stop, what do I do?
  149. My foster dog is pregnate, how do i?
  150. dog warming - HELP!?
  151. Less expensive dog nail caps?
  152. I want to know how to get a vest for my therapy dog...?
  153. what kind of dog should i get?
  154. dog wets in house.?
  155. what is dog being treated for when a vet prescribed a fiber supplement and
  156. what kind of dog would be best for me?
  157. two older good dogs and a new baby...?
  158. Breeding or Mating a Dog?
  159. Can music annoy dogs?
  160. Poor dogs :(.?
  161. Dog coat Colours - What causes drastic coat changes???
  163. Do you have pictures of your dogs?
  164. How can I find good dog breeders in my area that show their dogs too?
  165. what are the diffferent ways to stop a dog barking?
  166. How can I make my older dog a therapy dog? I want her to stay living with me but...
  167. Help me choose Dogs!!! im indecisive!?
  168. disobedient dog?
  169. Are there any types of dog tooth paste that aren't beef flavored?
  170. do you have a dog? What breed is he/her?
  171. What do you think of my dogs (picture)?
  172. Neighbor walking dog on easment problem ...?
  173. sick dog ?
  174. Why does my dog dig at furniture?
  175. My puppy got bitten by another vicious dog?
  176. pros and cons of shock collars for dogs??
  177. Dog bakery business????
  178. Is vanilla ice cream safe for dogs?
  179. static dog?
  180. How can I get a big dog and a little dog to get along?
  181. its storming outside and my dog wont stop barking?
  182. Why is my dog acting so out of character?
  183. how much would this dog cost?
  184. How can I help hubby's fear of dogs??
  185. I need some dog training advice. Please help...?
  186. How many tricks does your dog know?
  187. housebreaking regression-can boarding a dog cause him to forget his training?
  188. A friend(contact) of mine, has a dog i think is the coolest.?
  189. where are the big dog lovers ?????
  190. What's the best way to stop a dog fight?
  191. Weight Loss Plan for my Dog!?!?
  192. Is my dog so scared that he is playingg dead?
  193. I found a can of dog food in my room filled with maggots and some fell in my...
  194. my dog as maggots inside of her has any1 heard of somthing like this and
  195. What should I do if my dogs leg got swollen and is now limping?
  196. Can hamsters get fleas from dogs?
  197. I want a psychiatric service dog but don't know if I need one?
  198. Mother dog died and had 5 pups. He didn't want them and ask if I would take...
  199. Which dogs are best for my family? labrador, great dane, doberman,etc...?
  200. best grocery store dog food?
  201. Can anyone tell me the best kind of dog for me?
  202. My dog deosn't like my new cat and he has itchy skin. Did I say he want to kill my
  203. Problem with my boyfriend's mother and dog?
  204. my dogs are overweight?
  205. i want to buy a pet dog ..can any one of u please send me some details like..how...
  206. My dog was just spayed and she has some blood in her stool. What should I do Now?
  207. how many dogs are allowed at state camping sites in VT?
  208. Why does my weiner dog want go on my bed so bad?
  209. Stray dogs & Cats?
  210. My dog's paw back paw/toes..?
  211. My dog is due for puppys any day now. What do I have to do when she gives birth?...
  212. Sudden death in dog, blood around its mouth?
  213. POLL: does your dog...?
  214. What's the best method to teach your dog to WAIT before eating?
  215. How do I stop my dog humping my girlfriend?
  216. what does the phrase "like a blind dog without a bone" mean?
  217. My dog humps the crap out of scooby?
  218. Has anyone ever traveled on a train with their dog?
  219. which breed of dog would be good for a first time owner?
  220. A little Scottish girl just asked if my dog was "woofie." What does that mean?
  221. my dog is acting weird ever since we cooked lamb on our stove...is it the smell
  222. How big will my dog get??
  223. Has any one heard of the dog food conspiracy?
  224. when do dogs start humping?
  225. My friend's Dachshund was just Attacked vigerously by another dog,
  226. Red bump near dog genitals?
  227. yerf dog go-cart leaking gas from air filter?
  228. which was the first year when man started keeping dog as pet?
  229. A German Shep. Dog Right For Me?
  230. Are there service dogs to help people with parkinson's?
  231. Are Mulberries poisonous to dogs ????
  232. What can the Body Corporate do if we have two dogs instead of one?
  233. can you get dog urine out of unfinished wood floors and the stains it created in
  234. I want to get a psychiatric service dog but do I need one?
  235. My dog had 2 seizures, could mushrooms cause this?
  236. Can my therapy dog go in to public stores with me? I would use this to help her
  237. is there really a human dog?
  238. My dog has worn spots of fur on his joints, will it grow back?
  239. dog help!!!!?
  240. My dog will not stand up because her leg is hurting?
  241. Do dogs cry?
  242. housebreaking regression in 2 year old dog..help!?
  243. My dog has a small hard bump, please answer?
  244. I'm at my wits end, spoiled dog, how to get her to eat?
  245. how do u get a dog to stop humping?
  246. Sick Dog - vomitting drooling right eye closing?
  247. weird dog behavior?
  248. I just noticed my dog got ticks today. She has gotten them before.?
  249. my dog silly started hacking while hard barking.?
  250. What breed of dog do you think he is?