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  1. What is a real good dog food for a pitbull?
  2. What to do if your dog has hip displasia?
  3. dog (dacschund) help plz?
  4. Does anyone here know anything about "Eagle Pack" giant breed dog food?
  5. Cysts type lumps between the toe's on my Pug Dog?
  6. How can I get my Mom (And boyfriend) to let me help foster a dog?
  7. size of dog?
  8. what would u feel if u got bitten by a rabid dog?
  9. Where can I find a place to adopt one of the dogs rescued from the Lancaster puppy...
  10. Nintendo dogs chihuahua and friends unlock dutchen?
  11. Can my dog, who has never bitten anyone previously, be put down for biting?
  12. My dog is not eating or drinking much. He doesn't poop and when he does it
  13. I need a breeded for a german shepherd female dog.?
  14. Help: Small pomeranian dog: giving too much Advantage?!?
  15. What is the site that has an animated dog and guy talking about facts and history?
  16. Does Anyone know what's the cost for castrating a dog in California? Or...
  17. is it better to have two dogs of the same sex or one of each?
  18. If you have a dog, do you let the dog sleep with you?
  19. My dog's anus has a bad smell to it almost like metal? There is no
  20. my dog bites?
  21. Which situation is best for the dog?
  22. Can dogs see Televisions?
  23. i got a new dog at the shelter and i would like to know what kind of shampoo
  24. I recently lost my dog a few days ago. And i Cant find him.?
  25. my dog has clostridium? or some shit like that.?
  26. How do I help my dog overcome his fear of water/bath time?!?!?
  27. This is not so much a question as it is info about harmful things for your dogs?
  28. I would love to train my dogs in the sport of Flyball.?
  29. my dog has ant bites on his belly wat can i do to fix it?
  30. Dog breeds!?!?!?
  31. what are some dog breeds that are not too aggressive, intelligent, playful, curious?
  32. How do I teach my dog to roll over?
  33. Can I give my dog human aspirin?
  34. What breed of dog do I have?
  35. ? Need To ?nterv?ew 2 Deaf People Who Own Hear?ng Dogs For Some Research For
  36. question about the show dog the bounty hunter?
  37. Burns Mini Bites Dry Dog Food?
  38. Does your lab retriever or golden retriever puppy or dog......?
  39. what r some ways to get a cat and a dog to bond?
  40. Could my dog be sick?
  41. my dog attacks me and my friends.....?
  42. why does my dog crys alot?
  43. Musashi Growling Dog Creatine?
  44. How do you mail a dog from one state to another?
  45. Best dog food out of this list?
  46. My dog only has eyes for me!! Biting others.?
  47. old dog probs?
  48. How do house train my dog to go to the toilet using the newspaper?
  49. my dog is sick please help me!!!!?
  50. I have Yellow Dog Linux 5.0 installed on my PS3, and I NEED ADOBE FLASH PLAYER!!?
  51. "We Have a nursing dog that has puppies 3 weeks old today, ever since she had
  52. HELP!!! My dog!!!?
  53. help. dog poops blood?
  54. About how much is the fine for not vaccinating your dog in Whitfield County, Georgia?
  55. Which Presidential dog?
  56. HELP!!! My Dog!!!!!!!?
  57. What kind of dog is this?
  58. Which dog is cutest [shih tzu]?
  59. Dose anyone have a yorkshire terrier that demands she is better than other dogs?
  60. Poll: does this scare you? it creeped me out. its this dog picture.?
  61. my dogs????????
  62. my dog is chewing, scratching, loss of hair with loss of weight. whats wrong?
  63. Güvenlik ?çin Bilinmesi Gerekenler
  64. Does the Humane Society have AKC dogs such as poodles?
  65. Köpe?inizin ihtiyaç duyaca?? malzemeler
  66. my dog has diarrhea, red skin, fatigue and loss of apetite?
  67. Tavsiye Edilmeyen Oyuncaklar
  68. Dog and Puppy Names?
  69. my dog has lost her mucous plug and it was dark green?
  70. I am not a natural pack leader how do I learn to be my dogs leader?
  71. Is it okay to feed my dog a mix of different snacks?
  72. How do i get my dad to let me get a toy breed dog?
  73. my dog keeps whimpering WHY???!!!?
  74. which of these breeds of dogs would be the best as a friendly pet?
  75. HELP!!! my dog is terrified to go outside.?
  76. Male and female dogs fighting?
  77. dogs surgery.?
  78. Can a budgie and two small dogs and a cat get along???
  79. Do certain dog foods cause kidney cancer in dogs?
  80. Introducing new cat to resident dogs?
  81. i want a dog?
  82. I found a stray dog and im pretty sure shes pregnant but she only 9 months old!?
  83. Chew toys for my dogs?
  84. i would like to know which dogs have Band Shedding?
  85. help- dogs?
  86. My exboyfriend stole my dog after I left him and was staying at a friends
  87. My dog has Cherry eye, PLEASE PLEASE help?
  88. my dog...?
  89. Can an extremely dirty bird cage in the house cause respiratory problems in dogs?
  90. How do you teach your dog re-call?
  91. what is the best leash etc, to prevent my dog from pulling?
  92. I need a dog like this???
  93. Can you believe that these people treat their dog better than their children?
  94. How can I get rid of my dogs hot spot when nothing has worked?
  95. Am I good at answering/well liked in the dogs section?
  96. why cats and dogs are not supposed to have red eye in the pictures?
  97. My dog's front paw has a bump and it's bleeding?
  98. Why do Dogs Howl?
  99. Dog bleeding from butt?
  100. is a dog park good for dogs?
  101. My dog fur is comming off him. what should i do unti the vet can take him....
  102. Is cloning a dog OK?
  103. st bernard dog ?? please help!! easy ten points?
  104. female dog names?
  105. What is the Chocolate Substitute Dogs CAN eat?
  106. Carbs and Hot Dogs --?
  107. Beano safe for dogs?
  108. Does Your Dog Sleep Like Road Kill Too?
  109. my dog isnt eating!!help?
  110. what is the best qaulity dog food to feed a staffie and a female mix breed ?
  111. even with trips to the groomer ever 4-6 weeks and baths in between the dog
  112. Could you imagine being turned into a dog?
  113. Why does my dog keep chasing cats?
  114. How do i help my dog?
  115. Need a gentle dog groomer in the Lahabra, Brea, area in California, please only...
  116. have you ever heard of a dog killing a mountain lion??
  117. Dog skin irritation after intravenous from being neutered?
  118. dog question?
  119. What is the best dog for me? Couch potato, musical, likes to play with animals...?
  120. Do you think she looks like a Bat Dog?
  121. What is the best tasting dry dog food for a small dog?
  122. Do you think it is ok for people to walk their dog to a store and then tie them
  123. why does a male dog attempt to mate with a spayed female dog?
  124. Can I hydrate my dog with my cup?
  125. 2 dog pregnancy questions..?
  126. My neighbor went out of town and left some marines to watch her dog and house?
  127. Using Adobe Photoshop 5.0, how do you extract a picture of a dog from a...
  128. need help about a dog?
  129. Why do some people not understand the fear of dogs?
  130. Yellow Dog Linux Ps3?
  131. does anyone one know what this is on my dogs eye and what in supposed to do to cure
  132. Find a small dog?
  133. What can I do to make my dog more comfortable with a UTI until modnday morning?
  134. I rescued a puppy recently, and I'm trying to figure out what kind of dog
  135. How long can you leave an American Eskimo Dog alone?
  136. What are your dogs names?
  137. Can any1 suggest a good antibiotic cream or spray i can use on my dog to treat a cut?
  138. Can humans get worms from an infected dog?
  139. what are the best dogs to have that i can have in a condo?
  140. What Do Military Police Dog Handlers Do?
  141. When did Dog The Bounty Hunter.......?
  142. Why are dominant dogs more likely to hump than submissive?
  143. Do i have enough time for a dog?
  144. I want to prevent BUFU poisonous frogs from coming on my property so my...
  145. Poll: It is said that dog is man's best friend.......?
  146. Dog walking?
  147. Dog treats?
  148. Live in apartment with dog, want to make sure I get my security deposit back.?
  149. What can I get my dog on his birthday to make it up to him, because his birthday...
  150. where did the phase "raining cats and dogs" come frm??
  151. My husband HAS to have our dog in the room when we have intercourse...?
  152. what breed is this dog.?
  153. Is there a polite way of telling someone they need to learn how to care...
  154. is this a good weight loss for my dog?
  155. How do you potty train a 2 year old dog?
  156. if you are breeding dogs is there anything you can do if they cant tie
  157. Can dogs drink milk???
  158. How do I train my dog to hunt rabbit?
  159. My dog got dish soap in his eye! HELP!!please?
  160. is it ok to give a hamster dog food?
  161. My dog has A HUGH lump on his belly?
  162. Who Would Own This Dog?
  163. What were the harmful rabbit diseases for dog consumption? I can't...
  164. Does Your Dog Like To Eat Flies?
  165. What would you do if you found out that a friend calls you a "female dog"...
  166. Itchy Dog???
  167. How do I get a dog to calm down at night and sleep?
  168. Dog killed baby bird will she be ok?
  169. Dog poisoning with Chocolate?
  170. Dog webbing between the toes?
  171. Christians, do you believe that dogs evolved from wolves or that god created each
  172. how can i make my pet dog howl????
  173. good boy dog names??
  174. Is it just me or does the Taco Bueno meat sometimes taste like fish food (or
  175. Where can I take my dog?
  176. Is it safe to use Seventh Generation natural dish soap to wash my dog?
  177. what kind of dog is this? and do they get big?
  178. maltese dog?
  179. Can dogs eat?
  180. How can I stop my house-trained dog from going inside?
  181. Where can I find this dog toy?
  182. D names for a female dog?
  183. Dog on Metacam?
  184. How d'ya teach your dog to come back?
  185. what kind of dog is this?
  186. Dog is constantly licking his paw and cant walk on it now?
  187. my aunt drove up and found her a giant tick on her dog how long will it take...
  188. Dog spaying question?
  189. my dog barks at the lawnmower?
  190. Are "greyhound rescues" legitimate, or do they ultimately support the dog...
  191. Do you like these dog names?
  192. A cat or a dog?
  193. how do i introduce my yorkshire terrier pup to my very nervous yorkie dog.?
  194. What kind of dog should i get?
  195. Alergic reaction around my dogs eye, help?
  196. hi i would like to know which dogs have Block Shedding.?
  197. My dog crys hysterical when he sees us packing the car with our luggage to go away?
  198. How do you stop a dog from digging another dogs Grave?
  199. what kidda dog?
  200. My dog is a runner!?
  201. Since athiests don't believe in God will God put dogs in charge of them?
  202. What should I name my male Carin Terrier (Toto like dog from Wizard of Oz)?
  203. Cat that acts like a dog or small dog that acts like a cat? Which would you want?
  204. I have phobias of dogs and I am claustrophobic. What can I do about this, I
  205. dog problems?
  206. What are the dog's symptoms if her ribs are broken?
  207. can dog get c diff infection from a person?
  208. dog hunter help!?
  209. Dog Not Eating, No Behavior Changes?
  210. *bark* i'm a dog! What trick do you want me to do?
  211. My dogs keep sneezing...What do I do?
  212. What type of dog is this?
  213. Help with dog names?
  214. Question about dog behavior/crates?
  215. need help with my dogs and opinions please?
  216. Is there a Church I can take my dog to?
  217. What do you do when your dog growls?
  218. Selling orgiving away dog sites for cvanton/akron ohio?
  219. What brand of dog food do you feed your dog???
  220. why dog poos funny?
  221. My dog bitten in doggy daycare, can I sue doggy daycare?
  222. seriously anyone know what takes place in detail when dog mates apart...
  223. My dog shakes and pants alot when he hears the rain on the roof, or thunder and
  224. What is the best way to advertise/market some new products for dogs?
  225. Does anyone give their mini american eskimo dog milk or lactaid?
  226. My dog pees on the carpet but poops outside.?
  227. Can you go crazy if bitten by a dog?
  228. At what age is it safe to run/jog with your dog?
  229. foods okay to feed dogs?
  230. Why is my dog throwing up Clear and yellow stuff! Help?
  231. My dog was scared by someone and ran away, how do I find her?
  232. my dog!!!!!!!!?
  233. Stubborn dog help?
  234. Dog choking! or coughing?
  235. Where do you find a dog with no legs?
  236. What would you do if you found a really lost dog? And...?
  237. ferrets and dogs?
  238. What can I do to stop my pet dog from barking at people all the time in the...
  239. My dog chewed up Nystatin cream and she ate a little bit and she started...
  240. Flies (not fleas) FLIES! on my dog?
  241. My dog just dug up a rabbit nest?
  242. What's your favorite breed of dog and why?
  243. my dad hates my dog?
  244. Is it true that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans?
  245. dog food, rice and ground beef?
  246. Any cute girl dog names?
  247. Dog Business Names?
  248. my dog keeps peeing in my bedroom at night time when I am asleep?
  249. where can i find a good obedince class for my dog?
  250. Breeding Dogs?