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  1. Can you get a ticket if you run over a dog?
  2. dog eats at 3am?
  3. How do you get your dog to play tug o war?
  4. My dog wont drink?
  5. My dog....?
  6. Embolism in Dogs? Any experience?
  7. Is fear a side effect of Phenobarbital in dogs?
  8. I wanted to find out what you paid to have your dog get a root canal. I
  9. When I got kind of curious and tried on one of my girlfriends dresses & some of her
  10. My dog wont stop drooling!!?
  11. What would you do if the police took your dog and you couldn't get her back?
  12. While I was asleep my dog licked my penis.?
  13. need help dog got loose?
  14. What kind of dog would be best for me?
  15. boxer dog stuff?
  16. What are the breeds of the Hogan's dogs?
  17. what kind of dog to go with a beagle?
  18. Is there a way i can get my dog to stop panting so much?
  19. Senior Dog food recommendation!?
  20. how to disipline my dogs so can get them together?
  21. At what age can a male dog get a female pregnate?
  22. Is Nuheart (or other generic heart worm preventatives) as good as Heartgard for dogs?
  23. my dog eat rotten grass, what do i do, should i be worryed?
  24. dog off the lead training?
  25. Leaving dog at Kennel on Emergency Trip but..?
  26. my 25 pound dog at about half of a 1.6 oz dark chocholate bar ..?
  27. Why is my pug so aggresive towards other dogs that wont stand up to her?
  28. Nice cpl but with unruly kids&dog. Their dog scratched our wood floor.How do we...
  29. I'm Thinking about getting a new dog but it has to be in the toy grope what
  30. Dogs Nails?
  31. Help with dog ears?
  32. when do you start feeding a dog adult food?
  33. How can I get my dog more socialized?
  34. How can I help my dogs get along with the new member of the pack?
  35. How long do animal shelters keep dogs until they are uthenized?
  36. I think my dog is preagnate?
  37. In sims 2 which breeds of dog and cats should have also benn in the game?
  38. dog in heat.?
  39. Dog throws up some times after car ride?
  40. What to do with a rescued dog? Shelters won't help me?
  41. Should I have a dog in a Kennel?
  42. My new dog?
  43. how long do dog take to reach their full size?
  44. Do the beaches in Mississippi allow dogs?
  45. What is involved in showing a dog? What are the different types of competitions?
  46. girl friend cheated..should we sell the dog?
  47. Why is it when female dogs are in heat their "female part" get big?
  48. Im thinking about getting a dog dont know what breed to get?
  49. Well its true that any dog can be a family dog but a Doberman Pincher is a bad...
  50. My dog ate rat posion. Are there any lasting complications?
  51. My dog has a split on his ear that keeps breaking when he shakes his...
  52. I need help controlling my Dog!?
  53. Dogs and peeing in the house?
  54. Dog breeds......?
  55. i am trying to figure out who sings that club song from 2002 lyrics are she loves...
  56. Is it ok to use saline eye solution to clean a dog's ears?
  57. viniger in dogs water??
  58. i Have hair clippers to shave dogs and give the a summer hair cut. But
  59. anybody knows if there´s a slow version of "hound dog" of Elvis?
  60. are lhasa apso dogs trainable??
  61. How do I convince my parents to get me a dog?
  62. Is my dog sensing labor?
  63. stinky dog?
  64. Where restaurant serves corn dogs?
  65. My Dog Won't Drink anything?
  66. my dog may have an infection in her tail. does anyone know about viral
  67. Dog growling at cats. is this bad?
  68. what will my dogs puppies look like?
  69. Havanese Dogs?
  70. My dog somehow dug up a nest of baby rabbits. One of them is fine and has its eyes...
  71. my dog swallowed a balloon?
  72. my nieghbor just grabed my dog and killed it with a knife what should i do?
  73. what are dogs that are intelligent, loyal, large in size and best for guarding
  74. why am i addicted to eating hot dog buns?
  75. What's the danger of sleeping with your dog after it's just put flea
  76. Nasal Fungal Infections in Dogs?
  77. DoG OuT OF CoNtRoL?
  78. Bitten by a dog--owner is unsure if he's had his rabies shots?
  79. my dog has a little hole next 2 his butthole.could it have been a rash at 1st?
  80. Can I use dog clippers on my short haired german shepard?
  81. Dog walker in NYC?
  82. Dog licked my penis?
  83. I want to start a dog sled team, are there any courses I can take to properly learn
  84. whats herberts dogs name on family guy?
  85. Dog Food Q's ??
  86. Small Dogs?!?
  87. Your suggestion of the best dog?
  88. How Do I Know If My Dog Has A Cyst?
  89. I want to walk 2 miles everyday , but there are free dogs in my neighborhood.?
  90. why does my dog keep on pooping under the table?
  91. coping with future dogs death?
  92. What can help my dog's breath?
  93. is it normal for dogs not to eat after being dewormed?
  94. what type of dog should I get?
  95. What kind of dog is this?
  96. Help! Our dog freaks out when it storms!?
  97. what kind of dog???
  98. My pit bull dog is 10 months is it to soon to mate her?
  99. Does anyone know the breed of the dog "trixie" in the Homeward bound II movie?
  100. Need help with trimming our dogs nails any suggestions?
  101. where do i stick up dog walking posters?
  102. can dogs be gay?
  103. I got lyme disease from my neighbors dog because of a tick bite!?
  104. My dog is a mess...?
  105. dog who hates walks?
  106. How do i cheer up my dog?
  107. my dead-beat, diabetic, blind dog is old?
  108. What can I do to prevent my Dog from getting snake bite:?
  109. is there a way to ship a dog?
  110. When bitten by a dog...?
  111. In the movie "Fresh" why did the character Fresh hang and then shoot Rosco the...
  112. Whats UP WITH MY DOG!!?
  113. is it ok to brush your dogs teeth with toothpaste??
  114. my dog has been lethargic, with a lack of appettite, and unable to immediately get
  115. what kind of dog??? (pictures)?
  116. dog won't eat is this approach harmful?
  117. HELP! My dog can't drink his water??
  118. How do you teach your dog to jump on Nitendogs?
  119. What type of dog is this?
  120. is it bad to feed my dog..?
  121. World's Ugliest Dog?
  122. What's a good dog that stays small && doesn't shed alot??
  123. how do you get your dog to stop barking cause it wants to play catch, when you...
  124. geting a dog soon its a shitzo n i want to know. will it be hard to trane
  125. What dog food do you recommend for a young Lhasa Apso???
  126. My dog tends to get exhausted each time when come back from the groomer. Does...
  127. I have a full bred rescue dog w/no microchip. Can I get a DNA test to prove his
  128. Which Dog Should I Get?
  129. can dog eat the same food that humans eat or can he only eat commerical dog food?
  130. my dogs wont stop peeing in the house i need help!!!?
  131. What dog names mean powerful?
  132. my dog is amazing just read this?
  133. I get migraines. Does that mean im allergic to my dog?
  134. I am looking for a dog, please help?
  135. how do i get my dog to stop barking when he's left in the kennel?
  136. Does my dog have a broken rib? Why is there a squishy lump on my dog's side?
  137. What kind of dog is smart enough not to get tangled in a chain?
  138. Six month old dog fertile?
  139. Guess what type of dog?
  140. Has anyone's dog had warts or a skin tumor?
  141. how many times can i walk my dog a week to keep to lose weight?
  142. What type of dog breeds should I cross?
  143. why does my 3 year old dog lick my left hand madly?
  144. what makes you ear perk up like a dog?
  146. my dogs old broken toe is inflamed and looks infected?
  147. Pain pills for dogs?
  148. Can you tell me what kind of dog I have? (Pics)?
  149. What kind of dog does Denise Richards have? I know that she has a lot but...
  150. Transforming a garage into a dog friendly room?
  151. what do you think of this dog - PICS?
  152. help me write a song or pome about my dog?
  153. If you were a dog...?
  154. Where can I camp with my dog in Northern NJ, southern NY state?
  155. whats the best type of dog?
  156. Dog names?
  157. My dog keeps scratching her eyes, what should i do?
  158. helpp with my dog?
  159. my dog's right eye was dialated, unable to stand, and cant his mouth....
  160. how can i get my dog to put weight on?
  161. dog has yellow looking jalapino eggs comming out of his poop.?
  162. My Dog is biting herself raw and bloody. I can't afford a vet...?
  163. how do i ask my dad for a dog?
  164. Front line dog spray ?
  165. how do i stop my dog..............?PLZ HELP!?
  166. In legend of zelda 64 Ocarina of time, what do you do about the dogs at night?
  167. Pregnant dog peed inside and it smells like rotten shrimp and her blankets
  168. Does any one else spell out words so your dog doesn't understand what you
  170. I need a small dog!?
  171. Whats better a dogs hearing or sense of smell?
  172. Is Chauncy a god name for a dog?
  173. my dog does not really want to nurse her pups?
  174. 2-3 snakes, 2 grown dogs, 1 cat and an iguana living in small space together....
  175. Dogs flaky skin?
  176. Any ideas on reducing dry flaky skin in dogs?
  177. Why is my 1 year old dog panting and pacing so much?
  178. Does anyone know the dog Archimedes from Orvieto in Italy?
  179. A good dog breed for the family who is gone 10 hours/5 days a week?
  180. How long should I take my dog for a walk?
  181. Has a strange dog ever made you have chills?
  182. dogs? im just wondering!?
  183. What is your favorite dog breed?
  184. what if my dog eats my mcdoanlds meal?
  185. I feel like a monster for thinking about giving up my dog!!! help....?
  186. staffie dogs?
  187. how can i get my dog 2 bark or scare away intruders because he seriously...
  188. What's wrong with my dog?
  189. How do get a dog who is scared of human contact to become more comfortable?
  190. Where can I purchase Canidea dog food that doesn't also sell puppies?
  191. My dog bit my 4year old son While I was at work, Question, my son was aggressive
  192. best product to calm a dog down, without medication?
  193. My dog has a big barkin proble. HELP if you can!!?
  194. Can every adoption center or dog shelter you find be safe to buy a dog from?
  195. cat won't stop peeing on dog pillow?
  196. rescue dogs? what to look out for please?
  197. how could i keep my dog from barking?
  198. how to train my hunting dog?
  199. Dog with broken pelvis won't eat or go to the bathroom.?
  200. I have a problem with an obsessed humping dog!!?
  202. Do dogs have 4 legs?
  203. how can i ask my dad for a dog please help?
  204. How old does a dog have to be to breed?
  205. How does one stop a dog from tugging / pulling on the leash durring walks?
  206. My partner has 5 cats and 2 dogs .... and spends about $5,000 a year in pet...
  207. would a pit bull. doverman .rottwiler. or wolf hybrid make a good compaion...
  208. how often do you feed your dog?
  209. how can i get rid of fleas?? i had a dog for about a month and i got rid of...
  210. Is it normal for a dogs first heat to be a heavy bleeding time even in the
  211. If I were a blind person with a guide dog, how will the dog respond if I am attacked?
  212. Does it make you made when someone says "oh it is just a dog, you can just get a...
  213. Is it ok to keep my dog in a cage for hours during the day?
  214. What is this bump on my dog's head?
  215. my dog has really bad diarrhea, to where hes losing control in the house and hes
  216. dog licking the floor?
  217. any certain food i can give my dog to insure good milk supply?
  218. Would anyone consider voting for a dog in 2008?
  219. need help pplz with dogs?
  220. Is anything wrong with being a dog breeder?
  221. if a female dog is 66 days and her temp has went normal to 99.o then up to 100.8.?
  222. i need some good dog names for a small dog, black, gray, and white, 12...
  223. New kitty, jealouse dog! Help please!?
  224. our dog has short hair and my child wants to give him a bath?
  225. i have a pregnant dog i just found out my friend s dog who stayed here in our...
  226. wasp may have bit my dogs paw?
  227. I took my dog to the vet this morning to get a pitocin shot and calcium shot. but...
  228. How much more will my dog grow?
  229. How young is too young for a puppy to be alone with an older dog?
  230. my dog has an enlarged prostate?
  231. Pet owners, preferably dogs, help please!?
  232. PPA for dog bladder problems... help!?
  233. owners of Samoyed dogs?
  234. Can any-one tell me what mixed breed dog this is?
  235. Do my dogs have an anxiety disorder?
  236. my dog might be pregant, im scared because shes still just a puppie!?!?
  237. How do you "unteach" a word to your Macaw Parrot? He keeps calling the name of
  238. have just come back from church to find my dog has been sick all over lounge not
  239. What type of dog is this??
  240. Help we need a name for our dog!!!!?
  241. dog question?
  242. Is there a breed of dog that is smaller than a chihuahua?
  243. Has anybody ever tried the dog shampoo........?
  244. why my dog stares at me too much when i'm on computer, using internet?
  245. Scabs inside dogs ears?
  246. Why does my Grandparent's dogs keep on fighting?
  247. My Dog Is Jealous Of My Other Puppy!!!?
  248. my dog gave pups on feb 27th?
  249. Will my dog mourn the loss of his best friend?
  250. What is the best grass seed mix to use for replacing brown spots on lawn