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  1. she used my dog for untrue profits; do I have a right to be mad and what should I do?
  2. Will my dog make a recovery from pyometra?
  3. Dogs in a relationship, ugh!?
  4. if you're allergic to dogs but really want one anyway, what do you do?
  5. stopping a dog from jumping on the door outside?
  6. My dogs R fighting!!?
  7. Anyone know of any good dog boutique's out there??
  8. My dog is flapping his ears alot and when we rub them he crys because they hert!!?
  9. Is it okay to still miss my dog that past away last march?
  10. Dog biting on it's leg?
  11. Electric Fence for jumping dog?
  12. Dog Question?
  13. I want a Chinchilla and I own 2 dogs.?
  14. Anorexic dog?????????
  15. Help? My dog won't stop biting my son!!?
  16. what kind of dog is the best to have for a watch dog?
  17. I need help about an Hybrid Dog?
  18. Service Dogs and nasty yelling people who are mean to him???
  19. do you know where i can buy quality pet small breed dog ?
  20. my dogs eyes are red and look like they are bleeding for no apparent cause anybody
  21. my dog has serious life threatening problems.?
  22. Dog jumped out of a moving truck, he is scrapped up on his belly area he eats...
  23. my dog is not barking when some one visit my home what?
  24. Am I a bad person for wanting to own a dog if we're out of the house during the day?
  25. My dog is vomiting white foam?
  26. Sisters dog barks/cries in its sleep...?
  27. $ amount for a 50lb dog for 10 days of boarding?
  28. How to convince my parents to get me another dog?
  29. what is speticmia in dogs and how bad is it????????????
  31. Which dog breed is generally nicer?
  32. I think my dog may of ate an uncooked crawdad, will he can sick?
  33. My cat and dog have pencil size bites on them and im unsure what it could be?
  34. dog jumping?
  35. My 3 year old is in the pool and I'm watching my soaps. The dog's out there
  36. Lost Dog? Overland Park Kansas?
  38. Do dogs wag their tails on purpose or is the tail hooked to their brains making
  39. OMG!!! My dog ate Nailpolish!!!?
  40. Why is it when you blow in a dogs face, they get mad?
  41. Anyone else gonna watch the DOG tonight?
  42. How do I convince my mum to get a dog?
  43. I have a 1.5 year old Maltese dog and I need ideas on how to get her to
  44. Dog breed choice help please?
  45. if you blow a dog whistle will it attract lost or stray dogs?
  46. I have a wild baby rabbit, what should I do to keep it alive? It is very
  47. I have an 8 month old Scottish Terrier who is very aggressive to other...
  48. dog supplements?
  49. My dog is 2 years old and has developed a bad smell she has sores or
  50. What is the meaning of "The Dog That Didnt Bark question"?
  51. How fast does dog fur grow?
  52. what could be wrong with my dog she is not eating as much and has lost wight i can
  53. Does doing this make my dogs think I'm psycho?
  54. What's the least expensive BEST dog food.?
  55. Is it normal for my dog to loose weight after preganacy? I not what should I do?
  56. does anyone know a good and inexpensive dog kennel in concord,nc.?
  57. Legal action when a dog is attacked by another what can be done?
  58. Dog won't eat?
  59. I need help shipping a dog?
  60. 6 yr old dog pees in house?
  61. Dog Training???
  62. examples of body language with dogs?
  63. My dog injested a rotten hamburger. Now he wont eat, and throws up the water he
  64. Is there a kind of dog food with fish in it?
  65. what kind of dog should i get?
  66. How do i stop my dog from biting the porch?
  67. Problem with dog training?
  68. Dogs in a relationship, help!?
  69. What's the best way to keep my dog cool when we go walking?
  70. How can I convince my mom to let me get a dog?
  71. How can I calm my dogs down when they hear fireworks going off?
  72. I need to fly my dog from Orlando to Boston. What airline should I go...
  73. Dog became picky eater?
  75. My puppy was killed by another dog. Animal Control did nothing. What can I do?
  76. Other dog competitions besides dog shows?
  77. What's A Small Dog....? *EASY QUESTION!!*?
  78. Signs my dog has to go?
  79. does anyone here think that they use animal actors on the dog whisperer?
  80. Did my dog have an allergic reaction or is a cause from irritation?
  81. Most Feared Dogs!!!! [[Please help]]?
  82. Adopt dog from pound or off someone on the street?
  83. Grandmothers dog has a horrible smell?
  84. my dog has a raw spot on his back?
  85. To the trolls, haters and false reporters in the dogs section...?
  86. I brought home a male puppy and my older dog is turning aggressive towards my...
  87. If my 2 dogs came from the same litter, does that make them twins?
  88. is it ok 2 give a dog milk? we ran out of his food and i know he likes weetabix..
  89. "Dog the Bounty Hunter"?
  90. My little dog has the loudest "bubble guts" this morning...?
  91. My new 4 month old wolf dog won't eat his food, but he did when with his pack....
  92. where can i get a service dog?
  93. Question about Tamaskan dogs?
  94. Is anyone going to watch "The Science Of Dogs" on the National Geographic
  95. In the book, "Of Mice And Men" who shot Candy's dog?
  96. Can dogs go on buses?
  97. Dog with small hair loss and red sores?
  98. Does anyone know what harm could come to my CHIHUAHUA if she is given...
  99. dog food and kibble?
  100. Well behaved dog with bad habit!!?
  101. Shelter Dog Sick?
  102. Getting a new dog, how much beginning supplies?
  103. HELP! I found a dog?
  104. this cute pic of dog(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  105. How can I convince my parents to get a dog?
  106. my dog won't come home from the neighbor's house!?
  107. Can my dog have RARE popcorn/cheetos?
  108. Shelter Dogs?
  109. please help me my dog is extremely sick?
  110. Should i have my Dog near my Baby?
  111. question about my pregnant dog?
  112. can you if your pet dog has irritable bowel syndrome from a form of...
  113. A Fennec Fox & our two dogs?
  114. what dose it mean when a dog panths to much not like the dog is sopost to?
  115. How can I keep my dog 100% safe from dognappers, etc.?
  116. Anyone here knows the name of Regine Velasquez' pet dog?
  117. can I move my dog while she is birthing her pups....she has had two so far?
  118. I have a SALUKI (Desert Dog), and almost everyday she digs my garden?
  119. My dog wont eat dry food, why?
  120. My dog ate a Ham bone, what can I do?
  121. how to get rid of bad dog breath?
  122. My dog has bad Arthritis in her back legs.?
  123. Raw dog food...???
  124. Surrounded by barking dogs, ignorant neighbours don't give a rats...?
  125. OK i dont to make my dog mean but i dont want it to be scared all the time?
  126. One of my dogs sawed right thru my HP laptop power cord..?
  127. I have a problem with my dog.?
  128. Can oral hydrating salts be given to dogs?
  129. regulations for importing 2 dogs into France conflicting info about rabies
  130. my dog is a small female. should i get another small female or male? wich tend to
  131. Help!!! I'm scared of my 10 pound dog!?
  132. small pets that are good with dogs?
  133. It is okay to give a toy dog childrens gravol?
  134. how to get a submissive dog to lay down on command?
  135. I accidently gave my dog her heartworm meds about 6 days early! Is that really bad?
  136. about DOgS?
  137. I just hit my 5 month old dog?
  138. The dog weight question again- For vets, vet techs, and informed people....?
  139. My dog is ill, please help.?
  140. ok so my dogs tail is bleeding?
  141. What breed mix do you think my dog is?
  142. Need help with my moms dog fears!?
  143. could this be a reason for dog aggression?
  144. Dog hurt her leg going to vet friday. anything i can do to help until then?
  145. my dog has fleas!!! i neeeed help?
  146. Where can I find a mobile water bowl for walking my dog?
  147. my dog fell up the stairs and now wen u touch her belly/ribs and hips she
  148. What should i do since my dog's eyes looks like its going to fall out?
  149. wat kind of dogs r these?
  150. I really want my dogs to BREED!?
  151. What is your dog doing at the moment?
  152. Need safe weed and grass killer for dog's yard?
  153. when will my dog let us near her puppies?
  154. I've adopted a dog from a rescue home and need some name ideas please?
  155. Dog Barking : VERY CREEPY?
  156. Do i have to get my dog nudered?
  157. My dog is limping; how can I help?
  158. Will my pet dog be safe in China?
  159. How many people have or know a dog named Teddy?
  160. HELP! What Is a good dog food, treat and toy I can give my newly adopted chihuahua?
  161. Can you get a dog's ears pierced?
  162. Do you think it is fair to keep this dog alive?
  163. Whats a large dog breed that is calm?
  164. My dog just ate half of a chocolatte muffin I NEED HELP NOW!?
  165. dog training in rugby, warwickshire?
  166. How can I make this dog bed?
  167. My dog has a tick!!!???!!!?
  168. FOR MALES/Men/Guys/Dudes/Dogs...etc..ya get the hint-?
  169. I love my dog but I have to give it up if I don't stop smoking.?
  170. What is your dog doing right now?
  171. The best dog for me?
  172. how do you teach a dog domanance?
  173. How strong are great dane dogs?
  174. dog whisker loss.?
  175. Dog hernia operation?????
  176. how do you go through your dogs eye infecton?
  177. eye ulcer on my dog?
  178. What is the process to relocate from Canada to New Zealand with a dog?
  179. Cats wont get along with my dog?
  180. US Marin Soliders>>>>Dogs?
  181. LIver color in dogs is deadly?
  182. I was wondering why my 2 female dogs are fighting really bad lately.The one
  183. Which dogs would you say are the friendliest and very fond of young children?
  184. a good name for a dog?
  185. How to make my dog white again...And dog bath tips plz?
  186. name of childrens book involving dogs that turn to stone and a girl at a hotel??
  187. where can i find a not to pricey vet in nj to crop my dogs ears preferably in north
  188. whats wrong with my dog?
  189. my new dog?
  190. Nancy Drew- Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake HELP!!?
  191. how do you potty train your dog?
  192. can a 10 yr old dog get pergant and can a 4month old get her pregant?
  193. my dog has brown pee!?
  194. my dog had a couple of fake pregnancys and i think she is pregnant again and this
  195. SCRUBS! Dr. Kelso's Dog?
  196. What is needed to get a dog accepted as a therapy animal for a disabled...
  197. Flying advice for our dogs?
  198. My dogs acting weird lately?
  199. How do I calm my dogs seperation anxiety?
  200. What is the best brand of Hot Dogs (store bought)?
  201. Can a mix breed dog enter a dog show?
  202. How much does it cost to have a dog per year?
  203. My dog was sprayed in the eyes by a skunk, she seems to be blinking alot.?
  204. What kind of dog should I get?
  205. Dog name for Notre Dame fan?
  206. Is there a safe, effective, OTC eye wash that I can use on my dog?
  207. I need dog name help for a Labrador?
  208. What dogs are good to run long distance with? 5-10 miles.?
  209. Would a poodle make a good hunting dog.........?
  210. question about my dog!!!?
  211. Help my dogs are fighting!?
  212. best dog breed???
  213. My dog stinks?
  214. dog breeding how old and how soon after going into heat to put her with a male dog?
  215. What do you do if a dog...?
  216. My dog wants to eat a lot. Double the amount of what's suggested on
  217. Has Anyone Rescued A Older Shelter Dog or Dogs???
  218. dog bone question?
  219. What is wrong with my dog's foot?
  220. Is raw dog food %100 safe for your dog?
  221. What kind of dog is this?
  222. To go for number 2, Dogs?
  223. any idea what's wrong/what was wrong with my dog?
  224. Dog vagina problems?
  225. what kind of canned food would you recommend for my dog that is good and inexpensive?
  226. should i give up my dog because i'm cruel to be considering docking her tail as
  227. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?
  228. Can anyone answer a few health-related-questions about my dog?
  229. i m in dead need for a ho-oh celebi the 3 dogs latios jirachi darkrai...
  230. Help my dog is acting very weird!!!!!!!?
  231. Good Dog Name?
  232. What is my dog saying?
  233. I was reading about the so called teacup dogs?
  234. okay my dog need help plz!! thanks?
  235. what do you do if you have a dog that just had puppies and you love the
  236. poisins to dogs??
  237. Can a dog go into heat after it is spade?
  238. What could be causing my dog to have blood/mucus in his stool and occasional
  239. Dog(s) keep peeing on the stairwell...?
  240. How do I get my dog to quit crying in his crate?
  241. Can you put neosporn on a dog?
  242. wats a good dog that follows this chararistics?
  243. My Lhasa Apso keeps terrorizing our smaller dogs; what should I do?
  244. How do I stop fearing dogs?
  245. what should i name my webkinzshaggy dog and collie dog?
  246. My dog justed ..?
  247. Should I let my new dog ?
  248. dog teething?
  249. my dog is terrified of thunder storms. Is there anything I can do to help
  250. Is it a problem for dogs to eat watermelon or cantaloupe?