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  1. what breed of dog do i have?
  2. can my 4 month old puppy get my 10 year old dog pregant?
  3. dogs peeing inside?
  4. How can I get my dog to swim in my pool?
  5. sick dog- any help?
  6. what kind of dog likes to be held?
  7. Does your dog think it's human?
  8. when do dogs usually get their first period?
  9. I need help with a stray dog who had puppies and they all died.?
  10. Does my dog have a cataract??
  11. really wierd dog problem?
  12. my dog always growls at night...?
  13. Does my dog Bella have dementia?
  14. dogs nose swelling?
  15. To dog experts.....?
  16. Why does my dog hate going for a walk ?
  17. Can some one please help me identify what breed this dog is>?
  18. can cats get feline distremper if they live with a dog with parvo?
  19. What kind of shampoo should i bathe my dog with?
  20. Current sayings with the word dog in it?
  21. Why do pretty girls always fall for the thugs/dogs?
  22. what would be a good friend for my dog? help me!!!!?
  23. Do you need permit/insurance/etc. for dog walking job?
  24. What can happen to a dog if he eats fish food pellets?
  25. Michael Vick > Dogs?
  26. What type of dog is this?
  27. what type of dog?
  28. can i give my dog pedialyte if she is vomiting and has diarrhea?
  29. Female Dog is still bleeding, is it normal?
  30. DOG HeLP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  31. do i have to give money back for sick dog?
  32. Why does my dog smell weird all of a sudden?
  33. Lost dog question!!?
  34. How old does a male dog have to be to make puppies?
  35. my dog is 15 years old is blind and deaf she has kumps all over that she...
  36. Is there a kind of dog thats really small and looks like a husky?
  37. What kind of dog should i get?
  38. My dog died at the vet when asleep for surgery..is it rare?
  39. My dog has not been on heartworm medication for a while because of some...
  40. My Dog????
  41. If a dog bites but doesn't draw blood how likely is it to bite again?
  42. do u like pitbulls or boxer dogs??????
  43. Getting dogs to go toilet in one area?!?
  44. What is the best food for rottweiler puppies or dogs in general?
  45. How to mellow out a dog?
  46. What's something adorable your dog does?
  47. My Dog came home with a note tied on his collar?
  48. Chocolate treats for dogs?
  49. My dog will not eat this food... Any other good foods?
  50. Cutest dog breed??
  51. dog issues with barking/pacing during storms?
  52. Do dogs get jealous?
  53. Why is my dog suddenly so crazy?
  54. Usually at night my dog will go outside and all of a sudden she will hop
  55. What picture book has airships and a boy and his dog, as well as a ridiculous war?
  56. how much does it cost to neuter a dog in the Philippines? Do you know any clinics
  57. What dog should i get in Nintendogs Best Friend edition.?
  58. animal control shot my dog with a tazzor gun bill for vet is 500.00 who is
  59. what should i write?- Dog Tag.?
  60. What is a good breed of dog for me...?
  61. What is the breed of dog in this video?
  62. I have tried different collars a harness and I still can not get my dog
  63. Melatonin for dogs - does anyone use it?
  64. Is my dog still eligible to be shown?
  65. how can i get my dog to get comfortoble while camping in a camper with us.?
  66. good name for a baby dog (girl)?
  67. Where does my dog go?
  68. large dog growth question?
  69. What kind of dog is best for me?
  70. Id like to start my own dog walking business!!! Any tips hints tricks of the
  71. How to get my dog to crap in the right places?
  72. Do you Have to Show ID to a Sherrif when Asked? This Cop Threatend to
  73. I want a chinchilla but I have 2 dogs in my house?
  74. What are some cute cuddly girllie dogs?
  75. Do you think my dogs names are good??
  76. Do dogs have dreams?
  77. does anyone know of any stores where i can get my dog clothing(not petedge)?
  78. my dad would rather get me a new car than a dog but my family is dying for one
  79. My dog had been draggin her back leg on my bed specially since 3 months...
  80. Where can I buy a small trailer for my dog to pull?
  81. omg. my dog ate 3 rat pellets!!! and she weights about 3 lbs she is a shih tzu!?
  82. Is my dog just tired or is something actually wrong?
  83. In Dawn of the Dead (2007), why didn't the zombies attack the dog?
  84. There's a black, spherical object just below my dog's tail. It is not a
  85. My boyfriend's african roommate is afraid of my dog.. what can I do??
  86. How do I deal with losing my dog?
  87. dog treats and kongs.?
  88. I switched food and my dogs are eating like pigglets now.. Normal?
  89. My dog randomly puts her tail between her legs and scratches into the carpet....
  90. I lost the instructions to my i dog. Does anyone know how to use one?
  91. my akita dog shakes his head violently when eating. why?
  92. Lethargic drooly dog with Liver Shunt?
  93. My dog has hurt his back leg, but i cant feel anything wrong. What should i do?
  94. my dog keeps trying to cover bitch but she is not in season why?
  95. Best dog for price..?
  96. Does your dog hug you?
  97. My dog has had lyme disease for a while...?
  98. Finding a dog bed.?
  99. Where can I a find a trustful place where to see and buy a puppy dog?
  100. How do I train a dog not to do his business in the house. Read additional details?
  101. i work with kindergarteners and we have to make an animal that looks like a DOG...
  102. how often to you bathe dogs in hot weather?
  103. Mother dog keeps trying to move puppies???
  104. what is the best way of potty training a dog?
  105. bad dog breath?
  106. dog agility first time?
  107. Hey everyone i need help with a dog!?
  108. What kind of dog do you think this is?
  109. how can i stop my dog from barking at thunder?
  110. Does anything actually reduce a dogs shedding?
  111. Where can you buy bulk dog treats, toys & chews online?
  112. Bump on dogs head?
  113. What's Going On With My Dog?!? Help!?
  114. How old should dog be when it's time to be put down?
  115. dogs sleep outside or inside of a house?
  116. my dog hates me?
  117. Changing dog food, what to do?
  118. can you wash a nursing dog?
  119. what would be the perfect dog?
  120. Petsmart dog bathers?
  121. dogs crossing borders?
  122. What is the best dog food brand for my Toy Poodle?
  123. super easy 10 points!! what are the little mini hot dogs that come in cans called?
  124. Can a dog breed with its own puppy ?
  125. If your dog attacked someone or another animal or even YOURSELF?
  126. How to get over the death of my dogs?
  127. I believe my dog may be pregnant but I'm not sure...?
  128. Is there a reliable website to order custom dog tags (for dogs)?
  129. Serious Should I change my dog's name to Iron Girl?
  130. A good dog for a Jack Russell?
  131. my dog has never stared at me before and now tonight he is for minutes and...
  132. What is a toy dog that doesn't shed a lot?
  133. Help with finding a dog?
  134. How do I stop my new kitten nursing on my dog??
  135. What's the better dog between a French Bulldog, Wheaten Terrier, or a Labradoodle?
  136. If you had to eat a dog?
  137. When I'm trying to give my dog a treat, she just snaps it up. Is there any way to...
  138. how can i get a dog from an animal shelter?
  139. My dog has grown a tumor, and is now unable to control bowel movements..?
  140. lumps on a dogs stomach?
  141. How long does a dog stay in heat?
  142. My dog freaks out when he sees my cat?
  143. Siz bir köpek ?rk?ndan olsayd?n?z ?
  144. where in the muntinlupa-alabang area in the philippines can i go to for dog...
  145. Worried about leaving dog home alone for 4 hours for first time?
  146. I am trying to find the answer to stop my dogs from peeing in the house...
  147. Why is my dogs afraid of my new puppy?
  148. what type of dog should i get?
  149. my dog is sick and I need some advice?
  150. how can i get my dog to walk next to me without a leash?
  151. help me choose the right dog, please?
  152. How can I stop my dog toiletting in her crate?
  153. My Dog Goes Crazy When she sees another dog, WHY??
  154. What would you make with a watermelon, a dog leash, a can of hair spray & a...
  155. My Dog Can't Go Up Stairs?
  156. Dog problems.....?
  157. Any BROWN Cheeky Dog Owners!! An exclusive item in exchange for 2 Berried...
  158. Where can I get a dog with a accent......... ?
  159. When a dog is a diabetic?
  160. dogs outside?
  161. Why do people buy dogs from pet stores?
  162. Has anyone had success calming a scared dog during a thunderstorm?
  163. What is it a man stands up to do, a woman sits down to do, and a dog holds out
  164. DoG!!!!!!!!!!?????????
  165. I have four dogs and only two of them sometimes beahves! Help me!!!?
  166. yea i just wanted to know how u can tell when your dog is going to give birth
  167. Is it possible to train dogs not to run away?
  168. my dog ate a bottle of sillica stuff?
  169. What does it mean for dogs to get their anal glands expressed?
  170. isn't dog/cat food just human food mashed together?
  171. My dog is throwing up...because...?
  172. My dog has thyroid disease?
  173. My wifes dog allowed at her best friend wedding but not our 16 month old son?
  174. My dog is panting alot and won't stay put?
  175. What is the best thing to do with my old dog?
  176. You've scared my dog away?
  177. How could I introduce dog weight pulls into my community there is not any...
  178. 1980's sitcom with a doctor who had a dog?
  179. emo dog! help!?
  180. My dog is having trouble pooping and keeps crying! help!?
  181. Why do people think there's something magic about dog shampoo?
  182. I once bought a dog in a pet shop for 800 dollars do you think that was too much?
  183. Does it sound like I should give this dog back?
  184. How do you explain a dog's pregnancy?
  185. What happens if you wash your dog every day?
  186. What is the likelyhood that my adult dogs will contract parvo virus after...
  187. Dog Aggression?
  188. I need quick help about this horrible dog stench!?
  189. i think my dog had a small stroke or seizure what causes them?
  190. My daughter put nail polish on oour dogs head, how can it safetly be removed?
  191. Helppp!! What happened to my dog?
  192. Dog is scared of all other dogs?
  193. My dog is really bloated and is having trouble breathing. He has also been
  194. what kind of dog?????
  195. any ideas of song to go with a slide-show of dogs?
  197. wanting to breed your dog?
  198. rottweiller/american bull dog tips any?
  199. How do I make my spaz of a dog keep his collar on?
  200. How to get my dog to stop humping my puppy???
  201. I've noticed some "dog experts" in here this morning...?
  202. good dog breeders in connecticut?
  203. Dog breed quiz sites?
  204. my dog has all the signs of parvo and is sick , tell what foods it should...
  205. Sould i get a big dog "doberman pincher"?
  206. 18yr old dog with puppy?
  207. Does Anyone Know What Breed of Dog This Is?
  208. Off-leash dog parks - are they good or bad?
  209. dogs nails?
  210. What breed/s of dog do you have?
  211. i think my dog is choking on something?
  212. my dog is sleeping alot?
  213. who has a pappion dog?
  214. Dog Trouble Standing and walking?
  215. Why do dogs roll around in stinky things?
  216. Why dog likes to lick him self.?
  217. what is the smartest thing your pit bull / dog has done?
  218. What are the symptoms for dogs who were exposed to the contaminated dog food.?
  219. Dog marking in house?
  220. help! problems with my dogs!?
  221. Guess what type of dog?
  222. Could this possibly be the world's coolest dog?
  223. dog has sore on his sack looks like rotting?
  224. Would you adopt this dog - PICS?
  225. Can my dog besome pregnant if she does not have a swollen vulva?
  226. What breed of dog is this?
  227. What are the websites that i can feed or take care of my pet dog?
  228. Highest energy dog breed?
  229. castrating dog, still capable?
  230. Do dogs always get stuck/tie during intercourse?
  231. i have an injured qauil that my dog got hold of. there is about four
  232. How to tell if my dog is an american pittbull or an american Staffordshire Terrier
  233. list of trees that don't grow larger then 20ft tall that r safe for dogs to b round.
  234. Dogs or cats?
  235. will neutering a dog help lessen the accidents in the house?
  236. My dog is 13 years old and suffers from arthoritus and is incontent, she stuggles to
  237. My dog has stained fur from her tears?
  238. My dog sometimes runs away from me when i try to play with him!!?
  239. my dog has started bringing her faeces into the house! why does she do...
  240. my ex found out I named a dog after him?!?!?
  241. Dog aggresive adult Cocker Spaniel?
  242. dogs ate raw spaghetti?
  243. Are Chihuahuas good with other dogs?
  244. i started to give my newfoundland dog home made food only and he has grown...
  245. Can American Bulldogs be trained to be good with other dogs?
  246. Should I change my dog's food??
  247. Information on American Bulldog behavior especially with other dogs.?
  248. i have a dog which is a cross breed and she is just over a year old i will never...
  249. My dogs neck is messed up?
  250. Dog simulation games?