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  1. My dog just got neutered....?
  2. what kind of dog is he?
  3. my dog is coughing and hacking does he need a vet?
  4. Are dogs born with the innate ability to manipulate their owners, or do they
  5. Why is only one of my dogs eyes bloody red >?
  6. What do you think of my dogs name?
  7. My dad wont let me bring the dogs inside???
  8. Dog is restless at night!?
  9. farnam flys-off spray insect repellent for dogs?
  10. we are emigrating. will my dogs cope with the climate?
  11. Dog walked on apoxy/glue.Bathed the dog immediately to remove as much I can.?
  12. How to train a dog to go out side?
  13. therapy dog certification?
  14. My dog has puss at the top of his head?
  16. Any tips on making a dog with a fever comfortable?
  17. Toad and dogs?
  18. Is my dog pregnant or in heat??
  19. Dog The Bounty Hunter Fans.....?
  20. What will happen 2 my dog if I want 2 get him neutered?
  21. pregnat dog help?
  22. My dog has bladder cancer & he's been licking his penis lately...?
  23. Teacup puppies & English Bull Dogs?
  24. family dog is sick?
  25. I have four dogs and their water bowls are developing algae - any suggestions
  26. discount/cheap dog couture & fashion?
  27. Who would win a game of Checkers between Kobe Bryant Vs Paris Hilton's Dog?
  28. Dog is hurt.?
  29. How do you ween a dog from an owner slowly?
  30. why does my dog bark, howl, and run in her sleep.?.., this happens quiet often....!!?
  31. How do I turn my dog around on a walk when there are other dogs, with out
  32. Sore on my dogs ear?
  33. sick dog- shifting eyes, licking lips looks like shes having a seizure.?
  34. Kenneling my Bull Mastiff (Large Breed Dog)?
  35. How will a adult dog and puppy interact?
  36. My dog is not very protective or aggressive I need help!!!!?
  37. my dog help!!!?
  38. My dogs ate two heartworm meds.?
  39. For those of you that have seen Wall-E, What is the dog movie in the trailers called?
  40. What is my legal responsibility regarding dog bite?
  41. Dog experts! Pls help me, I want to know the breed of this type of dog?
  42. how do i stop my dog from jumping up encase he hurts himself?
  43. my dog has a red spot on his belly?
  44. how long will it be until dogs are banned in america, to appease the muslims?
  45. What type of dog should I get?
  46. My dog has had diarrhea today and when I recently took her out there was
  47. Dead dog... =[?
  48. what should i feed my dog .....?
  49. is my dog sick?
  50. What breeds do you see in this dog?
  51. My dog just threw up white foam. What could it be?
  52. what do i do to immigrate or bring a dog to the US?
  53. my dog is scared of my slippers help?
  54. what breed is my dog?
  55. I have a peekapoo and he has all of sudden started snapping at other dogs?
  56. any ways to stop my dog doing such disgusting things?
  57. dog food question!!!! help plz!!!?
  58. Dog Island Song?
  59. training a dog?
  60. I don't think my dog is drinking enough water?
  61. injections for dogs!?!?!?
  62. How do I discipline my dog when he nips?
  63. Does anyone have advice on how to stop a dog eating furniture and other inanimate
  64. do you have a dog?
  65. Should I be apprehensive about adopting a dog who is timid? She allowed us
  66. Perfect Dog???????????
  67. Dog choosing and care help?
  68. is there any breed/breeds of dog/dogs that if they were to attack you there
  69. What's your favorite dog?
  70. Am I supposed to take my dog a shower during the mating process?
  71. is it too cold to take my dogs swimming?
  72. Pain: What's Wrong With My Dog?
  73. Are dogs colour blind?!?!?!?
  74. my boxer dog is too possesive with me, advice please?
  75. I lost my dog... im soo sad and angry!!! Please help?
  76. do boxers dogs make good pets?
  77. How can I reduce my dog's shedding?!?
  78. DOG birthday cake? recipes?
  79. dog trainig help?
  80. My dog barks in his crate......PLEASE ANSWER?
  81. Who is the small cartoon dog that has a large mouth & used to bite people? He may...
  82. Our dog and her Zen behavior?
  83. Can i give my dwarf hamster these dog treats?
  84. How can I get my neighbors dog to stop barking! Any tips?
  85. how to train your dog not to urinate in her kennel!?
  86. what type of dog is this shown in this picture....?
  87. Farm Collie mix good dogs or not?
  88. whats my dogs names?
  89. What do you do with a dog who won't stay with her puppy?
  90. my dog forgot his identity?
  91. Why do dogs run In their sleep.?
  92. My year and a half old dog is having some serious skin issues. The vet told me
  93. My dog has black stuff on her stomach. What is it?
  94. My dog wont stop whining when hes in the cage at night....?
  95. dog groomer?
  96. Dog will not eat dog food only house foods.?
  97. Dog is bleeding from bum?
  98. Skin raises after dog scratched me?
  99. Peki Köpe?iniz bilgisayar ba??na geçseydi
  100. köpe?ini görünCe ne hissediyosun ?
  101. My dog was attacked by the neighbors dog through my fence. Is she liable for the
  102. Dog in heat?
  103. yorkie dogs in san diego?
  104. knowledgeable dog breed people, can you help?
  105. How do I stop my dog from being Food Aggressive?
  106. forgetting dog???
  107. My dog has dry, flakey bald patches on elbow?
  108. My Dog has_______ PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
  109. do think dogs go to heaven?
  110. want to get a dog?
  111. Dog Help??
  112. Can dogs have asthma or breathing problems similar to asthma?
  113. My Mom's boyfriend is sexually abusing my dog, what can I do?
  114. What type of dog do I have?
  115. reasons a kid should have a dog?
  116. jobs (need some money to buy dog)?
  117. I have been experiencing feelings of hatred towards my dog?
  118. Are there any agencies that will help you pay for a dog's operation?
  119. Does it matter which Nintendogs version you have if you want to unlock all the...
  120. Are people who let their dogs get prego by accident just careless in every
  121. Massage for dog?
  122. Do the same restrictions apply to cat food as they do to dog food?
  123. So, what do you think about guys who love cats and prefer them to dogs?
  124. do dogs stay overnight at the vet when they get spayed?
  125. Cons of buying a dog out of the newspaper or from kijiji type sites etc?
  126. is it legal to breed a cat and a dog?
  127. Three dogs?
  128. Do you ever wish that your dog could talk?
  129. good dog gone bad?
  130. whats the best exercise to add muscle to my dog?
  131. Dog Food Question?
  132. what does it mean if a dog is having a green discharge?
  133. Is an australian shepard right for me?? I can't get a dog yet, but I want one...?
  134. my dog 9 pound female dog wont stop humping my 80 pound female dog, it isnt a...
  135. My dog ate a whole meat loaf?
  136. Dog afraid to walk across laminate flooring?
  137. question about dog shelter and sick dogs?
  138. Can anyone please tell me what kind of dog this is?
  139. URGENT! There is a lost small white dog in the woods. It won't come out!?
  140. Dog lovers ~ would you eat food the dog has licked?
  141. looking for a good dog?
  142. HELP finding info on my rare hybrid dog???
  143. how much does eagle pack dog food cost?
  144. cool dog bed?
  145. Are SHIBA INU a good/well tempered dog breed???
  146. My dog is an incredibly picky eater?
  147. Is it wrong to plan a dogs death while they're still alive?
  148. Would you eat your dog for a million billion dollars??
  149. HELP!! my dogs afraid of fireworks!?
  150. What is a reasonable price in New Jersey, for a 13-year-old to charge for a dog
  151. How can you know if your dog's senses have been damaged?
  152. Poll: Your Dog's Life Or Pleasure???
  153. please help me find a cute cheap dog?
  154. I have a dog and am getting another, how do i get them to like eachother?
  155. My dog has been licking his penal area. And it doesn't look so normal...?
  156. Recommendations For My Dog?
  157. Pregnant Dog? (Couple of Questions)?
  158. Help is my dog in labour or just having a fake pregnancy?
  159. Are these good names for my dogs?
  160. my fixed male dog has been humping my female also fixed for 3 days now.?
  161. When crossing State lines, what dog shots do you have to have?
  162. dog in Get Smart?
  163. good farm dog breed???
  164. Dog barking?
  165. Why does my dog have nasty butt smell?
  166. Dog confusing play with potty?
  167. My dog sneaks in the bathroom to pee on the rug after walks?
  168. Does Any one know any clothing store for dogs near whittier CA.?
  169. Dogs: Mother and Son breeding.?
  170. what type of dog should i get?
  171. My dog got randomly attacked by another female dog she has never met, It ws a...
  172. How do i get rid of cow pooh , yes , cow pooh smell off my dog's?
  173. My dog Toby seems grochy and we didnt do anything to him what could be rong?
  174. I Got Tree Sap In My Dogs Fur, And Then Crisco Oil?
  175. dog doesn't want to eat or go outside?
  176. Questions for GREATER SWISS MOUNTAIN DOG owners?
  177. my dog is driving me nuts?
  178. Anyone throw sticks for Dogs to chase?
  179. how do i know if my dog is pregnant?
  180. How long will it take to train a dog?
  181. Any dog training classes?
  182. Is Pippin the dog dead?
  183. maltese dog?
  184. What do you know about dogs having seizures?
  185. Are there retractable leashes that let you walk two dogs on one leash?
  186. What are your favorite toppings on a hot dog or hamburger,what's the most...
  187. What to do with a dog I found?
  188. How do you know if your a dog?
  189. My dog keeps eating other dog's poo?
  190. My dog keeps being sick???
  191. Are dogs psychic?
  192. What Breeds are in my Dog?
  193. what type of dog you rekon this is ( picture included )?
  194. My dog's life? Is it sad?
  195. My boyfriend picks our dog up by the skin on his back when he is mad at him..dont...
  196. Does my dog poo funny?
  197. What dog is best for family-german shepard or doberman pincer?
  198. Whats wrong with my dog?
  199. How bad is your dog's farts?
  200. are veggie dogs vegan?
  201. If my dog dies in my house, what am I supposed to do with the body?
  202. What breed is my dog?
  203. My mom doent think i should get a dog how can io prove im responsible.?
  204. Have you ever bought a dog without seeing BOTH parents?
  205. what if my dog stops feeding her pupies ?
  206. cats and dogs?
  207. Any good ways to stop my dog barking?
  208. how can i stop my male dog from attaking my female dog???
  209. How to keep dogs from tearing up blinds?
  210. How do I convince my dad into buying another dog?
  211. Dog stud question?
  212. i yelled at my dog for begging?
  213. Why does my dog get sick after dinner?
  214. Where can i get dog music like for a birthday party?
  215. My dog is shedding in a certain spot.?
  216. I just got a 5 year old maltese dog. she's still not potty trained!?
  217. Does anybody have a picture of what this breed of dog may look like?
  218. why do dogs put their ears down?
  219. Can you give your dog too much flea medication?
  220. Where Can i find a dog for a 100 or less?
  221. Are german shepherds a bad idea for the first time dog owner?
  222. teaching your dog lie down?
  223. How do I get my dog over a fear of something?
  224. Do herding dogs like collies steal milk from there charges when working.?
  225. We have a boxer, pit mix she is our first dog and we have been feeding her...
  226. Can my deceased husband spirit be in the dog he loved at home with me?
  227. How do you stop my dog's cleaning?
  228. How much should my dog eat?
  229. Homemade dog foods?
  230. UK DOG OWNERS. Please advise?
  231. can you use any other breed then german shepherds for police dogs?
  232. what can i do fer my 2 dogs with parvo?
  233. My dog in heat + a male with her!!?
  234. Seeing my dog in my house when he's in another state?
  235. If your dog could talk.....(1)?
  236. Have you ever had to get rid of your dog? We need your opinion if we should.?
  237. Can my dogs catch a cold from me?
  238. my dog pees everywhere?
  239. How do u house break a dog??
  240. Why do dogs smell and try to lick cuts and scabs?
  241. Does anyone else see the irony in the dog who became a hero on 9/11 - a German...
  242. Does anyone know what a BG curve for blood sugar entails in a dog?
  243. Are there any vets who can safely pierce my dog's belly-button? She's got 9
  244. Can dogs tell when other dogs are going to die?
  245. what are some "warning signs" of a bad dog breeder?
  246. Are pickles harmful to dogs?
  247. How can I calm my dog, he is hyperactive I think?
  248. I just got a small dog today?
  249. name for dogs?
  250. Do dogs like human body fluids?