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  1. What dog breed is this?
  2. what kind of dog is this??
  3. Help! My dog just spazzed out!!?
  4. Have you ever owned a dog bold enough...?
  5. my dog has aggression my mom wants to get rid of him helppp what can i do ??
  6. Curious about dogs.?
  7. Elderly Dog with bony lump on one side of his head......?
  8. A couple months ago my dog ate a dead bird, over the last few months she has...
  9. my dog still wont eat?
  10. hey! its morgan and i am a dog walker?
  11. Parents and dogs?
  12. My friend kicked a dog?
  13. are your dogs registerd with dog lovers registartion club uk?
  14. What would you name this dog..?
  15. When is giving your dog raw hides too many?
  16. homeless dog....??
  17. what kind of dog was the dog in Get Smart 2008?
  18. Wet dog food sparks and smokes??
  19. in the state of Texas is it legal to tattoo dogs for identification from home?
  20. Do you think my dog is sick?
  21. what are some of the best, most fun dog toys you & your dog love?
  22. Is this normal worry about a dog?
  23. Dog urine!?
  24. What breed is my dog.???
  25. how long should i keep my dogs apart wile she is in season?
  26. My wife have split up,but she wants to see the dog. Should I let her?
  27. My dog has a runny, swollen, and tender eye. Why? Help vets and dog gurus!?
  28. What Toy Breed of dog would you recommend for us?
  29. Poorly dog?
  30. My dog has a very strange ritual that I need to ask if anyone knows the
  31. I just got my dog spayed today and now my other two dogs are acting like
  32. How Are Hot Dogs Made? Is This Youtube Video Correct?
  33. How do i get the dog smell out of my carpet?
  34. tylenol/ advil for a small dog?
  35. What are some dogs that dont shed and are good around kids. I already have a...
  36. Labrador or German shepherd dog?? who needs more excercise......?
  37. why do goth chicks wear dog collars?
  38. What kind of dog is this?
  39. Does Taylor Swift have a dog ?
  40. which dog is more dangerous rottweiler or neopolitan mastiff?
  41. Do maltese full grown dogs grow to be big? Does anyone know for sure?
  42. Dog chewed up wire and got hurt?
  43. Acetaminophen in dogs?
  44. Dog Help!?
  45. When should a dog go to the vet?
  46. What do you do with your dog's poo?
  47. Do you think my mongrel dog could manage running the country better than
  48. How do you socialize a TOTALLY anti-social dog???
  49. Dicipline for my Dog?
  50. Yesterday I had to give up my dogs... if you live in san diego read?
  51. How long does it take a shaved dog's hair to grow back?
  52. dog mange please help!!!?
  53. If I spray "OFF! Insect Repellent" in a room, will it effect my dog?
  54. prejudism against...dogs?
  55. Is my dog going into labor?
  56. Has any ones dog become sick from eating Purina's Beneful weight control food?
  57. who has a dog?
  58. What kind of dog should I get?
  59. What dog name do you think is better..?
  60. My dog ate MIRACLE grow.. HELP!?
  61. My Shih Tzu dog was sick from eating pork 5 days ago. I took her to the vet...
  62. Could my dog have bloat or is it just constipation?
  63. My dog is vomiting, help?
  65. Should i report the rescue orgianziton that i rescued my dog from?
  66. What is the best dog shampoo?
  67. my dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy, anyone have any experience with this?
  68. my dog has just had pups but because she was like 2week under 1 wen she...
  69. How To Stop My Dog From Weeing?!?
  70. Yesterday I had to give up my dogs... if you live in san diego read?
  71. I'm getting ready to move to a new home, and I need to work on my barking dog.?
  72. Persudae my mum to let me have a dog?
  73. There is something wrong with my dogs penis. Please help.?
  74. Eukanuba vs Natural Choice Dog Food?
  75. Annual Booster Shots for Dogs?
  76. How can i help my best friend convince her dad into getting a dog?
  77. Discharge from the neck of my dog?
  78. I paid the vet to keep my dog for a week. they have kennels and lots of other...
  79. Why would my older dog only pee every other day?
  80. How quick can a dog learn its name?
  81. What is the best way to get my mom to get me a dog 4 my birthday?
  82. My dog is vicious towards other animals - how do I stop her from
  83. ABOUT MY DOG !!!!PEE INDOOR! and...?
  84. My cat is very upset about the new dog, just pooped in his own FOOD! How do I...
  85. My dog got electrocuted and his head is really warm?
  86. Debarked dog sound file online???
  87. What do I do? There's a random dog in my garden.?
  88. How do i stop my dog from destroying stuff while we are out?
  89. should i stop my puppy biting my other dog?
  90. QUestion about the Dogs Section??
  91. What kind of dog(s) do you have???
  92. Has anyone ever given their dog an antihistamine, like Benadryl, for allergies?
  93. OMG!!my dog has worms..?
  94. Can rats have cat or dog food as a treat?
  95. Did you know dogs think humans are annoying?
  96. why does my dog keep shaking? Not shivering, but shaking her whole body
  97. Neighbor letting dog relieve itself in other's yards?
  98. Hi guys! Can any one name a movie in which a dog plays a villain btw a gf and
  99. Can you hurt your dog by pushing on her butt to get her to sit down?
  100. What kind of dog breed has "SHAWN" or some variation/spelling of it in the breed?
  101. How can I get my new dog not to chase after people/cars? Help!?
  102. Dog sickness... how is he trying to tell me where the pain is?
  103. my dog has distemper..whats is the likely outcome of her getting better?
  104. how do i stop my dog from biting?
  105. frontline plus on nursing dog?
  106. my dog, who is normally a TOTAL love and a gentle spirit, snapped at me today. why?
  107. what are the positives and negatives of dog fighting?
  108. DOG BITE LaWS in illinois?
  109. the groomer says my dog is too aggressive?
  110. Does your dogs lip get stuck on their teeth from cotton mouth too?
  111. Help with Nancy Drew- Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake?
  112. My dog that just had puppies is starting to lose fur (not shedding) I am really
  113. You know how some small dogs tuck their butts under and just run like crazy?
  114. I need to find a male dog stud to breed with my girl dog.?
  115. Dog question?
  116. what kind of dog is Cesar Milan holding on the cover of his book?
  117. I have been dog sitting the past few days and I have noticed something
  118. What do u feed your dog?
  119. can someone help me figure out what kind of dog mine is?? i posted pics with it...?
  120. my dog's ears look funny .. is this normal??????
  121. drooling dog?
  122. My poor dog is terrified of thunder how can I help her?
  123. Chewing gum + dogs?
  124. Is anyone giving away their dog?
  125. Is it normal for a dog to have cold in their eyes?
  126. Does anyone know about Hill's Prescription diet r/d dog food?
  127. my dogs just had pups thinking of getting the pedigree forms online are they
  128. what breed of dog is this?
  129. things to leave with dog at the boarding kennel?
  130. Whats a cool dog thats stays small, like around 15 inches or less????
  131. Dog is constantly scary - close; is something wrong?
  132. dog food stopping staining?
  133. URGENT DOG help !?
  134. Is there something I can do to stop my dog from chewing on my cable cord?
  135. How can I make dog food at home?
  136. Dog walking. Please Help If you can = ]?
  137. (MUSLIMS ONLY) why cent muslims keep dogs as pets?
  138. What conditions or illnesses should I be concerned about regarding my dog?
  139. My friends' dog needs to pee!? Please help him pee!?
  140. How do we keep the yard nice with a dog!?
  141. I just got a one year old dog 2 weeks ago, chihuahua-jack russell mix, is there any
  142. Mother dog acting strange toward pup...need help/advice/sumn?
  143. my dog is starting to be crazy.?
  144. Has my dog got rabies?
  145. I have a female cat that is about a year and a half. Every one of my other cats and
  146. Smell Like Dogs?
  147. Do you love your dog?
  148. Dog's eye swollen.. bug bite?
  149. Spoiled dog, need help?
  150. My dog and his bananas...?
  151. I decided to get a dog, and I just found out that I might be pregnant.?
  152. Dog food good for my 3 dogs?
  153. So, my dog just had puppies. . .?
  154. My dog has a concussion and brain swelling.....?
  155. toilet train, get smelly easily, DOGS BOOK FOR YORKSHIRE TERRIER - find it at where?
  156. how much u think my dog will way?
  157. What specific breed of dog is the smallest when full grown??
  158. Rabies and the dog?
  159. Dog behavior problems, please help!?
  160. my dog is teething (i think??)...........?
  161. how to avoid being bitten by a stray dog?
  162. Is Dog the Bounty Hunter coming back on T.V.?
  163. HAHAHA! rocker dogs!?
  164. my little cousins are allergic to our dogs. they get rashes, but they...
  165. Can anyone possibly have the time to take care of 8 dogs?
  166. Dog jumped wall and back end went - trapped nerves?
  167. white dogs?
  168. What Companion Dog??
  169. If one of your dogs...???
  170. why is my dog scared of his food bowl???
  171. My pug dog might have eaten a 'feminine product'?
  172. Hi. i live in the uk and i love dog the bounty hunter and nows there...
  173. how to get a dog to stop barking?
  174. where can i buy dog accessories in Canoga Park, CA?
  175. My dog was throwing up and seems to have broken out in hives? Is this...
  176. HELP! What do I do about my dogs stitches!?
  177. Dog ate whole chicken bones and all?
  178. Dog lethargic 4 days after being spayed.?
  179. my dogs nail fell off?
  180. after a dog gets neutered do they still get their period?
  181. If you were to get a dog, would you get it from a shelter?
  182. how do i stop my dog from barking in the middle of the night?
  183. can i giv my dog human meds?
  184. I kind of want to get my dog's name tattooed on me, is that wierd?
  185. Did you buy a book about your breed of dog before you brought it home?
  186. how long does it take for stitches to desolve on a dog? he got neutered. : (?
  187. Is there a lamer answer to dog questions then "omg take your dog to the vet"?
  188. Do you think Luv2no loves her dogs to much?
  189. I was thinking about shaving my dog...?
  190. abused dog?
  191. How do you call a dog with no legs?
  192. What's it like to own a dog?
  193. Dog HELP!! Please?
  194. What's wrong with my dog?? =(?
  195. My dog just ate chocolate?
  196. Please help me figure out what kind of dog I have...They said she was an American
  197. the bugs flying around my dog are...?
  198. Is Phosphorus and Ignatia Iamara safe for dogs?
  199. Alpha Dog movie?
  200. just received mixed breed dog. Black lab and ? .white worms in stool , no leash
  201. how much should i feed my dog a day?
  202. How expensive is it to own a dog???
  203. Would a bichon frise be a good dog for someone who has allergies?
  204. Funny dog slogans?
  205. can a labador and a wiener dog have puppies?
  206. Dogs skin allergies and dry skin?
  207. Hi guys! Can any one name a movie in which a dog plays a villain btw a gf...
  208. my dog just threw up and now he's shaking his head back and forth acting really...
  209. How do I get my dog to be less aggressive towards puppies?
  210. What do you consider to be punishment when it comes to training with your dog?
  211. Maxx My Poor Dog?
  212. how to stop a dog from itching?
  213. my dog had an ear infection and its cleared up but she is still having stuff...
  214. Prey Drive Among Individual Dogs...?
  215. New dog, dominance issues (she's a rescue...)?
  216. My dog has recently developed dark spots on his "Dingy" area. What do you think it
  217. washing dogs?
  218. Dog grooming question!!! help! plz,plz answer!!!!!?
  219. how to force your parents to get a dog?
  220. Is This A Good Name For A Dog??
  221. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time?
  222. i want a pet but i cant get a dog,cat,hamster?
  223. i have had my dog put down... but i need to now....?
  224. How did you cope with the loss of your dog?
  225. My dog eats socks?
  226. Any suggestions for a dog name?
  227. Dog Kennels For about 3 days?
  228. What are ALL the tricks or commands that your dogs knows?
  229. My dog attacked my child.?
  230. My dog is showing aggressive behavior and play towards me- how do I stop this?
  231. dog bite help.........?
  232. does anyone know this breed of dog ?? pic included?
  233. why does my dog howl??
  234. what could be wrong with my dog?
  235. Dog Breeds???
  236. Why does a dog wear head protector?
  237. My Dog Is 12, and I cannot decide if I should put him to sleep.?
  238. What does a dogs fur coat do for it when it comes to the heat of summers hot
  239. How can I gorget my dog?
  240. Why does my dog Pee all the time!?
  241. my dog wants to get in the pool but he cant get in.?
  242. Why is my dog throwing up every day?
  243. How do I stop my dog from peeing in the house??
  244. What is your favorite breed of dog?
  245. male dog HELP!?
  246. Aggresive dog over food?
  247. i need a dog!?
  248. I just saw the lady next door throw her dog's dump into the yard across the street?
  249. We recently remodelded a room but let it go the dogs got in and got the
  250. What number Is alot of dogs to you?