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  1. I unfortunately need to sell my dog - any credible websites you'd suggest?
  2. my dog stays outside in the yard?
  3. My dog is coughing alot, like he is trying to get something up, what could it be?
  4. when will my dog have pups?
  5. Get Smart dog?
  6. You think Pie-Boy is a good name for my chihuahua dog?
  7. Are dogs allowed in Pets At Home? (UK)?
  8. are there any full body dog suits?
  9. Dog Scratching Carpet?
  10. Does anyone have dog treat recipes that contain blueberries?
  11. yeah, they wouldn't allow the dog joke am I pretty cos I uploaded my dog on here 4...
  12. OMG a stray dog keeps getting in the bbackyard and me and my dad took it in...
  13. how to prepare your dogs for overseas travel... help?
  14. What dog breed would suit me?
  15. My dog shakes her head about ever 30 minutes for about two seconds.?
  16. How much do dog daycare employees make?
  17. Which breed of dogs get along together?
  18. Can I get a pig even if I have dogs?
  19. My dog won't eat, has bad stomach?
  20. Shouldn't there be 2 dogs sections? One for......?
  21. Can you find the dog sticker in the upper left corner?
  22. dog questions!?
  23. my dog keeps humping my leg... what should i do?
  24. Bailey vs. Hailey -- a name for my dog?
  25. What type of dogs don't shed a lot?
  26. im worried about my dog.?
  27. why don't dogs seem to have belly buttons like humans do?
  28. anyone knows what kind of dog breed is this? (pic inside)?
  29. why is my elderly dog now eating everything in sight including her first morning
  30. Dog diarrhea?
  31. Why is my dog scared all the time, and why wont he walk?
  32. What breed or mix would you think this dog is?
  33. My dog had tape worms and the dewormer seemed to work. But now, 2 or 3 days
  34. Crate Training- Dog is barking all night?
  35. Should i get this dog?
  36. My dog is petrified of thunder.?
  37. My neighbor's dogs will not shut up! Should I act like it doesn't bother me or...
  38. i need to get my dog to loose weight!!!?
  39. dogs ears goin bak?
  40. mole on my dogs stomach?
  41. we took my dog to the dog park 2 or 3 weeks ago and we think shes...
  42. should my dog eat yogurt??
  43. Need info on teaching my dog not to pee in her kennel?
  44. My dog smears herself in poo?
  45. What kink of dog is this?
  46. I just got a dog, a 2 year old K-9, how can i get him to trust me and like me.?
  47. Dog abuse question?
  48. Dog Slimming Tablets?
  49. Dog jumping fence?
  50. My dog hates her ears being sprayed with a cleanser. It's VERY hard to keep her
  51. Potty training problem with 3 year old dog?
  52. what breed would you say my dog is?
  53. What hoover/vacuum cleaner is best for washing carpet and sucking dog hair?
  54. Have you ever seen a dog act strange, wierdly sniffing, nose pointing upward. Then
  55. looking for a good dog toy?
  56. Dog vomiting and pooping blood?
  57. Dog Agility Questions? Can anyone answer that is very knowledgeable?
  58. dog breeder help?
  59. Dogs??????????????????
  60. my 1 r. old beagle barks at evrything that even moves outside. especially
  61. Can a guide (seeing eye dog) be in a hospital room when a woman is in labor?
  62. i need help chosing a new dog.?
  63. How big are 8 pound maltese dogs?
  64. ...I Accidentally pulled one of my dog's tooth out (the whole tooth)... Should I
  65. Do cats and dogs feel spirits and ghosts?
  66. My dog has an epiphyseal fracture in her leg...what are treatment options?
  67. Mixed Breeds vrs. Purebred Dogs?
  68. what sort of dog is in the my dog ad?
  69. is there something you can put on the dog while she is in heat?
  70. how 2 convince my dad 2 get me a dog?
  71. Dog Obedience In Va Beach?
  72. What's the best/easiest way to keep a dog's ears clean?
  73. Can fleas kill a dog?
  74. What kind of dog shampoo?
  75. is it ok for my dog to chew on this deer antler i found in my yar?
  76. Do you think dogs ever think their owners are weird?
  77. How to properly house break my dog??
  78. Dog next door is a menace, who is responsible if she bites...again?
  79. Should small people be allowed to have big dogs?
  80. Our perfect dog?
  81. Small Dogs: Which require the least attention?
  82. something is wrong with my dog?
  83. Dogs head tilting, is it serious?
  84. im getting a dog for my birthday and my mom is going to let me pick one but...
  85. My dog is 7 years old and just recently torn her knee ligament. Is it possible...
  86. What does California law say in regards to dogs in the car?
  87. How can I get a very cute bed for my dog in the Sims pet Stories???
  88. Teach my dog fetch,wont work!?
  89. How to train your dog to minimize barking?
  90. halloween costume for a dog?
  91. Perfect pet for children(no dogs/cats)?
  92. which dog is cuter? [pics]?
  93. Once again i need help on my dog please look at this how do i ....?
  94. Have you ever noticed this about Cats & Dogs.....?!?!?!?
  95. Sergeants gold is killing my dog!?
  96. whats a good Apt. dog?
  97. Where is dog pound restaurants-dallas area?
  98. I've heard that snakes r scared of cats but r they scared of dogs.I have 2 dogs,
  99. my dog is acting wierd?
  100. Home remedy for my dog's hot spots?
  101. Is Kobayashi competing at Nathan's hot dog eating contest this year?
  102. how is parvo transmitted to other dogs?
  103. Dog coughing ?
  104. Is your dog allowed to drive your car if you hold her paws and you are the...
  105. dog names??
  106. Who has silly or hilarious names for their dogs and will tell me what they are?
  107. I need some help about a rescued dog?
  108. do you realy love your dog?
  109. My Dog will urinate on his blankets when in crate?
  110. Female 14lb. dog 10 yrs old kidney stone large. The vet says surgery Is their...
  111. dog costume???? (for halloween)?
  112. My dog is acting weird?
  113. wut will happen if a dog dont get his shots?
  114. Preventing Pregnancy in Female Dog?
  115. Dog at raw pot roast?
  116. my dog died?
  117. My dog Bella is a blubberhead with a mind made of molasses, won't learn a
  118. Dog Liver Shunt Lactulose?
  119. Is Oust safe for my dog?
  120. What does it mean if my male dog's foot pads are swollen?
  121. Walking my dog with a muzzle?
  122. After 2 years of being apart would my dog still remember me?
  123. I have 1 dog, want to get another from a shelter. how do I go about making our dog
  124. Three legged dog hobbles into a bar, slams his hat down on the counter, and sez:
  125. just got a dog and im worried..?
  126. why dont dogs eat fruit?
  127. I have a 3 1/2 month old kitten that still trys to nurse our fingers and...
  128. Which is better, female or male maltese cross shitzu dog?
  129. where did nick jonas get his dog tag?
  130. Dogs and Presents?
  131. Do you have an information for me about a army dog gas mask ? we want to buy it...
  132. Do yoou kiss your dog?It is so grose how they leave slobber hanging from
  133. Tips for cabinet ing dog?
  134. Are pomeranians yapy dogs?
  135. Congested dog?
  136. my dog is so hyper and i cant teach him anything what shall i do ?
  137. What does it exactly mean when a guy calls a girl a dog?
  138. My dog is having diharrea and vomits a lot. He also isn't getting...
  139. New dog doesn't like and is afraid of my boyfriend...?
  140. will you train your dog to poo and wee in your bathroom?
  141. what do i do if a dog goes in my yard if its owner isn't with it?
  142. please help me choose a dog?
  143. What options do I have to rid my dog's teeth of tartar buildup?
  144. Dog ate raw salmon. Should I be concerned about salmon poisoning?
  145. Does having more than 1 dog (male and female) make them more aggressive...
  146. Walking dog with muzzle?
  147. i hav a dog...?
  148. my dog died today, does any one know a good prayer for our family to say?
  149. dog treat recipe question.?
  150. What kind of dog should a get?
  151. When dogs go butt to butt is is a FORSURE thing that the female will have puppies?
  152. What's wrong with my dog?
  153. What type of Food is best for my small, indoor dog?
  154. Question of bringing my dog into the airplane(cabin).?
  155. How to deal with a loss of a dog?
  156. What kind of dog food should I get my dog.....?
  157. Help! Our little dog brought home some uninvited guest...Fleas.?
  158. my dog has a bald spot???
  159. What is the worst dog breed for a pet?
  160. How the hell do people make dogs angry at each other for dogfighting?
  161. Best place to buy toy breed dog clothes?
  162. What are the exact dosages for frontline plus dogs for cats?
  163. help! my dog is terrified?
  164. my dog licked some chocolate ice cream off the floor will it kill him?
  165. DOGS or CATS?
  166. My dog just ate a raw meatball is she going to be ok?
  167. Does any one else think the ending of Resevoir Dogs was a let down and was bad?
  168. What to do with my dog after he dies?
  169. How do I get rid of dog's fleas?
  170. My dog has really bad gas problems what can i do?
  171. not supposed to have dogs...how can i hide the smell?
  172. which dog should i get labrador retriever golden retriever or siberian husky?
  173. Dog treats?
  174. 3 dogs might be to much, am I doing the right thing?
  175. can it be too hot to walk my dog?
  176. What's wrong with my dog!?
  177. How offten should i bath my dog?
  178. Is there a certain day you are suppose to breed your dog?
  179. my dog got into brownies =(?
  180. What breed of dog should I get?
  181. can u have a dog if u live in pine harbor apartments?
  182. My dog is depressed and i need help?
  183. Is it true that Joe "horn-dog" Smith died with syphilis and Gonorrhea?
  184. Is There A Eazy Way To Pick Up Dog Droppings?
  185. website new grounds the impossible quiz 2 qustion # 50 u have to complete an...
  186. Has anyone had experience with their Labrador/Dog having a tumor on the spleen?
  187. My dog brought a baby rabbit in the house, can't find the nest, its 9pm, what
  188. what is the smallest dog breed in the world?
  189. What dog breed is this?
  190. How do you train a dog that is afraid of doing tricks...?
  191. my dog has phyleria?
  193. my dog has a giant red spot on his back...what is it?
  194. Dominate Dog...?
  195. How can I bring my dog here in the US from the Philippines?
  196. Has your dog ever been raped by a racoon?
  197. Does my dog have pittbull in him(pics)?
  198. continuation to "dog" neglect question......?
  199. how do you poty train a dog?
  200. why is a dog continually barking non-stop?
  201. How do I get my baby to quit feeding the dog?
  202. Help with old dog?
  203. My dog is sick and has infected kidneys and liver and won't eat what can i give him?
  204. I saw a dog that looked exactly like a Sheltie but WAY smaller & full...
  205. What does it mean when a dog nips?
  206. I want my pup to have pedigree dog kibble?
  207. My four year old just bit my dog's leg, and now it's bleeding.?
  208. Why isn't presedent bush give presedent clinton his dog barny, as a gesture?
  209. What can i use for my dog's cut on his ear?
  210. Treating a dog that sheds constantly.?
  211. Dog not settled after anaesthetic...help !?
  212. Is my dog dying soon?
  213. when your puppy/dog bites, does it hurt?
  214. HELP! My dog.?
  215. Is sending this dog alone into space not cruel?
  216. Smart dog or stupid dog?
  217. If you were dog, would you rather...........?
  218. Do bed bugs bite animals like hamsters and dogs?
  219. Does anyone know how to prevent an elderly dog barking when she is left alone.?
  220. can someone help me find a dog?
  221. Is there anything that attaches to a leash or something w/ baggies for dog poo...
  222. Aren't these dogs adorable?!?
  223. a movie about a dog this family dropped him off in the middle of no where
  224. nervous dog with thunderstorms and fireworks am I doing this right?
  225. nursing dog?
  226. Dog...so sad...I miss u Tessa?
  227. cute small dog that doesn't do that annoying yipping?
  228. How long can my dog have the poops before I take him to the vet?
  229. What dog breed is this??
  230. Do you like the name ivory or iris better for a female dog?
  231. may i answer re my 19 dogs please?
  232. My dog protects her food, and doesnt eat it. help?
  233. how long do i wait after feeding my dog to take him out to potty?
  234. How can I make my dog understand I'm mad at him?
  235. Can animals (dogs specifically) be shipped from place to place?
  236. Senior Housing in Chicagoland area w/o dogs?
  237. my dog might need surgery a second time and my mom doesnt have enough money to do
  238. Can lead poisoning kill a dog?
  239. Survey: have you ever stepped in dog flop...?
  240. why is my dog afraid of me?
  241. What other dogs are close to Retriever's personality?
  242. In sewing terms what is a feed dog?
  243. How to help dog afraid of fireworks?
  244. Why is my dog afraid of thunderstorms?
  245. how to keep my dog cool?
  246. how do i make my parents get me another dog?
  247. Good Morning answerers. Does anyone know of oral dog neutering drugs? I...
  248. What physically happens when a male dog mounts another male dog?
  249. What is a good way to introduce a big dog and small dog?
  250. Can my dog fall pregnant???