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  1. My puppy bites the other puppies and will not let go, the puppy cry. How can I
  2. I just adopted a 9mo. puppy and I used the pee spray he only has access to 2 room
  3. My dog pooped all over his crate! How can I change this behavior?
  4. should i shave my puppy's leg?
  5. Clever names for Female Golden Retriever puppy?
  6. dog riding?
  7. How do I care for the 3 week old puppies?
  8. Why is my puppy doing this?
  9. dogs eating sticks?
  10. Title/Artist Name of Boy W/ Puppy Period Painting???
  11. Will my dog be alright if I leave him alone at home while I'm at work?
  12. My dog doesn't mark his territory- Is this normal?
  13. Help with new puppy's name?
  14. do dogs die when they eat(?) bubbles?
  15. Should we get another dog?
  16. There's a tic above my dogs eye!?
  17. National Dog Walk 2008 (Singapore) in aid of Noah's Ark CARES. Anyone interested?
  18. Watch Dog Group for Social Security?
  19. 13 week old puppy will walk on leash fine, but not close to home... help?
  20. dog tags in BF bad company, what are they for?
  21. can i take my puppy out after her first vacinations as long as i avoid other dogs?
  22. Want get a second dog?
  23. I have a 14 year old black lab dog. He i constantly slipping and falling...
  24. What a good name for a dog?
  25. I want a small dog, whats the best dog breed to get?
  26. i have an 8 week old mini daschund puppy girl who seems to have bad breath,any...
  27. I need help with my 9 month old bulldog puppy! He has had loose stools/diarrhea...
  28. Where in Australia can you get an American Eskimo Dog?
  29. Is my dog sick?
  30. I got a 7week old puppy Blue Healer Shar-pai mix i have read up on the breeds but...
  31. My Dog has at least 7 little bumps on his leg, he is a boxer so he has short
  32. My dog enjoys eating grass, can I give him......?
  33. Can i give something to my 1 month old puppy to chew??
  34. TOP CONTRIBUTORS and dog lovers, I need YOUR help!?
  35. Whats a cute name for a dog but has to start with M?
  36. Is it rude to shush dogs that are barking at you?
  37. why doesnt my 11 month old male puppy lift his leg to pee?
  38. Is this normal for a dog?
  39. How do I stop my 5 month old puppy from biting me and other people?
  40. How do i teach mmy 2 year old puppy to go outside?
  41. My puppy won't pee on the paper?
  42. So my friend got a dog and he loves it... He takes it everywhere and talks to it
  43. Why does my dog have green goo in her eye?
  44. My dog is spoiled rotten?
  45. i have 2 dogs, one 12 other 4month, i keep finding bugs in 1 dogs poop, what is it?
  46. what should i do about dog?
  47. anyone know where to get a blue pitbull puppy? I live in Illinois.?
  48. I have a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier puppy and I need help.?
  49. 80's video game with a kid running through a junkyard being chased by a dog?
  50. i gave a dog away and it attacked her?
  51. Dogs In Danger.com?
  52. Dog sitting question?
  53. how do I give my dog liquid Benedryl?
  54. Dog gets too excited..? Help, 10 points..?
  55. Dog Vomit - red fleshy chunks - what is it?
  56. is my dog home sick?
  57. what do you think of this dog food?
  58. I met this guy regularly in the park walking his dog?
  59. can i re-use puppy mush?
  60. I need help with my dog!?
  61. Hey im looking for a free puppy that needs a home. If you have one, or any
  62. Cleaned my dog's ear with a cotton ball and found blood. Help?
  63. Dog Gone Retarded?
  64. Raw food diet making my dogs sick?
  65. Bearded Dragon not eating, could it to do with new puppy?
  66. need help about my basset hound puppy?
  67. what breed is my dog?
  68. My dog kicks her legs behind her after she potties. What is this?
  69. Would anybody recommend a BARF diet or a home-cooked diet for my dog?
  70. is it bad to move my dog from her nest?
  71. which is cheaper to travel to florida?Car or Plane me my husband and my daughter...
  72. Do dogs lose "puppy fur"?
  73. new puppy --- NO sleeping for us!?
  74. dont know if my dog is sick any thoughts?
  75. how do u know when ur dog is having contractions?
  76. what would be a better dog for me? great dane, or pittbull?
  77. my dog JUST had a seizure!!?
  78. Who loves puppies?
  79. Any good puppy names?
  80. puppies have enough milk?
  81. Dog question?
  82. How do I help my puppy from being scared when outside our home?
  83. i want a name for my new puppy!!!?
  84. Can my puppy wander?
  85. dog shopping?
  86. How can I convince my mom to let me get a dog?
  87. Small Dog Aggression?
  88. Am I to obssesed with dogs?
  89. Wellness Super5mix Just For Puppies?
  90. My 6yr. Old Shizu Dog Has A Bladder Infection Help!?
  91. poodle potty training and puppy pads?
  92. dog question.?
  93. Is my female dog horny?
  94. 7 week old Siberian Husky puppy behavior?
  95. how do you get a shihtzu puppy to stop biteing people?
  96. I have just adopted a puppy and she isn't house broken and she wont even
  97. help with my puppy?
  98. dog..heat??
  99. Fun dog poll.?
  100. Rehabilitating the 'Vick' Dogs - right or wrong?
  101. My puppy has tape worm I don't have the funds to take him to the vet will over...
  102. How can i train my extremely stubborn puppy??
  103. horses or dogs??
  104. what is the song in the beginning of the snoop dogg video doggy dog world??
  105. Can someone answer my really weird question about dogs and urine?
  106. Has your dog ever been mistaken for a different breed?
  107. How do i get my dog to like my dad?
  108. should i sleep by my puppy when im crate training her?
  109. dog in labor??
  110. Can someone help with this puppy question.?
  111. Male dogs aggression?
  112. What is the right dog for me?
  113. do dogs get upset when..
  114. My dogs puppies are 5wk1day old are they ready to be given away?
  115. my dog killed a racoon! does he have rabies!? what should I do?
  116. Do you know how to make your dog get along with other people and other dogs?
  117. Why does my dog get Hiccups so often!?
  118. How do you get involved in showing dogs?
  119. What should i name my new black yorkie-poo puppy????
  120. should i get a little puppy or a grown dog?
  121. Did you know that there are Dog DNA test kits now available?
  122. Why does vet require puppy to be 6 months of age to be neutered?
  123. 3 month old Puppy with 2nd booster...can she go camping with us next week?
  124. Dude I'm thinking about naming my dog Godzilla and my hamster Pikachu?
  125. is it true that for some dog shows you dont have to crop your min pins ears?
  126. Weaning puppies?
  127. POLL: I gave my dog special frosty paws icecream...?
  128. I NEED HELP WITH MY PUPPY ASAP, any help plz??
  129. Does anyone know any good dog grooming sites?
  130. Congratulations, you have the opportunity to enter your dog in a show?
  131. Where are the best places to stay in the Lake District with a dog!!?
  132. why does dog loves to urinate on wheels of car?
  133. how can i feed my dogs meat...?
  134. How do I house train my dog?
  135. Dog sledding in Northern Sweden / Finland / Norway ...cheaply?
  136. In the suit life of zack and cody what type of dog does maddie fitzpatrick have?
  137. How to cure chilled puppies???? Help!!?
  138. Dogs first season?
  139. my dog has ear mites and mange?
  140. anyone know where to post dog walking/pet sitting ads?
  141. my dog won't drink water!?
  142. Female puppy?
  143. How do you convert local "dog lovers/breeder" wannabees into breeding?
  144. what breed is my dog? im from the philippines!?
  145. How to stop my dogs from pooing in new area of garden?
  146. Adopting a dog that has been treated for heartworm?
  147. maltese dogs?
  148. How can i get my parents to stop abusing my dog?
  149. What Kind Of Dog Is This **PICTURES**?
  150. Does Ryan Ross (from Panic! at the Disco) have a little puppy name Hobo?
  151. What animals can go with dogs and cats? pictures please?
  152. Are there any dog breeds that do not have sensitive skin?
  153. I just saw advertised on TV an electric trimmer that sand the nail down
  154. I have a 9x12 fence for my dog, how many bricks will I need to fill the area?
  155. Dog magazine subscription?
  157. So I buy a new 8 month old puppy,supposedly for me,but he Velcros to my son,who
  158. Our dog bit a friend. Should we put him down?
  159. Does your alpha dog...?
  160. puppy names for a boy cocker spaniel?
  161. Does anyone know a website in which you can order Clindrops (for cats/dogs)
  162. There is a woman and her dog has Cherry Eye....?
  163. My dogs are jumping the fence, advice please!?
  164. poll~ regular sausage hot dog or frankfurter hot dog?
  165. My dog has pyometra, I need to operate her but dont have the money.?
  166. Inside dogs?
  167. how do you keep roaches away from dog food or keep dog food from attracting roaches?
  168. i havnt had a dog before, i have an adult dog now ,ive noticed he pants...
  169. How long until your puppy was more managable?
  170. where can i get a puppy?
  171. im probobly going to get a puppy this winter any tips?
  172. My dog ate chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!?
  173. Is this a normal Great Dane puppy weight ????
  174. how do you train a dog to always keep close to you?
  175. What is the name of the movie about the dog....?
  176. Does putting used car oil on your dog's coat make its fur grow?
  177. Which statement about the dog?s planum nasale is true?
  178. My Dalmatian puppy is a whimp!?
  179. my puppy seams to have problems potty training?
  180. Please help! We have a lady trying to sue us because our dog ran into our front
  181. Is there some kind of law against leaving your dog outside all day?
  182. to all dog owners?
  183. what are the shots a puppy need if the puppy is already approx. 7 moths old?
  184. Do leash laws apply to robot dogs?
  185. Having trouble with puppy's aggression.?
  186. is puppies on the way?
  187. Why does my 14 week old puppy bite me hard?
  188. Tips on how to handle a puppy with it mouthes or nips at kids?
  189. 6month old puppy still won't recall! Help!?
  190. Newborn puppy doesn't breathe right away.?
  191. Dog shows??
  192. why is it bad to feed a dog chocolate?
  193. How can I stop my puppy from getting aggressive.?
  194. Legal Advice Texas: Hot check for a puppy, What now?
  195. Dog ate my child!?
  196. Help my dog is limping what should i do???
  197. I am a farmer & vaccinate all my large animals but can't get vaccine for my dogs...
  198. Have u ever called your house just to get the answering machine to talk to your dog?
  199. How to stop my Pomeranian Dog to stop biting?
  200. How do I control jealous dominate behaviour in my dogs?
  201. dogs????????????????????????
  202. will a hormone show bring a dog into heat?
  203. Where do you keep your puppy?
  204. what can i do to a puppy thats 2 months old and ate big dog food??
  205. I have a schnauzer puppy, 8 wks old. He has a habit of bitting all the...
  206. What kind of breed is this dog?
  207. Whats wrong with my dog? he keeps crying!?
  208. how to help train my lab retriever puppy?
  209. fish oil for dogs?
  210. My dog sheds too much...what could be wrong with him?
  211. a few puppy questions???
  212. When I got my 7 week old puppy 2 days ago she had/has fleas, I got Advantage
  213. im looking for a puppy...?
  214. where can i watch the movie alpha dog with justin timberlake in it without buyin...
  216. Dog is limping from split toe nail?
  217. in Sims 2 Pets (DS), where did my dog go??
  218. How do i get rid of my dog's acne?
  219. non-allergenic dogs?
  220. `Puppies in asheville area??
  221. What is the best dog breed?
  222. What's your favorite designer dog?
  223. pregnant dog queston(A.S.A.P)?
  224. if a 8 month dog bumps its head on a window cil and it leaves a bump
  225. Dog Question?
  226. Do you think Bam-Bam is a good or bad name for my male AmStaff puppy?
  227. I'm planning on getting a new puppy?
  228. My dog ate horse wormer?
  229. Why does my 2 year old dog poop in the house?
  230. DOG OR CAT? Which do I choose!?!?
  231. I have brother/sister lab/chow mix puppies (6mos.)They fight alot and chew...
  232. Whats the reason for the dog tag on Miley?
  233. Puppy Teeth?
  234. Puppy humping legs...is this unusual?
  235. My Dog Has Big Bugs *NOT TICKS*?
  236. PUPPY HElP??
  237. Euthanizing my dog...?
  238. My dog has gas that smells like "dead animals", why is that?
  239. dog health?
  240. Is a cocker spaniel good with children and would you say he is a small or big dog?
  241. can dogs tase sweetness?
  242. My dogs tails flesh is blood red and he has been biting it once in a while.?
  243. Dog/Swimming Pool Question?
  244. chiwawa dogs and asthma?
  245. Place to list puppies on the internet??
  246. Ok, I know which dog I want now...?
  247. Is Bounty hunting illegal in the UK (a la Dog the bounty hunter)?
  248. My dog was killed recently so I took a couple days away but when I got back home the
  249. puppy fostering?
  250. i need some chep dog training classes in colorado?