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  1. Do i have the time to take care of a dog? If so what kind of dog should i get?
  2. random night peeing from dog.?
  3. vet experts / experience with dog eye trauma?
  4. what r good ways to train a puppy from bitting?
  5. If you could describe your dog in "THREE" words, what would you say??? :o)?
  6. my dog wont pee.?
  7. What dog is the most aggressive?
  8. when is the best time to mate a dog so it gets pregnant?
  9. How do you Make a Slush Puppy? Get 10 points Quickly !!!?
  10. Why does my dog seem so choosey as to where he deficates?
  11. Puppy got a small lick of chocolate?
  12. Why does my puppy scratch around both ears?
  13. How do I get people to leave my dog the hell alone?
  14. I love dogs so much. My boyfriend barely tolerates them. Can this relationship work?
  15. how can i get my dog (jack russell mix) to stop destroying the house?
  16. What can I do for my momma dog to be more comfortable & when will she get her milk?
  17. Pomeranian puppy?
  18. Dog tags 4 diabetes ???????
  19. i have a puppy i have been dying for and now i have no idea what to do with it , it
  20. Best dog name for a terrier on a theme of 'off road'?
  21. My Koko had a litter of 4 puppies, one of which has a cleft LIP. What advice do
  22. 9 week old puppy wont pooh or pee outside what do i do?
  23. My dog bit another dog, now what do I do?
  24. I LOST the DOG THAT I AM PETSITTING FOR!!!!!!!??????????
  25. My 3mnth puppy jumped off a truck July 4. She apply min pressure on the
  26. How big will my puppy get?
  27. If my dogs Frontline Plus isn't exactly on her shoulders will it still work?
  28. How do I convince my parents to let me get a puppy?
  29. milk fever in dogs?
  30. How do I teach my dogs to kiss?
  31. Dog Friendly Places?
  32. when can i give my puppy his first bath?
  33. My dog is unilateral cryptorchid - your opinion?
  34. what if dog dies in the house?
  35. how can i convince my mom to let me get a puppy???
  36. Dog's saliva is making my friend sick?
  37. Why does my dog like to lick her paws and gnaw at them?
  38. DOGS --can a dog be hurt by a electrical storm surge in the house.?
  39. Is "datsun" a legit breed for dogs?
  40. what do autism service dogs do and how does someone get one?
  41. what do i do i need somewhere to live with my dog!?
  42. My dog has been acting really weird lately?
  43. Lumps on dogs back??
  44. My dog is such a wimp with new puppy, what to do?
  45. my dog has a lump on her leg and her skin is going red and losing a bit
  46. Morning After Pill for my Dog?
  47. Why Does My Puppy Follow Me Everywhere?
  48. anyway to trace the dog back to it's breeder?
  49. What are worms in my puppy's poo supposed look like?
  50. Is it ok for your dog to listen to Mike Oldfield's?
  51. Dog owners...?
  52. How can i stop my dogs from running away?
  53. I had a dream that my boy dog was going to have puppies.?
  54. Dog pees/poops inside the home, when no one is home ONLY?
  55. My sister is allergic to some dogs but not all particularly oily ones can i still...
  56. My dog sniffs my crotch. And bites it.?
  57. How much does exploratory surgery for dogs cost in the uk?
  58. Will getting a small to medium size indoor dog help relieve stress? What types of...
  59. Any dogwalkers here? Do the dogs ever run away on you!? what's it like and how...
  60. what shall I call my puppy?
  61. Godd names for a Yorkie Puppy?
  62. Why does our puppy seem to like me better than my husband? How can we fix it?
  63. If you had a dog and had to give it away what would you do?
  64. Whats the Coolest girl puppy name?
  65. Designer dog "breeds"?
  66. Help with house breaking a puppy?
  67. my 4 month old puppy has constipation...?
  68. Dog puppy crate question!?
  69. How long can u keep a dog crated?
  70. is my puppy eating enough?
  71. I recently lost a dog, and my second dog is obviously grieving. What can I do
  72. How can I make my dog stop???
  73. Does your dog like walking in the rain? or do they prefer to wait for a dry spell?
  74. can someone help me?????????(Dog question)?
  75. dog supplies for cheap?
  76. Why is my dog suddenly pissing in the house ??
  78. Dogs-Heartworms and Medication HELP!!?
  79. SERIOUSLY,,,10 POINTS TO THE BEST ANSWER! (dog question)?
  80. My dog keeps chewing the planter sprinkler heads!! >:( any ideas to prevent?
  81. i am 13 and i need help training my sweet but really disobedient puppy she is...
  82. looking for a dog (housebreaking)trainer in dallas or north east texas?
  83. There's something wrong with my dog?
  84. question for 4-H dog showmanship?
  85. My puppy attacks when she finds my roomates dog eating from a separated...
  86. How can i get my dog to listen to me better?
  87. What can I do about my dogs?
  88. Whats the BIGGEST dog you ever seen??
  89. What the hell does curbing your dog mean?
  90. Why Isn't My Puppy energetic?
  91. What do you think dogs dream???
  92. Dog in need?
  93. Pet Insurance for Puppy? Experts?
  94. how do i help my dog...?
  95. hello, i'm new to yahoo answers, i just baught a 6 week old doberman puppy?
  96. Dogs only like one person?
  97. how do I teach my dogs to be watchdogs?
  98. Help!!! Why can't I get my dog housebroken?
  99. Poky Little Girl Puppy?
  100. What to do with a dog with a vicious streak?
  101. is there any dog breeding facilities in costa rica?
  102. what would be a good name for my puppy?
  103. Dog owners:what do dogs like?
  104. Blind dog, what do we do?
  105. What Breed is the Cutest Dog in the world? In your opinion of coarse?
  106. I lost a small white dog in the woods, how can I find him?
  107. Please help, a dog ran under the car, I'm distraught...................?
  108. puppy vaccinations?
  109. Whats the best way of removing a tick from a dog?
  110. My almost 9-month old mixed Shih Tzu puppy has black fur and is getting gray hairs..?
  111. My dog was sick for only 2 days, before that he was a picture of health.
  112. my dog is showing signs of labor?
  113. Do certain shampoo's irritate dog skin?
  114. puppy name?
  115. how big do Teacup Poodle Puppies get?
  116. I need a lap dog not a rat or snakes there gross gimme ideas.?
  117. what dog should i get?
  118. Dog keeps jumping on other people or guests?!?
  119. when should i switch my pupps from eating from their mom to drinking regular
  120. When my dog sniffs for crumbs, she snorts?
  121. How do I convince my parents to let me get a puppy?
  122. sick 12 week old puppy?!?
  123. How do i potty train my puppy?
  124. What breeds of dogs have the longest tails?
  125. i have a dog that's a attention hor whats the problem?
  126. My lab puppy will not eat or play! She is 10 weeks old and has had so many...
  127. Dog isn't allowed to drink water or eat food?
  128. I think my bf abused my dog?
  129. dog crating?
  130. How hard was it getting your dog to look at the camera?
  131. dogs with asthma?
  132. Can I feed a 5 week old jack russel puppy cereal with sugar and milk?...
  133. I have written a story but cant think of any title for it. Any...
  134. Puppy Names....?
  135. saved dogs life, still need help!?
  136. My new puppy will NOT stop whining!?
  137. how often do you have to wash your dog?
  138. help with getting puppy to sleep in another room?
  139. what fruit and or vegtables are safe to give my two dogs? is apple good? and...
  140. What is good food raw or otherwise and/or vitamin that aid large breed dogs in
  141. My dog is panting at night very heavily and he shakes i can sleep please help !?
  142. Why do dogs have to sniff the ground before they poop? What are they sniffing for?
  143. I was wondering how much my puppy would weigh full grown?
  144. My dog keeps licking my other dogs head?
  145. Is my dog coping with all the puppies?
  146. How Do i persuade my mom into getting another dog? First Answerer 10 PTS!!!!!!!!!!!?
  147. My dog hav an red dot bite?
  148. i have a doberman puppy 17 weeks i have been feeding him a good quality dry food?
  149. ummmm! I really want like a dog chain like miley cyrus in 7 things, how do i get one?
  150. help with wii "dog island' please?
  151. Dog Food Or Real Food?
  152. which is a nicer dog?
  153. Is 'puppy' a weird name for a female dog ? She's very cute though..?
  154. dog names?
  155. How often should u bathe ur dog?
  156. 7month old puppy has bad breath?
  157. I need a dog that is soo small , it will fit in the palm of my hand. Any help?
  158. how much do you think a chihuahuax jack russel female puppy....?
  159. How should I hide my dogs pill so he will eat it?
  160. dog breeder?
  161. dog got a human pill?
  162. How do I stop my dog from walking while he is pooping? Its a pain to pick...
  163. Who do I call to get rid of the stray dog in my neighborhood, I live in Los Angeles.?
  164. Is it legal to have more than 4 dogs in Montana?
  165. When it is bed time and our 7 week old puppy is in her kennel and we take her out...
  166. How to get Mace off of a dog?
  167. Before leaving for a walk my dogs are overexcited. How do I get them to calm...
  168. do all hound dogs have that houndy odor?
  169. my dog eating twigs...?
  170. Got my dog shaved at Petsmart and now he has a rash ?
  171. My puppy has coccidiosis does this include a tape worm?
  172. Helping dogs for people in need... PLEASE Help!!!?
  173. Can my dog be trained to get along with other dogs...?
  174. Lost Dog! please help me.idk what to do.I already looked on the CA SPCA...
  175. How exactly does a puppy follow Dr Ian Dunbar's training program?
  176. Adorable Male puppy names? plzz help me!?
  177. Anyone know where I can buy this stuffed animal dog?
  178. my pitbull puppy has hiccups! He does this every night for like i 30 min?
  179. Place like the animal humane Society in Gainseville or close by High Springs that
  180. dog traning?
  181. Puppy is having horrible gas?
  182. if your dog had a litter of puppies, what food did you feed them?
  183. What Dog Is Best?
  184. How do you know if it is time to put dog to sleep? Help?
  185. i need help is about my dog?
  186. What kind of dog do you have?
  187. when can i start giving my puppy treats?
  188. I have to put my dog to sleep in a week?
  189. PUPPY questions....?
  190. Eccrine sweat glands are found in the _______ in dogs.?
  191. too soon to get another dog?
  192. what is the cuture of this music bands like flyleaf,sick puppies,we the kings?
  193. Does anyone know about a Cold Spot on Large Mixed Dog..?
  194. My dog is sick, should I take him to the vet?
  195. Our puppy gets car sick, what should we do (other than just not take him in the car)?
  196. Puppy Training. read details please*?
  197. How do you prevent your dogs from breaking your house?
  198. The variance for reaction times for older dogs is 2.7 and the variance...
  199. Is My Dog Ok?
  200. Puppy questions?
  201. how do i stop my puppy from humping things?
  202. my dog's pads on one paw are all red and swollen...what should I do?
  203. Anyone know of a good boarding facility for dogs in Winter Park Florida area?
  204. something wrong with our dog?
  205. Who is the more dangerous : dogs, cars, sharks, plane ?
  206. Is nothingness singular or plural, as in "There is no dog in the yard" vs....
  207. Re-name an adopted dog?
  208. my dog just killed a rat?
  209. How much should my Jack Russell mix puppies be play fighting?
  210. Dog aggressive Scottish Terrier?
  211. dog making weird noises?
  212. Can I cancel a contract with a breeder in Canada after I get the dog?
  213. how long does a dog's period last?
  214. Ticks on dogs?
  215. my dogs dangerous incident 2?
  216. Does this recipe sound healthy for dogs?
  217. how do do tell if a dog is having puppy's?
  218. Can anyone tell me what to look for in a doberman puppy?
  219. I am not sleeping good,dog has demetia & barks at night I have to study...
  220. Something Wrong With My Dog?
  221. How long does it typically take for a shelter puppy to become acclimated to their
  222. Why does my dog ,Buddy rubs his butt on the carpet?
  223. Warm Winter Foods For Dogs?
  224. Another question on dog training- my puppy is not learning to poop outside
  225. 1. what are puppy mills?
  226. my dog is nuts !?
  227. What kind of Dog is good to get for a toddler?
  228. Depressed dog............?
  229. how do I get my german shepard female puppy to stop barking so much?
  230. i need my dog to train?
  231. Which of these is your favorite for a female cream colored pom puppy?
  232. Is it common for a dog to not have hair in these places?
  233. coughs in puppies?
  234. My dogs barking is driving me mad???
  235. What is the best dog food to feed my new puppy?
  236. What are Puppy mills?
  237. Aggression in dogs???
  238. my dog appears to be shaking his legs a lot when sleeping. why?
  239. My dog has a bumpy vein like by her nipple.?
  240. My dog wont do anything?
  241. Does anyone know what kind of puppy this is?
  242. any puppies for sale??
  243. what to put on the dogs feet?
  244. do you think it's funny when you annoy your dog?
  245. What breed of dog in ur opinion should we get?
  246. How can I prevent my dog from biting people after being woken up?
  247. i need to no if any one no's if if they r seling ther dog plezz help?
  248. How do i get my nine year old weener dog to loose weight...?
  249. Pittbull puppy,need help with what breed she is.?
  250. On Harvest Moon DS: Cute, can your Dog have puppies?