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  1. please help me with my dog's "dirty habits"?
  2. Help! is my dog preggy or just plain fat?
  3. my dog has tumors!!!??? help!!?
  4. Is the blue toilet water dangerous to a dog?
  5. How can I get my dog to eat?
  6. Question about my dog??
  7. Anyone have experience with this brand of dog food?
  8. If you ever got a dog off of petfinder.com...?
  9. RE: when will my dog let us near the puppies?
  10. What breed of dog should i get?
  11. Why does my dog constantly try to sit on my head?
  12. What is the best dog food for a puppy?
  13. Dog harnesses?
  14. Why did Michael Vick go to jail for fighting dogs if people kill other animals...
  15. My dog has a lump on its muzzle. Please help!?
  16. Why is my dog doing this?
  17. Why do we allow dog cookies to be sold unwrapped?
  18. Dog Food Dilemna?
  19. Is this dog really a chi poo?
  20. who left poem for babylong? for her dog that died?
  21. Having a Lab Dog?
  22. Wines to go with Hot Dogs? what would you choice be.?
  23. the dogs name in the Oreo advert?
  24. How you knew you chose the right dog funny stories if possible?
  25. How to keep tinned dog food fresh?
  26. dog has no appetite?
  27. whats the price to pay to the mspca just to buy a dog from the shelter?...
  28. Can I use advantage on my dog even though she may be pregnant?
  29. Is it okay for a dog to eat grass?
  30. why are cats always girls and dogs always boys?
  31. PITBULL DOGS please answer someone...............?
  32. if im trying to lose weight, would a hot dog be fattening for me to eat for lunch??
  33. Male dogs penis is hard but he is neutered?
  34. Does my dog have poison oak?
  35. I'm taking my dog to the woods for the first time. Should I prepare for something?
  36. need recommendations on dog breed for 19 y/o?
  37. that so song thats like im sorry ms jones about her like daughter i
  38. What is a good way to get my dog to stop licking a wound on his hip?
  39. Is Joint-eze Plus hurting my dog?
  40. can cats get mange like dogs?
  41. how do i enter a dog show?
  42. I didn't give my dog his heartgard, should I have him retested before...
  43. Do I have to hit my dog?
  44. what is the different between a dog and a politician!!!?
  45. cost of a dog???
  46. Dog eye problem?
  47. How can I start a dog walking business in London U.K?
  48. Dog biting problem??
  49. can anyone help indentify my mix breed dog?
  50. Moved from cold to warm climate-how long will my dog shed excessively???
  51. My parents won't listen to me about my sick dog?
  52. how old should a puppy be when giving them dog treats?
  53. So now that your 2 favorite dogs are here do you want to say anything?
  54. How do you know if your dog has a bladder infection?
  55. Why could my dog be limping?
  56. story question dog?
  57. do u meow or bark at ur cat and dog?
  58. Why does my dog eat near the vacuum cleaner?
  59. Dog whining after given favorite rawhide?
  60. is it normal for a dogs tounge to hand out of her mouth?
  61. What foods should dogs not eat?
  62. why is my dog scared of thunderstorms?
  63. Can dogs get black eyes?
  64. are there any rights that say if your female dogs breed, you have to give the...
  65. What ype of dog haircut is this ?
  66. Guess my favorite dog breed!! *10 pts. to rite answer*?
  67. sneezing dogs?
  68. Is there a way to teach a male dog to hike his leg up when he pees? My dog was
  69. what is the best way to potty train a dog if both owners work?
  70. Can someone with experience in this help me? My dog has diarrhea and just vomited.?
  71. Dog Treats?
  72. wrong to love my dog?
  73. Why does my dog poo in the house?
  74. Does anyone know how to prevent a dog from digging in my flower beds?
  75. What's the best dog food out there???
  76. It's me or the Dog?
  77. should I get one or two puppies? dogs?
  78. Brother bitten by dog, who is responsible?
  79. Best pet that likes to be held other then a dog or cat.?
  80. i take my dog for walks but he suddenly sits down while walking him. why?
  81. what kind of dog is this(pics)?
  82. Feeding my dog a BARF diet?
  83. Sexual Feelings for my Dog?
  84. Dogs chewing 2x4's?
  85. is it OK for a dog to drink ANY kind of Human Medicine ? He has worms and he
  86. does anyone know where to buy cute dog hoodies and dresses for cheap?
  87. My dog was fixed too young and now we need help?
  88. how do i get a dog on the sims unleashed?
  89. Have you ever lost a dog???
  90. What am i going to do ? I can't afford the emergency vet bill and now the vet...
  91. Do you have any dog recipes for treats or cakes?
  92. Dog ate pills....??!!???
  93. My dog jumped off a 2 story balcony?
  94. are dogs the only things who dont let you down?
  95. What's YOUR dog's name?
  96. Dog gets diahrrea from California Natural. Any suggestions?
  97. dog question. i have 2 dogs. a male dog and a female dog. the female is much...
  98. why does my dog eat poop docter help me tell me please?
  99. Female dog has "bubbles" on her stomach and chest is this common after...
  100. worried about mums dog advice please?
  101. How do you train an adult dog to pee in a certain spot?
  102. if this dog could talk, what do u think he'd say?
  103. What kind of dog should I get?
  104. my dog weein lol?
  105. Does your dog act snobby when they get a hair cut?
  106. how do i teach my four year old american bulldog to play with other dogs?
  107. i just got a puppy and gave him cat food cause i didn't have dog food is it bad
  108. I feel so guilty about putting my dog to sleep.?
  109. I want to quit bribing my dog?
  110. Is it a bad idea to get another dog when I already have one?
  111. how to teach dog to play like a dog?
  112. With two dogs, is it OK to not give them BOTH treats at the same time?
  113. Will any places board your dog without having a kennel cough shot?
  114. What kind Of Dog is Better?
  115. Squishy lump on my dogs back? HELP?
  116. please help with dog training?
  117. my dog wont keep his E colar on....?
  118. Dog Sick? Urgent Question Please Answer!?
  119. I found a dog....?
  120. HELP! My dog has had diahrrea for four days!?
  121. What Mixed Breed of dog is this?
  122. Whats wrong with my dog?
  123. Looking for an alternative food for a sensitive dog?
  124. Putrid, black substance around my dog's mouth!?
  125. Dog owners how much money are you willing to..........?
  126. in nintendo dogs how can i make my dog learn a new trick?
  127. dog still pees in the house?
  128. how do dogs get worms besides eating too much people food?
  129. Help me find this perfect bag....Diana Lane's bag in 'Must Love Dogs'?
  130. what happens if i switch dog foods too fast?
  131. i have a mean dog and was thinking about gettin a nice dog to tame her?
  132. How do I keep my roommates dog from peeing and pooing all over the...
  133. Oh crap. My neighbor's dog just had pups--one day old!?
  134. What breed of dog is this???
  135. My dog just ate an ant trap?
  136. Dogs in the Dream?
  137. My dog is still skinny~! HELP?
  138. what kind of dog???
  139. My grandmother's dog recently died and she wants to know why it happened...?
  140. How much would it cost for A Dog!?!?!?!?
  141. In a room with dog feces for 6 hours.?
  142. guess the dog breeds?
  143. Are dogs ticklish? Can dogs laugh?
  144. what kind of dog is this?
  145. My 10 month old pit bull barks at other dogs is it normal?
  146. Can anyone please tell me what breed of dog the beneful prepared meals dog is?
  147. How can I make my dog gain more weight?
  148. What is your dog(s) name?
  149. Dog breed similar to pug?
  150. what kind of dog is this(pics)?
  151. Dog or Cat?
  152. Vet put my dog on metronidazole&canned food,took stool sample today and it...
  153. Roe deer head butts dog?
  154. I am moving to another state and i am traveling by car with my dog what do i do?
  155. Why is my dog acting strange again?
  156. Do you feed your dog people food?
  157. How and where to Complain about Stray dogs (Hyderabad/Secunderabad)?
  158. can dogs have watermelon?
  159. Will training my dogs together help them get along better?
  160. Do dogs understand drugs?
  161. fleas on dog. HELP?
  162. Can an adult dog whos become blind live a happy life????
  163. My dog is 2yrs old and has not been sleeping the last few nights all we can...
  164. what kind of dog is this?
  165. Pregnant recently adopted dog?
  166. are Tums harful to dogs ?
  167. help, my dog will not eat his food!?
  168. Can I be sued because my dog was in someone's yard?
  169. Our dog bite someone but......?
  170. Outdoor dog help??
  171. vet says my dog has no problem at all, but my dog still behaves strangely when
  173. Is there any dog clothing shops in leicester UK?
  174. How do i convince my mom to get my dog back?
  175. what does dog feeling when I wave steak in face?
  176. What is your favorite kind of dog and why?
  177. Metritis in Dogs?
  178. Does anyone know a good dog kennel?
  179. how old do dogs have to be to be on heat?
  180. consider this problem: a man has three animals on a riverbank: a dog a cat
  181. What kind of dog is this?
  182. My dog had it's period and I don't know what to do? Help!!!?
  183. my dog has lyme disease. she has lost some control in her legs, can anyone tell me
  184. How do i train my dog?
  185. Are Your Dogs......? (EVERY dog owner please answer)?
  186. Recurring Dream About my Deceased Dog?
  187. I named my dog Snickers.....?
  189. My dog isn't feeling what could it be?
  190. Can you teach a dog to work on a lunge line like a horse?
  191. My dog is always scratching his...?
  192. can i give my dog raw meat or candy not chocolate?
  193. My dog was walking and it suddenly sat down. Why?
  194. Boxer Dog or Bull Terrier?
  195. Recently diagnosed with ASD...should I consider getting a dog?
  196. Why is Goofy normal whilst Pluto is a plain dog?
  197. Does anyone have any links to the cartoon "Courage The Cowardly Dog" Rapidshare
  198. why wouldn't a male dog lift his leg to pee?
  199. Do you find this dog ugly?!?
  200. I want to do whats best for my dog but am not sure I am making the right decision?
  201. Sick dog...?
  202. Will my Dog grow thicker?
  203. at what age do dogs stop growing?
  204. If the world had to get rid of either cats or dogs, what would you chose?
  205. Which is the better working dog. A Border Collie or Australian Kelpie?
  206. how do I help my sons little dog? He is so timid! Calling his name makes him...
  207. My dog lab boxer mix squirts pee when excited or when she thinks she is in trouble.?
  208. Funny things your dog does?
  209. My neighbor tipped her lawnmower so that grass and stuff would fly right in my...
  210. What would be reccomended dogs for a first-time owner?
  211. Tax deductions for dog trainers/agility trainers?
  212. Whats wrong with my dog and what can i do to get her better? She appears
  213. My dog has small bald patches acroos her body?
  214. What happens when a small dog eats artificial chocolate ?
  215. What are commercial dog foods?
  216. whats a good OVER THE COUNTER way to treat dermatitis in dogs?
  217. Why didn't the GOP led congress support Clinton's efforts to kill OBL vs accusing...
  218. how do i stop our pup from bullying our 14yr old dog?
  219. My one year old dog can't stop nibbling me?
  220. what do you do if invisible fence collars make your dogs fur fall off and make the...
  221. Can you help me name my new dog?
  222. Dog owners - is there a double standard between "good" dog owners and...
  223. Will a female nursing dog accecpt another dog from a different litter.?
  224. Poll: What era do you want the best in crash bandicoot: naughty dog era or sierra...
  225. why do most vets tell you your dog needs to be under 6 to be spayed?
  226. Do dogs from breeders have litters all year long or mostly in the summer?
  227. being sued for dogs fighting?
  228. what dog breed is best for me?
  229. My dumb dog humped my new baby goat did the goat lose it's virginity?
  230. My dog has a taste for humping the cat. How to break the habit?
  231. do your dogs need yearly vaccinations?
  232. Why won't my dog eat her food?
  233. What's a good dog name?
  234. Alpha dog question?
  235. My dog just had puppies..?
  236. Can someone help me figure out what kind of dog mine is??
  237. How would you go about starting a dog-walking business?
  238. Do you find this "World's Ugliest Dog" contest to be offensive? How do you...
  239. Got a dog poo problem?
  240. My Dog Has A Problem?
  241. Would You Get Rid Of Your Dog/Cat If You Found The Perfect?
  242. Got a new dog, how do I introduce her to a dog park?
  243. my new dog?
  244. Who gets first pick of a dogs litter?
  245. My one-year-old dog won't stop crying at early hours of the morning. How...
  246. Which breed of dogs?!?
  247. Dog Bullie?
  248. how can i gett my dog to stop sleeping with me?
  249. At Petco which breeds do they sell for dogs?
  250. hi i have 4 dogs and want to make a free homepage for them can anyone knows